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Mark   Year Entries
J D Master Of Arts : Dialogorum sacrorum libri quatuor. English  1610 1
J D R French Minister   2
J D S : The source, force, and course of excommunications : conducing to the clearing of that seeming perplexed question, of and amongst the Assembly of Divines : where the seate of the power of excommunication is? resolved : whether in the churches of, and in monarchies, or in the Presbyterian : extracted out of the originalls in the Old Testament, as the radix, pursuing the New Testament, and so to the civill and cannon lawes, and their congruities with both / by J.D.S.  1646 1
J E   15
J F   27
J F Active 17th Century : The golden fleece, or, Old England restored to its old honest vocation / by J.F., a well-wisher to industry.  1679 1
J F Active 1587 : A most breefe manner of instruction, to the principles of Christian religion. By J.F.  1587? 1
J F Active 1667 1672 : A letter out of France, from one of the Duke of Monmouths souldiers, to his friend in London : Pontoise, the first of May, 1672.  1672 1
J F James Forbs 1629 1712   3
J F John Falconer   2
J F John Fountain   3
J G   15
J G A Member Of The Church Of England : A sermon preach'd before the convocation of the bishops and clergy of the Province of Canterbury at Westminster, Novemb. the 18th. 1689 / by William Beveridge ; printed in Latin by the bishops command ; made English by J.G.  1689 1
J G B : Royall poems presented to His Sacred Majesty Charles the II / by J.G.B.  1660 1
J G D D : A sermon of the passion of our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ : preached on Good-Friday, in His Excellencies the Spanish Ambassador's chappel / by J.G., D.D.  1686 1
J G E : Englands hope, against Irish hate  1600 1
J G Ferguson Publishing Company : Professional ethics and etiquette.  c2004 1
J G G : The trumpet in Sion, sounding a general alarm in the nation. / By J.G.G.  1700 1
J G Gent   7
J G John Gibson   4
J G John Gough Active 1640   18
J G Member Of The Church Of England : A sermon preach'd before the convocation of the Bishops and clergy of the province of Canterbury at Westminster, Novemb. the 18th, 1689 / by William Beveridge ; printed in Latin by the Bishops command ; made English by J.G.  1689 1
J H   52
J H Active 17th Century   2
J H Active 1583 : The foundation of Christian religion, vsed in the time of the primitiue church: learnedly & purely expounded (in catechising) out of the 6. chap. to the Hebrews, by Andrewe Hyperius, professor in diuinity, at Marpurge, in the countrie of Hesse. Translated out of Latine into French, and out of French into English. By I.H.    1
J H Active 1634 : An abridgement of Latine Dictionary, so farre as it containeth verbs : Deliuering the simple with their compounds, their seuerall significations, and particular kind of each verbe, neuer before fully deliuered by any. For the helpe of the memory of young schollers, and facilitating their vse eyther in writing or speaking. By I. H.  1634 1
J H Esq   3
J H Fenner And Co Ltd : Report and accounts/ J.H. Fenner Holdings Ltd.    1
J H Gent   5
J H James Halsey   2
J H James Hely : [A modest] representation of the benefits and advantages of making the River Avon navigable from Christ-Church to the city of New Sarum : humbly submitted to the consideration of the city aforesaid, and the countries bordering upon the said river, and to all other persons that are, or may be concerned therein, for their incouragement, joyntly to carry on so noble a work. By J.H. a real well-wisher both to the city and country.  1672 1
J H John Hall : Grace leading unto glory, or, A glimpse of the glorie, excellencie and eternity of heaven : wherein most part of the spirits various operations in his enlightening, convincing, converting, guiding, leading, strengthening, comfortings, sealings are shewed, as he assures salvation leading unto glory / written by J.H.  1651 1
J H John Hancock : King James his counterblast to tobacco : to which is added a learned discourse proving that tobacco is a procuring cause of the scurvy / written by Dr. Everard Maynwaringe. With a short collection out of Dr. George Thompson's treatise of bloud, against smoking tobacco. Also serious cautions against excess in drinking, with many examples of Gods severe judgments upon notorious drunkards who have died suddenly. Concluding with witty poems against tobacco / by Josh. Sylvester  1672 1
J H John Harding 1600 Or 1601   5
J H John Hardy : A description of the last voyage to Bermudas, in the ship Marygold, S.P. commander / by J.H ... ; begun November the twelfth, 1670, and ending May the third, 1671 with allowance.  1671 1
J H John Harington 1627 1700   4
J H John Hewlett   2
J H Lover Of Truth   4
J H M A : A plea for the sequestred, or, A survey of the case, of the purchasers of publick lands, free-farms, &c. : Declaring the Christianity, and unquestionable equity of their surrendring the said lands to the just and undoubted, (though injured) owners of the same, in answer to a late pamphlet, call'd a plea for such purchasers.  1660? 1
J H Souldier : A Remonstrance to the kingdome, or, An appeale to conscience, as thou wilt answer it at the dreadful day of judgement, whether it be lawfull to take up arms? &c. / written by J.H. souldier.  1643 1
J H W Verzijl Memorial Symposium 3rd 2004 Utrecht Netherlands : Stability and change in the law of the sea : the role of the LOS convention / edited by Alex G. Oude Elferink.  c2005 1
J J   7
J J Of Chippenham : An abstract of a letter from Thomas Paskell of Pennsilvania to his friend J.J. of Chippenham  1683 1
J K   2
J K D T : A salve for the sufferings of the loyall party. : A lecture unto London : and an expostulation with the present Parliament, in a theologicall tract, grounded upon the words of the prophet, Amos 3.6. Shall there bee evill in a city and the Lord hath not done it? Expounded and applyed unto these times: / by J.K.D.T.  1648 1
J L   15
J L Acad Cant In Art Mag : A just apology for His Sacred Majestie, or, An ansvver to a late lying and scandalous pamphlet intituled, Behold two letters, the one written by the Pope the then Prince of Wales, now King of England : the other, an answer to the said letter by the said Prince, now his Majesty of England : printed in the yeer of discoveries, 1642 : by which is discovered unto His Majesties lovall subjects, how our soveraign hath bin basely abused, both by the penner and printer thereof to the scandall and derogation of His most Excellent Majestie / by J. L. ...  1642 1
J L B Smith Institute Of Ichthyology   2
J L In Art Mag   2
J L John Lancaster : Ragionamenti intorno alla incertezza de' medicamenti. English  1684 1
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