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Pinker Robert    
      English Hospital Statistics 1861-1938. BJL; RA 986 P6   BOOK 1966
      The Idea Of Welfare. BJL; HV 40 P6   BOOK 1979
      Social Work And Social Policy : Identities And Purposes : Inaugural Lecture. BJL; p HV 248 P6   BOOK 1978
      Social Work In An Enterprise Society. BJL; HV 245 P6   BOOK 1990
Pinker Steven 1954    
      The Better Angels Of Our Nature : A History Of Violence And Humanity BJL; HM 1116 P6   BOOK 2012
      The Blank Slate : The Modern Denial Of Human Nature BJL; BF 341 P6   BOOK 2003
      Enlightenment Now : The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism And Progress BJL; HM891 .P56   BOOK 2019
      How The Mind Works. BJL; QP 360.5 P6   BOOK 1997
3 additional entries    
Pinkerneil Beate : Am Beispiel Wilhelm Meister : Einführung in die Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Germanistik / herausegegeben von K.L. Berghahn und B. Pinkerneil.     
      Am Beispiel Wilhelm Meister : Einführung In Die Wissenschaftsgeschichte Der Germanistik BJL; PT 1982 A4   BOOK 1980
Pinkert Ernst Ullrich : Der Krimi als Mittel zum Zweck : die politischen kriminalromane von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo : Anspruch und Verwirklichung.     
      Der Krimi Als Mittel Zum Zweck : Die Politischen Kriminalromane Von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo : Anspr BJL; PT 9487 D7 P6   BOOK 1979
Pinkerton Allan 1819 1884    
      The Great Adams Express Robbery : A Detective Story. BJL; PS 2590 P6   BOOK 1897
      Thirty Years A Detective... BJL; HV 7914 P6   BOOK 1975
Pinkerton J    
      conduct Of Local Elections BJL; JS 3218 P6   BOOK 1950
      Literary Correspondence. BJL; PR 5187 P16 L7   BOOK  
      Literary Correspondence. BJL; PR 5187 P16 L7   BOOK  
Pinkerton James R : Outdoor recreation and leisure : a reference guide and selected bibliography / J.R. Pinkerton and M.J. Pinkerton.     
      Outdoor Recreation And Leisure : A Reference Guide And Selected Bibliography BJL; GV 11 P6   BOOK 1969
Pinkerton John : A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world.     
      A General Collection Of The Best And Most Interesting Voyages And Travels In All Parts Of The World. BJL; q G 161 P6   BOOK 1814
Pinkerton John 1953 : Evaluating family support : thinking internationally, thinking critically / edited by Ilan Katz, John Pinkerton.     
      Evaluating Family Support : Thinking Internationally, Thinking Critically BJL; HV 697 E9   BOOK 2003
Pinkerton Marjorie J : Outdoor recreation and leisure : a reference guide and selected bibliography / J.R. Pinkerton and M.J. Pinkerton.     
      Outdoor Recreation And Leisure : A Reference Guide And Selected Bibliography BJL; GV 11 P6   BOOK 1969
Pinkerton Richard L : Supply management.     
      Supply Management. BJL; HD 38.5 B9   BOOK 2010
Pinkerton Susan S : Behavioral medicine : clinical applications / S.S. Pinkerton, H. Hughes, W.W. Wenrich.     
      Behavioral Medicine : Clinical Applications BJL; RC 489 B4 P6   BOOK 1982
Pinkethman William 1725 : Love without interest, or, The man too hard for the master : a comedy : as it was acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesty's servants.     
      Love Without Interest, Or, The Man Too Hard For The Master : A Comedy : As It Was Acted At The Theat Online materials  EBOOKS 1699
  Pinkett Jada 1971 -- See Smith, Jada Pinkett, 1971-
  Pinkett Smith Jada 1971 -- See Smith, Jada Pinkett, 1971-
Pinkham Daniel    
      Christmas Cantata (Sinfonia Sacra). BJL; q M 2000 P64 C5   PRINTED MUSIC 1958
      Stabat Mater. BJL; q M 2000 P64 S7   PRINTED MUSIC 1964
Pinkham Lucile : William III and the respectable revolution : the part played by William of Orange in the revolution of 1688.     
