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Miraflor Norma O : My side of history / as told to Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor.     
      My Side Of History South East Asian Collection; (WL) DS 597.15 C5   BOOK 2003
Miraflores Manuel Pando Fernandez De Pinedo Marques De : Memorias del reinado de Isabel II / edicion y estudio preliminar de M. Fernandez Suarez.     
      Memorias Del Reinado De Isabel II BJL; PQ 6171 B58(172-174)   BOOK 1964
Miraglia Elena : Poems. Italian     
      Sei Poesie Departmental Locations; P/L K 2004   BOOK 2004
Mirak Robert    
      Torn Between Two Lands : Armenians In America, 1890 To World War I. BJL; E 184 A7 M6   BOOK 1983
      Uprooted Americans : Essays To Honour Oscar Handlin. BJL; E 169.1 U6   BOOK 1979
Miralao Virginia A    
      Second View From The Paddy / A.J. Ledesma, P.Q. Makil, V.A. Miralao. South East Asian Collection; HD 2109.4 S4   BOOK 1983
      Tenants, Lessees, Owners : Welfare Implications Of Tenure Change. South East Asian Collection; HD 949.6 N9 M2   BOOK 1976
Miralbes Bedera Maria Del Rosario : Contribucion al estudio geoeconomico de Soria.     
      Contribucion Al Estudio Geoeconomico De Soria. Departmental Locations; GF 622 S7 M6   BOOK 1957
Miraldo Ann A : Physiology and anatomy / by Esther M. Greisheimer with the assistance of Ann A. Miraldo.     
      Physiology And Anatomy BJL; QM 23 G8   BOOK 1955
Miraldus : Apollo Anglicanus, = The English Apollo: : assisting all persons in the right understanding of this years revolution, as also of things past, present, and to come. With necessary tables plain and useful. A twofold kalendar, viz. Julian or English, Gregorian or foreign computations, more plain and full than any other, with the sun and moons risings, and settings daily observed, of general use for most men. Being the first after bissextile or leap-year. To which is added the good and bad days in each month: also certain brief aphorisms, and excellent astrological observations, concerning diseases and sick persons, with a rational discourse pertinent thereunto, a modest defence of the art it self, being the substance of what Sir Christopher Heydon long since has written, contracted into the tops of twelve pages, and lastly a curious secret from Miraldus to know the plenty and scarcity of corn in any year, which if well practiced may be of great use to farmers and such persons that are much concerned therein. / By Richard Saunders ...     
      Apollo Anglicanus, = The English Apollo: : Assisting All Persons In The Right Understanding Of This Online materials  EBOOKS 1681
Miralles Alberto 1940    
      Crucifernario De La Culpable Indecisión BJL; PQ 6227 T2   BOOK 1979
      Nuevo Teatro Espanol : Una Alternativa Social. BJL; PQ 6115 M6   BOOK 1977
Miralles Antonio : El concepto de tradicion en Martin Perez de Ayala.     
      El Concepto De Tradicion En Martin Perez De Ayala. BJL; BT 90 M6   BOOK 1980
Miralles Enrique    
      Guzman De Alfarache. BJL; PQ 6272 A3 M6   BOOK 1982
      Guzman De Alfarache. BJL; PQ 6272 A3 M6   BOOK 1982
      La Novela Espanola De La Restauracion (1875-1855) : Sus Formas Y Enunciados Narrativos. BJL; PQ 6144 M6   BOOK 1979
      Sotileza. BJL; PQ 6554 P3 S7   BOOK 1977
Mirambo Chief Of The Nyamwezi : Mirambo of Tanzania, 1840-1884.     
      Mirambo Of Tanzania, 1840-1884. BJL; DT 447.2 M6 B4   BOOK 1971
Miranda Angel Alvarez De : La metafora y el mito.     
      La Metafora Y El Mito. BJL; PQ 6046 S8 A4   BOOK 1963
Miranda Beatrice    
      Tannhauser (28/01) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1918/01/28-1918/02/02)   PLAYBILL 1918
      The Tales Of Hoffmann (24,29/01) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1916/01/24-1916/01/29)   PLAYBILL 1916
Miranda Calvo Jose : La reconquista de Toledo por Alfonso VI.     
