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I I Faithful Subject To His King And Welwisher To His Parliament To The Use : Reasons why this kingdom, as all others, and the Parliaments and people of this kingdom, as all others, whether Christian or heathen, and especially such as hould predestination ought to adhere to their kings, whether good or bad  1642 1
I K   4
I K Active 1607 : Seuen godly and learned sermons preached by the Reuerend Father in God Iohn Iuel, late bishop of Salisburie. Neuer before imprinted  1607 1
I K Native Of The Same Place Sometimes Preacher Of Gods Word There : A sermon, preached before Sir Marmadvke Langdale at his entrance into Barvvick / by I.K., a native of the same place, sometimes preacher of Gods word there.  1648 1
I L   7
I L Active 17th Century   2
I L Active 1589 : The birth, purpose, and mortall vvound of the Romish holie League : Describing in a mappe the enuie of Sathans shauelings, and the follie of their wisedome, through the Almighties prouidence. By I.L.  1589 1
I L Active 1590 : A true and perfecte description of a straunge monstar borne in the citty of Rome in Italy, in the yeare of our saluation. 1585 : Vnder which is described both the originall and triumphant state of the Holy League, and also the sodain and desperate fall thereof in the yeare 1588. With certaine verses exhortatory to the King of Spayn, that hee would withdraw his persecuting hand from the Church of Christ. Wherein are also shewed some of the cruelties exercised vppon our countrey-men and others in the Inquisition and gallies of Spaine.  1590 1
I L Active 1630 : Dyaloge in Englysshe bytwyxt a doctoure of dyvynyte and a student in the lawes of Englande. Abridgments  1630 1
I L C T R I : Argentina : el futuro, hoy.  1981 1
I L Lover Of Honest Men And Hater Of Knaves : Knaves are no honest men, or, More knaves yet, a couple well met : being a briefe discourse concerning the (offices and) humours of Quarterman and VVaterton, being both Jacks out of office / composed by I.L., a lover of honest men, and hater of knaves.  1672? 1
I L S Active 1627 : Flores regij. Or, prouerbes and aphorismes, diuine and morall. : As they were at seuerall times vpon sundry occasions, spoken / by his most excellent Maiestie, Iames, of famous memory King of Great-Brittaine. ; Collected by I.L.S.  1627 1
I M   2
I M Active 1548 : A breife recantacion of maystres Missa : and howe she accuseth the slouthfulnesse of her chapleyns, with her lamentable departyng vnto her father the Pope. 1.5 4.8.  1548 1
I M Active 1576 : A breefe directory, and playne way howe to say the rosary of our blessed Lady : VVith meditations for such as are not exercised therein. Wherevnto are adioyned the prayers of S. Bryget, with others.  1576 1
I M Active 1598 : A health to the gentlemanly profession of seruingmen; or, The seruingmans comforts : With other thinges not impertinent to the premisses, as well pleasant as profitable to the courteous reader.  1598 1
I M Active 1629   2
I M Mr : A funerall sermon, preached at the buriall of the Lady Iane Maitlane, daughter to the right noble earle, Iohn Earle of Lauderdail, at Hadington, the 19. of December. 1631. By Mr. I.M. Together with diverse epitaphs, aswell Latine, as English, written by sundry authors  1633 1
I M Student Of Exon In Oxon : Corpus sine capite visibili, an √¶nigmaticall emblem, or, a modell of these distemper'd times : being an apparent body, well proportioned, upright and streight, but yet without any visible head, in this our most unhappy mereridian [sic] of London, lately conceived in a dreame or slumber, and now delineated, penned and produced, to the open view of the world / by I.M., Student of Exon. in Oxon.  1642 1
I M T A : Education rates and the education and equalisation grants.  1952 1
I Mu : Unofficial documents of the democracy movement in communist China, 1978-1981 : a checklist of Chinese materials in the Hoover Institution ... / compiled by I-mu.  1986 1
I P   13
I P Active 1581 : Quatre sermons avec exposition du Pseaume 87. English. Sermon 2. Selections  1581 1
