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Knott David H : Alcohol problems : diagnosis and treatment.     
      Alcohol Problems : Diagnosis And Treatment. BJL; RC 565 K7   BOOK 1986
Knott Edward 1582 1656    
      Charity Mistaken, With The Want Whereof, Catholickes Are Vniustly Charged : For Affirming, As They D Online materials  EBOOKS 1630
      Christianity Maintained. Or A Discouery Of Sundry Doctrines Tending To The Ouerthrovve Of Christian Online materials  EBOOKS 1638
      Ravvleigh His Ghost. Or A Feigned Apparition Of Syr VValter Rawleigh : To A Friend Of His, For The T Online materials  EBOOKS 1631
      A Direction To Be Observed By N.N. If Hee Meane To Proceede In Answering The Booke Intituled Mercy A Online materials  EBOOKS 1636
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Knott Edward1582 1656    
      The Religion Of Protestants A Safe Vvay To Salvation. Or An Ansvver To A Booke Entitled Mercy And Tr Online materials  EBOOKS 1638
      The Religion Of Protestants A Safe Way To Salvation. Or An Ansvver To A Booke Entitled Mercy And Tru Online materials  EBOOKS 1638
Knott Eleanor : Early Irish literature / introduced by J. Carney.     
      Early Irish Literature BJL; PB 1321 K7   BOOK 1966
Knott Frederick    
      Dial M For Murder BJL; PN 1997 D5368   DVD 2004
      Dial M For Murder BJL; PN 1997 D5368   DVD 2009
Knott G H : Mr. John Burns, M.P.     
      Mr. John Burns, M.P. BJL; HX 36 B9 K7   BOOK 1901
Knott Geoffrey    
      Computer Studies For BTEC BJL; q QA 76 C7   BOOK 1993
      Financial Management. BJL; HG 4026 K7   BOOK 1991
Knott James E : Vegetable production in Southeast Asia.     
      Vegetable Production In Southeast Asia. South East Asian Collection; SB 323 K7   BOOK 1967
Knott Jan : Multicultural books for our children.     
      Multicultural Books For Our Children. BJL; ZEC K7   BOOK 1980
Knott John : Popular opposition to the 1834 Poor Law.     
      Popular Opposition To The 1834 Poor Law. BJL; HV 245 K7   BOOK 1986
Knott John R    
      Discourses Of Martyrdom In English Literature, 1563-1694. BJL; PR 438 C48 K7   BOOK 1993
      Milton's Pastoral Vision : An Approach To Paradise Lost. BJL; PR 3562 K7   BOOK 1971
      The Sword Of The The Spirit : Puritan Responses To The Bible. BJL; BX 9333 K7   BOOK 1980
Knott John Russell : Event-related slow potentials of the brain : their relations to behavior.     
      Event-Related Slow Potentials Of The Brain : Their Relations To Behavior. BJL; QP 351 E37 S9(33)   BOOK 1973
Knott Kenneth : Jephtha. Vocal score     
      Jephtha : Oratorio In Three Acts, HWV 70 BJL; q M 2000 H42 J5   PRINTED MUSIC c2010
Knott Kim    
      Community Religions At The University Of Leeds. BJL; BL 60 K7   BOOK 1984
      Diasporas : Concepts, Intersections, Identities Departmental Locations; GF 50 D5   BOOK 2010
      Hinduism : A Very Short Introduction. BJL; BL 1202 K7   BOOK 1998
      Media Portrayals Of Religion And The Secular Sacred : Representation And Change BJL; BL 980 G7 K7   BOOK 2013
      The Role Of Religious Studies In Understanding The Ethnic Experience. BJL; DA 125 A1 K7   BOOK 1992
Knott M Martin : Latent variable models and factor analysis / D.J. Bartholomew and M. Knott.     
      Latent Variable Models And Factor Analysis BJL  BOOK c1999
Knott Olive : Hardy's Sturminster home.     
      Hardy's Sturminster Home. BJL; PR 4758 M75(46)   BOOK 1968
Knott Richard : The primary language book / Peter Dougill and Richard Knott.     
