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National Early Years Network    
      Action For Racial Equality In The Early Years : Understanding The Past, Thinking About The Present, BJL; q LC 1099.5 G7 L2   BOOK c1999
      Listening To Four Year Olds : How They Can Help Us Plan Their Education And Care BJL; HQ 769 C8   BOOK c1999
National East Asian Languages Resource Center : NFLC guide for basic Chinese language programs.     
      NFLC Guide For Basic Chinese Language Programs. BJL; PL 1065 N5   BOOK c2006
National Economic And Development Authority Philippines : Urban Development Planning in Four Philippine Cities / edited by A.G. pacho and E.M. Panganiban.     
      Urban Development Planning In Four Philippine Cities South East Asian Collection; HT 169 P5 U7   BOOK 1974
National Economic And Social Council : An approach to social policy.     
      An Approach To Social Policy. BJL; HV 249 I8 D6   BOOK 1975
National Economic Development Council    
      Conditions Favourable To Faster Growth. BJL; HC 256.5 N2   BOOK 1963
      The Construction Industry. BJL; HD 9715 G72 N2   BOOK 1964
      Export Trends. BJL; HF 3514 N2   BOOK 1963
      The Growth Of The Economy. BJL; HC 256.5 N2   BOOK 1964
8 additional entries    
National Economic Development Council Economic Development Committee For In : Trading with Europe : through transport and the total export concept.     
      Trading With Europe : Through Transport And The Total Export Concept. BJL; q HF 3516.5 N2   BOOK 1977
  National Economic Development Council Great Britain -- See National Economic Development Council
National Economic Development Office    
      Activity Report/ National Economic Development Office. BJL; q HC 256.5 N27   PERIODICAL  
      Advanced Manufacturing Technology : The Impact Of New Technology On Engineering Batch Production. BJL; q TS 178.2 N2   BOOK 1985
      Agricultural Manpower In England And Wales By The Manpower Working Group. BJL; q HD 1534 N2   BOOK 1972
      Company Financial Results, 1966-67 1970-71. BJL; q HD 9699 N27   BOOK 1972
45 additional entries    
  National Economic Development Office Electronics Edc -- See Electronics EDC
  National Economic Development Office Electronics Industry Edc -- See Electronics EDC
  National Economic Development Office Great Britain -- See National Economic Development Office
National Economic Development Office Process Plant Working Party : Reports/ National Economic Development Office. Process Plant Working Party.     
      Reports/ National Economic Development Office. Process Plant Working Party. BJL; q HD 9999 P87 N27   PERIODICAL  
National Economic Research Associates    
      An Evaluation Of The Loan Guarantee Scheme BJL; q HD 4831 D4 R4(74)   BOOK 1990
      Market Definition In UK Competition Policy / D. Ridyard, S. Bishop, M. Klass. BJL; q HD 41 N2   BOOK 1992
National Economics Development Office : The U.K.'s performance in export markets - some evidence from international trade data.     
      The U.K.'s Performance In Export Markets - Some Evidence From International Trade Data. BJL; HF 3506.5 C7   BOOK 1979
National Education Alliance For Borderline Personality Disorder : Borderline personality disorder and emotion dysregulation [electronic resource].     
      Borderline Personality Disorder And Emotion Dysregulation Online materials; RC569.5.B67   EJOURNALS 2014-
National Education Association Great Britain    
      The Attack On The G.C.E. Examinations. BJL; JNME P8   BOOK 1972
      Doubling The Direct Grant Schools. BJL; JNW P8   BOOK 1974
      An Independent Education Authority : An N.E.A.Discussion Paper. BJL; JMB P8   BOOK 1972
      The Voucher In Schooling : An Exercise In Genuine Participation. BJL; JMFV B7   BOOK 1972
National Education Association Of The United States : NEA today [electronic resource].     
      NEA Today Online materials; L11 .N16   EJOURNALS 1982-
National Education Association Of The United States Department Of Audiovisu    
      Audio Visual Communication Review Online materials; P87 .A8   EJOURNALS 1963
      AV Communication Review Online materials; P87 .A8   EJOURNALS 1977
National Education Association Of The United States Department Of Rural Edu : Education of teachers for rural America.     
