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Hesslewood Aidan : Reconstituting troublesome youth in Newcastle upon Tyne : theorising exclusion in the night-time economy.     
      Reconstituting Troublesome Youth In Newcastle Upon Tyne : Theorising Exclusion In The Night-Time Eco BJL; T/H 2009 Ph.D. H5   THESIS 2009
Hessmann Pierre : Namenforschung im ostniederlandisch-westfalischen Grenzgebiet ...     
      Namenforschung Im Ostniederlandisch-Westfalischen Grenzgebiet ... BJL; PF 576 H5   BOOK 1978
Hesson Elizabeth C : Twentieth century Odyssey : a study of Heimito von Doderer's "Die Damonen".     
      Twentieth Century Odyssey : A Study Of Heimito Von Doderer's "Die Damonen". BJL; PT 2607 O23 Z64   BOOK 1982
Hessus Helius Eobanus 1488 1540    
      Psalterium Davidis Carmine Redditum Per Eobanum Hessum, Cum Annotationibus Viti Theodori Norimbergen Online materials  EBOOKS 1575
      Psalterium Davidis Online materials  EBOOKS 1581
Hest Amy : When Jessie came across the sea.     
      When Jessie Came Across The Sea. Education Resources  BOOK 1997
Hestenes David : Clifford algebra to geometric calculus : a unified language for mathematics and physics / D. Hestenes, G. Sobczyk.     
      Clifford Algebra To Geometric Calculus : A Unified Language For Mathematics And Physics BJL; QA 199 H5   BOOK 1984
Hester Adrian Research Centre University Of Manchester : The work of the Hester Adrian Research Centre.     
      The Work Of The Hester Adrian Research Centre. BJL; ILV M6   BOOK 1970
Hester Bridget Ann : The relationship between self concept, early attachment experience, and maintenance of marriage examined within a systems theory framework.     
      The Relationship Between Self Concept, Early Attachment Experience, And Maintenance Of Marriage Exam BJL; T/H 1984 Ph.D H5   THESIS 1984
Hester Donald D    
      Bank Management And Portfolio Behavior. BJL; HB 21 C8 M7(25)   BOOK 1975
      Financial Markets And Economic Activity BJL; HB 21 C8 M7(21)   BOOK 1967
      Risk Aversion And Portfolio Choice. BJL; HB 21 C8 M7(19)   BOOK 1967
      Studies Of Portfolio Behavior BJL; HB 21 C8 M7(20)   BOOK 1967
Hester E D    
      The Robertson Text And Translation Of The Povedano Manuscript Of 1572 South East Asian Collection; q GN 639.5 N3 P8   BOOK 1954
      Selected Bibliography Of The Philippines, Topically Arranged And Annotated. South East Asian Collection; DS 653 U5   BOOK 1956
Hester Hilary : English as a Second Language in multi-racial schools : a bibliography.     
      English As A Second Language In Multi-Racial Schools : A Bibliography. BJL; YA4.2 E5   BOOK 1977
Hester James M    
      The Competing Claims Of Liberal And Professional Education In The Modern University. BJL; LB 2322 H5   BOOK 1970
      Why A United Nations University? BJL; LG 271 U5 H5   BOOK 1977
Hester John 1593    
      A Breefe Aunswere Of Iosephus Quercetanus Armeniacus, Doctor Of Phisick, To The Exposition Of Iacobu Online materials  EBOOKS 1591
      A Hundred And Fourtene Experiments And Cures Of The Famous Phisition Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Online materials  EBOOKS 1583?
      A Hundred And Fouretene Experiments And Cures Of The Famous Physitian Philippus Aureolus Theophrastu Online materials  EBOOKS 1596
      A Short Discours Of The Excellent Doctour And Knight, Maister Leonardo Phiorauanti Bolognese Vppon C Online materials  EBOOKS 1580
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Hester Lucy : Philip Larkin and the third woman [videorecording] / produced and directed by Simon Pass.     
      Philip Larkin And The Third Woman BJL; PR 6023 A72 Z67   DVD 2010
Hester M Thomas    
      Kind Pity And Brave Scorn : John Donne's 'Satyres'. BJL; PR 2248 H5   BOOK 1982
      The Oxford Handbook Of John Donne BJL; PR 2248 O9   BOOK 2011
Hester Malcolm R : British development co-operation with Tanzania : the change to a dualistic approach to technological aid.     
      British Development Co-Operation With Tanzania : The Change To A Dualistic Approach To Technological BJL; q HC 885 H5   BOOK 1980
Hester Marcus B : The meaning of poetic metaphor : an analysis in the light of Wittgenstein's clain that meaning is use.     
