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Mark   Media Year
Kennedy William 1928    
      Billy Phelan's Greatest Game. BJL; PS 3561 E428 B5   BOOK 1983
      The Cotton Club BJL; PN 1997 C851   DVD 2003
      Ironweed. BJL; PS 3561 E428 I7   BOOK 1986
      Legs. BJL; PS 3561 E428 L5   BOOK 1978
Kennedy William J William John 1942 : Authorizing Petrarch / William J. Kennedy.     
      Authorizing Petrarch BJL; PQ 4535 K3   BOOK 1994
Kennedy William James    
      The Ammonidea Of The Plenus Marls And The Middle Chalk BJL; q QE 701 P15 W9   BOOK 1981
      Aspects Of Ammonite Biology, Biuogeography, And Biostratigraphy BJL; QE 701 P14 S7 (17)   BOOK 1976
      Cenomanian Ammonites From Southern England. BJL; QE 701 P14 S7 (8)   BOOK 1971
Kennedy William John    
      Jacopo Sannazaro And The Uses Of Pastoral. BJL; PQ 4633 Z8 K3   BOOK 1983
      Rhetorical Norms In Renaissance Literature. BJL; PN 721 K3   BOOK 1978
Kennedy William Paca : Industrial structure, capital markets and the origins of British economic decline.     
      Industrial Structure, Capital Markets And The Origins Of British Economic Decline. BJL; HC 255 K3   BOOK 1987
Kennedy William Pace : Economic growth and structural change in the U.K.,1870-1914.     
      Economic Growth And Structural Change In The U.K.,1870-1914. BJL; q HB 1 E78 D6(112)   BOOK 1978
Kennedy William Paul Mcclure    
      The Constitution Of Canada. BJL; KU 110 K3   BOOK  
      The Law Of The Taxing Power In Canada BJL; K 10 T6 L4 (1)   BOOK  
      The Right To Trade. BJL; K 10 T6 L4 (2)   BOOK  
      Social And Economic Conditions In The Dominion Of Canada. BJL; HC 111 K3   BOOK 1923
      Statutes, Treaties And Documents Of The Canadian Constitution, 1713-1929. BJL; JL 11 K3   BOOK 1930
Kennedy William Quarrier    
      African Magmatism And Tectonics BJL; QE 143 C6   BOOK 1970
      Catalogue Of The Active Volcanoes Of The World. BJL; QE 522 K3   BOOK  
Kennedy William Rann : The law of salvage.     
      The Law Of Salvage. BJL; KD 263 R7   BOOK 2002
Kennedy William Robert Sir 1838 1916 : Hurrah for the life of a sailor! : fifty years in the Royal Navy.     
      Hurrah For The Life Of A Sailor! : Fifty Years In The Royal Navy. Departmental Locations; DA 88.1 K28   BOOK 1900
Kennedy William Waugh Mcclure : Archbishop Parker.     
      Archbishop Parker. BJL; BX 5199 P3 K3   BOOK 1908
Kennedy X J 1929    
      Breaking And Entering : Poems. BJL; PS 3521 E563 B8   BOOK 1971
      An Introduction To Poetry. BJL; PN 1111 K3   BOOK 1978
      An Introduction To Poetry BJL; PN 1111 R3   BOOK c1998
      An Introduction To Poetry. BJL  BOOK 1994
2 additional entries    
Kenneford S M : Field performance of flexible silos in the tropics / E.T. O'Dowd, S.M. Kenneford.     
      Field Performance Of Flexible Silos In The Tropics BJL; q SB 190 O2   BOOK 1983
Kennel Club : Canine genetics and epidemiology [electronic resource].     
      Canine Genetics And Epidemiology Online materials; SF427.2   EJOURNALS 2019
Kennel Gunter : Frühchristliche Hymnen? : gattungskritische Studien zur Frage nach den Liedern der frühen Christenheit.     
      Frühchristliche Hymnen? : Gattungskritische Studien Zur Frage Nach Den Liedern Der Frühen Christen BJL; BS 413 W81(71)   BOOK 1995
Kennell John H : Maternal-infant bonding : the impact of early separation or loss on family development.     
      Maternal-Infant Bonding : The Impact Of Early Separation Or Loss On Family Development. BJL; RJ 251 K6   BOOK 1976
Kennell John L : Parent-infant bonding.     