I P Active 1629   2
I P Active 1632   2
I R   3
I R Active 1600 : Most straunge, and true discourse, of the wonderfull judgement of God  1600 1
I R Active 1611 : Tocsin au roy. English  1611 1
I R Active 1633 : A poeme, on the Kings most excellent Maiesties happy progresse into Scotland, and much desired returne : May. 1633.  1633 1
I R M D : A declaration, of the reasons, moveing Don Emanuel, borne Prince of Portugall : Haveing been heretofore a devotary, under the name of Pater Felix, in the Order of the Barefooted Carmelites, to forsake the Romish religion, to joyne himself unto the catholick & apostolick Church; and in the same to professe the purity of the Gospell. The abridgement of this declaration was presented vnto the Consistory of the French Church at Delf signed with the hand of the said Prince, and after sermon read in his name to all the assembly, and after all, ratifyed by his owne mouth, the 15. day of Ianuary 1634. With certaine letters written from Brussels, since his coming over into these provinces. Translated out of French into English by I.R.M.D.  1634 1
I R Minister Of The Gospell : A remedie against dissention, or, A help to settle mens mindes in these unsetled times, and to make up the rents made, and likely to be made through the late lamentable increase of opinions and practices : as it was delivered in a sermon of Rom. 16,17 / by I.R. ...  1644 1
I Rastini : London Indonesian newsletter.  1994 1
I S   25
I S Active 1564   2
I S Active 1579 : A Christian exhortation taken out of the Holy Scriptures : for the great comfort of euery faithfull person being in the agonie of death, before whome it must be ofte[n]times red and recited (if neede be) eue[n] to his last breath. Wherevnto is ioyned in the end a singular prayer for the partie greeuously afflicted by sicknesse dravving tovvard his death. Therewith is a briefe catechisme, which is not only to instructe the sicke, but also to refresh his memorie vvith the greate mysterie of our redemption.  1579 1
I S Active 1631 1638   8
I S Active 1639 : Clidamas, or The Sicilian tale. VVritten by I.S.  1639 1
I S Generosus : The pvblique confider. :  1643 1
I S Genorosus : The pvbliqve confider  1643 1
I S Indefatigable Seeker : An invitation of a seeker to all those that seriously desire to find the Lord / written by I.S. or the indefatigable seeker.  1670 1
I S K   2
I T   5
I T Active 1555 : An apologie or defence agaynst the calumnacion of certayne men : which preferring wylfull wyll and carnal reason before the playn trueth of Gods gospel, (do sclaundre those men, which for the better seruinge of God with a more pure conscience, according to his holy word) haue abandoned theyr liuinges and vocacion, abydinge as exyles in poore estate oute of theyr natyue cou[n]trye.  1555 1
I T Active 1556 : Laws, etc.  1556 1
I T Active 1570 : The ready path to the pleasant pasture of delitesome and eternall paradyse : so called, bicause herein is declared how, and by what meanes, we shall easily obtayne the surprising pleasures of heauenly felicitie.  1570? 1
I T Active 1608   2
I T Active 1614 : A horrible creuel and bloudy murther : committed at Putney in Surrey on the 21. of Aprill last, 1614, being thursday, vpon the body of Edward Hall a miller of the same parish, done by the hands of Iohn Selling, Peeter Pet and Edward Streater, his seruants to the said Hall, each of them giuing him a deadly blow (as he lay sleeping) with a pickax. Published by authority.  1614 1
I T Active 1616 : Bloody downfall of adultery.  1616? 1
I T Active 1634 : The carnall professor : Discovering the wofull slavery of a man guided by the flesh. Distinguishing a true spirituall Christian that walkes close with God, from all formalists in religion, rotten hearted hypocrites, and empty powerlesse professors whatsoever. By that faithfull servant of Christ, Robert Bolton B.D. late preacher in Northampton Shire.  1634 1
I T Gent : Amint√¶ gaudia. English. Selections  1594 1
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