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Kettell Russell Hawes : Early American rooms : a consideration of the changes in style between the arrival of the Mayflower and the Civil War in the regions originally settled by the English and the Dutch.     
      Early American Rooms : A Consideration Of The Changes In Style Between The Arrival Of The Mayflower BJL; q NK 2058 E1   BOOK 1967
Kettell Steven 1973    
      Dirty Politics? New Labour, British Democracy And The Invasion Of Iraq Online materials  EBOOKS 2006
      Dirty Politics? : New Labour, British Democracy And The Invasion Of Iraq BJL; JK 1129 L1 K4   BOOK 2006
Kettemann Bernhard    
      Current Issues In European Second Language Acquisition Research BJL; P 118.2 C9   BOOK 1993
      Eurospeak : Der Einfluss Des Englischen Auf Europäische Sprachen Zur Jahrtausendwende BJL; PE 1073 E8   BOOK 2002
Kettemann Matthias C : Freedom of expression and the Internet / by Wolfgang Benedek and Matthias C Kettemann.     
      Freedom Of Expression And The Internet BJL; K 3253 B4   BOOK c2013
Kettenacker Lothar    
      The Fascist Challenge And The Policy Of Appeasement BJL; D 727 F2   BOOK 1983
      Der Führerstaat : Mythos Und Realitat : Studien Zur Struktur Und Politik Der Dritten Reiches BJL; DD 256.5 F9   BOOK 1981
      Germany 1989 : In The Aftermath Of The Cold War Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      Germany Since 1945. BJL; DD 257.4 K4   BOOK 1997
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Kettenmann Andrea    
      Diego Rivera 1886-1957 : A Revolutionary Spirit In Modern Art. BJL  BOOK 1997
      Frida Kahlo 1907-1954 : Pain And Passion. BJL  BOOK 1993
Ketter Eran : Media strategies for marketing places in crisis : improving the image of cities, countries and tourist destinations / Eli Avraham and Eran Ketter.     
      Media Strategies For Marketing Places In Crisis : Improving The Image Of Cities, Countries And Touri BJL; q G 155 A1 A9   BOOK 2008
Ketterer David    
      Frankenstein's Creation : The Book, The Monster, And Human Reality. BJL; PR 5398 K4   BOOK 1979
      Imprisoned In A Tesseract : The Life And Work Of James Blish. BJL; PS 3503 L64 Z65   BOOK 1987
      New Worlds For Old : The Apocalyptic Imagination, Science Fiction And American Literature. BJL; PS 374 S35 K4   BOOK 1974
      Science Fiction. BJL; A/T 765   CASSETTE 1981
      Science Fiction. BJL; A/T 765   CASSETTE 1981
Ketteridge Steve    
      The Effective Academic : A Handbook For Enhanced Academic Practice BJL; LB 2341.8 G7 K4   BOOK 2002
      A Handbook For Teaching And Learning In Higher Education : Enhancing Academic Practice BJL; LB 2331 F9   BOOK 1999
      A Handbook For Teaching And Learning In Higher Education : Enhancing Academic Practice BJL; LB 2331 H2   BOOK c2009
      A Handbook For Teaching And Learning In Higher Education Enhancing Academic Practice Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
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Ketterij C Van De    
      Grammaticale Interpretatie Van Zeventiende-Eeuwse Teksten BJL; PT 5450 G7   BOOK 1976
      Grammaticale Interpretatie Van Zeventiende-Eeuwse Teksten. BJL; PT 5450 G7   BOOK 1976
      Middelnederlandse Teksten Ter Grammaticale Interpretatie BJL; PT 5420 M6   BOOK 1976
      Middelnederlandse Teksten Ter Grammaticale Interpretatie BJL; PT 5420 M6   BOOK 1976
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Kettering Alison Mcneil : The Dutch Arcadia : pastoral art and its audience in the Golden Age.     
      The Dutch Arcadia : Pastoral Art And Its Audience In The Golden Age. BJL; q N 6828.4 K4   BOOK 1983
Kettering Sharon 1942    
      French Society, 1589 To 1715. BJL; DC 121.7 K4   BOOK 2001
      Judicial Politics And Urban Revolt In Seventeenth-Century France : The Parlement Of Aix,1629-1659. BJL; DC 801 A325 K4   BOOK 1978
      Patrons, Brokers, And Clients In Seventeenth-Century France. BJL; JK 2341 K4   BOOK 1986
Ketterl Hermann : Computer simulations of non local effects on the scaling properties of surfaces.     
      Computer Simulations Of Non Local Effects On The Scaling Properties Of Surfaces. BJL; T/H 1997 M.Sc. K4   THESIS 1997
Ketterson J B John Boyd    
      The Physics Of Liquid And Solid Helium BJL; QC 145.45 H4 P5   BOOK 1978
      Superconductivity BJL; QC 611.95 K4   BOOK 1999
Kettilby Walter 1717 : Books printed for Walter Kettilby, at the Bishop's-Head in St. Paul's church-yard.     
