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Philadelphia Museum Of Art   33
Philadelphia National Bank : The Philadelphia National Bank : a century's record, 1803-1903.  1903 1
Philadelphia Orchestra   12
Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra : Ballet Mecanique [sound recording] / George Antheil.  p2001 1
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends   4
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends Philadelphi : An epistle from John Burnyeat to friends in Pennsilvania; : to be disperced by them to the neighbouring provinces, which for convenience and dispatch was thought good to be printed, and so ordered by the Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia, the 7th of the 4th month, 1686.  1686 1
Philadelphian Society London England : The declaration of the Philadelphian Society of England, Easter-day, 1699. : Addressed to the Catholick Church representative and diffusive.  1699 1
Philadelphos Theophilos : Ad reverendissimos patres, gravissimos, doctissimosque viros, Ecclesiarum Anglicanarum dominos Episcopos  1625 1
Philadelphus   2
Philadelphus Theodulus : The True portraiture of the church of Iesus-Christ : whereby she may easily be distinguished from the false churches of heretics, that so those vvho have deviated from the vvay of truth may be induced to return thereinto, and the faithfull be incouraged to persevere therein / faithfuily [sic] translated out of French into English according to the last edition by Theodolus Philadelphus.  1670 1
Philadept : An essay concerning adepts, or, A resolution of this inquiry : how it cometh to pass that adepts, if there are any in the world, are no more beneficial to mankind than they have been known hitherto to be, and whether there could be no way to encourage them to communicate themselves : with some resolutions concerning the principles of the adeptists and a model, practicable, and easy, of living in community : in two parts / by a Philadept ...  1698 1
Philagathou : The method of chemical philosophie and physick. Being a brief introduction to the one, and a true discovery of the other. namely, of diseases, their qualities, causes, symptoms, and certain cures. The like never before extant in English.  1664 1
Philagathus Active 1609 : Sac & pieces pour le pape de Romme, ses cardinaux & evesques. English  1609 1
Philagathus Philanthropus : An humble remonstrance to the King & Parliament in the behalf of many decayed and decaying citizens and families of London, occasioned solely by the dreadful fire of that city : and some concurring calamitous events of providence since. Per Philanthropus Philagathus.  1675 1
Philagrius   2
Philalathes : The causes and cures of an unwilling warre, or, Justice awakened from gownes to guns / historified by Philalathes.  1645 1
Philalathes Salem : The moderate Independent proposing a word in season to the gathered churches, the Episcopal and Presbyterian parties : tending to their humiliation for what is past, to be reconciled to each other for the time to come, and joyntly to acquiesse in the determinations of this present Parliament, as to the government of church & state / by Salem Philalathes ...  1660 1
Philalethes   12
Philalethes Active 1682 : A seasonable warneing [sic] to the poor persecuted Church of Scotland, or Dissuasive to all true non-con[for]mists, from sinful complying with, [b]eing of, and active submitting to abjured prelats, and their underlings, by hearing of them, any other way strenghening their hands to the overturning the work of reformation / Philalethes.  1682 1
Philalethes Andreas : An ansvvere made by one of our brethren, a secular priest, now in prison, to a fraudulent letter of M. George Blackwels, written to Cardinall Caietane, 1596, in commendation of the Iesuits in England  1602 1
Philalethes Anonymos   2
Philalethes B P : Penotus palimeis, or, The alchymists enchiridion : in two parts : the first containing excellent experienced chymical receipts and balsoms for healing and curing most diseases incident to the body of man &c. : the second part containing the Practica mirabilis for the accomplishing and obtaining ... the white and red elixir ... : together with a small treatise ... written by that very ancient philosopher Arislaus, concerning the philosophers stone : to which second part is prefix'd an apologetic introduction, written by that very ancient philosopher Arislaus, concerning the philosophers stone : to which second part is prefix'd an apologetic introduction, written in answer to a scurrilous libel ... by D. Nicholaus Guibertus ... / the whole written in Latin by Bernardus Penotus a Portu Sanctae Mariae Aquitani ; and now faithfully englished and claused by B.P. Philalethes.  1692 1
