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International Labour Conference 99th 2010 Geneva Switzerland : Accelerating action against child labour : global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work / International Labour Conference, 99th Session 2010 ...     
      Accelerating Action Against Child Labour : Global Report Under The Follow-Up To The ILO Declaration Departmental Locations; HD 6229 A1   BOOK 2010
International Labour Conference 1929 : Unemployment : some international aspects, 1920-1928 : report presented to the International Labour Conference, May - June, 1929.     
      Unemployment : Some International Aspects, 1920-1928 : Report Presented To The International Labour BJL; HD 5701 I6   BOOK 1929
International Labour Congress 1896 London : Anarchist socialism v. state socialism at the London International Labour congress 1896.     
      Anarchist Socialism V. State Socialism At The London International Labour Congress 1896. BJL; M/I 172   MICROFORM 1896
International Labour Defence    
      Down With Hitler Justice - South Wales Miner Sentenced For Working Class Politics. BJL; HX 243 I6   BOOK 1933
      Release The Class War Prisoners. Class 'justice'. BJL; HX 246 I6   BOOK 1931
International Labour Office    
      Abidjan : Urban Development And Employment In The Ivory Coast BJL; HD 5841.8 A7 J8   BOOK 1976
      Accelerating Action Against Child Labour : Global Report Under The Follow-Up To The ILO Declaration Departmental Locations; HD 6229 A1   BOOK 2010
      Action Against Child Labour 2008-2009 : IPEC Progress And Future Priorities Departmental Locations; K 1821 A9   BOOK 2010
      Action Against Unemployment. BJL; HD 4815 I61(n.s.20)   BOOK 1950
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International Labour Office Bureau For Workers Activities : Bitter harvest : child labour in agriculture / [coordinated by Tor Monsen] ; published by the project 'Developing National and International Trade Union Strategies to Combat Child Labour (INT/00/M17/NOR)', Bureau for Workers' Activities, International Labour Office     
      Bitter Harvest : Child Labour In Agriculture Departmental Locations; HD 6247 A29 B6   BOOK 2002
International Labour Office Central Library And Documentation Branch    
      Bibliography On Women Workers. BJL; HD 6053 I6   BOOK 1970
      Subject Index To International Labour Documentation, 1957-1964. BJL; HD 4831 I6 S9   BOOK 1968
International Labour Office Committee Of Experts On The Application Of Conv : Third item on the agenda : information and reports on the application of convertions and recommendations.     
      Third Item On The Agenda : Information And Reports On The Application Of Convertions And Recommendat BJL; K 1705.4 I6   BOOK 1971
International Labour Office Committee On Forced Labour : Report of the ad hoc Committee on Forced Labour.     
      Report Of The Ad Hoc Committee On Forced Labour. BJL; HD 4815 I61(n.s.36)   BOOK 1953
International Labour Office Committee On Freedom Of Association    
      Trade Union Rights In Czechoslovakia : 8th And 10th Reports. BJL; HD 4815 I61(n.s.37)   BOOK 1953
      Trade Union Rights In Hungary. BJL; HD 4815 I61(n.s.50)   BOOK 1959
      Trade Union Rights In The U.S.S.R. BJL; HD 4815 I61(n.s.49)   BOOK 1959
International Labour Office Expanded Programme Of Technical Assistance : Report to the government of British Guiana on a survey of family expenditures, 1956 and on new consumer price indices.     
      Report To The Government Of British Guiana On A Survey Of Family Expenditures, 1956 And On New Consu BJL; q HD 7017 I6   BOOK 1957
International Labour Office Exploratory Employment Policy Mission : Employment and unemployment in Ethiopia : report of the Exploratory Employment Policy Mission.     
      Employment And Unemployment In Ethiopia : Report Of The Exploratory Employment Policy Mission. BJL; q HD 5845.2 A6 I6   BOOK 1973
International Labour Office Federation Of Freefarmers : The federation of Free farmers, Republic of the Philippines.     
      The Federation Of Free Farmers, Republic Of The Philippines. South East Asian Collection; q HD 1486 P5 H6   BOOK 1979
International Labour Office Library : Co-operation.     
      Co-Operation. BJL; q HD 2954 I6   BOOK 1964
International Labour Office Permanent Labour Organisation : Constitution and rules.     
      Constitution And Rules. BJL; HD 4813 I6 S7   BOOK 1920
International Labour Office Permanent Migration Committee : Proceedings of the second session.     
      Proceedings Of The Second Session. BJL; HD 4815 I61(n.s.10)   BOOK 1948
International Labour Offices : Employment problems and policies in the Philippines.     