      The Primary Language Book BJL; LB 1576 D7   BOOK 1988
Knott Sarah 1972    
      Sensibility And The American Revolution Online materials; E209 .K58 2009   EBOOKS 2009
      Women, Gender And Enlightenment BJL; HQ 1150 W8   BOOK 2005
Knott Schroeder Ruth : Coach yourself through the autism spectrum / Ruth Knott Schroeder.     
      Coach Yourself Through The Autism Spectrum BJL; RJ 506 A9 K7   BOOK c2009
Knott Thomas Albert : Piers the Plowman : a critical edition of the A-version.     
      Piers The Plowman : A Critical Edition Of The A-Version. BJL; PR 2010 P3   BOOK 1952
Knottenbelt Derek C : Biofilms and veterinary medicine [electronic resource] / Steven L. Percival, Derek C. Knottenbelt, Christine A. Cochrane, editors.     
      Biofilms And Veterinary Medicine Online materials; SF780.3 .B56 2011   EBOOKS c2011
Knotter Ad : Economische transformatie en stedelijke arbeidsmarkt : Amsterdam in de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.     
      Economische Transformatie En Stedelijke Arbeidsmarkt : Amsterdam In De Tweede Helft Van De Negentien BJL; HC 328 A5 K7   BOOK 1991
Knotts Don : The ghost and Mr Chicken [videorecording] / directed by Alan Rafkin.     
      The Ghost And Mr Chicken BJL; PN 1997 G4272   DVD 2003
Knowelden J : Post neonatal mortality : a multicentre study undertaken by the Medical Care Research Unit, University of Sheffield / J. Knowelden, Jean Keeling, J.P. Nicholl.     
      Post Neonatal Mortality : A Multicentre Study Undertaken By The Medical Care Research Unit, Universi BJL; q RJ 60 G7 K7   BOOK 1985
Knowland Anthony Stephen    
      A Commentary On The Collected Plays Of W. B. Yeats BJL; PR 5902 Z6 J4   BOOK 1975
      Six Caroline Plays BJL; PR 1266 K7   BOOK 1962
Knowland William E : Energy in the developing world : the real energy crisis.     
      Energy In The Developing World : The Real Energy Crisis. BJL; HD 9558 D4 E5   BOOK 1980
Knowler Duncan : Economic valuation of wetlands : a guide for policy makers and planners / Edward B. Barbier, Mike Acreman and Duncan Knowler.     
      Economic Valuation Of Wetlands : A Guide For Policy Makers And Planners BJL  BOOK 1997
Knowler John T : The biochemistry of the nucleic acids.     
      The Biochemistry Of The Nucleic Acids. BJL; QP 620 A2   BOOK 1986
Knowler William    
      Letters And Dispatches. BJL; q DA 395 W4   BOOK  
      Letters And Dispatches. BJL; q DA 395 W4   BOOK  
      Law Relating To Compensation For Injuries To Workmen : Being An Exposition Of The Workmen's Compensa Online materials  EBOOKS 1907
      Law Relating To The Generation, Distribution And Use Of Electricity Including Electric Traction Online materials  EBOOKS 1811
      Strikes : A Study In Industrial Conflict With Special Reference To British Experience Between 1911 A Online materials  EBOOKS 1952
Knowles A    
      Practical Absorption Spectrometry. BJL; QC 459 P8   BOOK 1984
      Standards In Absorption Spectroscopy Departmental Locations; QD 96 A2 S7   BOOK 1981
Knowles A V Anthony Vere    
      Tolstoy : The Critical Heritage. BJL; PG 3410 T6   BOOK 1978
      Turgenev's Letters BJL; PG 3432 K7   BOOK 1983
Knowles Alison    
      Notations : A Collection Of Facsimile Music Manuscripts. BJL; ML 96 C1   BOOK 1969
      Performance Saga BJL  DVD c2011
Knowles And Foster : The history of Knowles & Foster 1828-1948.     
