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Guilmot Jean Francois : Energy 2000 [two thousand] : a reference projective and alternative outlooks for the European Community and the world to the year 2000.     
      Energy 2000 [Two Thousand] : A Reference Projective And Alternative Outlooks For The European Commun BJL; TJ 163.25 E8 E5   BOOK 1986
Guiloineau Jean : Le Theatre / edite par J. Guiloineau.     
      Le Theatre BJL; PN 2037 T3   BOOK 1978
Guilpin Edward    
      Skialetheia; Or, A Shadow Of Truth, In Certaine Epigrams And Satyres. BJL; PR 2283 G7 S6   BOOK 1974
      Skialetheia. Or, A Shadowe Of Truth, In Certaine Epigrams And Satyres Online materials  EBOOKS 1598
      The Vvhipper Of The Satyre His Pennance In A White Sheete: Or, The Beadles Confutation Online materials  EBOOKS 1601
      The Whipper Pamplets, 1601. BJL; PR 2384 W8 W5   BOOK 1951
      The Whipper Pamplets, 1601. BJL; PR 2384 W8 W5   BOOK 1951
Guim D J B : Nuevo diccionario frances-espanol y espanol-frances con la pronunciacion figurada en amblas lenguas ...     
      Nuevo Diccionario Frances-Espanol Y Espanol-Frances Con La Pronunciacion Figurada En Amblas Lenguas BJL; q PC 4645 F3 S1   BOOK 1876
Guimaraens Filho Alphonsus De : Todos os poemas / organizacao A. de Guimaraens Filho.     
      Todos Os Poemas BJL; PQ 9261 S2 A2   BOOK 1976
Guimaraes Fernando : Simbolismo, modernismo e vanguardas.     
      Simbolismo, Modernismo E Vanguardas. BJL; PQ 9055 G9   BOOK 1982
Guimaraes Rui M Campos : A reappraisal of the efficiency of financial markets / edited by Rui M.C. Guimaraes, Brian G. Kingsman, Stephen J. Taylor.     
      A Reappraisal Of The Efficiency Of Financial Markets BJL; HG 4551 N2   BOOK 1989
Guimard Paul    
      Les Choses De La Vie. BJL; PQ 2613 U35 C5   BOOK 1967
      L'ironie Du Sort. BJL; PQ 2613 U35 I7   BOOK 1969
      Le Mauvais Temps. BJL; PQ 2613 U35 M4   BOOK 1976
      Rue Du Havre. BJL; PQ 2613 U35 R9   BOOK 1957
Guimbaud Louis : Victor Hugo et Juliette Drouet : d'apres les lettres inedites de Juliette Drouet a Victor Hugo et avec un choix de ses lettres.     
      Victor Hugo Et Juliette Drouet : D'apres Les Lettres Inedites De Juliette Drouet A Victor Hugo Et Av BJL; PQ 2295 G9   BOOK 1914
Guimera Angel    
      The Lowland Wolf (11-14,16/09) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1911/09/11-16)   PLAYBILL 1911
      Obres Selectes. BJL; PC 3941 G7 A2   BOOK 1948
Guimera Peraza Marcos : Maura y Galdos.     
      Maura Y Galdos. BJL; PQ 6555 Z5 G9   BOOK 1967
Guimier Claude : Les adverbes du francais : les cas des adverbes en-ment.     
      Les Adverbes Du Francais : Les Cas Des Adverbes En-Ment. BJL; PC 2325 G9   BOOK 1996
Guimond James    
      American Photography And The American Dream. BJL; TR 820.5 G9   BOOK 1991
      The Art Of William Carlos Williams : A Discovery And Possession Of America. BJL; PS 3545 I544 Z6   BOOK 1968
Guimps Roger De : Pestalozzi : his life and work.     
      Pestalozzi : His Life And Work. BJL; J4U G9   BOOK 1890
Guinagh Kevin : Dictionary of foreign phrases and abbreviations / compiled and translated by Kevin Guinagh.     
