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100 1  Howard, Luke,|d1621-1699. 
245 02 A warning from the Lord unto the rulers of Dover :|bAnd so
       to all men which stand guilty of the like practises, that 
       all may know a day of repentance before it be too late; 
       for the night will come when as no man can work, in which 
       the son of man will come as a thief unto all such the 
       workers of iniquity, and give to every man according to 
       his deeds done in their body in their life-time. Then wo 
       to the eveil-doer, for it will go ill with him. Also, the 
       Christian man's plea for his liberty, as he is so indeed 
       and in truth: and also, as he is a free-born English-man, 
       he lays claim to his birth-right, by way of expostulation 
       with the rulers of Dover, who rob him and many others of 
       it, refusing to shew us any order for their so doing. 
       Together with a true testimony born to the Light of Jesus,
       the power of God, yea the power of the endless life, from 
       everlasting to everlasting: by Luke Howard. 
260    London :|bprinted for Robert Wilson, and are to be sold at
       the Black-spread-Eagle and Windmill in Martins l'Grand,
300    [2], 20 p. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
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