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Hough John 1651 1743    
      An Impartial Relation Of The Illegal Proceedings Against St. Mary Magdalen Colledge In Oxon : In The Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
      An Impartial Relation Of The Whole Proceedings Against St. Mary Magdalen Colledge In Oxon, In The Ye Online materials  EBOOKS 1688
Hough John 1941    
      Reanimator BJL; PN 1997 R2883   DVD 2008
      The Watcher In The Woods BJL; PN 1997 W314   DVD 2004
Hough John Aspey    
      Co-Operative Retailing, 1914-1945 : A Statistical Analysis Of The Development Of Retailing In The Br BJL; HD 3486 H8   BOOK 1949
      Co-Operatives : True Or False? BJL; HD 2963 H8   BOOK 1951
Hough John B : Interaction analysis : theory, research and application / Edmund J. Amidon, John B. Hough, editors ; with an introduction by Ned A. Flanders.     
      Interaction Analysis : Theory, Research And Application BJL; LB 1084 I6   BOOK 1967
Hough Julianne 1988    
      Burlesque BJL; PN 1997 B9613   DVD c2011
      Rock Of Ages BJL; PN 1997 R6825   DVD 2013
Hough Karen : Be the best bad presenter ever : break the rules, make mistakes, and win them over / Karen Hough.     
      Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever : Break The Rules, Make Mistakes, And Win Them Over Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Hough Leaetta M : Handbook of industrial and organizational psychology / Marvin D. Dunnette, Leaetta Hough, editors.     
      Handbook Of Industrial And Organizational Psychology BJL; BF 637 I4 H2   BOOK 1991
Hough Leslie : Sugar : chemical, biological and nutritional aspects of sucrose / edited by Yudkin, J. Edelman and L. Hough.     
      Sugar : Chemical, Biological And Nutritional Aspects Of Sucrose BJL; QD 321 Y9   BOOK 1971
Hough Leslie Producer : The little mermaid II [videorecording] : return to the sea / directed by Jim Kammerud.     
      The Little Mermaid II Return To The Sea BJL; PN 1997 L7787   DVD 2007
Hough Margaret    
      Counselling Skills And Theory BJL; BF 637 C6 H8   BOOK 2010
      Counselling Skills And Theory Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
      A Practical Approach To Counselling. BJL  BOOK 2002
  Hough Michael -- See Hough, J. M.
  Hough Mike -- See Hough, J. M.
Hough Paul : Advanced personal training : science to practice / edited by Paul Hough, Simon Penn.     
      Advanced Personal Training : Science To Practice Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Hough Peter 1967 : Understanding global security.     
      Understanding Global Security. BJL; JZ 5588 H8   BOOK 2004
Hough Ralph : A catalogue of the library of Ralph Hough, Esq; : consisting of the best theological, historical, philogical, medicinal and mathematical authors, in the gr. lat. Span. Ital. Fr. and Engl. tongues, in all volumes. Besides a collection of lexicographers and grammarians, in almost all the Oriental and European languages. Wich will be sold by auction at Tom's coffee-house adjoyning to Ludgate, on Tuesday the 16th instant, and the following days at 3 afternoon / by J. Bullord.     
      A Catalogue Of The Library Of Ralph Hough, Esq; : Consisting Of The Best Theological, Historical, Ph Online materials  EBOOKS 1699?
Hough Richard 1922 1999    
      The Bounty Departmental Locations; PN 1997 B76   VIDEO CASSETTE c2002
      The Bounty BJL; PN 1997 B7658   DVD 2002
      Captain Bligh & Mr. Christian : The Men And The Mutiny. Departmental Locations; DU 20 H8   BOOK 1973
      Captain Bligh And Mr Christian : The Men And The Mutiny BJL; DU 20 H8   BOOK 2000
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Hough Robert Lee    
      Literary Criticism Of Edgar Allan Poe BJL; PS 2619 H8   BOOK 1964
      The Quiet Rebel : William Dean Howells As Social Commentator. BJL; PS 2038 H8   BOOK 1959
Hough Roger    
      The Contents Of The History Of The Five Book's [Sic] Of Moses : Namely, Genesis. Exodus. Leviticus. Online materials  EBOOKS 1670
      Gods Hatred Against Sin And Wickedness : Wherein Is Discovered The Odiousness Of The Sins Of These T Online materials  EBOOKS 1683
      The Poor Mans Misery, Or, Poverty Attendeth Vain Company : With A Speedy Call To Repentance From The Online materials  EBOOKS 1670
      Saints Blessed For Ever. Or, God's People Never Forsaken : Assuring Every True Believer Of Their Ble Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
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Hough Stephen 1961    
      Piano Concerto In A Minor, Op. 85 BJL; C/D 1901   CD AUDIO p1987
      Forgotten Romance BJL; C/D 1346   CD AUDIO p1995
Hough Victoria Charlotte    
      Biochemistry Of Lipid Accumulation In Filamentous Fungi. BJL; T/H 1998 M.Sc. H8   THESIS 1998
      Characterisation Of Metronidazole Resistant Giardia Intestinalis. BJL; T/H 2002 Ph.D. H8   THESIS 2002
Hough W    
      Collection Of Heating And Lighting Utensils In The United States National Museum. BJL; AM 101 U5 B9(141)   BOOK  
      Fire As An Agent In Human Culture. BJL; AM 101 U5 B9(139)   BOOK  
Hough William 1865 : Simplification of His Majesty's and Hon'ble E.I. Company's Mutiny Acts & Articles of War, proposed military police and legislative enactments for courts of Inquiry, Inquest & Ct. of Requests... soldier's debts.     