      Dictionary Of Foreign Phrases And Abbreviations BJL; PE 20 G9   BOOK 1965
Guinan Joe Executive Director    
      The Case For Community Wealth Building Online materials; HN49.C6 G84 2019   EBOOKS 2019
      The Case For Community Wealth Building BJL; HN49.C6 G84   BOOK 2020
Guinand Edouard : L'enfant prodigue / scene lyrique de E. Guinand; musique de C. Debussy.     
      L'enfant Prodigue BJL; q M 2000 D25 E5   PRINTED MUSIC  
Guinard P : L'essor des etats d'occident,France,Angleterre,Peninsule ibenique.     
      L'essor Des Etats D'occident,France,Angleterre,Peninsule Ibenique. BJL; D 20 G5 (II,4,ii)   BOOK 1937
Guinard Paul : Histoire de la peinture espagnole du XIIe au XIXe siecle.     
      Histoire De La Peinture Espagnole Du XIIe Au XIXe Siecle. BJL; q ND 610 A1 G9   BOOK 1950
Guinband L : Les orientales de Victor Hugo.     
      Les Orientales De Victor Hugo. BJL; PQ 2289 O9 G9   BOOK  
Guinchard Audrey : Access to justice : beyond the policies and politics of austerity     
      Access To Justice : Beyond The Policies And Politics Of Austerity Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Guincho Manuel : Guincho case.     
      Guincho Case. BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E882(66)   BOOK 1988
Guincho Manuel Dos Santos    
      Guincho Case, 6/1983/62/96 : Judgment, 10 July, 1984. BJL; q KN 4.5 J92(6/1983)   BOOK 1984
      Guincho Case : Judgment Of 10 July 1984. BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E88(81)   BOOK 1984
Guindey Guillaume    
      Le Drame De La Pensee Dialectique : Hegel, Marx, Sartre. BJL; B 809.7 G9   BOOK 1974
      Reflections On The International Monetary System BJL; HG 3881 G9   BOOK 1980
  Guindin Alexander 1977 -- See Gindin, Alexander, 1977-
  Guindine Alexander 1977 -- See Gindin, Alexander, 1977-
Guindon Jean Bernard : Communication des risques météorologiques et climatiques. English.     
      Weather And Climate Risks Communication Online materials; QC854.15   EBOOKS 2017
Guindon Marc Andre : Autodesk Maya 2010 : the modeling & animation handbook / primary author, Marc-Andre Guindon.     
      Autodesk Maya 2010 : The Modeling & Animation Handbook BJL; TR 897.7 G9   BOOK c2009
Guinea Parti Democratique De Guinee : Toward full re-Africanisation : policy and principles of the Guinea Democratic Party.     
      Toward Full Re-Africanisation : Policy And Principles Of The Guinea Democratic Party. BJL; JQ 3381 T7   BOOK 1959
Guinea Trawling Survey : Proceedings of the symposium on the Oceanography and Fisheries Resources of the Tropical Atlantic.     
      Proceedings Of The Symposium On The Oceanography And Fisheries Resources Of The Tropical Atlantic. BJL; GC 691 S9   BOOK 1969
Guineau Bernard : Colours : making and using dyes and pigments / Francois Delamare and Bernard Guineau.     
      Colours : Making And Using Dyes And Pigments BJL  BOOK 2000
Guinet Louis : Les emprunts gallo-romans au germanique (du 1er à la fin du Ve siècle).     
      Les Emprunts Gallo-Romans Au Germanique (Du 1er À La Fin Du Ve Siècle). BJL; PC 2053 G9   BOOK 1982
Guiney Dennis : Differentiation in teaching and learning : principles and practice / Tim O'Brien and Dennis Guiney.     
      Differentiation In Teaching And Learning : Principles And Practice BJL; LB 1031 O1   BOOK 2001
Guiney Eamonn 1971 : Use cases : requirements in context / Daryl Kulak and Eamonn Guiney.     
      Use Cases : Requirements In Context BJL  BOOK 2000
Guiney Ed : The favourite / Fox Searchlight Pictures, Film4 and Waypoint Entertainment present an Element Pictures/Scarlet Films production ; produced by Ceci Dempsey, Ed Guiney, Lee Magiday, Yorgos Lanthimos ; written by Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara ; directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.     