      La Reconquista De Toledo Por Alfonso VI. BJL; DP 137.6 M6   BOOK 1980
Miranda Carmen    
      Down Argentine Way BJL; PN 1997 D7482   DVD 2006
      The Gang's All Here BJL; PN 1997 G197   DVD 2007
Miranda Eduardo Reck 1963    
      Composing Music With Computers. BJL; MT 56 M6   BOOK 2001
      Computer Sound Design : Synthesis Techniques And Programming. BJL  BOOK 2002
      Computer Sound Synthesis For The Electronic Musician. BJL  BOOK 1998
      Readings In Music And Artificial Intelligence BJL; ML 74 R2   BOOK c2000
Miranda Francisco De : Miranda i Sverige och Norge 1787 / kommenterad av B. Dietz, S. Roth o. S. Wallin.     
      Miranda I Sverige Och Norge 1787 BJL; DL 747 M6   BOOK 1950
Miranda Garcia Soledad    
      Pluma Y Altar En El XIX De Galdos Al Cura Sta. Cruz. BJL; PQ 6140 R4 M6   BOOK 1983
      Religion Y Clero En La Gran Novela Espanola Del Siglo XIX. BJL; PQ 6140 R4 M6   BOOK 1982
Miranda Isa : Summertime [videorecording] / directed by David Lean.     
      Summertime BJL; PN 1997 S9559   DVD 2007
Miranda J P : Marx against the Marxists : the Christian humanism of Karl Marx.     
      Marx Against The Marxists : The Christian Humanism Of Karl Marx. BJL  BOOK 1980
Miranda Jose Porfirio    
      Marx Against The Marxists : The Christian Humanism Of Karl Marx. BJL; B 3305 M7 Z66   BOOK 1980
      Marx And The Bible : A Critique Of The Philosophy Of Oppression. BJL; BS 680 O64 M6   BOOK 1977
Miranda Maria Carolina : Roberto Arlt : translation and the construction of genre.     
      Roberto Arlt : Translation And The Construction Of Genre. BJL; T/H 2007 Ph.D. M6   THESIS 2007
Miranda Mariano : Land, poverty and politics in the Philippines / Mamerto Canlas, Mariano Miranda, James Putzel.     
      Land, Poverty And Politics In The Philippines South East Asian Collection; HD 949.4 C2   BOOK 1988
Miranda Mario J : Applied computational economics and finance / Mario J. Miranda and Paul L. Fackler.     
      Applied Computational Economics And Finance BJL; HB 143.5 M6   BOOK c2002
Miranda Nuno De : Camino longe : romance ...     
      Camino Longe : Romance ... BJL; PQ 9275 I69 C2   BOOK 198-?
Miranda Susana : Spain : practical commercial law / Susana Miranda ; general editor, Alexis Maitland Hudson.     
      Spain : Practical Commercial Law BJL; KKT 78 B86 M6   BOOK 1993
Miranda Wenceslao : Ignacio Agusti : el autor y la obra : interpretacion y realismo de "Guerra civil".     
      Ignacio Agusti : El Autor Y La Obra : Interpretacion Y Realismo De "Guerra Civil". BJL; PQ 6601 G88 Z66   BOOK 1982
Mirande A F : Sint Servaes legende, in dutschen dichtede dit Heynrijck die van Veldeke was geboren / naar de Leidse handschrift uitgegeven door G.A. von Es; met medewerking van G.I. Lieftinck & A.F. Mirande.     
      Sint Servaes Legende, In Dutschen Dichtede Dit Heynrijck Die Van Veldeke Was Geboren BJL; PT 1540 S5 E7   BOOK 1950
Mirande Alfredo    
      La Chicana : The Mexican American Woman BJL; E 184 M5 M6   BOOK 1979
      Gringo Justice Online materials; HV9950 .M57 1987   EBOOKS 1987
Mirandola Giorgio : La Gazzetta letteraria (1877-1902).     
      La Gazzetta Letteraria (1877-1902). BJL; PQ 4001 G29 M6   BOOK 1974
Mirandula Octavianus    
      Illustrium Poetarum Flores Online materials  EBOOKS 1616
      Poetarum Illustrium Flores. Per Octauianum Mirandulam Collecti, & In Locos Communes Digestj: Nunc Ve Online materials  EBOOKS 1611
      Illustrium Poetarum Flores Per Octavianum Mirandulam Olim Collecti, & In Locos Communes Digesti. Nun Online materials  EBOOKS 1667
      Illustrium Poetarum Flores, Per Octavianum Mirandulam Olim Collecti, & In Locos Communes Digesti. Nu Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
Mirandula Octavianus Active 1507 : Illustrium poetarum flores / per Octauianum Mirandulam collecti, & in Locos communes digesti.     
