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Mcdonald Dennis D : Scientific journals in the United States their production, use and economics / by D.W. King, D.D. McDonald and N.K. Roderer.     
      Scientific Journals In The United States Their Production, Use And Economics BJL; Q 223 K5   BOOK 1981
Mcdonald Donald 1920 1993 : Opinion polls : one of a series of interviews on the American character / Interviews by Donald McDonald with Elmo Roper and George Gallup ; with a comment by William V. Shannon.     
      Opinion Polls : One Of A Series Of Interviews On The American Character BJL; HM 1236 M1   BOOK 1962
Mcdonald Donogh : German unification : economic issues / edited by Leslie Lipschitz and Donogh McDonald.     
      German Unification : Economic Issues BJL; q HC 286.7 G3   BOOK 1990
Mcdonald Dugald Jan : Perceptions of residential child care.     
      Perceptions Of Residential Child Care. BJL; q HV 1415.5 M1   BOOK 1977
Mcdonald Durstan R : Theology of priesthood : a consultation [held at Trinity Institute in June 1981].     
      Theology Of Priesthood : A Consultation [Held At Trinity Institute In June 1981]. BJL; BX 5800 A58 S9(9)   BOOK 1984
Mcdonald Edward David : Phoenix : the posthumous papers of D.H. Lawrence / edited by E.D. McDonald.     
      Phoenix : The Posthumous Papers Of D.H. Lawrence BJL; PR 6023 A96 A2   BOOK 1936
Mcdonald Ellen E : English education, nationalist politics and elite groups in Maharashtra 1885-1915.     
      English Education, Nationalist Politics And Elite Groups In Maharashtra 1885-1915. BJL; q DS 485 M3 M1   BOOK 1969
Mcdonald Forrest    
      Cracker Culture : Celtic Ways In The Old South BJL; F 213 M1   BOOK 1988
      Insull. BJL; E 748 I59 M1   BOOK 1962
      Novus Ordo Seclorum : The Intellectual Origins Of The Constitution. BJL; JA 84 U5 M1   BOOK 1985
      We The People : The Economic Origins Of The Constitution BJL; JN 141 M1   BOOK 1992
Mcdonald Frank 1951    
      European Business And Marketing BJL; HF 5415.12 E8 E8   BOOK 2004
      European Business And Marketing : Strategic Issues BJL; HF 5415.12 E8 H3   BOOK 1994
      European Economic Integration BJL; HC 241.2 E8   BOOK 1994
      European Economic Integration BJL; HC 241.2 E8   BOOK 1999
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Mcdonald Fred : Questions of English.     
      Questions Of English. BJL  BOOK 1994
Mcdonald Gail : American literature and culture, 1900-1960 / Gail McDonald.     
      American Literature And Culture, 1900-1960 BJL; PS 221 M1   BOOK 2007
Mcdonald Gerald : Training and careers for the professional musician.     
      Training And Careers For The Professional Musician. BJL; MT 3 G7 M1   BOOK 1979
Mcdonald Graeme    
      The Development Of Medium Capacity Transport Systems In Japan. BJL; q G 1 R28 G3(94)   BOOK 1986
      Robin Redbreast BJL; PN 1992.77 R6557   DVD c2013
Mcdonald Hamish : Suharto's Indonesia.     
      Suharto's Indonesia. South East Asian Collection; DS 644.4 M2   BOOK 1980
Mcdonald Helen 1949 : Erotic ambiguities : the female nude in art / Helen McDonald.     
      Erotic Ambiguities : The Female Nude In Art BJL; N 7573 M1   BOOK 2000
Mcdonald Helen B : Understanding homosexuality : a guide for those who know, love, or counsel gay and lesbian individuals / Helen B. McDonald and Audrey I. Steinhorn.     
      Understanding Homosexuality : A Guide For Those Who Know, Love, Or Counsel Gay And Lesbian Individua BJL; RC 558 M1   BOOK 1993
Mcdonald Hugh Dermot    
      The Christian View Of Man. BJL; BT 701.2 M1   BOOK 1981
      Ideas Of Revelation : An Historical Study, A.D. 1700 To A.D. 1860. BJL; BT 126.5 M1   BOOK 1959
      Theories Of Revelation : A Historical Study 1860-1960. BJL; BT 126.5 M1   BOOK 1963
Mcdonald Ian    
      Introduction : "Race", Sport And British Society Departmental Locations; Xerox   PHOTOCOPY  
      Key Advances In The Effective Management Of Multiple Sclerosis : Proceedings Of A Symposium Sponsore BJL; RC 377 K4   BOOK 1999
      Researching Health Care : Designs Dilemmas Disciplines. BJL; RA 407 R4   BOOK 1992
Mcdonald Ian 1933 : The humming-bird tree / introduced by G. Rohlehr.     
