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Macfadyen John : An t-eileanach : dain, orain, agus sgeoil-aithris.     
      An T-Eileanach : Dain, Orain, Agus Sgeoil-Aithris. BJL; PB 1648 M14 E3   BOOK 1921
Macfadyen Kenneth Alexander : A physics laboratory handbook for students.     
      A Physics Laboratory Handbook For Students. BJL; QC 35 M1   BOOK 1963
Macfadyen Matthew 1974    
      Perfect Strangers BJL; PN 1992.77 P438   DVD 2004
      The Pillars Of The Earth BJL; PN 1992.77 P6413   DVD c2010
      Pride And Prejudice BJL; PN 1997 P9476   DVD 2005
Macfadyen Tony    
      Teaching Physical Education 5-11 Education Resources; GV 443 T2   BOOK 2000
      Teaching Physical Education 11-18 : Perspectives And Challenges BJL; GV 245 M1   BOOK 2002
Macfall Chambers Haldane Cook : A history of painting.     
      A History Of Painting. BJL; q ND 50 M1   BOOK 1911
Macfall Chambers Haldane Cooke    
      Aubrey Beardsley : The Man And His Work ... BJL; q NC 103 B36 M1   BOOK 1928
      Boucher. BJL; ND 472 B75 M1   BOOK 1907
      Boucher : The Man, His Times, His Art, And His Significance,1703-1770. BJL; q ND 472 B75 M1   BOOK 1908
      Fragonard. BJL; ND 472 F81 M1   BOOK 1909
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Macfall Haldane : Sir Henry Irving.     
      Sir Henry Irving. BJL; PN 2598 I7 M1   BOOK 1906
Macfarlan Duncan : The revivals of the eighteenth century, particularly at Cambuslang, with Three sermons by G. Whitefield / compiled by D. Macfarlan.     
      The Revivals Of The Eighteenth Century, Particularly At Cambuslang, With Three Sermons By G. Whitefi BJL; BV 3777 S4 M1   BOOK 1847
Macfarlane Aidan 1939    
      Adolescent Medicine : Based On A Conference Organised By The Royal College Of Physicians BJL; RJ 550 A2   BOOK 1996
      Health Care Of Young People : Promotion In Primary Care BJL; RJ 103 G7 M1   BOOK c2002
Macfarlane Alan : The savage wars of peace : England, Japan, and the Malthusian trap.     
      The Savage Wars Of Peace : England, Japan, And The Malthusian Trap. BJL; HB 3585 M1   BOOK 2003
Macfarlane Alan 1941    
      The Culture Of Capitalism. BJL; HN 385 M1   BOOK 1989
      The Diary Of Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683 BJL; DA 378 J84   BOOK 1976
      The Family Life Of Ralph Josselin : A Seventeenth-Century Clergyman. BJL; DA 378 J84 M1   BOOK 1970
      A Guide To English Historical Records. BJL; CD 1041 M1   BOOK 1983
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Macfarlane Alan Grant : Short-title catalogue of books printed in France and of French books printed in other countries from 1470 to 1600.     
      Short-Title Catalogue Of Books Printed In France And Of French Books Printed In Other Countries From BJL; Z 2162 B8   BOOK 1966
Macfarlane Alison    
      Birth Counts : Statistics Of Pregnancy & Childbirth BJL; RA 407.5 G7 B6   BOOK 2000
      Official Health Statistics : An Unofficial Guide BJL; RA 407.5 G7 O3   BOOK 2000
Macfarlane Alison J    
      Improving Infant Health : The Effectiveness Of Health Promotion Activities To Reduce Still Birth, In BJL; RJ 60 G7 G2   BOOK 1994
      Three, Four And More : A Study Of Triplet And Higher Order Births BJL; RG 696 T5   BOOK 1990
      Where To Be Born? : The Debate And The Evidence BJL; RG 652 C1   BOOK 1994
Macfarlane Ann : It pays dividends : direct payments and older people / Heather Clark, Helen Gough, Ann Macfarlane.     
      It Pays Dividends : Direct Payments And Older People BJL; q HV 1481 G7 C5   BOOK 2004
Macfarlane Bruce 1961 : Teaching with integrity : the ethics of higher education practice.     
