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Lean Debra S : Barriers to learning [electronic resource] : the case for integrated mental health services in schools / Debra S. Lean and Vincent A. Colucci.     
      Barriers To Learning The Case For Integrated Mental Health Services In Schools Online materials  EBOOKS c2010
Lean E Tangye : The Napoleonists : a study in political disaffection, 1760-1960.     
      The Napoleonists : A Study In Political Disaffection, 1760-1960. BJL; DA 522 A1 L4   BOOK 1970
Lean Edward Tangye : The Napoleonists : a study in political disaffection 1760-1960.     
      The Napoleonists : A Study In Political Disaffection 1760-1960. BJL  BOOK 1970
Lean Enterprise Institute : Learning to see : value stream mapping to add value and eliminate muda / by Mike Rother and John Shook ; foreword by Jim Womack and Dan Jones.     
      Learning To See : Value Stream Mapping To Add Value And Eliminate Muda BJL; q TS 176 R8   BOOK c1998
Lean Eugenia 1968 : Public passions : the trial of Shi Jianqiao and the rise of popular sympathy in Republican China / Eugenia Lean.     
      Public Passions : The Trial Of Shi Jianqiao And The Rise Of Popular Sympathy In Republican China Online materials; DS777.15.S92   EBOOKS 2007
  Lean Florence Marryat Church 1837 1899 -- See Marryat, Florence, 1837-1899.
  Lean Francis Mrs 1837 1899 -- See Marryat, Florence, 1837-1899.
Lean Garth    
      Brave Men Choose. BJL; DA 531.2 L4   BOOK 1961
      Frank Buchman : A Life. BJL; BJ 10 M6 L4   BOOK 1985
      God's Politician : William Wilberforce's Struggle. Departmental Locations; HT 1029 W6 L4   BOOK 1980
      John Wesley, Anglican. BJL; BX 8495 W5 L4   BOOK 1964
Lean Geoffrey 1947    
      Atlas Of The Environment BJL; G 1038 E6 L4   MAP 1992
      Atlas Of The Environment BJL; q G 1038 E6 L4   BOOK 1990
      Britain One Of The Worst Polluters Says OECD. Departmental Locations; Photocopy Collection   JOURNAL ARTICLE  
Lean Martinedward : Sense-perception and matter : a critical analysis of C.D. Broads theory of perception.     
      Sense-Perception And Matter : A Critical Analysis Of C.D. Broads Theory Of Perception. BJL; B 1618 B86 Z6   BOOK 1953
Lean Michael E J : Fox and Cameron's food science, nutrition & health / Michael E. J. Lean.     
      Fox And Cameron's Food Science, Nutrition & Health Online materials  EBOOKS 2006
Lean Mike : ABC of obesity / edited by Naveed Sattar, Mike Lean.     
      ABC Of Obesity BJL; RC 628 A1   BOOK 2007
Lean Nathan Chapman : The Islamophobia industry : how the right manufactures fear of Muslims / Nathan Lean ; foreword by John L. Esposito.     
      The Islamophobia Industry : How The Right Manufactures Fear Of Muslims Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Lean Tangye : The revolution overseas.     
      The Revolution Overseas. BJL; PN 1991.15 B86 L9(1,v)   BOOK 1963
Lean V S : Collectanea.     
      Collectanea. BJL; PN 6403 L4   BOOK  
Lean William : Economics of land use planning.     
      Economics Of Land Use Planning. BJL; HT 170 L4   BOOK 1969
Leana Carrie R : Relational wealth : the advantages of stability in a changing economy / edited by Carrie R. Leana and Denise M. Rousseau.     
      Relational Wealth : The Advantages Of Stability In A Changing Economy BJL; HD 58.9 R3   BOOK 2000
Leander Per : Foreign exchange market behavior, expectations and chaos.     
      Foreign Exchange Market Behavior, Expectations And Chaos. BJL; HG 3821 L4   BOOK 1996
Leander Torsten 1951    
      Application No. 9248/81 : Torsten Leander Against Sweden : Report Of The Commission ... BJL; q KJC 5135 A6 R42(9248/81)   BOOK 1985
      Leander Case. BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E882(99)   BOOK 1994
      Leander Case (10/1985/96/144) : Judgment. BJL; q KN 4.5 J92(10/1985)   BOOK 1987
      Leander Case : Judgment Of 26 March 1987. BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E88(116)   BOOK 1987
Leandersson Lina 1995 : Låt den rätte komma in [videorecording] / directed by Tomas Alfredson.     