      The History Of Knowles & Foster 1828-1948. BJL; HF 496 K7 K7   BOOK 1948
Knowles Anne Kelly    
      Calvinists Incorporated : Welsh Immigrants On Ohio's Industrial Frontier. BJL; F 500 W4 K7   BOOK 1997
      Geographies Of The Holocaust Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
      Geographies Of The Holocaust BJL; D 804.348 G3   BOOK 2014
      Past Time, Past Place : GIS For History BJL; G 70.212 P2   BOOK c2002
      Placing History : How Maps, Spatial Data, And GIS Are Changing Historical Scholarship BJL; G 70.212 P6   BOOK 2008
Knowles Asa S : The international encyclopedia of higher education / edited by A.S.Knowles.     
      The International Encyclopedia Of Higher Education BJL; J1 I6   BOOK 1977
Knowles Bernard 1900 1975 : The Stewart Granger collection [videorecording].     
      The Stewart Granger Collection BJL; PN 1997 A1 G758   DVD 200-
Knowles Beyonce : Dreamgirls [videorecording] / directed by Bill Condon     
      Dreamgirls BJL; PN 1997 D7712   DVD c2006
Knowles C H    
      Simon De Montfort 1265-1965. BJL; D 1 H64 G3(60)   BOOK 1965
      Simon De Montfort 1265-1965. BJL; DA 228 M7 K7   BOOK 1965
      Simon De Montfort, 1265-1965. BJL; MVG K7   BOOK 1965
Knowles Caroline 1954    
      Bedlam On The Streets. BJL; RC 480.53 K7   BOOK 2000
      Picturing The Social Landscape Visual Methods And The Sociological Imagination Online materials  EBOOKS 2004
Knowles Catherine    
      Achievement For All : Raising Aspirations, Access And Achievement Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      Developing Professional Practice. 0-7 BJL; LB 1139.23 B6   BOOK 2009
Knowles Chantal : Collecting colonialism : material culture and colonial change / Chris Gosden and Chantal Knowles.     
      Collecting Colonialism : Material Culture And Colonial Change BJL; GN 671 N5 G6   BOOK 2001
Knowles Charles Matthew : A treatise on the law of master and servant.     
      A Treatise On The Law Of Master And Servant. BJL; KD 282 S6   BOOK 1931
Knowles Christine : Les enseignements de Theodore Paleologue.     
      Les Enseignements De Theodore Paleologue. BJL; JC 91 K7   BOOK 1983
Knowles Claire Elizabeth    
      Catherine Luby Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
      Charlotte Dixon Online materials  EBOOKS 2007
Knowles Clive H : Landscape history.     
      Landscape History. BJL; D 1 H64 G3(107)   BOOK c1983
Knowles David 1896 1974    
      Bare Ruined Choirs : The Dissolution Of The English Monasteries. BJL; BX 2592 K7   BOOK 1976
      Christian Monasticism. BJL; BX 2430 K7   BOOK 1969
      Christian Monasticism. BJL; BX 2430 K7   BOOK 1969
      Cistercians & Cluniacs : The Controversy Between St. Bernard And Peter The Venerable. BJL; p BX 3456 B5 K7   BOOK 1955
25 additional entries    
Knowles Dennis : Seven from Minister and seven.     
      Seven From Minister And Seven. BJL; PR 6061 N85 S4   BOOK 1968
Knowles Derek Allan : Changes in the educational administration for Bromley, Kent, 1870-1965.     
      Changes In The Educational Administration For Bromley, Kent, 1870-1965. BJL; T/H 1968 Dip.Ed. K7   THESIS 1968
Knowles Dorothy    
      Armand Gatti In The Theatre : Wild Duck Against The Wind. BJL; PQ 2667 A88 Z65   BOOK 1989
      French Drama Of The Inter-War Years, 1918-39. BJL; PN 2635 K7   BOOK 1967
      La Reaction Idealiste Au Theatre Depuis 1890. BJL; PQ 556 K7   BOOK 1934
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