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Josephy Alvin M 1915    
      America In 1492 : The World Of The Indian Peoples Before The Arrival Of Columbus BJL; E 58 A5   BOOK 1993
      The American Heritage Book Of Indians BJL; q E 58 B8   BOOK 1961
      The Civil War In The American West. BJL; E 470.9 J8   BOOK 1991
      The Indian Heritage Of America. BJL; E 58 J8   BOOK 1969
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Josephy P David : Molecular toxicology / P. David Josephy, Bengt Mannervik.     
      Molecular Toxicology BJL; RA 1220.3 J8   BOOK 2006
Joset Jacques    
      Historias Cruzadas De Novelas Hispanoamericanas : Juan Rulfo, Alejo Carpentier, Mario Vargas Llosa, BJL; PQ 7082 N7 J8   BOOK 1995
      Libro De Buen Amor BJL; PQ 6430 A1 J8   BOOK 1974
      Nuevas Investigaciones Sobre El "Libro De Buen Amor". BJL; PQ 6430 J8   BOOK 1988
      Rimado De Palacio. BJL; PQ 6412 L2 R5   BOOK 1978
      El Viaje Entretenido BJL; PQ 6429 R3 V5   BOOK 1977
Joset Joseph : Femmes telles.     
      Femmes Telles. BJL; PQ 2670 O73 F3   BOOK 1971
Josey Alex    
      Asia Pacific Socialism. South East Asian Collection; HX 13 A8   BOOK 1973
      Democracy In Singapore : The 1970 By-Elections. South East Asian Collection; JQ 745 S6 J8   BOOK 1970
      Industrial Relations : Labour Laws In A Developing Singapore. South East Asian Collection; HD 8742 J8   BOOK 1976
      Labour Laws In A Changing Singapore. South East Asian Collection; HD 7940 J8   BOOK 1968
10 additional entries    
Joshel Sandra R Sandra Rae 1947    
      Imperial Projections : Ancient Rome In Modern Popular Culture BJL; PN 1995.9 R68 I3   BOOK 2005
      The Material Life Of Roman Slaves BJL; DG 78 J8   BOOK 2015
      Slavery In The Roman World BJL; HT863 .J67   BOOK 2010
Joshi A W    
      Elements Of Group Theory For Physicists. BJL; QC 20.7 G76 J8   BOOK 1977
      Elements Of Group Theory For Physicists. BJL; QC 20.7 G76 J8   BOOK 1982
Joshi Aravind : Elements of discourse understanding / edited by A.K. Joshi, B.L. Webber and I.A. Sag.     
      Elements Of Discourse Understanding BJL; P 302 E3   BOOK 1981
Joshi Arun    
      The Apprentice. BJL; PR 9499.3 J6 A6   BOOK 1974
      The Foreigner. BJL; PR 9499.3 J6 F7   BOOK 1968
      Lala Shri Ram : A Study In Entrepreneurship And Industrial Management. BJL; HD 2902.5 J8   BOOK 1975
      The Survivor : A Selection Of Stories. BJL; PR 9499.3 J6 S9   BOOK 1975
Joshi Bhuwan Lal : Democratic innovations in Nepal : a case study of political acculturation / by B.L. Joshi and L. Rose.     
      Democratic Innovations In Nepal : A Case Study Of Political Acculturation BJL; JQ 1755 N4 A91   BOOK 1966
Joshi Chandrashekhar : Development of a high power Nd:glass laser system and its use in X-ray spectroscopy.     
      Development Of A High Power Nd:Glass Laser System And Its Use In X-Ray Spectroscopy. BJL; T/H 1977 Ph.D. J8   THESIS 1977
Joshi Deepak : Hepatology at a glance / Deepak Joshi, Geri Keane, Alison Brind.     
      Hepatology At A Glance Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Joshi G N : Indian administration.     
      Indian Administration. BJL; JQ 224 J7   BOOK 1937
Joshi Gulabbhal Naranji    
      Money And The Money Market In India. BJL; HJ 1305 W1   BOOK 1926
      The New Constitution Of India. BJL; JQ 211 J8   BOOK 1937
      The Wealth Of India BJL; HC 435.1 W2   BOOK 1925
Joshi Heather    
      Abidjan : Urban Development And Employment In The Ivory Coast BJL; HD 5841.8 A7 J8   BOOK 1976
      The Changing Population Of Britain. BJL; HB 3583 J8   BOOK 1989
      Children Of The 21st Century : From Birth To Nine Months BJL  BOOK 2005
      Children Of The 21st Century. The First Five Years BJL; HQ774   BOOK 2010
4 additional entries    
Joshi L A : The control of industry in India : a study in aspects of combination and concentration.     