      Teaching With Integrity : The Ethics Of Higher Education Practice. BJL; LB 1779 M1   BOOK 2004
Macfarlane Charles 1799 1858    
      Constantinople In 1828 : A Residence Of Sixteen Months In The Turkish Capital And Provinces, With An BJL; DR 721 M1   BOOK 1829
      The Dutch In The Medway. BJL; PR 4970 M1 D9   BOOK 1877
      The Lives And Exploits Of Banditti And Robbers. BJL; AC 1 F16(62)   BOOK  
Macfarlane Fraser : Groups : a guide to small group work in healthcare, management, education and research / Glyn Elwyn, Trisha Greenhalgh and Fraser Macfarlane.     
      Groups : A Guide To Small Group Work In Healthcare, Management, Education And Research BJL; HM 736 E5   BOOK c2001
Macfarlane Gary J : Epidemiological studies : a practical guide / Alan J. Silman, Gary J. Macfarlane.     
      Epidemiological Studies : A Practical Guide BJL; RA 652.4 S5   BOOK 2002
Macfarlane Gwyn    
      Alexander Fleming : The Man And The Myth. BJL; Q 143 F5 M1   BOOK 1984
      Howard Florey : The Making Of A Great Scientist. BJL; R 489 F6 M1   BOOK 1979
Macfarlane Ian Dalrymple : Studies in French Literature presented to H.W. Lawson by colleagues, pupils and friends.     
      Studies In French Literature Presented To H.W. Lawson By Colleagues, Pupils And Friends. BJL; PQ 36 L4 I6   BOOK 1968
Macfarlane Ivor : Service transition.     
      Service Transition. BJL; q HD 30.2 I1   BOOK 2007
Macfarlane J M : Observations on pilchered insectivorous plants.     
      Observations On Pilchered Insectivorous Plants. BJL; QK 917   BOOK  
Macfarlane James G : Conquering insomnia : an illustrated guide to understanding sleep and a maual for overcoming sleep disruption / Colin M. Shapiro, James G. MacFarlane, Mohamed R.G. Hussain.     
      Conquering Insomnia : An Illustrated Guide To Understanding Sleep And A Maual For Overcoming Sleep D BJL; RC 548 S5   BOOK 1994
Macfarlane Jean : Essays on nursing.     
      Essays On Nursing. BJL; RT 11 M1   BOOK 1980
Macfarlane John : Sampling the OR world. the Strathclyde "apprenticeship" scheme / by Peter G. Bennett and John Macfarlane.     
      Sampling The OR World. The Strathclyde "Apprenticeship" Scheme BJL; q HD 28 U58 W9(92,5)   BOOK 1992
Macfarlane John D    
      Essentials Of Statistics In Marketing. BJL; HA 33 G8   BOOK 1974
      Statistical Methods For Quality Control Departmental Locations, BJL ; HA 33 J3   BOOK 1975
Macfarlane Julie : Rethinking disputes : the mediation alternative / editor, Julie Macfarlane.     
      Rethinking Disputes : The Mediation Alternative BJL; KD 850 R4   BOOK 1997
Macfarlane Kee : Sexual abuse of young children : evaluation and treatment / K. MacFarlane [et al.].     
      Sexual Abuse Of Young Children : Evaluation And Treatment BJL; HQ 71 S5   BOOK 1986
Macfarlane Kenneth Bruce : Hans Memling.     
      Hans Memling. BJL; q ND 530 M53 M1   BOOK 1971
Macfarlane Laurie Economics Analyst    
      Rethinking The Economics Of Land And Housing Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
      Rethinking The Economics Of Land And Housing BJL; HD1251 .R93 2017   BOOK 2017
Macfarlane Leslie John 1924    
      The British Communist Party : Its Origin And Development Until 1929. BJL; JK 1129 C69 M1   BOOK 1966
      Issues In British Politics Since 1945. BJL; JK 231 M1   BOOK 1981
      Issues In British Politics Since 1945. BJL; JK 231 M1   BOOK 1975
      Modern Political Theory. BJL; JA 83 M1   BOOK 1970
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Macfarlane M : Comparison of the minute structure of plan hybrids with that of their parents.     
      Comparison Of The Minute Structure Of Plan Hybrids With That Of Their Parents. BJL; q QH 423 M1   BOOK  
Macfarlane Malcolm : A handful of lays.     
      A Handful Of Lays. BJL; PB 1632 M1   BOOK 1923
Macfarlane Michael : English practice grammar : for French students / Michael Macfarlane ; with explanations in French by Gérard Hardin.     