      Employment Problems And Policies In The Philippines. South East Asian Collection; HD 5835 I6   BOOK 1969
International Labour Organisation    
      Antecedents Of The International Labour Organization. BJL; HD 4831 F6   BOOK 1951
      Apartheid In Labour Matters. BJL; HD 4831 I6 D5   BOOK 1966
      Beyond The Nation-State : Functionalism And International Organization. BJL; JX 1930 I61 H1   BOOK 1964
      Britain And The I.L.O. BJL; HD 4831 J5   BOOK 1969
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International Labour Organisation Asian And Pacific Regional Centre For Lab : Profile on occupational safety and health in Singapore / edited by H. Ono.     
      Profile On Occupational Safety And Health In Singapore South East Asian Collection; HD 7753 I6   BOOK 1991
International Labour Organisation Asian Employment Programme    
      Fighting Poverty : Asia's Major Challenge. BJL; HC 430.6 Z9 P634   BOOK 1986
      Strategies For Alleviating Poverty In Rural Asia BJL; HC 412 S8   BOOK 1985
      Wages, Employment And Income Distribution In South Korea : 1960-83. BJL; HD 5085.5 K4   BOOK 1986
International Labour Organisation Asian Regional Conference Tokyo 1953 : Report of the Director-General.     
      Report Of The Director-General. BJL; HD 866.1 I6   BOOK 1953
International Labour Organisation Coal Mines Committee 8th Session : Summary record ([of the] eighth session, Geneva, 19-30 October, 1964).     
      Summary Record ([Of The] Eighth Session, Geneva, 19-30 October, 1964). BJL; HD 8039 M615 I6   BOOK 1965
International Labour Organisation Metal Trades Committee : General report : labour statistics in the Motor vehicle industry (Preliminary study.).     
      General Report : Labour Statistics In The Motor Vehicle Industry (Preliminary Study.). BJL; HD 9710 I6   BOOK 1970
International Labour Organisation Preparatory Regional Conference New Delhi : Report of the Director-General on the Preparatory Asiatic Regional Conference of the International Labour Organisation, New Delhi,1947.     
      Report Of The Director-General On The Preparatory Asiatic Regional Conference Of The International L BJL; HD 8661.2 I6   BOOK 1947
International Labour Organization : Globalizing social rights : the International Labour Organization and beyond / edited by Sandrine Kott and JoĆ«lle Droux.     
      Globalizing Social Rights : The International Labour Organization And Beyond BJL; HD 7801 G5   BOOK 2013
International Lactation Consultant Association    
      Core Curriculum For Lactation Consultant Practice BJL; RJ 216 C7   BOOK 2002
      Core Curriculum For Lactation Consultant Practice BJL; RJ 216 C7   BOOK c2007
International Ladies Garment Workers Union    
      Handbook Of Trade Union Methods. BJL; HD 6508 I4   BOOK 1948
      The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union's Labour Stage. BJL; M/I 3892   MICROFORM 1975
      Why Adult Labor Education? BJL; LC 5251 C6   BOOK 1950
      The Women's Garment Workers. BJL; HD 6515 C6 L8   BOOK 1924
      The Women's Garment Workers. BJL; HD 6515 C6 L8   BOOK 1969
International Land Development Consultants : Interim report on the activities and experiments of the agricultural development project on the island of Lombok, October 1968-December, 1969.     
      Interim Report On The Activities And Experiments Of The Agricultural Development Project On The Isla South East Asian Collection; q S 471 I4 I6   BOOK 1970
International Law Association    
      The Canadian Yearbook Of International Law. BJL; JX 1 C21   PERIODICAL  
      The Present State Of International Law And Other Essays. BJL; JX 3091 B7   BOOK 1973
      Project Et Rapport De La Commission Des Minorites. BJL; JF 1061   BOOK  
      Projets Et Rapports De La Commission De Codification Du Droit International. BJL; JX 2002   BOOK  
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International Law Association Nederlands Branch : Volkenrechtelijke aspecten van de waterverontreiniging.     
      Volkenrechtelijke Aspecten Van De Waterverontreiniging. BJL; JX 5910 B7   BOOK 1972
International Law Bulletin    
      The Columbia Journal Of Transnational Law. BJL; JX 1 C72   PERIODICAL  
      The Columbia Journal Of Transnational Law. BJL; JX 1 C72   BOOK 1961
International Law Commission    
      The International Law Commission. BJL; JX 1977 A39 B8   BOOK 1965
      International Law Commission : Yearbook. BJL; q JX 1977 A39 I61   PERIODICAL 1974-
      The International Law Commission's Articles On State Responsibility : Introduction, Text, And Commen BJL; K 967 I6   BOOK 2002
      The International Law Commission's Draft Articles On State Responsibility : Part 1, Articles 1-35 BJL; q JX 5402 I6   BOOK 1991
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International Law Fund    
      A British Digest Of International Law BJL; JX 2061 B8   BOOK 1965
      British International Law Cases : A Collection Of Decisions Of Courts In The British Isles On Points BJL; JX 631 A8 A2   BOOK  
      An Index Of British Treaties, 1101-1968 BJL; JX 631 P2   BOOK 1970
International Lawyers And Economists Against Poverty : Aid for trade and development / edited by Dominique Njinkeu and Hugo Cameron.     