      Parent-Infant Bonding. BJL; RJ 251 K6   BOOK 1982
Kennell Nigel M    
      Spartans : A New History Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      Spartans : A New History BJL; DF261.S8 K45 2010   BOOK 2010
Kennelly Brendan    
      Blood Wedding : (Bodas De Sangre). BJL  BOOK 1996
      Euripides' "The Trojan Women" : A New Version. BJL; PR 6061 E85 E87   BOOK 1993
      New And Selected Poems. BJL; PR 6061 E85 A2   BOOK 1976
      The Penguin Book Of Irish Verse. BJL; PR 8851 K3   BOOK 1970
3 additional entries    
Kennelly John J : Brief in support of verdict for two million dollars and judgement against the Boeing company, T. Hollerich, plaintiff.     
      Brief In Support Of Verdict For Two Million Dollars And Judgement Against The Boeing Company, T. Hol BJL; KT 248 H7   BOOK 1964
Kennelly Karen : American Catholic women : a historical exploration / Karen Kennelly, editor.     
      American Catholic Women : A Historical Exploration BJL; BX 1407 W65 A5   BOOK 1989
Kennelly Peter J : Harper's illustrated biochemistry.     
      Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry. BJL; QP514 .R4   BOOK 2018
Kenner Carole    
      Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care. BJL; q RJ 253 C7   BOOK c2014
      Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care Online materials  EBOOKS 2019
Kenner Charmain : Home Pages : literacy links for bilingual children.     
      Home Pages : Literacy Links For Bilingual Children. BJL  BOOK 2000
Kenner Charmian 1954 : Becoming biliterate : young people learning different writing systems / Charmian Kenner.     
      Becoming Biliterate : Young People Learning Different Writing Systems BJL  BOOK c2004
Kenner Hugh    
      Dublin's Joyce. BJL; PR 6019 O9 Z65   BOOK 1956
      Dublin's Joyce. BJL; PR 6019 O9 Z65   BOOK 1955
      The Stoic Comedians : Flaubert, Joyce, And Beckett BJL; PN 710 K3   BOOK 1974
      A Homemade World : The American Modermist Writers. BJL; PS 221 K3   BOOK 1975
19 additional entries    
Kenner Jeff : Economic and social rights under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights : a legal perspective / edited by Tamara Hervey and Jeff Kenner.     
      Economic And Social Rights Under The EU Charter Of Fundamental Rights : A Legal Perspective BJL; KJE 6415 E1   BOOK 2003
Kenner Martin : Fidel Castro speaks.     
      Fidel Castro Speaks. BJL; F 1788 C3   BOOK 1972
Kenner Robert : The road to Memphis [videorecording] : a musical journey : a film by Richard Pearce & Robert Kenner / directed by Charles Burnett...[et al].     
      The Road To Memphis A Musical Journey : A Film By Richard Pearce & Robert Kenner BJL  DVD 2003
Kennerley Alston    
      The Making Of The University Of Plymouth. Departmental Locations; LD 745 K3   BOOK 2000
      Ratings For The Mercantile Marine : The Roles Of Charities, The State And Industry In The Pre-Servic Departmental Locations; p VK 531 K3   BOOK  
Kennerley Helen    
      Cognitive Behavioural Approaches To The Understanding And Treatment Of Dissociation. Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      An Introduction To Cognitive Behaviour Therapy : Skills And Applications BJL; RC 489 C63 W5   BOOK 2007
      An Introduction To Cognitive Behaviour Therapy : Skills And Applications BJL; RC 489 C63 W5   BOOK 2011
      An Introduction To Cognitive Behaviour Therapy : Skills And Applications BJL; RC 489 C63 W5   BOOK 2017
2 additional entries    
Kenneson Claude : Bibliography of cello ensemble music.     
      Bibliography Of Cello Ensemble Music. BJL; ML 113 D48(31)   BOOK 1974
Kennet And Avon Canal Association : The Kennet and Avon canal redevelopment scheme 1961.     
      The Kennet And Avon Canal Redevelopment Scheme 1961. BJL; HE 437 K3 K3   BOOK 1961
Kennet B : Brief exposition of the Apostles Creed.     
