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100 1  Gadbury, John,|d1627-1704. 
245 10 Ephēmeris, or, A diary [brace] astronomical, astrological,
       meteorological, for the year of grace 1672 :|bit being the
       bissextile, or leap-year : wherein you may observe, I. The
       motions and configurations of the sun, moon and stars, 
       eclipses, terms, tides, sunrising, length of the day, and 
       twilight, &c., II. The scheam of the worlds revolution, 
       and a brief judgment on the probable state of the year, 
       with the revolution of the noble island of Jamaica, III. 
       An hundred aphorisms relating to nativities, transferred 
       from my Collectio geniturarum, hither, for the advantage 
       of such cannot go to the price of that book, IV. The truth
       of astrology evinced by a famous example, taken out of the
       great Duke of Guises Memoires /|cby John Gadbury ... 
260    [London?] :|bPrinted for the Company of Stationers,
300    [80] p. :|bill., port. 
500    First word of title in Greek characters. 
500    Engraved frontispiece portrait of Gadbury signed: J. Gross
500    Second part (p. [49]-[80]) has special t.p.: Prognostikon,
       or, An astrological judgement on the year 1672. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
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700 1  Gross, J. 
740 0  Ephēmeris. 
740 0  Diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the 
       year of grace 1672. 
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