      Aid For Trade And Development Departmental Locations; HC 60 A2   BOOK 2009
International Lead Zinc Organization : Zinc chemicals.     
      Zinc Chemicals. Departmental Locations, BJL ; QD 181 Z6 F2   BOOK 1973
International Lead Zinc Research Organization : Zinc : its corrosion resistance : a study commissioned by the International Lead Zinc Research Organization, Inc.     
      Zinc : Its Corrosion Resistance : A Study Commissioned By The International Lead Zinc Research Organ BJL; TA 480 Z6 S6   BOOK 1971
International Left Opposition British Section : Red flag (1933-1934) : organ of revolutionary marxism.     
      Red Flag (1933-1934) : Organ Of Revolutionary Marxism. BJL; f HX 3 R27   PERIODICAL  
International Legal Conference On Expansion Of The European Communities Dub : Legal problems of an enlarged European Community / edited by M.E.Bathurst ... [et al.]     
      Legal Problems Of An Enlarged European Community BJL; KJE 5091 L4   BOOK 1972
International Liaison Committee Of Organisations For Peace    
      The Dilemma Of The Scientist. BJL; Q 175.55 B8   BOOK 1955
      A New Strategy Of Peace. BJL; JX 1952 I6   BOOK 1950
International Library Of Psychology Philosophy And Scientific Method : Analysis of perception.     
      Analysis Of Perception. BJL; BF 321 S6   BOOK 1956
International Limes Congress 11th Szekesfehervar Hungary 1976 : Limes : Akten des XI. Internationalen Limeskongresses, Szekesfehervar, 30.8 - 6.9. 1976 / herausgegeben von J. Fitz.     
      Limes : Akten Des XI. Internationalen Limeskongresses, Szekesfehervar, 30.8 - 6.9. 1976 BJL; DG 89 I6   BOOK 1977
International Linguistic Association : Word : journal of the Linguistic Circle of New York.     
      Word : Journal Of The Linguistic Circle Of New York. BJL; P 1 W92   PERIODICAL  
International Liszt Conference 1993 Virginia Polytechnic Institute And : Liszt and his world : proceedings of the International Liszt Conference held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 20-23 May 1993 / edited by Michael Saffle.     
      Liszt And His World : Proceedings Of The International Liszt Conference Held At Virginia Polytechnic BJL; ML 410 L78 L7   BOOK 1998
International Liszt Conference 1998 Bellaggio Italy : Liszt and the birth of modern Europe : music as a mirror of religious, political, cultural, and aesthetic transformations : proceedings of the international conference held at the Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio (Como) 14-18 December 1998 / edited by Michael Saffle and Rossana Dalmonte.     
      Liszt And The Birth Of Modern Europe : Music As A Mirror Of Religious, Political, Cultural, And Aest BJL; ML 410 L78 L7   BOOK 2003
International Literature Of Region And Nation Conference 6th 199 : Literature of region and nation : proceedings or the 6th International Literature of Region and Nation Conference, University of New Brunswick in Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 2-7 August 1996 / edited by Winnifred M. Bogaards.     
      Literature Of Region And Nation : Proceedings Or The 6th International Literature Of Region And Nati BJL; PR 7 I6   BOOK 1998
International Lonergan Conference Florida 1970 : Foundations of theology.     
      Foundations Of Theology. BJL; BX 4705 L8 M1   BOOK 1971
International Looking After Children Conference 5th 2002 Oxford : Safeguarding and promoting the well-being of children, families and their communities / edited by Jane Scott and Harriet Ward.     
      Safeguarding And Promoting The Well-Being Of Children, Families And Their Communities BJL; HV 713 S1   BOOK 2005
International M Libraries Conference 2nd 2009 Vancouver B C : M-libraries 2 : a virtual library in everyone's pocket / edited by Mohamed Ally and Gill Needham.     
      M-Libraries 2 : A Virtual Library In Everyone's Pocket BJL; ZA 4060 I6   BOOK 2010
International Maize Symposium Urbana Ill 1977 : Maize breeding and genetics. / edited by D.B. Walden.     
      Maize Breeding And Genetics. BJL; SB 191 M2 I6   BOOK 1978
International Management Congress 7th 1938 Washington D C : Scientific management in Great Britain : a survey by the 36th Oxford Management Conference of the ground to be covered by the seventh International Management Congress, Washington, September 1938.     
      Scientific Management In Great Britain : A Survey By The 36th Oxford Management Conference Of The Gr BJL; T 56 S4   BOOK 1937
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