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Loveman Brian   4
Loveman Gary : A comparison of changes in the structure of wages in four OECD countries / Lawrence Katz, Gary Loveman, David Blanchflower.  1993 1
Loveman Kate : Reading fictions, 1660-1740 : deception in English literary and political culture / Kate Loveman.  c2008 1
Loven Gote 1922 : Smultronstället [videorecording] / written and directed by Ingmar Bergman.  2002 1
Lovenduski Joni 1945   7
Lover Of Ale   2
Lover Of All Those Who Are Lovers Of The Truth   2
Lover Of And Sufferer For The Truth : A long-vvinded lay lecture. : Wherein the licentiousnesse of this lewd and lying age, in perverting the sacred texts of Scripture, and the divine dictates of the Fathers, to the scandall of the church, and ruine of our nation, is poetically presented, to the view of all such as feare God and the King, and meddle not with those that are given to change. / By a lover of (and sufferer for) the truth.  1647 1
Lover Of Antiquity : Chaucer's ghoast, or, A piece of antiquity : containing twelve pleasant fables of Ovid penn'd after the ancient manner of writing in England, which makes them prove mock-poems to the present poetry : with the history of Prince Corniger and his champion Sir Crucifrag, that run a tilt likewise at the present historiographers / by a lover of antiquity.  1672 1
Lover Of Christianity : Predictions of the sudden and total destruction of the Turkish empire, and religion of Mahomet : according to the opinions of the Lord Tycho Brahe of Denmark, and many others of the best astronomers of this later age; collected and humbly dedicated to all Christendom by a lover of Christianity.  1684 1
Lover Of Chymistry : Basilica chymica. English  1670 1
Lover Of Commerce   2
Lover Of Englishmens Freedomes : A prospective glasse : wherein Englands bondage under the Normane yoke, with the rise, growth, and continuation is clearly asserted, a subject not yet treated upon ... shewing how the law came to be in an unknown tongue, and from whence the judges and other inferior lawyers had their beginning, and in opposition to former law, how the 4 termes of the yeer came to be kept : as also, the corruption of this law, bringing with it the fines and rents to the lord of the manor for all free- holds and copyhold land : being a collection from the most choice of modern historians : with some copyhold land : being a collection from the most choice of modern historians : with some brief observations upon Scripture, as proving from thence that this law is contradictory to the nature of God's dealing with the sons of man, and contrary to the nature of freedome / by a lover of Englishmens freedomes.  1649 1
Lover Of Ha Ha He : Cambridge jests, or, Witty alarums for melancholy spirits / by a lover of ha, ha, he.  1674 1
Lover Of His Countrey   3
Lover Of His Countrey And A Faithfull Servant To The High Court Of Parliame : Look about you : a discovrse directed to the lords of the vpper house of Parliament in the first place, to the honourable the House of Commons, to the Right Honorable Lord Mayor of the citie of London / written by a Lover of his Countrey, and a faithfull servant to the high Court of Parliament.  1643 1
Lover Of His Countrey And A Well Willer To The Peace Of The Kingdome : A view of the propositions presented to His Majesty by the parliaments of both kingdoms  1647 1
Lover Of His Countrey And The Protestant Religion : Publick devotion, and the common service of the Church of England : justified, and recommended to all honest and well meaning, (however prejudiced) dissenters. By a lover of his countrey and the Protestant religion.  1675 1
Lover Of His Countrey And Well Wisher To The Prosperity Both Of The King An : The Grand concern of England explained : in several proposals offered to the consideration of the Parliament, (1) for payment of publick debts, (2) for advancement and encouragement of trade, (3) for raising the rents of lands ... / by a lover of his countrey, and well-wisher to the prosperity both of the King and kingdoms.  1673 1
Lover Of His Countreys Liberty   2
Lover Of His Country   7
Lover Of His Country And The Protestant Religion : Publick devotion and the common service of the Church of England : justify'd and recommended, to all honest and well meaning (however prejudic'd) dissenters. By a lover of his country and the Protestant religion.  1687? 1
Lover Of His Country Credit And Trade Thereof : Oservations and reasons humbly offered to this present Parliament in the behalf of the creditors / by a lover of his country, credit, and trade thereof.  1690 1
Lover Of His Country That Desires At This Time To Be Namelesse : An expedient for the preventing any difference between His Highness and the Parliament. : About the recognition. The negative voyce. The militia. / By a lover of his country, that desires at this time to be namelesse.  1659 1
Lover Of His Countrys Peace   3
Lover Of His King And Countrey : The cabal of several notorious priests and Jesuits : discovered, as, William Ireland, Tho. White ... William Harcourt ... John Fenwick ... John Gaven ... and Anthony Turner, &c. : shewing their endeavors to subvert the government, and Protestant religion ... / by a lover of his King and countrey, who formerly was an eye-witness of these things.  1679 1
Lover Of His King And Country   3
Lover Of Learning : A posing-book for scholars : in short questions and answers. Containing a mixture of several things not commonly known among the meaner sort; and yet of great usefulness for all to understand that are willing to be scholars. Being only a rude essay, by a lover of learning, who intends (God permitting, and the inhabitants of England accepting) not only to make this more compleat, but also to prepare by degrees such helps for learning so far as concerns English, that none shall have cause more to complain for want of it: but the slothful, and wilfully ignorant. With allowance.  1688 1
