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I B Gent   5
I B Gentleman : A letter sent by I.B. Gentleman vnto his very frende Maystet [sic] R.C. Esquire : vvherin is conteined a large discourse of the peopling & inhabiting the cuntrie called the Ardes, and other adiacent in the north of Ireland, and taken in hand by Sir Thomas Smith one of the Queenes Maiesties priuie Counsel, and Thomas Smith Esquire, his sonne.  1572 1
I B Isaac Blackwell : A description of the province and bay of Darian : giving an full account of all it's situation, inhabitants, way and manner of living and religion, solemnities, ceremonies and product, being vastly rich with gold and silver, and various other commodities / by I.B., a well-wisher to the company who lived there seventeen years.  1699 1
I B S P P : Tractatus de persecutione toleranda. Authore I.B.S.P.P.  1622 1
I C   19
I C Active 1602 : De providentia. English. Selections  1602 1
I C Active 1603 : Saint Marie Magdalens conuersion  1603 1
I C Active 1613 : A day-starre for darke-wandring soules : shewing the light, by a Christian controuersie: or briefely and plainely setting forth the mysterie of our saluation. Diuided into principles, obiections, and answeres. By Richard Niccolls, th'elder, of the Inner Temple London, Gent. deceased. Published for the generall benefit of all those who heartily, and with a true path desire their owne saluation: by I.C.  1613 1
I C Active 1622 : A Christian caueat for al estates. Or A sermon, preached by that religious seruant of God, Master George Hockin, Bachelor of Diuinitie, Fellow of Excester Colledge, and preacher to the towne of Totnes in Deuon  1622 1
I C Active 1630 : Ejercicio de perfección y virtudes cristianas. Part 1. Treatise 8. English  1630 1
I C F Crusade 1938 : Fighting for God in the Rhondda : an inspiring effort of faith.  1938 1
I C I Ltd   3
I C M A Of T C C : A guide to the true religion, or, A discourse directing to make a wise choice of that religion men venture their salvation upon : seasonable for these times wherein there are such diversities of opinions and wayes of religion : to inform the ignorant, to resolve the wavering, and to confirm the weak / by I.C., M.A. of T.C.C.  1669 1
I C Student In Divinity : The theatre of Catolique and Protestant religion : diuided into twelue bookes. Wherein the zealous Catholike may plainelie see, the manifest truth, perspicuitie, euident foundations and demonstrations of the Catholique religion; together with the motiues and causes, why he should perseuer therin. ... Written by I.C. student in diuinitie.  1620 1
I Ching 635 713 : A record of the Buddhist religion as practised in India and the Malay archipelago(AD 671-95).  1966 1
I D   18
I D Active 1607   2
I D Active 1629 : In this table is set forth three principall things: : First, mans creation: secondly, his misery in Adams fall: and lastly, the happy restoring againe of all the faithfull by Christ to the vnchangeable loue of God. A table fit for all Christians to know.  1629 1
I D Active 1631 : Articulbrief ofte ordonnantie op de discipline militaire. English  1631 1
I D B Active 1627 : Eclogue, ou Chant pastoral : sur les nopces des Serenissimes Princes Charles Roy de la Grand' Bretagne, France & Irlande, & de Henriette Marie fille de Henry le Grand, Roy de France, & de Nauarre.  1627 1
I D G   4
I D Minister Of The Gospell : The Glorious progress of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New England : manifested by three letters under the hand of that famous instrument of the Lord, Mr. John Eliot, and another from Mr. Thomas Mayhew, Jun., both preachers of the word, as well to the English as Indians in New England ... : together with an appendix to the foregoing letters, holding forth conjectures, observations, and applications, by I.D. ... / published by Edward Winslow.  1649 1
I D Preacher Of Gods Word   2
I D V Active 1564 : The translation of a letter written by a Frenche gentilwoman to an other gentilwoman straunger, her frind, vpon the death of the most excellent and vertous ladye, Elenor of Roye, Princes of Conde, contaynyng her last wyll and testament. Doone by Henry Myddelmore gentylman at the request of the Ladye Anne Throkmorton  1564 1
I Darras : Un Ete A Paris / I.Darras.  2012 1
I E   6
I E Active 1602 : A letter from a souldier of good place in Ireland, to his friend in London : touching the notable victorie of her Maiesties forces there, against the Spaniards, and Irish rebels: and of the yeelding vp of Kynsale, and other places there held by the Spanyards.  1602 1
I F   7
I F A : A recitation of Ifa, oracle of the Yoruba.  1973 1
I F Active 1598   2
I F Active 1612 : Strange newes from Antvvarpe : which happened the 12. of August last past. 1612. First printed in Dutch at Bergen ap Zoame by Ioris Staell and now translated into English by I.F.  1612 1
I F Active 1617 : The necessitie and antiquitie of catechizing. By IF.  1617 1
I F Active 1633   3
I G   2
I G Active 1605 : An apologie for vvomenkinde  1605 1
I G Active 1606 : Della frequenza della communione. English  1606 1
I G Active 1615 : A refutation of the Apology for actors : Diuided into three briefe treatises. Wherein is confuted and opposed all the chiefe groundes and arguments alleaged in defence of playes: and withall in each treatise is deciphered actors, 1. heathenish and diabolicall institution. 2. their ancient and moderne indignitie. 3. the wonderfull abuse of their impious qualitie. By I.G.  1615 1
I G Active 1630 : The Christians profession, or A treatise of the grounds and principles of diuinity : by way of question and answer. In which all the chiefe grounds of religion are so plainely proued and explained by the Word of God, as that the meanest capacitie may by reading vnderstand the same.  1630 1
I G Gentleman : Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'arme. English  1594 1
I H   17
I H Active 1600 : A collection of certaine learned discourses, written by that famous man of memory Zachary Ursine; doctor and professor of divinitie in the noble and flourishing schools of Neustad. For explication of divers difficult points, laide downe by that author in his catechisme. Lately put in print in Latin by the last labour of D. David Parry: and now newlie translated into English, by I.H. for the benefit and behoofe of our Christian country-man  1600 1
I H Active 1602 : VVork for chimny-sweepers: or A warning for tabacconists : Describing the pernicious vse of tabacco, no lesse pleasant then profitable for all sorts to reade.  1602 1
I H Active 1611 : The picture of Christ : The wonder of meditation, the earnest of eternitie, the touchstone of faith: or, A counterbuffe to despaire. Gathered from the great fountaine, and store house of liuing waters, the most ancient, sacred, holy, authenticall selfe-assuring, and canonicall scriptures, of the old and new testament.  1611 1
I H Active 1615 : This vvorlds folly : Or A warning-peece discharged vpon the wickednesse thereof. By I.H.  1615 1
I H Active 1616 : The diuell of the vault. Or, The vnmasking of murther : in a briefe declaration of the Cacolicke-complotted [sic] treason, lately discouerd: I.H.  1616 1
I H Active 1617 : Sermons upon the sacrament of the Lords Supper  1617 1
I H Bachelor Of Divinity : The opinion, judgement, and determination of two reverend, learned, and conformable divines of the Church of England, concerning bowing at the name, or naming of Jesus. The one somtime a member of the Vnivertie of Cambridge, in a letter to his Christian freind: the other sometime a member of the Vniversitie of Oxford, in a treatise to his brethren the ministers of the Church of England. Printed at Hambourgh, 1632  1634 1
I H Gentleman   2
I H Sir : Cour sainte. Vol. 1, Book 4. English  1653 1
  I I A S -- See International Institute for Asian Studies (Leiden)
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