      Education Of Teachers For Rural America. BJL; JTFb N2   BOOK 1946
National Education Association Of The United States Department Of Supervisi : Current problems of supervision.     
      Current Problems Of Supervision. BJL; JMBI N2   BOOK 1930
National Education Association Of The United States National Training Labor : Five issues in human relations training / edited by I. R. Weschler and E. H. Schein.     
      Five Issues In Human Relations Training BJL; BF 730 N2   BOOK 1962
National Education Association Of The United States Research Division    
      The State And Sectarian Education. BJL; JMZ N2   BOOK 1956
      Teacher Opinion On Pupil Behaviour, 1955-56. BJL; JHH N2   BOOK  
National Education League : Unsectarian education : a reply to the Bishop of Peterborough / by J. W. Caldicott.     
      Unsectarian Education : A Reply To The Bishop Of Peterborough Online materials  EBOOKS 1869
National Education Trust Great Britain : Learning without labels : improving outcomes for vulnerable pupils / edited by Marc Rowland.     
      Learning Without Labels : Improving Outcomes For Vulnerable Pupils BJL; LC1200 .L4   BOOK 2017
National Education Union    
      A Verbatim Report Of The Debate In Parliament During The Progress Of The Elementary Education Bill, BJL; JBL V4   BOOK 1876
      A Verbatim Report, With Indexes, Of The Debate In Parliament During The Progress Of The Elementary E BJL; J5M N2   BOOK 1870
National Educational Association Of The United States Annual Meeting Nashvi : The two sides of the school question.     
      The Two Sides Of The School Question. BJL; LA 2282 T9   BOOK 1890
National Electronics Council : Human factors and information technology.     
      Human Factors And Information Technology. BJL; q T 58.6 N2   BOOK 1983
National Elfrida Rathbone Society    
      Continuing Education : A Programme For The Less-Able In Colleges Of Further Education. BJL; JOO B8   BOOK 1978
      The Educationally Subnormal In The Community. BJL; HV 3008 G7 W2   BOOK 1970
      Pre-School - The Cycle Of Opportunity. BJL; JLH D3   BOOK 1973
National Emergency Nurses Affiliation    
      Canadian Journal Of Emergency Nursing Journal Canadien Des Infirmières D'urgence. Online materials  EJOURNALS  
      Outlook The Official Journal Of The National Emergency Nurses Affiliation. Online materials  EJOURNALS 2012
National Employee Rights Institute : Employee rights and employment policy journal [electronic resource].     
      Employee Rights And Employment Policy Journal Online materials; K5 .M642   EJOURNALS  
National Employers Federation : Some comments on the pamphlet entitled "The present economic position of the engineering and allied industries" : being a reply to the publication under that title by the Engineering and the National Employers' Federations.     
      Some Comments On The Pamphlet Entitled "The Present Economic Position Of The Engineering And Allied BJL; HD 9680 G7 A4   BOOK 1921
National Ems Pilots Association U S : Air medical journal (Online)     
      Air Medical Journal Online materials; RA996.5 .A37   EJOURNALS  
National Endowment For Democracy U S : Journal of democracy (Online)     
      Journal Of Democracy Online materials; JF1051 .J68   EJOURNALS  
National Endowment For Science Technology And The Arts Great Britain    
      Creating Entrepreneurships : Entrepreneurship Education For The Creative Industries BJL  BOOK 2007
      Launch Your Own Successful Creative Business. BJL  BOOK 2011
National Energy Strategies Project : Unpaid costs of electrical energy : health and environmental impacts from coal and nuclear power : a study prepared for the National Energy Strategies Project.     
      Unpaid Costs Of Electrical Energy : Health And Environmental Impacts From Coal And Nuclear Power : A BJL; TD 195 E4 R1   BOOK 1979
National Engineering Joint Trades Movement : Proceedings at a special conference between Engineering and Allied Employers' National Federation and National Engineering Joint Trades Movement.     