      The Control Of Industry In India : A Study In Aspects Of Combination And Concentration. BJL; HD 3616 I32 J8   BOOK 1965
Joshi L D : The Khasa family law in the Himalayan districts of the United Provinces, India.     
      The Khasa Family Law In The Himalayan Districts Of The United Provinces, India. BJL; KQ 203 J8   BOOK 1929
Joshi M S : Financial intermediates in India.     
      Financial Intermediates In India. BJL; HG 187 I6 J8   BOOK 1965
Joshi M S Mark Suresh 1969 : The concepts and practice of mathematical finance / M.S. Joshi.     
      The Concepts And Practice Of Mathematical Finance BJL; HG 6024 A3 J8   BOOK 2008
Joshi Madhusudan : The Philippines : housing finance / M. Joshi, chief of mission.     
      The Philippines : Housing Finance South East Asian Collection; HD 7370.2 A4 I6   BOOK 1982
Joshi Navin Chandra : Cottage and small scale industries in India : a study.     
      Cottage And Small Scale Industries In India : A Study. BJL; HD 2346 I32 J8   BOOK 1956
Joshi Pooja Laxmikant : Effects of resistin on platelet function and its receptor, adenylyl cyclase associated protein 1 / Pooja Laxmikant Joshi.     
      Effects Of Resistin On Platelet Function And Its Receptor, Adenylyl Cyclase Associated Protein 1 Online materials  ETHESIS 2017
Joshi Puran Chandra    
      Among Kisan Patriots : A Review Of The Bezwada Session Of The All-India Kisan Sabha. BJL; HX 401.5 J8   BOOK 1944
      Communist Reply To Congress Working Committee Charges. BJL; HX 400 J8   BOOK 1945
      Congress And Communists. BJL; HX 402 J8   BOOK 1944
      A Free Happy India : Election Policy Of Indian Communists. BJL; JQ 298 C7 J8   BOOK 194-
10 additional entries    
Joshi R M : Indian export trade : a critical analysis.     
      Indian Export Trade : A Critical Analysis. BJL; HF 1416.6 I3 J8   BOOK 1922
Joshi R Malatesha    
      Becoming A Professional Reading Teacher BJL; LB 2844.1 R4 A1   BOOK c2008
      Handbook Of Orthography And Literacy BJL; P 118 H2   BOOK c2006
      Reading Problems : Consultation And Remediation BJL; BF 456 R2 A1   BOOK 1993
Joshi Raman Lal : Principles and practice of marketing in India / by C.B. Mamoria and R. L. Joshi.     
      Principles And Practice Of Marketing In India BJL; HD 9016 M2   BOOK 1962
Joshi Richa : A complexity perspective on mergers, acquisitions, and international joint ventures.     
      A Complexity Perspective On Mergers, Acquisitions, And International Joint Ventures. BJL; T/H 2015 Ph.D J8   THESIS 2015
Joshi S B : The Bombay Engineering Congress : Silver Jubilee 1914-1939 / edited P.E. Golvala and S.B. Joshi.     
      The Bombay Engineering Congress : Silver Jubilee 1914-1939 BJL; TA 104 B6 B6   BOOK 1939?
Joshi S D : Panini as a variationist; edited by S.D.Joshi.     
      Panini As A Variationist; Edited By S.D.Joshi. BJL; PK 519 K5   BOOK 1979
Joshi S T 1958    
      The Call Of Cthulhu And Other Weird Stories / Edited With An Introduction And Notes By S.T. Joshi. BJL; PS 3523 O833 A2   BOOK 2011
      Ramsey Campbell, Probably BJL; PR 6053 A4855 A2   BOOK 2015
      The Weird Tale : Arthur Machen, Lord Dunsany, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, Ambrose Bierce, H.P. L BJL; PR 830 T3 J8   BOOK 2003
Joshi Seema : The service sector : an exploration of the Indian experience / Seema Joshi.     
      The Service Sector : An Exploration Of The Indian Experience Online materials; HD9987.I42 J67 2014   EBOOKS 2014
Joshi Shashank : The permanent crisis : Iran's nuclear trajectory / Shashank Joshi.     
      The Permanent Crisis : Iran's Nuclear Trajectory BJL; JA 29 W59(79)   BOOK 2012
Joshi Shree K : The development of Tambon Na Mai, Pathum Thani province / edited by Hiran D. Dias with the assistance of Shree K. Joshi and Soparth Pongquan.     