      Books Printed For Walter Kettilby, At The Bishop's-Head In St. Paul's Church-Yard. Online materials  EBOOKS 1688?
Ketting Evert : Van misdrijf tot hulpverlening : een analyse van de maatschappelijke betekenis van abortus provocatus in Nederland ...     
      Van Misdrijf Tot Hulpverlening : Een Analyse Van De Maatschappelijke Betekenis Van Abortus Provocatu BJL; HQ 767.5 H7 K4   BOOK 1978
Kettinger William J    
      Information Orientation : The Link To Business Performance BJL; HD 30.3 M3   BOOK 2000
      Making The Invisible Visible : How Companies Win With The Right Information, People And IT BJL; HD 30.2 M3   BOOK 2001
Kettl Donald F    
      The Global Public Management Revolution. BJL; JF 1351 K4   BOOK c2005
      On Risk And Disaster Lessons From Hurricane Katrina Online materials  EBOOKS c2006
      The Politics Of The Administrative Process BJL; JN 421 K4   BOOK c2012
      The Regulation Of American Federalism. BJL; HN 90 C7 K4   BOOK 1983
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Kettle Ann J    
      A List Of Families In The Archdeaconry Of Stafford 1532-3 BJL; DA 670 S6 S77   BOOK 1976
      War, Government And Aristocracy In The British Isles, C.1150-1500 : Essays In Honour Of Michael Pres BJL; HT 653 G7 W2   BOOK 2008
      War, Government And Aristocracy In The British Isles, C.1150-1500 : Essays In Honour Of Michael Pres Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
Kettle Arnold    
      Communism And The Intellectuals. BJL; HX 626 K4   BOOK 1965
      E.M.Forster / A.Kettle And R.Hoggart. BJL; A/T 668   CASSETTE 1975
      E.M.Forster / A.Kettle And R.Hoggart. BJL; A/T 668   CASSETTE 1975
      Flaubert's Sentimental Education. BJL; q PQ 2248 E2 Z65   BOOK 1976
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Kettle Chris : Perineal tears / Chris Kettle.     
      Perineal Tears BJL; q RG 713 K4   BOOK c1999
Kettle Jane : Planning with children for better communities : the challenge to professionals / Claire Freeman, Paul Henderson, and Jane Kettle.     
      Planning With Children For Better Communities : The Challenge To Professionals BJL; HV 751 A6 F8   BOOK 1999
Kettle K B : La princesse de Cleves / ed. by K.B. Kettle.     
      La Princesse De Cleves BJL; PQ 1805 L5 P9   BOOK 1967
Kettle Luz : Sueños world Spanish 1 / Mike González, Luz Kettle, María Elena Placencia.     
      Sueños World Spanish 1 BJL; PC 4112 G6   BOOK 2003
Kettle M R : Southern African studies : report of a Symposium / ed by M.R.Kettle and R.P.Moss.     
      Southern African Studies : Report Of A Symposium BJL; DT 1 A26 B9   BOOK 1970
Kettle Martin    
      Incitement To Disaffection. BJL; KC 560 I3 Y7   BOOK 1976
      The Single Currency : Should Britain Join? : A "Guardian" Debate BJL; HG 925 S6   BOOK 1997
      Uprising! : The Police, The People And The Riots In Britain's Cities. BJL; HV 6485 G7 K4   BOOK 1982
Kettle Michael    
      The Allies And The Russian Collapse, March 1917-March 1918. BJL; D 651 R8 K4   BOOK 1981
      Churchill And The Archangel Fiasco : November 1918-July 1919. BJL; DK 265.42 G7 K4   BOOK 1992
      De Gaulle And Algeria, 1940-1960 : From Mers El-Kebir To The Algiers Barracades. BJL; DT 295 K4   BOOK 1993
      The Road To Intervention : March-November 1918. BJL; D 621 R8 K4   BOOK 1988
Kettle Peter 1941 : African tales / retold by Saviour Pirotta; illustrated by Peter Kettle.     
      African Tales Education Resources; q GR 350 P6   BOOK 1998
Kettle Phillip G : A geography of urban places : selected readings / edited by R.G. Putnam, F.J. Taylor, P.G. Kettle.     
      A Geography Of Urban Places : Selected Readings BJL; HT 111 P9   BOOK 1970
Kettle Sidney F A : Symmetry and structure : readable group theory for chemists.     
      Symmetry And Structure : Readable Group Theory For Chemists. BJL; QD 471 K4   BOOK 1995
Kettle Sidney Francis Alan    
      The Chemical Bond. BJL; QD 461 M9   BOOK 1978
      Coordination Compounds. BJL; QD 474 K4   BOOK 1969
      Physical Inorganic Chemistry : A Coordination Chemistry Approach. BJL; QD 475 K4   BOOK 1996
      Symmetry And Structure. BJL; QD 461 K4   BOOK 1985
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Kettle St John : The new Australian militarism : undermining our future security / edited by G. Cheeseman, St. John Kettle.     