      Proceedings At A Special Conference Between Engineering And Allied Employers' National Federation An BJL; HD 4966 E5 E5   BOOK 1942
National Enterprise Board    
      The National Enterprise Board : Labour's State Holding Company. BJL; HD 4148 L1   BOOK 1973
      The Regeneration Of British Industry. BJL; HD 4148 D4   BOOK 1974
      State Capitalism : Some Reflections On The National Enterprise Board In The Mirror Of Italy's I.R.I. BJL; HD 4147 A2   BOOK 1974
National Environment Research Council    
      Flood Studies Report. BJL; q GB 1283 N2   BOOK 1975
      Flood Studies Report. BJL; q GB 1283 N2   BOOK 1975
      Flood Studies Report. BJL; q GB 1283 N2   BOOK 1975
      Flood Studies Report. BJL; q GB 1283 N2   BOOK 1975
2 additional entries    
National Eonomic Development Office Economic Development Committee For Agri : U.K. farming and the Common Market : grass and grass products.     
      U.K. Farming And The Common Market : Grass And Grass Products. BJL; q HD 1641 G7 N2   BOOK 1974
National Extension College    
      Bereavement And Loss BJL; q BF 575 G7 F5   BOOK 1990
      Correspondence Teaching And Television. BJL; JUK N2   BOOK 1966
      Four Television Experiments. BJL; JIY N2   BOOK 1965
      Home Study Standards. BJL; LC 5955 G7 H7   BOOK 1966
8 additional entries    
National Family And Parenting Institute Great Britain    
      Family Trends : British Families Since The 1950s BJL; HQ 613 F1   BOOK c2009
      Is Parenting A Class Issue? BJL; HQ 755.8 I7   BOOK c2010
National Family Planning Board Malaysia    
      Annual Report/ National Family Planning Board (Malaysia). South East Asian Collection; (WL) HQ 766.5 M2 N27   PERIODICAL 1982
      Bullitin Keluarga : Siaran Lembaga Perangchang Keluarga Kebangsaan Malaysia. South East Asian Collection; q HQ 763 B93   PERIODICAL  
      The Changing Ethnic Patterns Of Mortality In Peninsular Malaysia, 1957-79. South East Asian Collection; HB 1474.6 A3 C4   BOOK 1983
      Child Care Needs Of Low Income Women In Urban Malaysia : A Report South East Asian Collection; q HV 861 M2 N2   BOOK 1980
10 additional entries    
  National Family Planning Coordination Board Indonesia -- See Badan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional
  National Family Planning Movement Indonesia -- See Gerakan Keluarga Berencana Nasional di Indonesia
National Farmers Alliance And Industrial Union : Populist vanguard : a history of the southern Farmers' Alliance.     
      Populist Vanguard : A History Of The Southern Farmers' Alliance. BJL; HD 1485 F24 M1   BOOK 1975
National Farmers Union    
      A Farm And Food Plan. BJL; HD 1927 N2   BOOK 1962
      National Farmers Union At The Grass Roots. BJL; A/T 13   CASSETTE 1972
      The Role Of The National Farmers' Union Of England And Wales Vis A Vis British Dairy Policy. BJL; T/H 1983 M.Phil. L4   THESIS 1983
National Federaiton Of Building Trades Operatives Yorkshire Area : Approved working rules as and from May 1st, 1920.     
      Approved Working Rules As And From May 1st, 1920. BJL; HD 8039 B92 G7   BOOK 1920
National Federation For Constitutional Liberties : Race discrimination and the law.     
      Race Discrimination And The Law. BJL; KT 145 M1   BOOK 1945
National Federation Of Anglers    
      Proceedings Of The... British Coarse Fish Conference. BJL; q SH 1 B86   BOOK 1971
      Proceedings Of The... British Coarse Fish Conference. BJL; q SH 1 B86   BOOK  
National Federation Of Associated Employers Of Labour : Report upon the memorial presented to the Home Secretary by the National Federation of Associated Employers of Labour, December 13th, 1873 ...     
      Report Upon The Memorial Presented To The Home Secretary By The National Federation Of Associated Em BJL; KD 282 C9   BOOK 1873
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