      The Humming-Bird Tree BJL; PR 9272.9 M1 H9   BOOK 1974
Mcdonald Ian 1965 : "Race," sport and British society / edited by Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald.     
      "Race," Sport And British Society BJL; GV 706.32 R1   BOOK 2001
Mcdonald Ian R : Theory of simple liquid.     
      Theory Of Simple Liquid. BJL; QC 175.3 H2   BOOK 1971
Mcdonald Ian S : Anglo-American relations since the Second World War.     
      Anglo-American Relations Since The Second World War. BJL; E 183.8 G7 M1   BOOK 1974
Mcdonald Institute For Archaeological Research    
      Archaeoacoustics BJL; CC77.A23 A73 2006   BOOK c2006
      Archaeogenetics : DNA And The Population Prehistory Of Europe BJL; q CC 79 G32 A6   BOOK 2000
      Busy Lives At Amarna : Excavations In The Main City : (Grid 12 And The House Of Ranefer, N49.18) BJL; q DT 73 T25 K3   BOOK c2010
      Cambridge Archaeological Journal Online materials; CC1 .C35   EJOURNALS 1991-
      Star Carr In Context : New Archaeological And Palaeoecolgical Investigations At The Early Mesolithic BJL; CC814   BOOK 1998
Mcdonald J Kenneth    
      Did Intelligence Matter In The Cold War? BJL; UA 10 F7 F73(2006/1)   BOOK 2005
      The Second World War In The Pacific : Plans And Reality : Papers Read At A Symposium Held At The Nat BJL, Departmental Locations ; q D 767 S8   BOOK 1974
Mcdonald J Todd    
      PPREW '13 Proceedings Of The 2nd ACM SIGPLAN Program Protection And Reverse Engineering Workshop 201 Online materials; TA168.5   EBOOKS 2013
      PPREW '14 : Proceedings Of The 4th Program Protection And Reverse Engineering Workshop 2014 : Decemb Online materials; TA168.5   EBOOKS 2014
      Proceedings Of The 5th Program Protection And Reverse Engineering Workshop : December 8, 2015, Los A Online materials; TA168.5   EBOOKS 2015
      Proceedings Of The 9th Workshop On Software Security, Protection, And Reverse Engineering Online materials  EBOOKS 2019
Mcdonald James Gordon    
      Rhodes : A Life. BJL; DT 776 R4 M1   BOOK 1928
      Rhodes : A Life. BJL; DT 776 R4 M1   BOOK 1929
Mcdonald James H : The poems of Robert Southwell, S.J. / ed. by J.H.Mcdonald and N.P.Brown.     
      The Poems Of Robert Southwell, S.J. BJL; PR 2349 S5 A1   BOOK 1967
Mcdonald James Ian Hamilton    
      Biblical Interpretation And Christian Ethics. BJL; BS 680 E84 M4   BOOK 1993
      Christian Values : Theory And Practice In Christian Ethics Today BJL; BJ 1261 M1   BOOK 1995
      Kerygma And Didache : The Articulation And Structure Of The Earliest Christian Message. BJL; BS 2545 K43 M1   BOOK 1980
Mcdonald Jan    
      The ǹew Drama' 1900-1914. BJL  BOOK 1986
      The 'New Drama' 1900-1914 : Harley Granville Barker, John Galsworthy, St.John Hankin, John Masefield BJL; PR 736 M1   BOOK 1986
Mcdonald Jean B    
      Teaching And Learning With Technology BJL; LB 1028.3 L6   BOOK c2008
      Teaching And Learning With Technology BJL; LB 1028.3 L6   BOOK c2011
Mcdonald Joan : Rousseau and the French Revolution, 1762-1791.     
      Rousseau And The French Revolution, 1762-1791. BJL; JC 179 R9 M1   BOOK 1965
Mcdonald John : Physical education lesson plans for key stage two.     