      The New Australian Militarism : Undermining Our Future Security BJL; UA 870 N5   BOOK 1990
Kettle Sydney Francis Alan : The chemical bond.     
      The Chemical Bond. BJL; QD 461 M9   BOOK 1985
Kettle William Richardson : The pilot's guide for the River Thames and the Strait of Dover : with numerous charts and plans / J.C. Imray and W.R. Kettle.     
      The Pilot's Guide For The River Thames And The Strait Of Dover : With Numerous Charts And Plans Departmental Locations; VK 839 I3   BOOK 1908
Kettler David    
      Karl Mannheim. BJL; BD 175 M2 K4   BOOK 1984
      The Social And Political Thought Of Adam Ferguson. BJL; B 1418   BOOK 1965
      Structures Of Thinking BJL; HM 621 M2   BOOK 1982
Kettler Hans Kuhnert : Baroque tradition in the literature of the German Enlightenment 1700-1750.     
      Baroque Tradition In The Literature Of The German Enlightenment 1700-1750. BJL; PT 285 K4   BOOK 1943
Kettler Wilfried : Das jungste Gericht : philologische Studien zu den Eschatologie-Vorstellungen in den alt- und frühmittelhochdeutschen Denkmälern.     
      Das Jungste Gericht : Philologische Studien Zu Den Eschatologie-Vorstellungen In Den Alt- Und Frühm BJL; PT 179 K4   BOOK 1977
Kettles Alyson 1956    
      Forensic Nursing And Multidisciplinary Care Of The Mentally Disordered Offender BJL; RA 1155 F7   BOOK c2000
      Risk Assessment And Management In Mental Health Nursing Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      Therapeutic Interventions For Forensic Mental Health Nurses BJL; RA 1155 T3   BOOK 2002
Kettles Yard Gallery    
      Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis, William Staite Murray : Art And BJL; q ND 239 N5   BOOK 2013
      Starting At Zero : Black Mountain College, 1933-57 BJL  BOOK c2005
Kettles Yard Gallery Cambridge    
      Jeremy Moon : Paintings Of Drawings,1962-1973. BJL; q N 5051 A79 E9(273)   BOOK 1976
      A Way Of Life : Kettle's Yard. BJL; q N 1216.95 E2   BOOK 1984
Kettlewell Ben : Electronic music pioneers / by Ben Kettlewell.     
      Electronic Music Pioneers BJL; q ML 1380 K4   BOOK 2002
Kettlewell H B D : The experimental study of evolution.     
      The Experimental Study Of Evolution. BJL; EN/SG   CASSETTE 1973
Kettlewell H Bernard D    
      Charles Darwin And His World BJL; QH 31 D2 H9   BOOK 1965
      The Evolution Of Melanism : The Study Of A Recurring Necessity. BJL; QL 767 K4   BOOK 1973
Kettlewell John : The practical believer.     
      The Practical Believer. BJL; s BT 992 K4   BOOK 1688
Kettlewell John 1653 1695    
      Christianity, A Doctrine Of The Cross, Or, Passive Obedience, Under Any Pretended Invasion Of Legal Online materials  EBOOKS 1691
      Christianity, A Doctrine Of The Cross: Or, Passive Obedience, Under Any Pretended Invasion Of Legal Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
      A Companion For The Penitent, And For Persons Troubled In Mind : Consisting Of An Office For The Pen Online materials  EBOOKS 1694
      A Companion For The Penitent [And] Persecuted : Consisting Of Directions And Devotions For Persons T Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
30 additional entries    
Kettley Polly : Learning from cross-functional teamwork / P. Kettley, W. Hirsh.     
      Learning From Cross-Functional Teamwork BJL; HD 66 K4   BOOK c2000
Kettley Sarah Jane : Novel derivatives of sporopollenin for potential applications in solid phase organic synthesis and drug delivery.     
      Novel Derivatives Of Sporopollenin For Potential Applications In Solid Phase Organic Synthesis And D BJL; T/H 2001 Ph.D. K4   THESIS 2001
Kettmann George : Schrijver tussen daad en gedachte : leven en werken van George Kettmann Jr. (1898-1970), met een bibliografie.     
      Schrijver Tussen Daad En Gedachte : Leven En Werken Van George Kettmann Jr. (1898-1970), Met Een Bib BJL; PT 5848 K4 Z64   BOOK 1987
Kettmann Gerhard    
      Frühneuhochdeutsche Texte BJL; PT 1121 F9   BOOK 1971
      Die Kunsachsische Kanzleisprache Zwischen 1486 Und 1546 : Studien Zum Aufbau Und Zur Entwicklung. BJL; PF 5512 K4   BOOK 1969
Kettner G : Lessings Dramen.     
      Lessings Dramen. BJL; PT 2415 K4   BOOK 1904
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