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008    860429s1673    enk     s     00| | eng d 
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100 1  Howard, Luke,|d1621-1699. 
245 14 The seat of the scorner thrown down, or, Richard Hobbs his
       folly, envy and lyes in his late reply to my book called A
       looking-glass, &c manifested and rebuked :|bwhereunto is 
       annexed my call from the Baptists, to walk in the true 
       light : and a true testimony to the light and power of 
       Christ in the heart with a few queries to the said R. 
       Hobbs /|cby Luke Howard ; to which is added a further 
       answer by T.R. 
260    [London :|bs.n.],|c1673. 
300    59 p. 
500    "The Water-Baptists reproach repeld" signed at end: Thomas
500    "A looking-glass for Baptists" and "The Water-Baptists 
       reproach repeld" each has special t.p. 
500    Place of publication from Wing. 
500    Reproduced from original in Huntington Library. 
600 10 Hobbs, Richard,|dactive 17th century.|tQuakers looking 
       glass look'd upon. 
600 10 Howard, Luke,|d1621-1699.|tLooking-glass for Baptists. 
650  0 Baptists|vControversial literature. 
700 12 Howard, Luke,|d1621-1699.|tLooking-glass for Baptists. 
700 12 Rudyard, Thomas,|d-1692.|tWater-Baptists reproach repeld. 
740 0  Richard Hobbs his folly, envy, and lyes. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
856 40 |uhttp://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2003&
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