      Physical Education Lesson Plans For Key Stage Two. BJL  BOOK 1991
Mcdonald John 1945    
      Domesday Economy : A New Approach To Anglo-Norman History BJL; HC 254.3 M1   BOOK 1986
      Domesday Economy A New Approach To Anglo-Norman History Online materials; DA190.D7 M33 1986   EBOOKS 1986
      Production Efficiency In Domesday England, 1086. BJL; HC 258 E7 M1   BOOK 1998
Mcdonald John 1961 : Peter Fuller's modern painters : reflections on British art / edited with an introduction by John Mcdonald.     
      Peter Fuller's Modern Painters : Reflections On British Art BJL; ND 225 A1 P4   BOOK 1993
Mcdonald John Editor Of Fortune : My years with General Motors.     
      My Years With General Motors. BJL; HD 9710 S6   BOOK 1968
Mcdonald John Of Glencoe Active 1695 : To His Grace, His Majesties High Commissioner, and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament. : The humble supplication of John Mcdonald of Glencoe for himself, and in name of Alexander Mcdonald of Achatriechatan, and the poor remnent that is left of that family.     
      To His Grace, His Majesties High Commissioner, And The Right Honourable The Estates Of Parliament. : Online materials  EBOOKS 1695
Mcdonald John W 1922 : Perspectives on negotiation : four case studies and interpretations / edited by Diane B. Bendahmane and John W. McDonald, Jr.     
      Perspectives On Negotiation : Four Case Studies And Interpretations BJL; D 843 P4   BOOK 1986
Mcdonald John Writer On Sailing Ships : Living history under sail : gaff rig on the River Fal / edited by John McDonald.     
      Living History Under Sail : Gaff Rig On The River Fal Departmental Locations; VM 64 F19 L7   BOOK 1982
Mcdonald Joseph P : Teaching : making sense of an uncertain craft.     
      Teaching : Making Sense Of An Uncertain Craft. BJL; LB 1025.3 M4   BOOK 1992
Mcdonald Justille : History of the Irish in Wisconsin in the nineteenth century.     
      History Of The Irish In Wisconsin In The Nineteenth Century. BJL; F 590 I6 M1   BOOK 1954
Mcdonald Keiko I    
      Modern Japanese Theatre And Performance BJL; PN 2924 M6   BOOK 2007
      Reading A Japanese Film : Cinema In Context. BJL; PN 1993.5 J3 M1   BOOK c2006
      Ugetsu : Kenji Mizoguchi, Director BJL; PN 1997 U26 U2   BOOK c1993
Mcdonald Keith    
      Guillermo Del Toro : Film As Alchemic Art Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
      Guillermo Del Toro : Film As Alchemic Art BJL; PN 1998.3 T583 M1   BOOK 2014
Mcdonald Kevin 1955    
      Global Movements : Action And Culture BJL; HM 881 M1   BOOK 2006
      Our Violent World : Terrorism In Society BJL; HV 6431 M1   BOOK 2013
Mcdonald Kevin 1976    
      The Netflix Effect : Technology And Entertainment In The 21st Century Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
      The Netflix Effect : Technology And Entertainment In The 21st Century BJL; HD9697.V544 N487 2016   BOOK 2016
Mcdonald Kevin P 1972 : Pirates, merchants, settlers, and slaves : colonial America and the Indo-Atlantic World.     
      Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, And Slaves : Colonial America And The Indo-Atlantic World. Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Mcdonald Kim Chandler : !nnovation : how innovators think, act and change our world / Kim Chandler McDonald.     
      !Nnovation : How Innovators Think, Act And Change Our World Online materials; HD53 .M379 2013   EBOOKS 2013
Mcdonald Laughlin    
      American Indians And The Fight For Equal Voting Rights Online materials  EBOOKS 2010
      Racial Equality. BJL; KT 145 M1   BOOK 1977
Mcdonald Lee Cameron : Western political theory : from its origins to the present.     
      Western Political Theory : From Its Origins To The Present. BJL; JA 81 M1   BOOK 1968
Mcdonald Lex : The transfer of learning : participants' perspectives of adult education and training / by Sarah Leberman, Lex McDonald and Stephanie Doyle.     
      The Transfer Of Learning : Participants' Perspectives Of Adult Education And Training BJL; LB1059   BOOK 2006
Mcdonald Lynn    
      Social Class And Delinquency. BJL; HV 9069 M1   BOOK 1969
      The Sociology Of Law And Order. BJL; HV 6025 M1   BOOK 1976
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