      The Favourite BJL; PN 1997 F2753   DVD 2019
Guiney L T : Robert Emmet.     
      Robert Emmet. BJL; DA 947 G9   BOOK  
Guiney Louise Imogen : Thomas Stanley : his original lyrics.     
      Thomas Stanley : His Original Lyrics. BJL; PR 3699 S8 A1   BOOK 1907
Guingona Teopisto : Response to revolution : a reply to Ferdinand E. Marcos.     
      Response To Revolution : A Reply To Ferdinand E. Marcos. South East Asian Collection; DS 686.5 G8   BOOK 1972
Guingouin Georges : Quatre ans de lutte sur le sol limousin.     
      Quatre Ans De Lutte Sur Le Sol Limousin. BJL; D 802 F82 L7   BOOK 1974
Guinguand Maurice : Mysterieuses cathedrales.     
      Mysterieuses Cathedrales. BJL; BF 1729 B75 G7   BOOK 1978
Guinier A : X-ray crystallographic technology.     
      X-Ray Crystallographic Technology. BJL; QC 481 G9   BOOK  
Guinier Andre    
      Metallic Solid Solutions : A Symposium On Their Electronic And Atomic Structure. BJL; QC 176 F8   BOOK 1963
      Small-Angle Scattering Of X-Rays BJL; QC 482 S3 G9   BOOK 1955
      The Structure Of Matter : From The Blue Sky To Liquid Crystals. BJL; QC 173 G9   BOOK 1984
      X-Ray Diffraction In Crystals, Imperfect Crystals And Amorphous Bodies. BJL; QD 945 G9   BOOK 1963
2 additional entries    
Guinizelli Guido    
      Guinizzelli In Dante. BJL; PQ 4391 G9 M7   BOOK 1980
      Per Guide Guinizzelli : Il Commune Di Monselice (1276-1976). BJL; PQ 4472 G5 Z67   BOOK 1980
      La Poesia Di Guido Guinizzelli E La Poetica Del "Dolce Stil Nuovo". BJL; PQ 4472 G5 Z61   BOOK 1983
      Poeti Del Dolce Stil Novo : Guido Guinizzelli E Lapo Gianni. BJL; PQ 4472 G5 B5   BOOK 1963
2 additional entries    
Guinn John Pollard : Shelley's political thought.     
      Shelley's Political Thought. BJL; PR 5448 G9   BOOK 1969
Guinn Paul Spencer : British strategy and politics, 1914 to 1918.     
      British Strategy And Politics, 1914 To 1918. BJL; DA 577 G9   BOOK 1965
Guinnane Timothy W : The vanishing Irish : households, migration, and the rural economy in Ireland, 1850-1914.     
      The Vanishing Irish : Households, Migration, And The Rural Economy In Ireland, 1850-1914. BJL; HB 3589 G9   BOOK 1997
Guinnard A 1832 : Trois ans chez les Patagons : le récit de captivité d'Auguste Guinnard, 1856-1859 / introduction & dossier historique de Jean-Paul Duviols.     
      Trois Ans Chez Les Patagons : Le Récit De Captivité D'Auguste Guinnard, 1856-1859 BJL; F 2936 G9   BOOK 2009
Guinness Alec 1914 2000    
      The Bridge On The River Kwai BJL; PN 1997 B8514   DVD 2000
      Cromwell BJL; PN 1997 C946   DVD 2003
      The Fall Of The Roman Empire BJL; PN 1997 F1945   DVD c2004
      Father Brown BJL; PN 1997 F2524   DVD c2009
19 additional entries    
Guinness Arthur Son And Company : Guinness's Brewery in the Irish economy 1759-1876.     
      Guinness's Brewery In The Irish Economy 1759-1876. BJL; HD 9397 I64 G9   BOOK 1960
Guinness Arthur Son And Company Limited : A prediction of cask requirements for Arthur Guinness, Son and Company Limited.     
      A Prediction Of Cask Requirements For Arthur Guinness, Son And Company Limited. BJL; T/H 1969 M.Sc. D8   THESIS 1969
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