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001    HULL-LLC-3695 
007    v         
008                                 000   fre   
050 04 FREV 633 
100 1  Kassovitz, Mathieu 
245 10 La Haine|cMathieu Kassovitz 
260    |bLe Studio Canal+|c1995 
300    1hr 53min 
520    1995 black and white film without subtitles. Winner of the
       Best Director's Prize at Cannes. A bruising portrait of 
       disaffected youth, which caused a scandal on its release. 
       Presenting the housing schemes on the outskirts of Paris 
       as hotbeds of racial hatred and social unrest, the film 
       follows three lads from different ethnic backgrounds and 
       explores how they spend their endless spare time and their
       response to a case of police brutality. Both funny and 
       hard-hitting. For version with English subtitles see FREV 
       611. Includes 2 "shorts" Fierrot Le Pou and Cauchemar 
       Blanc. Voice: Cassel, V / Kound鬠H / et al. Format: videos
       and DVDs. 
650 04 Feature film or programme about cinema/films 
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