      The Meaning Of Poetic Metaphor : An Analysis In The Light Of Wittgenstein's Clain That Meaning Is Us BJL; PN 228 M4 H5   BOOK 1967
Hester Marianne 1955    
      Domestic Violence And Child Contact Arrangements In England And Denmark BJL; q HV 6626 H5   BOOK 1996
      Making An Impact : Children And Domestic Violence : A Reader BJL; q HV 6626.23 G7 H5   BOOK 2000
      Making An Impact Children And Domestic Violence : A Reader Online materials  EBOOKS 2007
      Mothering Through Domestic Violence BJL; HV 6626 R1   BOOK 2006
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Hester Nigel    
      The Living River. Education Resources  BOOK 1991
      The Living Seashore. Education Resources  BOOK 1992
      The Living Tree. Education Resources  BOOK 1990
Hester Richard    
      Youth Justice Handbook : Theory, Policy And Practice BJL; HV 9145 A5 Y8   BOOK 2010
      Youth Justice Handbook Theory, Policy And Practice Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Hester Ronald Ernest 1936    
      Advances In Non-Linear Spectroscopy. BJL; QD 96 R34 A2   BOOK 1988
      Biomolecular Spectroscopy : Part A BJL; QP 519.9 S6 B6   BOOK 1993
      Biomolecular Spectroscopy : Part B BJL; QP 519.9 S6 B6   BOOK 1993
      Elements Of Inorganic Chemistry BJL; QD 151 P7   BOOK 1965
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Hester S W    
      The Coast Of South Devon And Dorset Between Branscombe And Burton Bradstock. BJL; QE 71 G34 G9 (23)   BOOK 1965
      Geology Of The Yorkshire Coast BJL; p QE 73 Y6 H4   BOOK 1968
      The Silurian Inliers Of The South-Eastern Welsh Borderland BJL; QE 71 G34 G9(5)   BOOK 1967
Hester Stephen    
      Deviance In Classrooms BJL; LC 4801 H2   BOOK 1975
      A Sociology Of Crime BJL; HV 6155 H5   BOOK 1992
Hester Tracy : Climate engineering and the law : regulation and liability for solar radiation management and carbon dioxide removal / edited by Michael B. Gerrard, Columbia Law School, Tracy Hester, University of Houston Law Center.     
      Climate Engineering And The Law : Regulation And Liability For Solar Radiation Management And Carbon Online materials; K3585.5 .C578 2018   EBOOKS 2018
Hester Wilhelm 1872 1947 : Tall ships on Puget Sound : the marine photographs of Wilhelm Hester.     
      Tall Ships On Puget Sound : The Marine Photographs Of Wilhelm Hester. Departmental Locations; TR 670.5 W4   BOOK 1978
Hester William Simon : The efficacy of psychometric ability testing for selection of sales and administrative personnel within a large organisation.     
      The Efficacy Of Psychometric Ability Testing For Selection Of Sales And Administrative Personnel Wit BJL; T/H 1992 M.Sc. H5   THESIS 1992
Hesterberg Tim 1959 : Mathematical statistics with resampling and R / Laura Chihara, Tim Hesterberg.     
      Mathematical Statistics With Resampling And R Online materials  EBOOKS c2011
Hesterly William S : Strategic management and competitive advantage : concepts / Jay B. Barney, William S. Hesterly.     
      Strategic Management And Competitive Advantage : Concepts BJL; HD 30.28 B2   BOOK c2012
Hesterman Peter : The study of orchestration.     
      The Study Of Orchestration. BJL; MT 70 A2   BOOK 2002
Hestetun Oyunn : Prison-house of myth? : symptomal readings in "Virgin land", "The madwoman in the attic" and "The political unconscious".     
      Prison-House Of Myth? : Symptomal Readings In "Virgin Land", "The Madwoman In The Attic" And "The Po BJL; PE 1 S93(81)   BOOK 1993
Heston Alan : International comparisons of real product and purchasing power / by I.B. Kravis, A. Heston and R. Summers and others.     
      International Comparisons Of Real Product And Purchasing Power BJL; q HB 601 K9   BOOK 1978
Heston Charlton    
      The Actor's Life : Journals, 1956-1976. BJL; PN 2287 H79   BOOK 1979
      The Agony And The Ecstasy BJL; PN 1997 A275   DVD 2005
      Ben-Hur BJL; PN 1997 B466   DVD 2001
      El Cid BJL; PN 1997 C566   DVD c2005
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Hestor George : Princess Caprice / adapted from Du Liba [sic, i.e. lieber] Augustin by Rudolph Bernauer and Ernst Welisch ; the English version by Alex M. Thompson ; lyrics by A. Scott Craven, Harry Beswick and Percy Greenbank ; music by Leo Fall ; the play produced by Robert Courtneidge.     
      Princess Caprice Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1913/10/06-1913/10/11)   PLAYBILL 1913
Hesychius Of Alexandra : Lexicon / rec. et emendavit K. Latte.     
      Lexicon BJL; PA 4013 H2 L6   BOOK 1953
Hesychius Of Alexandria : Hesychius Lexicon, cum notis ...     
