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Phillipson Robert   2
Phillipson Shane N   2
Phillipson Sivanes : Constructing educational achievement : a sociocultural perspective / edited by Sivanes Phillipson, Kelly Y.L. Ku, Shane N. Phillipson.  c2013 1
Phillis Randall W : Biology of cancer / Randall W. Phillis, Steve Goodwin.  c2003 1
Phillott Henry Wright : Mediaeval geography : an essay in illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi / by W.L. Bevan and H.W. Phillott.  1969 1
Phillpot Clive   2
Phillpott Henry Roy Stewart   2
Phillpott Matthew James : Arras - East Yorkshire. The archaeology and history of a lost landscape.  2004 1
Phillpott Nicholas : Reasons & proposalls for a registry or remembrancer of all deeds and encumbrances of real estates, to be had in every county : most necessary and advantageous, as well for sellers and borrowers, as purchasers and lenders : to the advance of credit and the general good without prejudice to any honest minded person, most humbly offered to consideration / by Nicholas Phillpott ...  1671 1
Phillpotts A S : Economic conditions in Austria, revised to November 1929 : report.  1930 1
Phillpotts Adelaide Eden 1896 1993   2
Phillpotts Bertha S Bertha Surtees Dame 1877 1932   5
Phillpotts Eden 1862 1960   80
Phillpotts G J O : Previous convictions, sentence and reconviction : a statistical study of a sample of 5000 offenders convicted in January 1971 / by G.J.O. Phillpotts and L.B. Lancucki.  1979 1
Phillpotts Henry 1778 1869 : Letters to Charles Butler.  1826 1
Philly John : The arrainment of Christendom : containing a revelation of the rys, growth & fulnes of the great whôr, man of sin or mistery of iniquity, with the comsumtion, ruin & utter destruction of the dragon's, beast's & fals profet's power, with the waters on which the whôr sits, & the sea out of which the beast arôs in Christendom. ... Being the trumpet of the Lord sounded forth which giveth a most sûr & certain sound to Leopold the present Roman Emperor, & to the present Pop of Rôm, ... I John, the servant of the most hy God, ... being a prisoner, (with my companions in travel) at a plâs caled Great Gomara, on a certain ysland in Hungaria, ... The living, eternal, & pur power of God moved in me, & revealed unto me that I should wryt, ...  1664 1
Philmus Robert M   2
Philmus Robert Michael : H.G.Wells's literary criticism / edited by P.Parrinder and R.M.Philmus.  1980 1
Philo   2
Philo Anglicus : Bread for the poor, or, Observations upon certain proposals lately offered to the Kings Majesty and both Houses of Parliament : with some additional considerations tending to inriching of the nation ... : whereby all poor people, women and children from five years old may be comfortably employ'd to get their own livings, beggars and vagrants restrain'd, the parish charges for the poor lightned, and consequently your lands improved, rents raised ... and tradesmen encouraged, and many hundred thousand pounds a year kept at home which now goes out of the kingdom to French and other forraign commodities / by Philo-Anglicus.  1678 1
Philo Balladus   3
Philo Basileus Philo Clerus : Jura cleri, or, An apology for the rights of the long-despised clergy : proving out of antient and modern records that the conferring of revenues, honours, titles, priviledges, and jurisdiction upon ecclesiasticks is consistent with Scripture, agreeable to the purest primitive times, and justified by the vsance and practce of all nations / by Philo-Basileus Philo-Clerus.  1661 1
Philo Britannicos : Discorso sopra le ragioni della resolutione fatta in Val Telina contra la tirannide de' Grisoni & heretici.. English  1628 1
Philo Caledon   5
Philo Carolus Philo Jesus : Lemmata meditationum, or, The contents of a few religious meditations : given as directive and incentive to that invaluable duty / by Philo-Jesus Philo-Carolus.  1672 1
Philo Chris   9
Philo Dicaeus : The standard of equality· In subsidiary taxes & payments, : or A just and strong preserver of publique liberty. Conducing towards the most happy government of kingdomes and states.  1647 1
Philo Dicaios   2
Philo Doggrel Pseud : A short reply to M. L'Estrange's Short answer to a litter of libels in a letter to a friend  1680 1
Philo Greg   10
Philo Huff Lash Bentivolio : A just reward for unreasonable service, or, An answer to John Gadbury's late hectorisme for Scorpio : wherein his malicious invectives against Mr. Lilly, are fairly wip'd off, his forgeries and impertinencies exposed, and the proper significations of that sign proved ...  1675 1
Philo Judaeus   30
