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Gunnis Rupert    
      Dictionary Of British Sculptors, 1660-1851. BJL; NB 225 A1 G9   BOOK 1953
      Dictionary Of British Sculptors, 1660-1851. BJL; NB 225 A1 G9   BOOK 1968
Gunnlaugs Saga : The story of Gunnlaug the Worm-tongue and Raven the Skald.     
      The Story Of Gunnlaug The Worm-Tongue And Raven The Skald. BJL; s PT 7269 G9   BOOK 1891
Gunnlaugsdottir Tinna : Útlaginn [videorecording] = The outlaw / written and directed by Agust Gudmundsson.     
      Útlaginn The Outlaw BJL  DVD 2013
Gunnlaugson Olen : Integral education : new directions for higher learning / edited by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Jonathan Reams, Olen Gunnlaugson.     
      Integral Education : New Directions For Higher Learning BJL; LA 227.4 I6   BOOK c2010
Gunnlaugsson Gisli Agust : Family and household in Iceland 1801-1930 : studies in the relationship between demographic and socio-economic development, social legislation and family and household structures.     
      Family And Household In Iceland 1801-1930 : Studies In The Relationship Between Demographic And Soci BJL; HQ 631 G9   BOOK 1988
Gunnoe Charles D 1963 : Paracelsian moments : science, medicine & astrology in early modern Europe / edited by Gerhild Scholz Williams & Charles D. Gunnoe.     
      Paracelsian Moments : Science, Medicine & Astrology In Early Modern Europe BJL; R 147 P2 P2   BOOK c2002
Gunns H J : Gunns guide to volleyball.     
      Gunns Guide To Volleyball. BJL; GV 1015.3 G9   BOOK 1967
Gunny Madelene    
      Putting You Through In French BJL; FRE 814   SPOKEN RECORD 1995
      Putting You Through In French BJL; FRE 813   SPOKEN RECORD 1995
Gunopulos Dimitrios    
      Machine Learning And Knowledge Discovery In Databases : European Conference, ECML PKDD 2011, Athens, Online materials; QA76.9.D343 E26 2011eb   EBOOKS 2011
      Machine Learning And Knowledge Discovery In Databases : European Conference, ECML PKDD 2011, Athens, Online materials; QA76.9.D343 E26 2011eb   EBOOKS 2011
      Machine Learning And Knowledge Discovery In Databases : European Conference, ECML PKDD 2011, Athens, Online materials; QA76.9.D343 E26 2011eb   EBOOKS 2011
Gunopulos Dimitrios 1967 : KDD-2006 [electronic resource] : proceedings of the Twelfth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining : August 20-23, 2006, Philadelphia, PA, USA / edited by Lyle Ungar, general chair ; Mark Craven & Dimitrios Gunopulos, program chairs ; Tina Eliassi-Rad, proceedings chair ; sponsored by ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining and ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data.     
      KDD-2006 Proceedings Of The Twelfth ACM SIGKDD International Conference On Knowledge Discovery And D Online materials; QA76.9.D3 I55866 2006   EBOOKS 2006
Guns Bob    
      The Faster Learning Organisation : Gain And Sustain The Competitive Edge. BJL  BOOK 1996
      The Faster Learning Organization : Gain And Sustain The Competitive Edge BJL; HD 58.82 G9   BOOK 1997
Guns N Roses    
      Use Your Illusion I BJL  CD AUDIO p1991
      Use Your Illusion II BJL  CD AUDIO 1991
Gunsalus Irwin Clyde    
      The Bacteria : A Treatise On Structure And Function BJL; QR 41 G9   BOOK 1990
      The Bacteria : A Treatise On Structure And Function BJL; QR 41 G9   BOOK 1960
Gunsberg Maggie : Patriarchal representations : gender and discourse in Pirandello's theatre.     
      Patriarchal Representations : Gender And Discourse In Pirandello's Theatre. BJL; PQ 4835 I65 G9   BOOK 1994
Gunsch Kathryn Wysocki    
      The Benin Plaques : A 16th Century Imperial Monument Online materials; N7399.N5 .G867 2018   EBOOKS 2018
      The Benin Plaques : A 16th Century Imperial Monument BJL; NB 412.8 W9   BOOK 2020
Gunsche Karl Ludwig : Kleine Geschichte der Sozialistischen Internationale.     
      Kleine Geschichte Der Sozialistischen Internationale. BJL; HX 11 S6 G9   BOOK 1977
Gunsche Otto : The Hitler book : the secret dossier prepared for Stalin / by Heinz Linge and Otto Günsche ; edited by Henrik Eberle and Matthias Uhl ; translated from the German by Giles MacDonogh.     
      The Hitler Book : The Secret Dossier Prepared For Stalin BJL; DD 247 H5 L7   BOOK 2005
Gunson Ameral : Peter Grimes [sound recording] / libretto: Montagu Slater ; derived from the poem of George Crabbe.     