      English Practice Grammar : For French Students BJL; q PE 1099 M1   BOOK 1997
Macfarlane N R : Herbicides and Fungicides- factors affecting their activity / edited by N.R. McFarlane.     
      Herbicides And Fungicides- Factors Affecting Their Activity BJL, Departmental Locations ; QD 1 C55 S7(29)   BOOK 1977
Macfarlane Neil : Sport and politics : a world divided.     
      Sport And Politics : A World Divided. BJL; GV 706.35 M1   BOOK 1986
Macfarlane Peter S    
      Pathology Illustrated. BJL; RB 111 G7   BOOK 1991
      Pathology Illustrated BJL; RB 111 G7   BOOK 1995
      Pathology Illustrated. BJL; RB 111 G7   BOOK c2005
Macfarlane Richard    
      Collective Management Under Growth : A Case Study Of Suma Wholefoods. BJL; q HD 2961 M1   BOOK 1987
      Unshackling The Poor : A Complementary Approach To Local Economic Development BJL; HC 260 P6 M1   BOOK 1997
Macfarlane Robert 1976 : The wild places / Robert Macfarlane.     
      The Wild Places BJL; DA 632 M1   BOOK 2008
Macfarlane Robert Gwyn    
      Functions Of The Blood BJL; QP 91 M1   BOOK 1961
      The Haemostatic Mechanism In Man And Other Animals BJL; QL 835 Z8   BOOK 1970
Macfarlane S Neil : U.S. hegemony and international organizations : the United States and multilateral institutions / edited by Rosemary Foot, S. Neil MacFarlane, and Michael Mastanduno.     
      U.S. Hegemony And International Organizations : The United States And Multilateral Institutions BJL; JZ 1480 U8   BOOK 2003
Macfarlane Tom    
      Helping Adults To Read. BJL; JBH M1   BOOK 1979
      Teaching Adults To Read. BJL; JBH M1   BOOK  
Macfarlane W : Venomous and poisonous animals and plants of the Pacific region : a collection of papers based on a symposium / ed. by H.L. Keegan and W.V. MacFarlane.     
      Venomous And Poisonous Animals And Plants Of The Pacific Region : A Collection Of Papers Based On A BJL; QL 100 P1   BOOK 1963
Macfarlane W M F : Nautical knowledge for fishermen's examinations.     
      Nautical Knowledge For Fishermen's Examinations. Departmental Locations; VK 559.5 M1   BOOK 1969
Macfarling Ian : The dual function of the Indonesian armed forces : military politics in Indonesia.     
      The Dual Function Of The Indonesian Armed Forces : Military Politics In Indonesia. South East Asian Collection; UA 853 I4 M1   BOOK 1996
Macfarquhar Roderick    
      China Under Mao : Politics Takes Command : A Selection Of Articles From The "China Quarterly" BJL; DS 777.55 C5   BOOK 1966
      Chinese Ambitions And British Policy. BJL; HX 11 F15 T7(367)   BOOK 1966
      The Hundred Flowers Campaign And The Chinese Intellectuals. BJL; DS 777.57 M1   BOOK 1974
      Mao's Last Revolution BJL; DS 778.7 M1   BOOK 2006
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Macfarren Fredrick W : The ballad literature and popular music of the olden time.     
      The Ballad Literature And Popular Music Of The Olden Time. BJL; ML 285 C4   BOOK 1965
Macfarren G A    
      The Marriage Of Figaro Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1826/02/28)   PLAYBILL 1826
      May-Day : A Cantata For Soprano Solo, Chorus And Orchestra BJL; q M 2000 M138 M4   PRINTED MUSIC 19--
      The Rivals, Or, A Trip To Bath Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1826/02/03)   PLAYBILL 1826
      Robin Hood Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1877/09/01)   PLAYBILL 1877
      Robin Hood Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1877/09/01)   PLAYBILL 1877
Macfarren Natalia    
      Il Barbiere Di Siviglia, The Barber Of Seville BJL; q M 1503 R83 B2   PRINTED MUSIC 1957
      Der Freischütz (The Freeshooter) : A Romantic Opera In Three Acts. BJL; q M 1503 W37 F8   PRINTED MUSIC 1895
      Oberon : An Opera In Three Acts. BJL; q M 1503 W37 O1   PRINTED MUSIC 1890
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