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Philips Sian : Beckett on film [videorecording] : 19 films x 19 directors.     
      Beckett On Film 19 Films X 19 Directors. BJL; PN 1997 A1 B3   DVD c2001
Philips Susan : Language, gender and sex in comparative perspective.     
      Language, Gender And Sex In Comparative Perspective. BJL; P 120 S48 L2   BOOK 1987
Philips Thomas Sir : Illustrissimus dominus, Tho. Philips, eques auratus, prænobilisque ordinis baronetorum Anglicorum, serenissimo potentissimoque Carolo primo, Dei gratia magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ regi, fidei propugnatorj ab interiori cãera, eidemque ma[ty] ad potentissimum Principẽ Han Morat regni Ottomanij, totiusq[ue] imperij orientalis monarcham legatus, Anno Salutis 1626     
      Illustrissimus Dominus, Tho. Philips, Eques Auratus, Prænobilisque Ordinis Baronetorum Anglicorum, Online materials  EBOOKS 1626
Philips W : Proclamations. 1597. English     
      The Edict And Decree Of Phillip King Of Spaine : Published And Proclaimed By The Said King, Touching Online materials  EBOOKS 1597
Philips William 1734    
      The Revengeful Queen : A Tragedy : As It Was Acted At The Theatre-Royal By His Majesty's Servants Online materials  EBOOKS 1698
      St. Stephens-Green, Or, The Generous Lovers : A Comedy, As It Is Acted At The Theatre-Royal, In Dubl Online materials  EBOOKS 1700
Philips William Merchant : Confident newes from Ireland : being a letter sent from Mr. William Philips, merchant, dwelling in Dublin to Mr. William Baber, a worthy friend of his, and one of the gentlemen of the Inner-Temple : certifying how one of the rebels flying from his confederates into Dublin, related to Sir Charles Coot their damnable designes, who making it known to Sir Simon Harcott and the rest of the justices, they suddenly issued forth, and beating them out of their works, slew 800 of them with small losse : a relation that is reall, and not coin'd according to invention meerly for press profit, but to satisfie many whom it may concern, who cannot be resolv'd by one mans private letter.     
      Confident Newes From Ireland : Being A Letter Sent From Mr. William Philips, Merchant, Dwelling In D Online materials  EBOOKS 1641
Philipsen Dirk : We were the people : voices from East Germany's revolutionary autumn of 1989.     
      We Were The People : Voices From East Germany's Revolutionary Autumn Of 1989. BJL; DD 289 P5   BOOK 1993
Philipson David 1862 1949 : Hebrew Union College annual (Online)     
      Hebrew Union College Annual Online materials; BM11 .H4   EJOURNALS 1924-
Philipson John : Northumberland / edited by J. Philipson.     
      Northumberland BJL; SB 484 G7 N27(7)   BOOK 1969
Philipson Lennart : A revolution in biology.     
      A Revolution In Biology. BJL; JSmo7 A1(41)   BOOK 1981
Philipson Uno : Political slang, 1750-1850.     
      Political Slang, 1750-1850. BJL; PE 5 L95(9)   BOOK 1968
Philipson William R : The vascular canbium : its development and activity / ed by W.R. Philipson,J.M. Ward and B.G. Butterfield.     
      The Vascular Canbium : Its Development And Activity BJL; QK 647 P5   BOOK 1971
Philis Nicolaos : Case of Philis v. Greece : judgment of 27 August 1991.     
      Case Of Philis V. Greece : Judgment Of 27 August 1991. BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E88(209)   BOOK 1991
Philistion Of Nicaea : Sententiae : comparatio Menandri et philistionis / editor S Jaekel.     
      Sententiae : Comparatio Menandri Et Philistionis BJL; PA 3402 M57   BOOK 1964
Philliber William W : The invisible minority : urban Appalachians / W.W. Philliber & C.B. McCoy, editors, with H.C. Dillingham.     
      The Invisible Minority : Urban Appalachians BJL; HB 2175 I6   BOOK 1981
Phillimore A : Last of Nelson's captains.     
      Last Of Nelson's Captains. BJL; DA 530 P5   BOOK  
Phillimore And Company Ltd : The Phillimore atlas and index of parish registers / edited by C.R. Humphery-Smith.     
      The Phillimore Atlas And Index Of Parish Registers BJL; CS 434 P5   BOOK 1984
Phillimore Cecily : By an unknown disciple.     
      By An Unknown Disciple. BJL; BT 309 P5   BOOK 1918
Phillimore Committee : Evidence to the Phillimore Committee on the law of contempt of court.     