Lover Of Learning And A Hearty Well Wisher To His Beloved Country : The compendious schoolmaster : teaching the English-tongue after a more easie & demonstrable method than hath been hitherto published or taught ... / by a lover of learning and a hearty well-wisher to his beloved country.  1688 1
Lover Of Loyalty And An Abhorrer Of All Wicked Plots And Conspiracies : Merlinus verax, or, An almanack for the year of our Lord 1687 : containing a compleat relation of the most eminent matters which have happen'd in England since the commencement of T. Oates's damnable popish plots to the discovery of the horrid Rye-House republican conspiracy : together with a complete ephemeris of the planets, motions, and aspects, eclipses, saints days, terms, and their returns &c. / by a lover of loyalty and an abhorrer of all wicked plots and conspiracies, whether from Rome or Geneva.  1687 1
Lover Of Music : A poem occasioned on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell, late musician in ordinary to His Majesty / by a lover of music.  1696 1
Lover Of Parental And Filial Unity : Patròs kátoptra kan paidòs gonyklisiá: = The father's spectacles to behold his child by : and the child's cushion to kneel before his parents. By a lover of parental and filial unity.  1695 1
Lover Of Peace   2
Lover Of Peace And Truth   5
Lover Of Peace From Beyond Sea : A Christian and brotherly exhortation to peace: : directed unto the soverain states of England, and the United Provinces of the Netherlands. And to the people of both nations. Translated out of the French copie, sent by a lover of peace from beyond sea.  1653 1
Lover Of Planting   2
Lover Of Sincerity And Peace   2
Lover Of The Arts   4
Lover Of The Church Of England And Unfeigned Piety : A Free and impartial inquiry into the causes of that very great esteem and honour that the non-conforming preachers are generally in with their followers : in a letter to his honoured friend H.M. / by a lover of the Church of England and unfeigned piety ; to which is added a discourse on 1 Tim. 4:7 to some of the clergy at a publick meeting.  1673 1
Lover Of The Countries Welfare : The faithfull and wise preventer or counseller: or, necessary considerations to be thought vpon by the high and noble Prince Maurice, by the grace of God, Prince of Orange, &c. : Touching the reasons deliuered by the ambassadours, for the better declaration, defence and furthering of their propositions made touching a truce to be obserued for many yeares. By the which considerations (being weighed according to the state of the present time) euery man may plainly see what is now further to be done for the securitie of the state of these countries. Written by a louer of the countries welfare.  1621 1
Lover Of The Deare Bought Freedomes Of This Common Wealth : A seasonable word : tendered to the serious consideration of all men engaged in the good old cause, which hath cost these three nations so much blood and treasure, and therefore not to be given up to the tyranny and arbitrary will of any single person whatsoever. By a lover of the deare bought freedomes of this Common-wealth.  1659 1
Lover Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ And The Wellfare Of This Nation : A true relation of some passages which passed at Madrid in the year 1623. by Prince Charles, being then in Spain prosecuting the match with the Lady Infanta. : As also, severall observations of eleven ominous presages, some of them hapning in the same hear whil'st the said Prince was in Spain, the rest of them hapned from that time untill his death. With a discovery of some of the wayes which the then Popish Bishops used to bring Poperie into this nation. / By a lover of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the wellfare of this nation.  1655 1
Lover Of The King The Government And The City   2
Lover Of The Mathematicks : A new prognostication for the year of Our Lord, 1686. : Being the second after bissextile, or leap-year... Exactly calculated for the meridian of the famous city of Edinburgh, whose latitude is 56 degrees, 00 minuts. Longitude is 11 degrees, 37 minuts. According to the best tables. / By a lover of the mathematicks.  1686 1
Lover Of The Peace Of His Country : The proceedings of the present Parliament justified by the opinion of the most judicious and learned Hugo Grotius, with considerations thereupon : written for the satisfaction of some of the reverend clergy who yet seem to labour under some scruples concerning the original right of resistance, deposing, and of disposing and settling of the succession to the crown / by a Lover of the peace of his country.  1689 1
Lover Of The True Interest Of His Country : Awake Sampson, the Philistines are upon thee! or, A caution to England to take heed to her locks, least they being cut off by intrigues, she be made to grind at the mill of France ... / by a lover of the true interest of his country.  1696 1
Lover Of This Common Wealth : An epitomie of tyranny in the island of Guernzey. : Sent in a letter to a person of quality in London, concerning the late irregular transactions there, in relation to a certain deputation and addresse made to Richard late Protector; with the said addresse it self, lately presented to him by Peter and William de Beauvoir the pretended deputy; discovering their evil and dangerous designs against the government of a Common-Wealth. / Now seasonably published by a lover of this Common-Wealth, and of his native countrey, for a warning to the faithfull now in authority ...  1659 1
Lover Of Truth   4
Lover Of Truth And A Hearty Well Wisher To The Prosperity Of The King And H : Plain dealing is a jewel and honesty the best policy : both set forth in an answer to a letter received by a gentleman in London, from his friend in the countrey : wherein is planly demonstrated the grounds and reasons of our present distractions and methods proposed for preventing the same for the future / by a lover of truth and a hearty well-wisher to the prosperity of the King and his three kingdoms.  1682 1
Lover Of Truth And Peace   6
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