      Hesychius Lexicon, Cum Notis ... BJL; f PA 4013 H2   BOOK 1746
Hesychius Of Jerusalem : Hesychius de Jerusalem, Basile de Seleucie, Jean de Beryte, Pseudo-Chrysostome, Leonce de Constantinople / introduction, texte critique, traduction, commentaire et index de M. Aubineau.     
      Hesychius De Jerusalem, Basile De Seleucie, Jean De Beryte, Pseudo-Chrysostome, Leonce De Constantin BJL; BR 60 S7 (187)   BOOK 1972
Hesychius Of Miletus : ...De vitis, dogm. & apophth. clarorum philosophorum libri X; Hesychii ill. de iisdem philos. & de aliis scriptoribus liber; Pythagor. philosophorum fragmenta; omnia Graece et Lat. ex ed. II, Is. Casauboni notae ad lib. Diogenis, multo auctiores & emendatiores.     
      ...De Vitis, Dogm. & Apophth. Clarorum Philosophorum Libri X; Hesychii Ill. De Iisdem Philos. & De A BJL; s PA 3965 D6 C3   BOOK 1594
Hetata Sherif : The hidden face of Eve : women in the Arab world / translated [from the Arabic] and edited by Sherif Hetata.     
      The Hidden Face Of Eve : Women In The Arab World BJL; HQ 1784 S1   BOOK 1980
Hetenyi G : The story of insulin : forty years of success against diabetes.     
      The Story Of Insulin : Forty Years Of Success Against Diabetes. BJL; RC 661 I6 W9   BOOK 1962
Heteren Marjan Van    
      On Country Roads And Fields : The Depiction Of 18th And 19th Century Landscape BJL; q N 8213 L8   BOOK 1997
      The Poetry Of Reality : Dutch Painters Of The Nineteenth Century BJL; q ND 528.5 H5   BOOK 2000
Heth Meir : Banking institutions in Israel.     
      Banking Institutions In Israel. BJL; HG 3270.3 H5   BOOK 1966
Hetherington Alastair : News, newspapers and television.     
      News, Newspapers And Television. BJL; PN 5118 H5   BOOK 1985
Hetherington Arthur Lonsdale : Industrial research and development in the United Kingdom : a survey / by H.F. Heath and A.L. Hetherington.     
      Industrial Research And Development In The United Kingdom : A Survey BJL; HC 28 H4   BOOK 1946
Hetherington David 1939 : Economic management of resources : a critique of classical economics.     
      Economic Management Of Resources : A Critique Of Classical Economics. BJL; HB 94 H5   BOOK 1996
Hetherington Eileen Mavis 1926    
      Adolescent Siblings In Stepfamilies : Family Functioning And Adolescent Adjustment BJL; HQ 777.7 H5   BOOK 1999
      Child Psychology : A Contemporary Viewpoint BJL; q BF 721 C5   BOOK 1999
      Child Psychology : A Contemporary Viewpoint BJL; q BF 721 C5   BOOK c2005
      Coping With Marital Transitions : A Family Systems Perspective BJL; HQ 777.5 C7   BOOK 1992
      Impact Of Divorce, Single Parenting, And Stepparenting On Children BJL; HQ 777.5 I3   BOOK 1988
Hetherington Fleur Melva : Some aspects of the autecology of Scytosiphon lomentarius lyngb Endl.     
      Some Aspects Of The Autecology Of Scytosiphon Lomentarius Lyngb Endl. BJL; T/H 1962 M.SC. H5   THESIS 1962
Hetherington H J W Hector James Wright 1888 1965    
      The British University System 1914-1954. BJL; p LA 636.8 H5   BOOK 1955
      International Labour Legislation. BJL; HD 4831 H5   BOOK 1920
      Internationalism And Democracy. BJL; JC 423   BOOK  
      The Life And Letters Of Sir Henry Jones. BJL; B 1646 J7 Z6   BOOK  
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Hetherington J : Our brothers in Christ, 1870-1959 / edited by A. Cox and J. Hetherington.     
      Our Brothers In Christ, 1870-1959 BJL; BR 479 D1   BOOK 1967
Hetherington Kevin    
      The Badlands Of Modernity : Heterotopia And Social Ordering. BJL; HX 806 H5   BOOK c1997
      Consumption Matters : The Production And Experience Of Consumption BJL; HM 403 S7 M7(44)   BOOK 1996
      Expressions Of Identity : Space, Performance, Politics. BJL; HM 753 H5   BOOK 1998
      Ideas Of Difference : Social Spcaces And The Labour Of Division BJL; HM 403 S7 M7(45)   BOOK 1997
Hetherington M Sue : The beginnings of Old English lexicography.     
      The Beginnings Of Old English Lexicography. BJL; PE 887 H5   BOOK 1980
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