      Illustrium Poetarum Flores Online materials  EBOOKS 1598
Mirandula Scipio : Cynthia coronata seu serenissima Maria Austriaca inclitissimo Principe Carolo sole suo auricomo cincta : augustissimo gemino vtriusque genio sacra. Quam numini maiestatique ipsorum devotissimus ex voto, debito, et obsequio humillime meritissimoque, dat dicat consecrat. Scipio Mirandula.     
      Cynthia Coronata Seu Serenissima Maria Austriaca Inclitissimo Principe Carolo Sole Suo Auricomo Cinc Online materials  EBOOKS 1623?
Miranti Paul J : A history of corporate finance / Jonathan Barron Baskin, Paul J. Miranti, Jr.     
      A History Of Corporate Finance BJL; HG 4017 B3   BOOK 1997
Miranville Alain : Mathematical modeling in continuum mechanics / Roger Temam, Alain Miranville.     
      Mathematical Modeling In Continuum Mechanics BJL; QA 808.2 T2   BOOK 2000
Mirashi Vasudev Vishnu : Review of Indological research in last 75 years / editors; P.J. Chinmulgund, V.V. Mirashi.     
      Review Of Indological Research In Last 75 Years BJL; DS 407 R4   BOOK
Mirau Peter A : NMR of polymers / Frank A. Bovey, Peter A. Mirau.     
      NMR Of Polymers BJL; QP 519.9 N83 B7   BOOK 1996
Miraux Jean Philippe : Le personnage de roman : genèse, continuité, rupture.     
      Le Personnage De Roman : Genèse, Continuité, Rupture. BJL; PQ 631 M6   BOOK 1997
Miravite Lorenzo F : Rural banking in the Philippines.     
      Rural Banking In The Philippines. South East Asian Collection; HG 3359.8 M6   BOOK 1976
Mirbeau Octave    
      L'Affaire Dreyfus. BJL; DC 354 M6   BOOK 1991
      Anarchism In France : The Case Of Octave Mirbeau. BJL; DC 342.8 M6 C3   BOOK 1977
      Le Journal D'une Femme De Chambre. BJL; PQ 2364 M7 J8   BOOK 1964
      Octave Mirbeau : Vie Et Oeuvre. BJL; PQ 2364 M7 Z6   BOOK 1966
Mirbt Carl    
      Die Publizistik Im Zeitalter Gregors Vll. BJL; BX 1187 M6   BOOK 1965
      Quellen Zur Geschichte Des Papsttums Und Des Romischen Katholizismus, Vierte Verbesserte Und Wesentl BJL; BX 850 M6   BOOK 1924
Mircen Organization : MIRCEN journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology [electronic resource].     
      MIRCEN Journal Of Applied Microbiology And Biotechnology Online materials; QR53 .M58   EJOURNALS 1989
Mirchandani G G : Massive mandate for Rajiv Gandhi : 1984 Lok Sabha elections : UNI-DCM computer-based study / G.G. Mirchandani, K.S.R. Murthi.     
      Massive Mandate For Rajiv Gandhi : 1984 Lok Sabha Elections : UNI-DCM Computer-Based Study BJL; JQ 292 M6   BOOK 1985
Mirchuk Ivan    
      Ukraine And Its People : A Handbook With Maps, Statistical Tables And Diagrams. BJL; DK 508 M6   BOOK 1949
      L'Ukraine Dans Le Cadre De L'Est Europeen Par I. Mirtchouk. BJL; DK 508 M9   BOOK 1957
Mireaux Emile    
      La Chanson De Roland Et L'histoire De France. BJL; PQ 1525 M6   BOOK 1943
      Daily Life In The Time Of Homer. BJL; DF 220 M6   BOOK 1959
      La Vie Quotidienne Au Temps D'Homere. BJL; DF 78 M6   BOOK 1954
Mirecourt Eugene De : Rossini.     
      Rossini. BJL; ML 410 R83 M6   BOOK  
Mirecourt Trio : Trio America vol.3 [sound recording].     
      Trio America Vol.3 BJL; C/D 651   CD AUDIO
Mireille Delunsch : Dardanus [sound recording] / Jean-Philippe Rameau.     
      Dardanus BJL; C/D 2604   CD AUDIO p2000
Mirel Jeffrey : School reform, Cjicago style : educational innovation in a changing urban context, 1976-1991.     
      School Reform, Cjicago Style : Educational Innovation In A Changing Urban Context, 1976-1991. Departmental Locations; Xerox   PHOTOCOPY  
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