      Evidence To The Phillimore Committee On The Law Of Contempt Of Court. BJL; q KD 803 U5   BOOK 1971
Phillimore G W 2nd Baron : Recollections of a prisoner of war.     
      Recollections Of A Prisoner Of War. BJL; D 521 P5   BOOK  
Phillimore George Grenville : Burge's commentaries on colonial and foreign laws / [editors]; A.W. Renton and G.G. Phillimore.     
      Burge's Commentaries On Colonial And Foreign Laws BJL; KB 50 B9   BOOK 1981
Phillimore J S : Index verborum Propertianus.     
      Index Verborum Propertianus. BJL; PA 6646 P5   BOOK  
Phillimore Jenny    
      Poverty Among Refugees And Asylum Seekers In The UK : An Evidence And Policy Review Departmental Locations; HV 640.4 G7 A4   BOOK 2014
      Qualitative Research In Tourism : Ontologies, Epistemologies And Methodologies BJL; G 155 A1 Q1   BOOK 2004
Phillimore John : The international handbook on environmental technology management / edited by Dora Marinova, David Annandale, and John Phillimore.     
      The International Handbook On Environmental Technology Management BJL; HD 30.255 I6   BOOK c2006
Phillimore John Swinnerton    
      Catulli, Tibulli, Properti Carmina Quae Extant Omnia. BJL; s PA 6121 C3   BOOK 1911
      Ille Ego : Virgil And Professor Richmond. BJL; PA 6803 Z6 P5   BOOK 1920
      Pastoral And Allegory : A Re-Reading Of The "Bucolics" Of Virgil. BJL; PA 6804 A5 P5   BOOK 1925
      Propertius. BJL; PA 6645 P5   BOOK 1906
      Some Remarks On Translation And Translators. BJL; PR 5 E5 P1(42)   BOOK 1919
Phillimore Peter    
      Health And Deprivation : Inequality And The North BJL; RA 488 N8 T7   BOOK 1988
      Inequalities In Health In The Northern Region : An Interim Report BJL; q RA 488 N8 T7   BOOK 1986
Phillimore R C    
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
Phillimore Robert Sir 1810 1885    
      The Ecclesiatical Law. BJL; HTL 235   BOOK 1842
      Laocoon. BJL; PT 2403 A57 P5   BOOK 1874
Phillimore W P W : Index to Signet Bills 1584-1596 and 1603-1624.     
      Index To Signet Bills 1584-1596 And 1603-1624. BJL; CS 434 B8 I3(4)   BOOK  
Phillion Joann : Narrative inquiry in a multicultural landscape : multicultural teaching and learning / JoAnn Phillion ; foreword by Michael Connelly.     
      Narrative Inquiry In A Multicultural Landscape : Multicultural Teaching And Learning BJL; LC 1099.5 C2 P5   BOOK 2002
Phillip Arthur 1738 1814 : The voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay.     
      The Voyage Of Governor Phillip To Botany Bay. BJL; DU 160 P5   BOOK 1970
Phillip J : The play of patient Grissell.     
      The Play Of Patient Grissell. BJL; PR 1241 M2 P56   BOOK  
Phillip William    
      The French Academie : Fully Discoursed And Finished In Foure Bookes. 1. Institution Of Manners And C Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
      A Booke Of Secrets : Shewing Diuers Waies To Make And Prepare All Sorts Of Inke, And Colours: As Bla Online materials  EBOOKS 1596
      Iohn Huighen Van Linschoten. His Discours Of Voyages Into Ye Easte & West Indies : Deuided Into Four Online materials  EBOOKS 1598
      The Relation Of A Wonderfull Voiage Made By VVilliam Cornelison Schouten Of Horne : Shewing How Sout Online materials  EBOOKS 1619
8 additional entries    
Phillip William Active 1600 : Newes from Bohemia. An apologie made by the states of the Kingdome of Bohemia, : shewing the reasons why those of the reformed religion were moued to take armes, for the defence of the King and themselues, especially against the dangerous sect of Iesuites. With a plaine declaration, that those who belong vnto the monasteries and ecclesiasticall iurisdiction (according vnto his Maiesties letters, and agreements made betweene the states of the reformed religion and the Papists) haue good right, as being subiects of the Imperiall Maiestie, to the peaceable exercise of their diuine seruice, and building of churches. / Translated out of Dutch into Latine, and thence into English, by Will. Philip..     
      Newes From Bohemia. An Apologie Made By The States Of The Kingdome Of Bohemia, : Shewing The Reasons Online materials  EBOOKS 1619
Phillipov Michelle : Death metal and music criticism : analysis at the limits.     
