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100 1  Hough, Ralph. 
245 12 A catalogue of the library of Ralph Hough, Esq; :
       |bconsisting of the best theological, historical, 
       philogical, medicinal and mathematical authors, in the gr.
       lat. Span. Ital. Fr. and Engl. tongues, in all volumes.  
       Besides a collection of lexicographers and grammarians, in
       almost all the Oriental and European languages.  Wich will
       be sold by auction at Tom's coffee-house adjoyning to 
       Ludgate, on Tuesday the 16th instant, and the following 
       days at 3 afternoon /|cby J. Bullord. 
260    [London :|bs.n.,|c1699?] 
300    [2], 52 p. 
500    Place and date of publication suggested by Wing (2nd ed.).
500    "Catalogues sold at 6 d. each at Mr. Ric Parkers at the 
       Royal Exchange, Mr. Buck near the Temple-Gate, Mr. Harding
       in Newport-Street, Mr. Barnes in the Pall-Mall, 
       booksellers and at the piace of sale." 
500    Imperfect: pages cropped. 
500    Reproduction of original in: Bodleian Library. 
600 10 Hough, Ralph. 
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