      Simplification Of His Majesty's And Hon'ble E.I. Company's Mutiny Acts & Articles Of War, Proposed M BJL; UB 865 I3 H8   BOOK 1836
Houghton A T : Dense jungle green : the first twelve years of the B.C.M.S. Burma Mission.     
      Dense Jungle Green : The First Twelve Years Of The B.C.M.S. Burma Mission. South East Asian Collection; BV 3270 H8   BOOK 1937
Houghton Andrew R    
      Chamberlain's Symptoms And Signs In Clinical Medicine : An Introduction To Medical Diagnosis. BJL; RC 71 C4   BOOK c2010
      Making Sense Of The ECG : A Hands-On Guide BJL; RC 683.5 E5 H8   BOOK 2008
      Making Sense Of The ECG : A Hands-On Guide BJL; RC 683.5 E5 H8   BOOK 2014
      Making Sense Of The ECG : A Hands-On Guide Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
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Houghton Aylmer    
      An Antidote Against Hen. Haggar's Poysonous Pamphlet, Entitled, The Foundation Of The Font Discovere Online materials  EBOOKS 1659
      Clavis Exousiasichē [Sic]: = The Key Of Ordination. Or, Missio Potestativa. Oichonomichē: Minister Online materials  EBOOKS 1656
Houghton B F    
      The Encyclopedia Of Volcanoes BJL; QE 522 E5   BOOK 2015
      The Encyclopedia Of Volcanoes Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Houghton Buck 1915 1999    
      The Twilight Zone Definitive Edition, Season 2 BJL; PN 1992.77 T87   DVD 2005
      The Twilight Zone Definitive Edition, Season 3 BJL; PN 1992.77 T87   DVD  
Houghton Committee : Teachers' salaries and the Houghton Report : being a dissertation.     
      Teachers' Salaries And The Houghton Report : Being A Dissertation. BJL; T/H 1976 B.Phil. M8   THESIS 1976
Houghton D : The South African economy.     
      The South African Economy. BJL; HC 517 S7 H8   BOOK 1964
Houghton David Patrick : U.S. foreign policy and the Iran hostage crisis.     
      U.S. Foreign Policy And The Iran Hostage Crisis. BJL; E 183.8 I55 H8   BOOK 2001
Houghton Desmond Hobart    
      Public Policy And The South African Economy : Essays In Memory Of Desmond Hobart Houghton. BJL; HC 517 S7 P9   BOOK 1976
      Source Material On The South African Economy, 1860-1970 BJL; HC 517 S7 H8   BOOK 1972
      The South African Economy. BJL; HC 517 S7 H8   BOOK 1967
      The South African Economy. BJL; HC 517 S7 H8   BOOK 1976
      The South African Economy. 3rd.Ed. BJL; HC 517 S7 H8   BOOK 1972
Houghton Donald Stewart : The separation of home and workplace in West Cumberland.     
      The Separation Of Home And Workplace In West Cumberland. BJL; T/H 1965 M.A. H8.   THESIS 1965
Houghton Douglas : Bureaucracy, servant or master?     
