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N D B P   2
N E   7
N E Gent : The doting doctor, or, The icarion preacher : calculated for the better instruction of King Blake of Coven-Garden, representing the meridian of his dunghill embassie where the pole is elevated many degrees beyond the manners of the King the author / by N.E. Gent.  1655 1
N F Active 1604   4
N G   2
N G Active 1592 : A briefe and learned treatise, conteining a true description of the Antichrist, who was foretold by the prophets and apostles : And an evident proofe that the same agreeth vnto the Pope. Written in Latin by M. George Sohn Doctor of Diuinitie, and publike professor thereof at Heidelberg, and translated into english.  1592 1
N H   10
N H Active 1633   2
N H Minister Of The Gospel   2
N I : A True relation of the ground, occasion, and circumstances of that horrible murther committed by Iohn Bartram, gent. vpon the body of Sir Iohn Tyndham of Lincolns Inne, knight, one of the masters of the honorable Court of Chancery, the twelfth day of this instant Nouemb. / written by way of letter from a gentleman, to his country friend ; together with The examination of the said Bartram, taken before the right honourable, Sir Fra. Bacon knight, His Maiesties Atturney Generall, and Sir Henry Yelnerton knight, His Maiesties Solliciter General, according to speciall directions giuen by His Maiestie in that behalfe.  1616 1
N I U A Organization India : Environment and urbanization Asia [electronic resource].  2010- 1
N J   2
N J Active 1616 : A true relation of theg round [sic], occasion, and circumstances, of that horrible murther committed by Iohn Bartram, Gent. vpon the body of Sir Iohn Tyndal of Lincolns Inne, Knight: one of the masters of the Honorable Court of Chancery, the twelfth day of this instant Nouemb : Written by way of letter from a gentleman, to his country friend. Together with the examination of the said Bartram, taken before the right Honourable, Sir Fra. Bacon Knight, his Maiesties Atturney Generall: and Sir Henry Yeluerton Knight, his Maiesties Solliciter General, according to speciall directions giuen by his Maiestie in that behalfe.  1616 1
N L   6
N L Minister In The Country : A letter from a minister in the country, to a member of the convocation  1689 1
N L Nicholas Ling Active 1580 1607   34
N Ll : A true account and character of the times, : historically and politically drawn by a gentleman to give satisfaction to his friend in the countrey.  1647 1
N M   2
N N   52
N N Active 17th Century   3
N N Active 1614 : An epistle of a Catholicke young gentleman, (being for his religion imprisoned.) To his father a Protestant : Who commaunded him to set downe in writing, what were the motiues that induced him to become a Catholicke.  1623 1
N N Active 1635 : Maria triumphans : Being a discourse, wherein (by way of dialogue) the B. Virgin Mary Mother of God, is defended, and vindicated, from all such dishonours and indignities, with which the precisians of these our dayes, are accustomed vniustly to charge her.  1635 1
N N Active 1689 : A letter from a dissenter to his friend of the same perswasion : being a perswasive to a coalition for the better establishment of the Protestant religion in England.  1689 1
N N Catholic Gentleman : The booke of the holy societye commonly called of tvvelve : conteyning the lytanies, and prayers, vvich are to be sayd by those vvho are of that Societye. To obtaine of God the grace to dye well. Lately translated out of the French language for the benefit of English Catholikes by N.N. a Catholic gentleman.  1626 1
N N Gentleman In The Countrey   2
N N Loyal Subject Of The Roman Catholick Communion : The sentiments of N.N. (a loyal subject of the Roman Catholick communion) : touching the Roman consistorie's designs and practices, by and with their correspondents here, (viz. the Jesuits, monks and friers) to the prejudice of this nation, and the future involving it in misery and trouble, under the (feigned) pretence of advancing Catholick religion : together with some general remedies or expedients for preventing thereof, expresses in certain propositions, and humbly submitted to the censure of those whose prudence, or authority inables them better to judge of things.  1679 1
N N M : The defeat of the Barbary fleet; or A letter of advice relating the late glorious victory, which the Republique of Venice obtaind against the Turk in the chanel of Scio in the Archipelago, the 3d. of May 1657. Vnder the comand of the Lord Lazaro Mosenigo Captain Generall of the sea to the Republique..  1657 1
N N P : Luthers Alcoran : being a treatise first written in French by the learned Cardinall Peron, of famous memory, against the Hugenots of France, and translated into English by N.N.P. : the page following sheweth the particular contents of the booke, which consisteth of symbolismes, parallells, identities.  1642 1
N N Preacher In Ordinary To Their Majesties : Three sermons upon the sacrament in which transubstantiation is impartially considered, as to reason, scripture, and tradition : to which is added a sermon upon the feast of S. George / by N.N. ... Preacher in ordinary to Their Majesties.  1688 1
N N Protestant And Declared Dissenter From The Church Of England   2
N Nagy Francis : Engineering foundations of robotics.  1987 1
N O   2
N P   4
N P Active 1638   3
N P Master Of Arts And Minister Of Gods Word : The vertue and operation of this balsame  1615 1
N R   10
N R Active 1587 : A copie of a lettre written by an English gentleman, out of the campe of the lovv co[n]treys, vnto the reuerend, master doctor Allain, : tovvching the act of rendring the tovvne of Deuenter and other places, vnto the Cathol. king: and his ansvverre and resolution vnto the same..  1587 1
N R D : A letter to the most illustrious Lord, the Count of Hohenlo : one of the imperial generals. Written by a gentleman in the army of Count Serini before Canisia. Concerning the renegades amongst the Turks. Put into English by a person of quality. With allowance, June 10. 1664. Roger Le Strange.  1664 1
  N R I -- See Nomura Sōgō Kenkyūjo
N R Student In Astrology : Strange newes of the sad effects of the fatall eclipse happening the 29th of this March, 1652. : Also a prediction of the future fate of the king of Scots: Likewise an old prophesie (never before extant) referring to the Prince of Conde (now in armes against the King of France) positively determining what will be the issue of the said Princes attempts. With the direful effects and prodigies (probably) to be expected in the aire on Monday 29 March, 1652. With other remarkable things never before published. / By N.R. Student in astrology.  1652 1
N S   8
N S Active 1617 : Merry iests, concerning popes, monkes, and friers : Whereby is discouered their abuses and errors &c. Written first in Italian by N.S. and thence translated into French by G.I. and now out of French into English, by R.W. Bac. of Arts of H.H. in Oxon.  1617 1
N S W Teachers Federation : Education (Sydney, N.S.W.)  1919- 1
N T   13
N T M A T C C   2
N V : The triumph of the church over her plotting implacable enemies: being the substance of a moral discourse, delivered on the fifth of November, by that reverend divine, N.V. : First, shewing the black barbarity of the Powder-Plot. Secondly, the infinite mercy and goodness of God in preserving these three kingdoms when they were threatned with utter destruction. Thirdly, an exhortation to a holy life, as a suitable return of those favours received.  1689 1
N W   4
N W Nathaniel Williams 1679   3
N Y   4
N Z C E R   2
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