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050 00 GE320.B28|bN38 2011 
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100 1  Meko, Gorazd. 
111 2  NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Managing Global 
       Environmental Threats to Air, Water and Soil: Examples 
       from South Eastern Europe|d(2010 :|cLjubljana, Slovenia) 
245 10 Understanding and managing threats to the environment in 
       South Eastern Europe|h[electronic resource] /|cedited by 
       Gorazd Meško, Dejana Dimitrijević and Charles B. Fields. 
260    Dordrecht :|bSpringer,|cc2011. 
300    xi, 393 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm. 
490 1  NATO science for peace and security. Series C, 
       Environmental security 
500    "Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on 
       Managing Global Enviromental Threats to Air, Water and 
       Soil- Examples from South Eastern Europe, Ljubljana, 
       Slovenia, 28-30 June 2010."--T.p. verso. 
500    International conference proceedings. 
505 00 |tIntroduction to understanding and managing threats to 
       the environment in south eastern Europe /|rGorazd Meško, 
       Dejana Dimitrijevič, and Charles B. Fields --|tSlovenian 
       Environmental Policy Analysis : From Institutional 
       Declarations to Instrumental Legal Regulation /|rAndrej 
       Sotlar, bojan tičar, Bernarda Tominc --|tSituational Crime
       -Prevention Measures to Environmental Threats /|rGorazd 
       Meško, Klemen Bančič, Katja Eman, and Charles B. Fields --
       |tThe Role of Economic Instruments in Eco-Crime Prevention
       /|rRadmilo V. Pešić --|tInternational Waste Trafficking : 
       Preliminary Explorations /|rAna Klenovšek, gorazd Meško --
       |tPrimary Categories and Symbiotic Green Crimes in Bosnia 
       and Herzegovina /|rElmedin Muratbegović, Haris Guso --
       |tUsage of Special Investigation Measures in Detecting 
       Environmental Crime : International and Macedonian 
       Perspectives /|rMarina Malis Sazdovska --|tSolving 
       Problems Related to Environmental Crime Investigations /
       |rBojan Dobovšek, robert Praček --|tThe Benefits from 
       Using Professionally Developed Models of Possible 
       Hazardous Materials Accident Scenarios in Crime Scene 
       Investigation /|rDamir Kulišić --|tEnvironmental Security 
       Aspects of Explosion in the Ammunition Storage : 
       Opportunity for Policy Making /|rZoran Keković --
       |tNanotechnology : The Implementation of Precautionary 
       Principle beyond the EU /|rDejana dimitrijević --
       |tManagement of Spring Zones of Surface Water : The 
       Prevention of Ecological Risks on the Example of Serbia 
       and South Eastern Europe /|rMiroljub Milnčič, Tijana 
       Đorđević --|tEnvironmental Risks to Air, Water and Soil 
       Due to the Coal Mining Process /|rIvica Ristović --|tSolid
       Municipal Waste in Ukraine : A Case Study of Environmental
       Threats and Management Problems of the Chernivtsi Dump 
       Area /|rIgor Winkler, Grygoriy Zharykov --|tEnvironmental 
       Risk Factors in Connection With Hospital Laundry Effluent 
       /|rSonja Šostar-Turk, Sabina Fijan --|tRisk Assessment of 
       Chemicals in Food for Public Health Protection /
       |rElizabeth Mičović, Mario Gorenjak, Gorazd Meško, 
       Avrelija Cencič --|tPossibilities of Risk Quantification 
       in the System of Save-for-Health Food Production /|rMidhat
       Jašić, Dejana Dimitrijević --|tSolutions to Threats and 
       Risks for the National Security of Slovenia /|rTedora 
       Ivanuša, Matjaž, Iztok Podbregar --|tUncertainty in 
       Quantitative Analysis of Risks Impacting Human Security in
       Relation to Environmental Threats /|rKatarína Kampová, 
       Tomáš Loveček --|tEnvironmental Conflict Analysis /
       |rKatarina Jelšovská. 
650  0 Environmental management|zBalkan Peninsula|vCongresses. 
650  0 Offences against the environment|zBalkan Peninsula
650  0 Environmental protection|vCongresses. 
650  0 Environmental law|zBalkan Peninsula|vCongresses. 
650  0 Environmental protection|xInternational cooperation
700 1  Dimitrijevi, Dejana. 
700 1  Fields, Charles B. 
710 2  SpringerLink (Online service) 
830  0 NATO science for peace and security series.|nSeries C
       |pEnvironmental security. 
856 40 |uhttps://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-94
       -007-0613-2|zFull text available from SpringerLink ebooks 
       - Earth and Environmental Science (2011)