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100 1  Jonghe, Ellert de. 
245 04 The true and perfect declaration of the mighty army by the
       sea :|bmade and prepared by the generall states of the 
       vnited prouinces, purposely sent forth to hinder the 
       proceedings of the King of Spaine, vnder the conduct of 
       Peter Vander Does generall of the said army: together with
       all whatsoeuer hath bene done by the said army against the
       islands, townes, castels, and shippes, belonging to the 
       said King of Spaine. As also what the said army hath 
       gotten and wonne in the said viage; with the whole 
       discourse of the aduentures of the said army, both in 
       their going forth, and retuning againe, from the 28. of 
       May, 1599. vntill the 6. of March, 1600. Collected by 
       Ellert de Ionghe, captayne of the artillery in the said 
260    Printed at London :|bBy [S. Stafford for] Iohn Wolfe,
300    36 p. 
500    Actual printer's name from STC. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library. 
651  4 Netherlands|yWars of Independence, 1556-1648|vEarly works 
       to 1800. 
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