      Brief Exposition Of The Apostles Creed. BJL; BT 992 K3   BOOK  
Kennet Basil    
      The Lives And Characters Of The Ancient Grecian Poets; With Their Heads Curiously Engraven On Copper BJL; PA 3051 K3   BOOK 1735
      Romae Antiquae Notitia. BJL; DG 62.5 K3   BOOK 1763
      Romx Antiqux Notita. BJL; s DG 63 K3   BOOK 1696
Kennet David : The determinants of European direct investment in the United States, 1961-1987.     
      The Determinants Of European Direct Investment In The United States, 1961-1987. BJL; q HB 1 U54 D61   BOOK 1989
Kennet James P : Marine geology.     
      Marine Geology. BJL  BOOK 1982
  Kennet Wayland Hilton Young Baron 1923 -- See Young, Wayland, 1923-
Kenneth C Beck Center For The Cultural Arts : American realism and the industrial age : catalogue of an exhibition.     
      American Realism And The Industrial Age : Catalogue Of An Exhibition. BJL; N 7320 C6   BOOK 1980
Kenneth Martin : Kenneth Martin.     
      Kenneth Martin. BJL; ND 225 M38 K3   BOOK 1975
Kenneth Miss    
      Brother & Sister ; The Irish Tutor, Or, New Lights Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1823/02/24)   PLAYBILL 1823
      Cherry & Fair Star, Or, The Children Of Cyprus ; Past Ten O'clock, And A Rainy Night. Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1823/02/13)   PLAYBILL 1823
      Cherry & Fair Star, Or, The Children Of Cyprus ; Rosina Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1823/02/14)   PLAYBILL 1823
      The Lie Of A Day ; Cherry & Fair Star, Or, The Children Of Cyprus ; Rosina. Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1823/02/27)   PLAYBILL 1823
2 additional entries    
Kenneth Robert Hatch : The Church of Israel : studies and essays / edited with and introduction by S.A. Cook.     
      The Church Of Israel : Studies And Essays BJL; BS 1192 K3   BOOK 1933
Kenneth Spencer Research Library : Herbals and closely related medico-botanical works, 1472-1753, in the Department of Special Collections, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, and the History of Medicine Collection, Clendening Medical Library.     
      Herbals And Closely Related Medico-Botanical Works, 1472-1753, In The Department Of Special Collecti BJL; QK 99 H6   BOOK 1985
Kenneth W : The case of inpropriatins.     
      The Case Of Inpropriatins. BJL; BV 646 K3   BOOK  
Kennett Annette M    
      Archives And Records Of The City Of Chester : A Guide To The Collections In The Chester City Record BJL; DA 690 C5 C5   BOOK 1985
      Chester Schools : A Guide To The School Archives, With A Brief History Of Education In The City From BJL; J5YlrN8   BOOK 1973
Kennett Austin : Bedowin justice : law and custom among the Egyptian Bedowin.     
      Bedowin Justice : Law And Custom Among The Egyptian Bedowin. BJL; GN 648 K3   BOOK 1968
Kennett Basil 1674 1715    
      The Lives And Characters Of The Ancient Grecian Poets : Dedicated To His Highness The Duke Of Gloces Online materials  EBOOKS 1697
      Romæ Antiquæ Notitia, Or, The Antiquities Of Rome : In Two Parts ... : An Account Of The Religion, Online materials  EBOOKS 1696
      Romæ Antiquæ Notitia: Or, The Antiquities Of Rome : In Two Parts. I. A Short History Of The Rise, Online materials  EBOOKS 1699
Kennett David H : Anglo-Saxon pottery / David H. Kennett.     
      Anglo-Saxon Pottery BJL; NK 3850 K3   BOOK 1989
Kennett Lee B    
      The First Air War, 1914-1918 BJL; D600 .K46 1991   BOOK 1991
      The First Air War, 1914-1918 Online materials  EBOOKS 1999
      The French Armies In The Seven Years' War. BJL; UA 702 K3   BOOK 1986
      The Russian Campaign, 1812 BJL; DC 235 F4   BOOK 2009
Kennett P    
      Aspects Of Geology. BJL  BOOK 1984
      Fossils And Time. BJL  BOOK 1983
      Igneous Petrology. BJL  BOOK 1983
      Metamorphism. BJL  BOOK 1983
      Palaeoecology. BJL  BOOK 1983
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