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245 00 Research handbook on international banking and governance 
       /|cedited by James R. Barth, Chen Lin and Clas Wihlborg. 
260    Cheltenham :|bEdward Elgar Publishing Limited,|cc2012. 
300    xvii, 738 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm. 
505 00 |gForeword 1 /|rby Franklin Allen --|gForeword 2 /|rby 
       Harald Benink --|gForeword 3 /|rby Gerard Caprio and Ross 
       Levine --|gIntroduction and overview --|rJames R. Barth, 
       Chen Lin and Clas Wihlborg --|tBank governance : concepts 
       and measurements /|rFrank M. Song and Li Li --|tBank 
       ownership and performance : a global perspective /
       |rIftekhar Hasan and Liang Song --|tIs there conflict 
       between competition and financial stability? /|rBarbara 
       Casu, Claudia Girardone and Philip Molyneux --|tWhat 
       drives bank operating efficiency? : the role of bank 
       competition and credit sharing information /|rChen Lin, 
       Yue Ma and Frank M. Song --|tCorporate borrower 
       nationality and global presence : cross-country evidence 
       on the pricing of syndicated bank loans /|rJoel Houston, 
       Jennifer Itzkowitz and Andy Naranjo --|tLessons learned 
       from recent financial crises /|rBenton E. Gup --|tBank 
       ownership and risk taking : improving corporate governance
       in banking after the crisis /|rKenneth R. Spong and 
       Richard J. Sullivan --|tExecutive compensation and risk-
       taking in European banking /|rRym Ayadi, Emrah Arbak and 
       Willem Pieter De Groen --|tCEO pay and risk-taking in 
       banking : the roles of bonus plans and deferred 
       compensation in curbing bank risk-taking /|rJens 
       Hagendorff and Francesco Vallascas --|tBank failures and 
       CEO compensation /|rWalter Dolde and John D. Knopf --
       |tRestricting risk-taking by financial intermediaries 
       through executive compensation /|rTom Berglund -- The
       |tlost cause : the failure of the Financial Crisis Inquiry
       Commission /|rPeter J. Wallison --|tMarket discipline for 
       financial institutions and markets for information /
       |rApanard P. Prabha, Clas Wihlborg and Thomas D. Willet --
       Moral hazard, bank resolution and the protection of 
       depositors /|rDavid G. Mayes -- The|tgovernance of 'too 
       big to fail' banks /|rAndy Mullineux --|tIncentives to 
       improve the corporate governance of risk in financial 
       institutions /|rRichard J. Herring -- The|tboundary 
       problems in financial regulation /|rCharles A.E. Goodhart 
       and Rosa M. Lastra --|tFinancial architecture, prudential 
       regulation and organizational structure /|rIngo Walter --
       |tCorporate governance and prudential regulation of banks 
       : is there any connection? /|rLawrence J. White -- The
       |tpolicy conundrum of financial market complexity /
       |rHilton L. Root -- The|tfuture of financial regulation : 
       reflections from an emerging market perspective /|rRakesh 
       Mohan --|tFinancial innovations, marketability and 
       stability in banking /|rArnoud W.A. Boot and Matej MarinĨ 
       --|tBank acquisitions and strategy since the GLB act /|rJ.
       Kimball Dietrich --|tSocial, environmental, ethical and 
       trust (SEET) issues in banking : an overview /|rAndreas 
       G.F. Hoepner and John O.S. Wilson --|tCorporate social 
       responsibility, financial performance and selection bias :
       evidence from Taiwan's TWSE-listed banks /|rChung-Hua Shen
       and Yuan Chang --|tManagement turnover, regulatory 
       oversight and performance : evidence from community banks 
       /|rAjay A. Palvia --|tRedeemability as governance : a 
       study of closed-end and open-end funds under common 
       management /|rPeter MacKay -- The|trole of venture 
       capitalists in the acquistion of private companies /|rPaul
       A. Gompers and Yuhai Xuan --|tGovernance and microfinance 
       institutions /|rRients Galema, Robert Lensink and Roy 
       Mersland --|tBank governance : the case of New Zealand /
       |rDon Brash --|tCorporate governance in European banking /
       |rFrancesca Arnaboldi and Barbara Casu --|tDebt 
       forgiveness during Japan's lost decade /|rSatoshi Koibuchi
       --|tCorporate governance of banks in Korea /|rHeungsik 
       Choe and Byungyoon Lee --|tBanking regulatory governance 
       in China : a legal perspective /|rYufeng Gong and Zhongfei
       Zhou --|tCorporate governance and bank performance in 
       Thailand /|rTientip Subhanij and Wanvimol Sawangngoenyunag
       --|tGovernance issues in Indian microfinance /|rShubhasis 
       Gangopadhyay and S.K. Shanthi. 
650  0 Financial institutions, International. 
650  0 Financial institutions, International|xLaw and 
650  0 Financial risk management. 
650  0 Corporate governance. 
700 1  Barth, James R. 
700 1  Lin, Chen,|cDr. 
700 1  Wihlborg, Clas. 
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