      William III And The Respectable Revolution : The Part Played By William Of Orange In The Revolution BJL; DA 460 P6   BOOK 1954
Pinkman Mark Amaru : Guardians of the Holy Grail : the Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the water of life.     
      Guardians Of The Holy Grail : The Knights Templar, John The Baptist And The Water Of Life. BJL; CR 4743 P6   BOOK 2004
Pinkney A : An audit approach to computers.     
      An Audit Approach To Computers. BJL; HF 5679 P6   BOOK 1968
Pinkney Alphonso    
      The American Way Of Violence. BJL; E 169.1 P6   BOOK 1972
      The Myth Of Black Progress BJL; E 185.86 P6   BOOK 1984
      Red,Black And Green : Black Nationalism In The United States. BJL; E 185 P6   BOOK 1976
Pinkney David Henry    
      Decisive Years In France, 1840-1847. BJL; DC 266 P6   BOOK 1986
      A Festschrift For Frederick B. Artz. BJL; D 6 P6   BOOK 1964
      The French Revolution Of 1830. BJL; DC 261 P6   BOOK 1972
      History Of France. BJL; DC 38 B5   BOOK 1983
      Napoleon III And The Rebuilding Of Paris. BJL; DC 733 P6   BOOK 1958
Pinkney Robert    
      Democracy In The Third World. BJL; JF 60 P6   BOOK 1993
      Democracy In The Third World. BJL; JF 60 P6   BOOK 2003
      Ghana Under Military Rule, 1966-1969. BJL; DT 512 P6   BOOK 1972
      Right-Wing Military Government. BJL; JF 1820 P6   BOOK 1990
Pinkney Robert Of Piccadilly : The rifleman's indelible metallic record of target practice.     
      The Rifleman's Indelible Metallic Record Of Target Practice. BJL; UD 330 P6   BOOK 1860
Pinkney Thomas : Pinckney's treaty : America's advantage from europe's distress, 1783-1800.     
      Pinckney's Treaty : America's Advantage From Europe's Distress, 1783-1800. BJL; E 313 B4   BOOK 1960
Pinkney Tony    
      D.H. Lawrence BJL; PR 6023 A96 Z67   BOOK 1990
      D.H. Lawrence And Modernism BJL; PR 6023 A96 Z67   BOOK 1990
      The Politics Of Modernism : Against The New Conformists BJL; NX 600 M6 W7   BOOK 1989
      We Met Morris : Interviews With William Morris, 1885-96 BJL; PR 5083 W3   BOOK 2005
      Women In The Poetry Of T.S. Eliot : A Psychoanalytic Approach. BJL; PR 6009 L76 Z67   BOOK 1984
Pinkster H : On Latin adverbs.     
      On Latin Adverbs. BJL; PA 2070 P6   BOOK 1972
Pinkston Elsie M : Care of the elderly : a family approach / E.M. Pinkston, N.L. Linsk.     
      Care Of The Elderly : A Family Approach BJL; HV 1461 P6   BOOK 1984
Pinkston Russell    
      Music From SEAMUS 10 BJL  CD AUDIO  
      Music From SEAMUS 11 BJL  CD AUDIO  
      Music From SEAMUS 13 BJL  CD AUDIO  
Pinkus Allan 1946 : Fourier series and integral transforms / Allan Pinkus & Samy Zafrany.     
      Fourier Series And Integral Transforms BJL; QA 404 P6   BOOK 1997
Pinkus Benjamin : The Jews of the Soviet Union : the history of a national minority.     
      The Jews Of The Soviet Union : The History Of A National Minority. BJL; DS 135 R9 P6   BOOK 1988
Pinkus Charles E : Solving local government problems / by C.E. Pinkus and A. Dixson.     
      Solving Local Government Problems BJL; JS 3121 P6   BOOK 1981
Pinkus Karen : Bodily regimes : Italian advertising under fascism.     
