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100 0  N. F.,|dactive 1604. 
245 14 The fruiterers secrets :|bContaining directions, for the 
       due time, and manner, of gathering all kindes of fruite, 
       aswell stone-fruite as other: and how they are afterwards 
       to be ordered in packing, carrying and conueighing them by
       land or by water; then in separating or culling them into 
       diuers sorts; and lastly, in resruing or laying them vp, 
       so, as may bee for their best lasting and continuance. 
       Enterlaced with diuerse other secrets (and their naturall 
       causes) touching trees, and their fruite. No treatise, to 
       this purpose, being heretofore published. 
260    At London :|bPrinted by R. B[radocke]and are to be solde 
       by Roger Iackson, at his shop in Fleete-streete, neere the
300    [4], 28 p. 
500    "The epistle to the reader" signed: N.F. 
500    Title page verso has dedication to Charles [Blount,] Earl 
       of Devonshire. 
500    Printer's name from STC. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library. 
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