      Låt Den Rätte Komma In BJL; PN 1997 L3512   DVD 2009
Leandoer Katarina : From colonial expression to export commodity : English-Canadian literature in Canada and Sweden 1945-1999.     
      From Colonial Expression To Export Commodity : English-Canadian Literature In Canada And Sweden 1945 BJL; PE 1 S93(118)   BOOK 2002
Leandros Nicos    
      Conflict Over Craft And The Demise Of Trade Union Power In Greece : A Study Of The Impact Of Technol BJL; q HB 1 S15 S1(1991,9)   BOOK 1991
      New Technology And Changing Industrial Relations In Greece : The Case Of The National Newspaper Indu BJL; q HB 1 S15 S1(92,4)   BOOK 1992
      Technological Change And Industrial Restructuring In Greece : The Case Of The Printing And Publishin BJL; q HB 1 S15 S1(92,7)   BOOK 1992
Leanerd John Active 1679    
      The Counterfeits : A Comedy As It Is Acted At The Duke's Theatre. Online materials  EBOOKS 1679
      The Country Innocence, Or, The Chamber-Maid Turn'd Quaker : A Comedy : With Alterations And Amendmen Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
      The Jealous Husbands, A Comedy Vvith The Humours Of Sir John Twiford : And The Rambling Justice : Ac Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
      The Rambling Justice, Or, The Jealous Husbands : With The Humours Of Sir John Twiford : As It Is Act Online materials  EBOOKS 1678
3 additional entries    
Leaney Alfred Robert Clare    
      Biblical Criticism BJL; BS 511 D2   BOOK 1970
      A Commentary On The Gospel According To St. Luke. BJL; BS 2341 B6(3)   BOOK 1966
      A Commentary On The Gospel According To St.Luke. BJL; BS 2341 B6(3)   BOOK 1958
      The Epistles To Timothy, Titus And Philemon. BJL; BS 2735 L4   BOOK 1960
4 additional entries    
Leang Hap An : Catalogue des auteurs khmers et etrangers / edite sur l'initiative de leangu hap an.     
      Catalogue Des Auteurs Khmers Et Etrangers South East Asian Collection; Z 3230 D5   BOOK 1966
Leaning Paulette A : The Challenge of cerebral palsy : a short study of its implications for teachers and parents.     
      The Challenge Of Cerebral Palsy : A Short Study Of Its Implications For Teachers And Parents. BJL; JGKC L4   BOOK 1958
Leanza Umberto    
      The Continental Shelf And The Exclusive Economic Zone : Delimitation And Legal Regime = Le Plateau C BJL; JX 4143 C7   BOOK 1993
      Fifty Years Of International Case Law On Fisheries BJL; KZA 3891 F4   BOOK 1997
      Mediterranean Continental Shelf : Delimitations And Regimes : International And National Legal Sourc BJL; JX 4143 M4   BOOK 1988
      Mediterranean Continental Shelf : Delimitations And Regimes : International And National Legal Sourc BJL; JX 4143 M4   BOOK 1988
2 additional entries    
Leao Duarte Nunes De : Origem da lingua portuguesa.     
      Origem Da Lingua Portuguesa. BJL; PC 5045 L5   BOOK 1975
Leao Duarte Nunos De : Ortografia e Origem da lingua portuguesa / introducao, notas e leitura de M.L.C. Buescu.     
      Ortografia E Origem Da Lingua Portuguesa BJL; PC 5083 L4   BOOK 1983
Leap Nicky : The midwives tale : an oral history from handywoman to professional midwife.     
      The Midwives Tale : An Oral History From Handywoman To Professional Midwife. BJL; RG 950 L4   BOOK 1993
Leap Nicky 1948 : Supporting women for labour and birth : a thoughtful guide / Nicky Leap and Billie Hunter.     
      Supporting Women For Labour And Birth : A Thoughtful Guide BJL; RG651 .L4   BOOK 2016
Leap Terry L 1948 : Dishonest dollars : the dynamics of white-collar crime / Terry L. Leap.     
      Dishonest Dollars : The Dynamics Of White-Collar Crime BJL; HV 6769 L4   BOOK 2007
Leap William    
      Out In The Field : Reflections Of Lesbian And Gay Anthropologists BJL; GN 34.3 F53 O9   BOOK c1996
      Speaking In Queer Tongues : Globalization And Gay Language BJL; P 35 S7   BOOK c2004
Leaper Adrian    
      Choros 1-7 BJL; C/D 965   CD AUDIO 2003
      Concerto For Violin And Orchestra In D Minor, Op. 47 [Other Pieces By Svendesen Et Al.]. BJL; C/D 1586   CD AUDIO p1990
      Violin Concerto In B Minor, Op. 61 BJL; C/D 2386   CD AUDIO p1991
      Orchestral Highlights BJL  CD AUDIO 1995
Leaper D J David John    
      Handbook Of Postoperative Complications BJL; RD 98 L4   BOOK 2003
      Operative Surgery BJL; RD 32 O6   BOOK 2006
Leaper David : Operative Surgery.     
