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100 1  Millwater, Lewis. 
245 14 The cure of ruptures in mans bodie, by physical, and 
       chirurgical meanes, and medicines. :|bWhereby any person 
       under forty yeers of age, that is diseased in the bodie, 
       with any kind of rupture or burstness whatsoever, may (by 
       Gods assistance, be perfectly, and unfailingly cured. And 
       to whose persons who are above fortie, of declining age, 
       having passed their naturall vigour, maturitie and full 
       strength, present helpe, and desired ease, assuredly 
       procured, for the whole terme of their remaining life, 
       even to their dying day, by the carefull use of some 
       prescribed meanes, and medicines. /|cBy Levvis Millvvater,
       dwelling in Peterburgh, at the Minster Gate. 
260    London :|b[s.n.],|cPrinted in the yeer, 1651. 
300    8 p. 
500    Annotation on Thomason copy: "Feb: 28 1650", the 51 in 
       imprint date crossed out. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
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