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100 1  Leigh, Mike 
245 10 Life Is Sweet|cMike Leigh 
260    |bFilm 4 TV|c1991 
300    DVD / 1hr 55min / Number of copies: 1 
490 0  Film 
520    Fond ridicule, poignant drama and fantastic performances 
       make Life Is Sweet the warmest and most entertaining of 
       Leigh's films as he and his exceptional cast tease out the
       complexities of character that lie beneath suburban 
       stereotypes. Steadman and Broadbent play the loving 
       parents of twin sisters (Horrocks and Skinner). Horrocks' 
       character is a spitting bulimic whose breakdown is 
       alienating both her family and her boyfriend (Thewlis), 
       while Skinner's is set to flee the nest to America. In the
       middle of this everyday family chaos is Steadman, a 
       picture of cheery survival. In the inspired comic subplot 
       she even finds time to help a family friend (Spall) open 
       his tasteless restaurant, which serves saveloy with 
       lychees, liver in lager, and clams in a ham and prune 
       quiche. But her fusspot demeanour hides the heartbreak of 
       unstinting motherhood, the sacrifice of her own dreams to 
       support the family, and her helplessness in the face of 
       her children's disenchantment. Hers is the outstanding 
       performance in a classic English ensemble piece Format: 
       videos and DVDs. 
650 04 Feature film or programme about cinema/films 
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