      Operative Surgery. Online materials; RD32 .O647 2006   EBOOKS 2006
Leaper R A B    
      Community Work. BJL; HV 245 L4   BOOK 1971
      Community Work : Common Ground Explored In An Experimental Course. BJL; HV 245 L4   BOOK 1968
Leaper Robert Anthony Bernard    
      The Determinants Of Social Policy : An Inaugural Lecture. BJL; HV 40 L4   BOOK 1972
      Health, Wealth And Housing BJL; HV 248 H4   BOOK 1980
Leaper Su : HACCP : a practical guide / editor: S. Leaper.     
      HACCP : A Practical Guide BJL; q TX 541 H4   BOOK 1997
Lear Dana : Sex and sexuality : risk and relationships in the age of AIDS.     
      Sex And Sexuality : Risk And Relationships In The Age Of AIDS. BJL; HQ 21 L4   BOOK 1997
Lear Edward 1812 1888    
      The Akond Of Swat, For Voice And Percussion BJL; q M 1400 E67 A3   PRINTED MUSIC 1975
      Bisky Bats And Pussy Cats : The Animal Nonsense Of Edward Lear. Education Resources  BOOK 1999
      A Book Of Nonsense. BJL; PR 4879 L2 B7   BOOK 1870
      The Book Of Nonsense. BJL; PR 4879 L2 B7   BOOK 1889
21 additional entries    
Lear Elmer : The Japanese occupation of the Philippines : Leyte, 1941-1945.     
      The Japanese Occupation Of The Philippines : Leyte, 1941-1945. South East Asian Collection; q DS 503 C81 D2(42)   BOOK 1961
Lear Evelyn : Johannespassion     
      Johannes-Passion BJL; C/D 2221   CD AUDIO 1984
Lear Floyd Seyward : Treason in Roman and Germanic law : collected papers / by Floyd Seyward Lear.     
      Treason In Roman And Germanic Law : Collected Papers BJL; KJA 3386 L4   BOOK 1965
Lear Henrietta Louisa : Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambrai : a biographical sketch / by H.L. Sidney [i.e. Henrietta Louisa] Lear.     
      Fenelon, Archbishop Of Cambrai : A Biographical Sketch BJL; PQ 1796 L4   BOOK 1890
Lear John    
      Kepler's Dream; With The Full Text And Notes Of Somnium; Sive, Astronomia Lunaris. BJL; QB 36 K3 L4   BOOK 1965
      Weight Lifting. Education Resources; GV 546.3 L4   BOOK 1980
Lear Jonathan    
      Aristotle And Logical Theory. BJL; B 491 L8 L4   BOOK 1980
      Aristotle : The Desire To Understand. BJL; B 485 L4   BOOK 1988
      Freud BJL; BF 120 F8 L4   BOOK 2005
      Happiness, Death, And The Remainder Of Life. BJL; BJ 1481 L4   BOOK 2000
      Open Minded : Working Out The Logic Of The Soul. BJL; BF 175.4 P45 L4   BOOK 1999
Lear Jonathan 1976    
      The Monkey-Proof Box : Curriculum Design For Building Knowledge, Developing Creative Thinking And Pr Online materials  EBOOKS 2019
      The Monkey-Proof Box : Curriculum Design For Building Knowledge, Developing Creative Thinking And Pr BJL; LB1564.G7 L43   BOOK 2019
Lear Linda J 1940    
      The Art Of Beatrix Potter : Sketches, Paintings, And Illustrations BJL; q NC 978.5 P6 F8   BOOK 2016
      Beatrix Potter : A Life In Nature BJL; PR 6031 O72 Z65   BOOK 2007
      Rachel Carson : Witness For Nature. BJL; QH 31 C33 L4   BOOK 1997
Lear Roma    
      More Play Helps : Play Ideas For Children With Special Needs. BJL; RJ 505 P6 L4   BOOK 1990
      Play Helps : Toys And Activities For Children With Special Needs. BJL; RJ 505 P6 L4   BOOK 1993
      Play Helps : Toys And Activities For Children With Special Needs. BJL; RJ 505 P6 L4   BOOK 1996
      Play Helps : Toys And Activities For Children With Special Needs. BJL  BOOK 1986
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