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050 04 FREB 205 
100 1  Helene Mulphin, Jenny Ollerenshaw 
245 10 Facettes De La France Contemporaine, 2004 /|cJenny 
       Ollerenshaw Helene Mulphin. 
260    |bAdvance Materials|c2004 
490 0  Facettes de la France Contemporaine 
520    Level - Upper Intermediate This book is an excellent 
       source of material for AO4 (knowledge of society). It is 
       made up of 8 free-standing dossiers covering the following
       topics: Les risques pris par les jeunes L鮥rgie et le 
       terrorisme Les dangers de l鮴ernet Lsit頥n France Les 
       changements apport鳠par les nouvelles technologies La 
       publicit頥t les jeunes L峴ime de soi L魰ortance du look 
       pour les jeunes. This book enables students to: develop 
       the skills to read longer texts on their own engage in 
       useful topic-related work practise for exam questions 
       improve their writing and oral skills work on their own 
       (answers, explanations and model essays are provided) 
       Facettes de la France Contemporaine Livre 2 is based on 
       authentic written texts from a wide variety of sources, 
       combined with a lively, interesting and carefully-
       structured series of exercises which teach students how to
       read longer texts in French. All the instructions are 
       phrased in easily-accessible French, and concise and clear
       notes on grammar and style arising from the texts are 
       provided where appropriate. The progress of the student is
       supported throughout each unit not only by the graded 
       exercises but also by a Corrig鳠et Explications section 
       which provides the correct answers backed up by 
       explanations. Model essays are also provided for the essay
       set in each unit. Each dossier can be set as homework or 
       holiday self-study work, used in the classroom or used as 
       testing materials. The book is perfect for your self-study
       library since it is designed in such a way that it can be 
       easily used without a teacher. The book is an invaluable 
       resource for AS and A2 level students, since it practises 
       the question types used in the new AS and A2 syllabuses 
       and each unit ends with a written exercise based on the 
       reading texts. Format: books without tapes. 
650 04 Vocabulary 
650 04 Grammar 
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