      Bureaucracy, Servant Or Master? BJL; JF 1507 N7   BOOK 1973
Houghton Douglas Baron Houghton    
      The Family Circle : The Story Of Britain's New Age Of Social Security. BJL; HD 7167 H8   BOOK 1948
      Paying For The Social Services. BJL; HD 7167 H8   BOOK 1967
      Paying For The Social Services. BJL; HD 7167 H8   BOOK 1968
      Teachers' Salaries And The Houghton Report : Being A Dissertation. BJL; T/H 1976 B.Phil. M8   THESIS 1976
Houghton E L Edward Lewis    
      Aerodynamics For Engineering Students BJL; TL 570 H8   BOOK 1970
      Aerodynamics For Engineering Students Online materials; TL570 .H64 2017   EBOOKS 2017
      Aerodynamics For Engineering Students Online materials; TL570 .H64 2012   EBOOKS 2012
      Tables For The Compressible Flow Of Dry Air... BJL; TJ 151 H8   BOOK 1975
Houghton Evans William : Planning cities : legacy and portent.     
      Planning Cities : Legacy And Portent. BJL; q HT 166 H8   BOOK 1975
Houghton Frank : Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur : the story of a lover and her beloved.     
      Amy Carmichael Of Dohnavur : The Story Of A Lover And Her Beloved. BJL; DA 965 H7   BOOK 1954
Houghton Frederick Tyrie Sidney Sir : The place names of Warwickshire / by J.E.B. Gover, A. Mawer and F.M. Stenton in collaboration with F.T.S. Houghton.     
      The Place Names Of Warwickshire BJL; G 106 E5(13)   BOOK 1936
Houghton George : Car theft in England and Wales : the Home Office car theft index.     
      Car Theft In England And Wales : The Home Office Car Theft Index. BJL; HV 6941 H76 P2(33)   BOOK 1992
Houghton George 1957 : Task switching and cognitive control [electronic resource] / edited by James A. Grange and George Houghton.     
      Task Switching And Cognitive Control Online materials; BF637.B4 T37 2014   EBOOKS 2014
Houghton Georgiana 1814 1884 : Evenings at home in spiritual séance / by Georgiana Houghton ; edited with an introduction and notes by Sara Williams.     
      Evenings At Home In Spiritual Séance BJL; BF 1283 H75 A3   BOOK 2013
Houghton Harvey A : The psychology of illustration : v.1 : basic research / editors Dale M. Willows, Harvey A. Houghton.     
      The Psychology Of Illustration : V.1 : Basic Research BJL; LB 1067.5 P9   BOOK 1987
Houghton Herbert Pierrepont : An introduction to the Basque language : Labourdin dialect.     
      An Introduction To The Basque Language : Labourdin Dialect. BJL; PH 5225 H8   BOOK 1961
Houghton J T John Theodore 1931    
      Climate Change 2001 : The Scientific Basis : Contribution Of Working Group I To The Third Assessment BJL  BOOK 2001
      Climate Change : The IPCC Scientific Assessment BJL; q QC 903 I6   BOOK 1990
      The Global Climate BJL; QC 981 G5   BOOK 1984
      Global Warming : The Complete Briefing. BJL; QC 981.8 G56 H8   BOOK 1997
7 additional entries    
Houghton Jamie : Good grief : talking and learning about loss and death / by Barbara Ward and Jamie Houghton in association with Cruse.     
      Good Grief : Talking And Learning About Loss And Death BJL; q BF 575 G7 W2   BOOK 1987
Houghton John    
      Jigsaw Cities : Big Places, Small Spaces BJL; HT 133 P8   BOOK 2007
      Land Law BJL; KD 333 A7   BOOK 1998
Houghton John 1640 1705    
      An Account Of A Whale Seventy Four Foot Long, Taken At Sutton, Near Wisbish, On Tuesday March 14th, Online materials  EBOOKS 1693
      An Account Of The Acres & Houses, With The Proportional Tax, &c. Of Each County In England And Wales Online materials  EBOOKS 1693
      An Account Of The Acres & Houses, With The Proportional Tax &c. Of Each County In England And Wales Online materials  EBOOKS 1693
      England's Great Happiness, Or, A Dialogue Between Content And Complaint : Wherein Is Demonstrated Th Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
2 additional entries    
Houghton Judith : The information needs and information seeking behaviour of nurses / M. Wakeham, J. Houghton, S. Beard.     
      The Information Needs And Information Seeking Behaviour Of Nurses BJL; q RT 71 W1   BOOK 1992
Houghton Julie : America's stupidest business decisions : one hundred and one blunders, flops and screwups.     
      America's Stupidest Business Decisions : One Hundred And One Blunders, Flops And Screwups. BJL  BOOK 1997
Houghton Leighton : In the steps of the Anglo-Saxons.     
      In The Steps Of The Anglo-Saxons. BJL; DA 155 H8   BOOK 1948
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