      Death Metal And Music Criticism : Analysis At The Limits. BJL; ML 3534 P5   BOOK 2012
Phillippe De Navarre : Les quatre ages de l'homme; traite moral de Philippe de Navarre / publ...par Freville.     
      Les Quatre Ages De L'homme; Traite Moral De Philippe De Navarre BJL; PQ 1300 A5 P55   BOOK 1888
Phillippe Ryan 1974 : Flags of our fathers [videorecording] / directed by Clint Eastwood.     
      Flags Of Our Fathers BJL; PN 1997 F574   DVD 2007
Phillippes Henry 1677    
      The Advancement Of The Art Of Navigation : In Two Parts, The First, Shewing By A New Canon Of Sines, Online materials  EBOOKS 1685
      The Advancement Of The Art Of Navigation : In Two Parts : The First Shewing By A New Canon Of Sines, Online materials  EBOOKS 1657
      An Almanac For The Year Of Our Lord, 1655 : Shewing The Daily Places Of The Sun And Moon, Their Conj Online materials  EBOOKS 1655
      An Almanack For The Year Of Our Lord, 1653. : Shewing The Places Of The Sun And Moon, Their Conjunct Online materials  EBOOKS 1653
34 additional entries    
Phillippes W : A larume belle for London, with à caueat or warning to England : also a pitifull complaint of the penitente synner, newlie set forthe by Ihon Carre, citezein of London.     
      A Larume Belle For London, With à Caueat Or Warning To England : Also A Pitifull Complaint Of The P Online materials  EBOOKS 1573
Phillippo Susanna : La troade / edition critique par Susanna Phillippo et James J. Supple.     
      La Troade BJL; PQ 1917 S54 T8   BOOK 1995
Phillipps Evelyn March    
      The Frescoes In The Sistine Chapel. BJL; ND 2625 R7 P5   BOOK 1901
      Tintoretto. BJL; ND 526 T59 P5   BOOK 1911
      The Venetian School Of Painting. BJL; ND 526.9 V4 P5   BOOK 1912
Phillipps Karen : A colour guide to Hong Kong animals.     
      A Colour Guide To Hong Kong Animals. BJL; QL 191 H6   BOOK 1981
Phillipps Kenneth C    
      Language And Class In Victorian England. BJL; PR 878 L35 P5   BOOK 1984
      The Language Of Thackeray. BJL; PR 5648 P5   BOOK 1978
Phillipps Master : The stranger, or, Misanthropy & repentance / [Sheridan from a translation by Benjamin Thompson of a play by Kotzebue] ; The adopted child.     
      The Stranger, Or, Misanthropy & Repentance Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1839/02/21)   PLAYBILL 1839
Phillipps Thomas Sir 1792 1872    
      The Metamorphoses Of Ovid. BJL; sq Z115.5 O9   BOOK 1968
      The Phillipps Manuscripts. BJL; q Z 6623 P56   BOOK 1968
Phillipps W    
      The Principles Of Law Reduced To Practice. Online materials  EBOOKS 1660
      The Principles Of Law, Reduced To Practice Online materials  EBOOKS 1660
Phillippson J : Mock-majesty: or, the siege of Munster. : Being a true story of those fine things, wherewith King Iohn Becock, at first a botcher of Leiden by profession, and his companions the Anabaptists, pleased themselves after they were become masters of that city. You shall here likewise have the issue of the whole mock-show. Imprimatur, James Cranford.     
      Mock-Majesty: Or, The Siege Of Munster. : Being A True Story Of Those Fine Things, Wherewith King Io Online materials  EBOOKS 1645
Phillippy Patricia Berrahou 1960    
      A History Of Early Modern Women's Writing Online materials  EBOOKS 2018
      A History Of Early Modern Women's Writing BJL; PR 113 H6   BOOK 2018
      Painting Women : Cosmetics, Canvases, And Early Modern Culture BJL; NX 652 W6 P5   BOOK 2006
      Women, Death And Literature In Post-Reformation England BJL; PR 428 D4 P5   BOOK 2002
      Speech At A Dinner At Liverpool. BJL; JK 1411   BOOK  
      Speech At Dublin In A Trial For Seduction. BJL; KD 845   BOOK  
      Speech At Roscommon In A Trial For Seduction. BJL; KD 845   BOOK  
      Speech In The Court Of Common Pleas, Dublin. BJL; KD 845   BOOK  
      Visual Software Specifications That Execute Inaugural BJL; ENG 438   SPOKEN RECORD 1991
Phillips A A : Henry Lawson.     
      Henry Lawson. BJL; PR 9619.2 L3 Z67   BOOK 1970
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