Philalethes Eirenaeus   11
Philalethes Hieron : Mercurius militans, with his hags haunting cruelty, and his bays crowning clemency : historically suited to our long wished peace / by Hieron Philalethes.  1648 1
Philaletheseirenes   2
Philalethirenaeus : A modest offer of some meet considerations tendered to the learned prolocutor, and to the rest of the Assembly of Divines, met at Westminster. / By a true lover of truth and peace.  1644 1
Philanactodemus : Quære's, seasonable, to be humbly presented to King Charles, at Holmby, and others, for his Parliament at Westminster: : vvith a few to be taken to heart, by the common people of England, communicated: / by Philanactodemus. Whereunto is added a prologue and an epilogue, for the better illustration of the thing to the different reader.  1647 1
Philanactos Demophilus : Tvvo epitaphs, occasioned by the death of Sr Charles Lucas, and Sr George Lisle, basely assassinated at Colchester.  1648 1
Philanar And Misostratus : Hipp-anthropos.  1648 1
Philanax   3
Philanax Anonomous : Oxonii lachrymæ, : Rachell weeping for her children, or, a patheticall relation of the present grievances of the late famous University of Oxford. Wherein you have her unjust sufferings manifested. The authours of her miseries characterised. And, the ejected loyalists nominated. / Presented in a letter from an Oxford schollar (not yet exil'd) to his friend a gentleman of Grayes-Inne.  1649 1
Philanax Misopapas   3
Philanax Misopappas : A Tory plot: or The discovery of a design carried on by our late addressers and abhorrers, to alter the constitution of the government and to betray the Protestant religion. By Philanax Misopappas  1682 1
Philander Misaurus : The honour of the gout: or, A rational discourse, demonstrating that the gout is one of the greatest blessings which can befal mortal man : that all gentlemen who are weary of it, are their own enemies; that those pratitioners who offer at the cure, are the vainest and most mischievous cheats in nature. By way of letter to an eminent citizen, wrote in the heat of a violent paroxysm, and now published for the common good. By Philander Misiatus.  1699 1
Philander S George   2
Philanglus   7
Philanthropus : A Sober vindication of Lt. Gen. Ludlow and others : in answer to a printed letter sent from Sir Hardress Waller in Ireland, and other non-commissioned officers at Dublin to Lt. General Ludlow at Duncannon, commander in chief of all the Parliament forces in Ireland : wherein you have a faithful but summary history of the affairs in Ireland as they now stand ... / by a faithful friend to the Parliament and Commonwealth.  1660 1
Philanthropus Irenaus Philadelphus : Eirēnikon, or, A treatise of peace between the two visible divided parties ... / by Irenæus Philadelphus Philanthropus ...  1660 1
Philaquila   2
Philaretes Active 1602   2
Philaretos : The Challenge sent by a young lady to Sir Thomas &c., or, The female war : wherein the present dresses and humours &c. of the fair sex are vigorously attackt by men of quality, and as bravely defended by Madam Godfrey and other ingenious ladies who set their names to every challenge : the whole encounter consists of six hunded letters pro and con on all disputable points relating to women, and is the first battle of this nature that was ever fought in England.  1697 1
Philaretus Anthropopolita : Some seasonable remarks upon the deplorable fall of the Emperour Julian : with an epistle of his to the citizens of Bostra / now made English ; by Philaretus Anthropopolita.  1681 1
Philastrius Saint Bishop Of Brescia Active 383 391 : Eusebii Vercellensis Episcopi quae supersunt / edidit Vincentius Bulhart.  1957 1
Philatelic International : The encyclopaedia of the America's Cup in stamps / produced by Philatelic International in conjunction with the official America's Cup stamp issue by the Solomon Islands.  1987 1
Philbert Andre : La politique sociale de la France.  1960 1
Philbin J Holladay : Parliamentary representation, 1832 : England and Wales.  1965 1
Philbin Thomas 1970 : Geometry and light : the science of invisibility / Ulf Leonhardt, Thomas Philbin.  c2010 1
Philbin Tobias R : Battle of Dogger Bank : the first dreadnought engagement, January 1915 / Tobias R. Philbin.  2014 1
Philbrick Allen Kellogg   2
Philbrick Elizabeth Barry : Treating parental pathology through Child Protective Services.  1960 1
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