      Peter Grimes BJL; C/D 272   CD AUDIO p1996
Gunson Christopher : Over on the farm : a counting picture book rhyme.     
      Over On The Farm : A Counting Picture Book Rhyme. Education Resources  BOOK 1995
Gunson Phil : The dictionary of contemporary politics of Central America and the Caribbean / P. Gunson and G. Chamberlain.     
      The Dictionary Of Contemporary Politics Of Central America And The Caribbean BJL; JL 951 G9   BOOK 1991
Gunst Peter : Magyar tortenelmi kronologia az ostortenettol 1966-ig : segedkonyr a magyar tortenelem tanulmanyozasahoz.     
      Magyar Tortenelmi Kronologia Az Ostortenettol 1966-Ig : Segedkonyr A Magyar Tortenelem Tanulmanyozas BJL; DB 921 G9   BOOK 1968
Gunsteren Herman R Van    
      Burgerschap In Praktijken BJL; HC 325 N46 V9(77)   BOOK 1992
      Eigentijds Burgerschap ... BJL; JF 801 E3   BOOK 1992
      The Quest For Control. BJL; JF 1351 G9   BOOK 1976
Gunston C A    
      Deutsch-Englisches Glossarium Finanzieller Und Wirtschaftlicher Fachausdrucke. BJL; HG 151 G9   BOOK 1962
      Gunston & Corner's German-English Glossary Of Financial And Economic Terms BJL; HG 151 G9   BOOK 1977
Gunston Derrick : Newfoundland, present and future; addresses by members of the Parliamentary Mission to Newfoundland.     
      Newfoundland, Present And Future; Addresses By Members Of The Parliamentary Mission To Newfoundland. BJL; F 1122.5 A5   BOOK 1943
Gunston Mark A R : Microwave transmission-line inpedance data.     
      Microwave Transmission-Line Inpedance Data. BJL; q TK 3221 G9   BOOK 1972
Gunstone Anthony John Harris : Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins in Midlands Museums.     
      Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon And Norman Coins In Midlands Museums. BJL; CJ 2470 S98 (17)   BOOK 1971
Gunstone Frank Denby    
      Fatty Acid And Lipid Chemistry. BJL; QP 751 G9   BOOK 1995
      Guidebook To Stereochemistry. BJL; QD 481 G9   BOOK 1975
      An Introduction To The Chemistry And Biochemistry Of Fatty Acids And Their Glycerides. BJL; QD 305 F2 G9   BOOK 1967
      An Introduction To The Chemistry Of Fats And Fatty Acids. BJL; QD 305 F2 G9   BOOK 1958
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Gunstone Richard    
      The Content Of Science : A Constructivist Approach To Its Teaching And Learning BJL; Q 181 C7   BOOK 1994
      Probing Understanding BJL; BF 325 W5   BOOK 1992
Gunter Anthony : Race, gangs and youth violence : policy, prevention and policing / Anthony Gunter.     
      Race, Gangs And Youth Violence : Policy, Prevention And Policing Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
Gunter Barrie    
      Advertising To Children On TV : Content, Impact, And Regulation BJL; HQ 784 T4 G9   BOOK 2005
      Alcohol Advertising And Young People's Drinking Representation, Reception And Regulation Online materials; HF6161.L46 G86 2010   EBOOKS 2010
      The Anatomy Of Adolescence : Young People's Social Attitudes In Britain BJL; HQ 799 G7 F9   BOOK 1989
      Attitudes To Broadcasting Over The Years BJL; PN 1990.8 G9   BOOK 1988
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Gunter Bernhard G 1965 : World trade : toward fair and free trade in the twenty-first century / edited by Jo Marie Griesgraber and Bernhard G. Gunter.     
      World Trade : Toward Fair And Free Trade In The Twenty-First Century BJL; HF 1379 W9   BOOK 1997
Gunter Edmund 1581 1626    
      A Canon Of Triangles: Or A Table Of Artificiall Sines, Tangents, And Secants, : Drawne From The Loga Online materials  EBOOKS 1620
      The Description And Vse Of The Sector, The Crosse-Staffe, And Other Instruments : Vvith A Canon Of A Online materials  EBOOKS 1636
      Canon Triangulorum, Or Tables Of Artificiall Sines And Tangents, To A Radius Of 10000,0000 Parts, An Online materials  EBOOKS 1623
      Logarithmotechnia, Or, The Construction, And Use Of The Logarithmeticall Tables; : By The Help Of Wh Online materials  EBOOKS 1626
17 additional entries    
Gunter H    
      The Pilgrims Profession. Or A Sermon Preached At The Funerall Of Mris Mary Gunter By Mr Thomas Taylo Online materials  EBOOKS 1622
      Three Treatises : The Pearle Of The Gospell, The Pilgrims Profession: And A Glasse For Gentlewomen T Online materials  EBOOKS 1633
      Two Treatises: The Pearle Of The Gospell, And The Pilgrims Profession : To Which Is Added A Glasse F Online materials  EBOOKS 1625
      Two Treatises: The Pearle Of The Gospell, And The Pilgrims Profession : To Which Is Added A Glasse F Online materials  EBOOKS 1625
Gunter Hans : Transnational industrial relations.     