      The Development Of Tambon Na Mai, Pathum Thani Province South East Asian Collection; q HT 395 T32 P2   BOOK 1982
Joshi T M : Studies in the taxation of agricultural land and income in India / T.M. Joshi, N. Anjanaiah, S.V. Bhende.     
      Studies In The Taxation Of Agricultural Land And Income In India BJL; HD 1295 I3 J8   BOOK 1968
Joshi V C : Rammohun Roy and the process of modernization in India / contributions by R.K. Ray ... [et al.]; edited by V.C. Joshi.     
      Rammohun Roy And The Process Of Modernization In India BJL; BL 1265 R3 R1   BOOK 1975
Joshi Vandana : Gender and power in the Third Reich : female denouncers and the Gestapo (1933-45).     
      Gender And Power In The Third Reich : Female Denouncers And The Gestapo (1933-45). BJL; DD 256.5 J8   BOOK 2003
Joshi Vijay    
      India : Macroeconomics And Political Economy 1964-1991 BJL; HC 435.2 J8   BOOK 1994
      India, The Future Of Economic Reform BJL; HC 435.2 I3   BOOK 1995
      India's Economic Reforms, 1991-2001 BJL; HC 435.2 J8   BOOK 1996
Joshi Y D : Concept of consumer price index and dearness allowance.     
      Concept Of Consumer Price Index And Dearness Allowance. BJL; HD 4928 C7 J8   BOOK 1973
Joshil Arun : The strange case of Billy Biswas.     
      The Strange Case Of Billy Biswas. BJL; PR 9499.3 J6 S8   BOOK 1971
Joshua Essaka : Pygmalion and Galatea : the history of a narrative in English literature.     
      Pygmalion And Galatea : The History Of A Narrative In English Literature. BJL; PR 153 P86 J8   BOOK 2001
Joshua Julian : Regulating cartels in Europe : a study of legal control of corporate delinquency / Christopher Harding and Julian Joshua.     
      Regulating Cartels In Europe : A Study Of Legal Control Of Corporate Delinquency BJL; KJC 6471 H2   BOOK 2003
Joshua Origen : Homelies sur Josue / texte latin,introduction,traduction et notes de Annie Jaubert.     
      Homelies Sur Josue BJL; BR 60 S7 (71)   BOOK 1960
Joshua Rosemary    
      Esther BJL; C/D 1833   CD AUDIO p2007
      Orlando BJL; C/D 1812   CD AUDIO p1996
      Partenope BJL; C/D 2480   CD AUDIO p2005
Josiah Lake David : Cohabitants and the law / with contributions from David Josiah-Lake.     
      Cohabitants And The Law BJL; K 699 B2   BOOK 2002
Josiah Macy Jr Foundation    
      Communication Or Conflict : Conferences : Their Nature, Dynamics, And Planning BJL; AS 6 C7   BOOK 1960
      Medical History And Medical Care : A Symposium Of Perspectives BJL; R 149 N9   BOOK 1971
      Nerve Impulse. BJL; QP 331 N45   BOOK 1951
      Problems Of Consciousness : Transactions Of The 2nd - 5th Conferences BJL; BF 311 C7   BOOK 1951
Josipovici Albert : Le livre de Goha le Simple / ed by A. Ades et A. Josipovici.     
      Le Livre De Goha Le Simple BJL; PQ 2601 D44 L7   BOOK 1969
Josipovici Gabriel 1940    
      The Lessons Of Modernism And Other Essays. BJL; PN 605 M6 J8   BOOK 1977
      The Modern English Novel : The Reader, The Writer And The Work. BJL; PR 884 M6   BOOK 1976
      The Modern English Novel : The Reader, The Writer And The Work. BJL  BOOK 1976
      What Ever Happened To Modernism? BJL; PN 56 M54 J8   BOOK c2010
2 additional entries    
Joske Alex : Silent invasion : China's influence in Australia / Clive Hamilton with research by Alex Joske.     
      Silent Invasion : China's Influence In Australia Online materials; DS740.5.A9 .H365 2018   EBOOKS 2018
Joske Percy Ernest    
      Family Law. BJL; KS 203 J8   BOOK 1976
      Law Of Marriage And Divorce. BJL; KS 200 J8   BOOK 1961
      Matrimonial Causes And Marriage Law And Practice Of Australia And New Zealand. BJL; KS 200 J8   BOOK 1969
Joske W D : Material objects.     
      Material Objects. BJL; BD 181 J8   BOOK 1967
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