Philo Kalo Basileos : The interest of the English nation under the happy government of King William III once more asserted : in answer to the challenge of a Jacobite : wherein is proved that the law which forbids taking up arms against the King upon any pretence whatsoever is consistent with the late revolution / by Philo-kalo-basileos.  1696 1
Philo Katoptrono Klastes : Culmers crown crackt with his own looking-glass, or, The Cocks-combs looking-glasse broken about his ears : and a counter-mirror held forth to all good people, for their undeceiving in the pretended sufferings of that pseudo-martyr, and grand imposter of this age, Blew Dick of Thanet : reflecting from certain pertinent observations upon an impertinent, false and frivolous Apology of his ascribed to his more ingenuous son, but scribed by his most ignominious self : wherein especially all the world may see the ugly face of that prodigious monster ...  1657 1
Philo Of Alexandria   7
Philo Of Byblos : The 'Phoenician history' of Philo of Byblos : a commentary.  1981 1
Philo Pater : The observator reproved : more especially in relation to the controversie between that eminently pious, charitable, and worthy divine Mr. Smithye, curate of Cripplegate, and himself.  1684 1
Philo Patriae : Justice's plea, or A serious, seasonable and most submissive motion : (back'd with many weighty motives) most humbly tendered by one of the meanest sons of his deare mother England, to the reverend synod, or Assembly of Divines at Westminster, that they would be a means to the high and honourable court of Parliament, that justice may be speedily and severely executed upon all the most disloyall and treacherous enemies of the kingdom, the unnaturall paricides of their mother England.  1644 1
Philo Patriae Eugenius : A Succinct description of France : wherein is a character of the people, customs, &c. of that kingdom : sent by a gentleman now travelling there, to his friend in England : dedicated to that eminent and learned physician, Dr. Martin Lister, and may serve as a supplement to his Journey to Paris.  1700 1
  Philo Patriae Merchant In Town -- See Salvador, Joseph, 1716-1786
Philo Patris : The Protestant antidote, or, An answer to a pamphlet, entituled, A seasonable address to the right honorable Lord Mayor, &c. : touching the present election of sheriffs : in a friendly epistle to that worshipful author / from his humble servant Phil. Anglus Trueman.  1680 1
Philo Patris Citizen   2
Philo Pegasus : Eclipse races, (addressed to the ladies:) : being an impartial account of the celestial coursers and their riders, starting together, April 1, 1764, for the eclipse-plate-prize. Their distinctions and achievements. Whose were the competitors, distanced, thrown out, or met with accidents, in the contending enterprize. Who won the prize, popular fears and apprehensions, with suitable remarks. And the true appearance of the race represented. Some customs, in our public observatories and mathematical schools, referred to the consideration, power, and justice, of the discerning ladies. ... / By Philo-Pegasus, a lover of truth.  1764 1
Philo Regis : The right picture of King Oliure, from top to toe. : That all the world may a false rebell know. Whereunto is added, his genealogy, and the memorialls of all his worthy acts from the beginning of his reigne, to his present routing in Ireland. / By Philo Regis, written in rime doggerill for the benefit of all his subjects at Westminster.  1650 1
Philo Tileno : Parkerus illustratus. Sive, Annotata quædam in omnes LXX. Mri. Thomæ Parkeri theses, de traductione hominis peccatoris ad vitam. : Epistola, anteloquium, & epilogus annexus, ad Christianam pacem, & unitatem ecclesiasticam obnixè invitant. Omnia Richardo Baxtero, Parkeri the sium liberali passim præconi, & tileno-mastigi satis impotenti, amicè & leniter opposita. / Ab authore Philo-Tileno.  1660 1
Philocepos : Jardinier françois. English  1658 1
Philocrates : The loyall sacrifice : presented in the lives and deaths of those two eminent-heroick patternes, for valour, discipline, and fidelity; the generally beloved and bemoaned, Sir Charls Lucas, and Sir George Lisle, knights. Being both shot to death at Colchester, five houres after the surrender.  1648 1
Philoctetes Eyreneus : Philadelphia, or, Brotherly love to the studious in the hermetick art. : Wherein is discovered the principles of hermetick philosophy, with much candor and plainness. / Written by Eyreneus Philoctetes.  1694 1
Philodemius Eleutherius   2
Philodemius Philostratus   2
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