      Transnational Industrial Relations. BJL; HD 6961 I6   BOOK 1972
Gunter Helen    
      Educational Leadership And Hannah Arendt. Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      Rethinking Education BJL; LB 2805 G9   BOOK 1997
Gunter John : The imbalance of international payments from the viewpoint of the OPEC and other developing countries.     
      The Imbalance Of International Payments From The Viewpoint Of The OPEC And Other Developing Countrie BJL; HG 3881 G9   BOOK 1978
Gunter P A Y : Henri Bergson : a bibliography.     
      Henri Bergson : A Bibliography. BJL; B 2430 B43 Z64   BOOK 1974
Gunter Peter Preacher Of The Word Of God : A sermon preached in the countie of Suffolke : before the clergie and laytie, for the discouerie and confutation of certaine strange, pernicious, and hereticall positions, publikely deliuered, held, and maintayned, touching iustification, by a certaine factious preacher of Wickam Market, in the said countie, by which, diuers, especially of the vulgar, farre and neare, were greatly seduced. With a plaine and manifest resolution of the said point, as also an answere vnto the obiections vsed and produced, to maintayne the said dangerous position. And lastly, a three-fold reflection of the text, according to the present occasion. By P. Gunter, preacher of the Word of God, in the countie of Suffolke. Seene and allowed.     
      A Sermon Preached In The Countie Of Suffolke : Before The Clergie And Laytie, For The Discouerie And Online materials  EBOOKS 1615
Gunter Raymond Jones : The human approach to change in industry.     
      The Human Approach To Change In Industry. BJL; HD 2951 C78 S9(1)   BOOK 1964
Gunter Susan E 1947 : Dear munificent friends : Henry James's letters to four women / edited by Susan E. Gunter.     
      Dear Munificent Friends : Henry James's Letters To Four Women BJL; PS 2122 Z5 G9   BOOK 1999
Gunter Sven : Silviculture in the tropics [electronic resource] / Sven Günter ... [et al.], editors.     
      Silviculture In The Tropics Online materials; SD247 .S48 2011   EBOOKS c2011
Guntermann Georg : Deutsche Gegenwartsdramatik ... / mit einer Auswahlbibliographie von C. Helios; herausgegeben von L. Pikulik, H. Kurzenberger, G. Guntermann.     
      Deutsche Gegenwartsdramatik ... BJL; PT 667 D4   BOOK 1987
Guntert Georger : Orbis Mediaevalis : melanges de langue et de litterature medievales efferts a Rete raduolf Bezzola / edite par G. Guntert, M.R.Jung et K. Ringger.     
      Orbis Mediaevalis : Melanges De Langue Et De Litterature Medievales Efferts A Rete Raduolf Bezzola BJL; PN 681 O6   BOOK 1978
Guntert Georges    
      Fernando Pessoa : O Eu Estranho BJL; PQ 9261 P41 Z64   BOOK 1982
      Das Fremde Ich : Fernando Pessoa. BJL; PQ 9261 P41 Z64   BOOK 1971
      Un Poeta-Scienziato Del Seicento : Lorenzo Magalotti. BJL; PQ 4627 M4 Z64   BOOK 1966
      Guntheri Ligurinus. Seu De Rebus Gestis Imp. Caes. Friderici Primi, PP. Aug. Cognometo Aenobarbi, Si Online materials  EBOOKS 1598
      Identification Of Firearms From Ammunition Fired Therein With An Analysis Of Legal Authorities Online materials  EBOOKS 1935
Gunther Agnes : Die Heilige und ihr Narr.     
      Die Heilige Und Ihr Narr. BJL; PT 2613 U6 H4   BOOK 1922
Gunther Albert Edward    
      The Founders Of Science At The British Museum 1753-1900. BJL; Q 127 G7 G9   BOOK 1980
      An Introduction To The Life Of The Rev. Thomas Birch D.D., F.R.S. 1705-1766 ... Based On A Daily Dia BJL; PE 64 B6 G9   BOOK 1984
Gunther Alfred : Microphotography in the library.     
      Microphotography In The Library. BJL; ZMT G9   BOOK 1962
Gunther Eberhard : Kritik 80 : Rezensionen zur DDR-Literatur / [herausgegeben von E. Gunther, W. Liersch und K. Walther].     
      Kritik 80 : Rezensionen Zur DDR-Literatur BJL; PT 3716 K9   BOOK 1981
Gunther Gerald 1927    
      Learned Hand The Man And The Judge Online materials; KF373.H29 G76 2011   EBOOKS c2011
      The Marshall Court And Cultural Change, 1815-1835 BJL; E 302.6 M4 W5   BOOK 1991
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