      Bodily Regimes : Italian Advertising Under Fascism. BJL; HF 5813 I8 P6   BOOK 1995
Pinkus Philip    
      Grub Street Stripped Bare. BJL; PR 431 P6   BOOK 1968
      Swift's Vision Of Evil : A Comparative Study Of 'A Tale Of A Tub' And 'Gulliver's Travels'. BJL; PR 3728 P6   BOOK 1975
Pinkus Susanna : How to create a parent-friendly school / Susanna Pinkus.     
      How To Create A Parent-Friendly School BJL  BOOK 2008
Pinkus Theo    
      Conversations With Lukacs : [Interviews] BJL; B 4815 L76 A2   BOOK 1975
      Gesprache Mit Georg Lukacs : [Interviews. BJL; B 4815 L76 A2   BOOK 1967
Pinkwart W : Genetische Ansätze in der Kulturlandschaftsforschung : Festschrift für Helmut Jager / herausgegeben von W. Pinkwart.     
      Genetische Ansätze In Der Kulturlandschaftsforschung : Festschrift Für Helmut Jager BJL; G 1 W97(60)   BOOK 1983
Pinkwart Wolfgang : Wurzburg : stadtgeographische Forschungen / herausgegeben von H.-G. Wagner und W. Pinkwart.     
      Wurzburg : Stadtgeographische Forschungen BJL; G 1 W97(68)   BOOK 1987
Pinloche A : Pestalozzi, and the foundation of the modern elementary school.     
      Pestalozzi, And The Foundation Of The Modern Elementary School. BJL; J4U P6   BOOK 1902
Pinloche A Auguste 1856 : Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache : dictionnaire étymologique illustré de la langue allemande comprenant un atlas de 5700 figures avec légendes explicatives, un vocabulaire des noms propres et un abrégé grammatical.     
      Etymologisches Wörterbuch Der Deutschen Sprache : Dictionnaire Étymologique Illustré De La Lang BJL; PF 3020 P6   BOOK 1930
Pinn Anthony B    
      Noise And Spirit : The Religious And Spiritual Sensibilities Of Rap Music Online materials  EBOOKS 2003
      Noise And Spirit : The Religious And Spiritual Sensibilities Of Rap Music BJL; ML 3531 N7   BOOK 2003
      Religion In Hip Hop : Mapping The New Terrain In The US Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
      Why, Lord? : Suffering And Evil In Black Theology BJL; BT732.7 .P46 2006   BOOK 2006
Pinna Simon De : Forces and motion.     
      Forces And Motion. Education Resources  BOOK 1997
Pinneau Samuel Richard : Changes in intelligence quotient : infancy to maturity : new insights.     
      Changes In Intelligence Quotient : Infancy To Maturity : New Insights. BJL; BF 432 P6   BOOK 1961
Pinnell G S : Partners in learning : teachers and children in reading recovery.     
      Partners In Learning : Teachers And Children In Reading Recovery. BJL  BOOK 1993
Pinnell Henry    
      Christ Alone Exalted : In The Perfection And Encouragements Of The Saints, Notwithstanding Sins And Online materials  EBOOKS 1648
      Gangrænachrestum, Or A Plaister To Alay The Tumor, And Prevent The Spreading Of A Pernitious Vlcer, Online materials  EBOOKS 1646
      Nil Novi : This Years Fruit, From The Last Years Root. The Souldiers Posture, To The Right, To The L Online materials  EBOOKS 1654
      Nil Novi. : This Years Fuit [Sic], From The Last Years Root. The Souldiers Posture, To The Right, To Online materials  EBOOKS 1655
3 additional entries    
Pinnen Christian : Colonial Mississippi : a borrowed land / Christian Pinnen and Charles Weeks.     
      Colonial Mississippi : A Borrowed Land Online materials; F341 .P56 2021   EBOOKS 2021
Pinneo Rose : Intensive coronary care : a manual for nurses / Lawrence E. Meltzer, Rose Pinneo, J. Roderick Kitchell.     
      Intensive Coronary Care : A Manual For Nurses BJL; RC 685 C6 M5   BOOK 1983
Pinner Charles    
      [A Sermon At Marlborough On 1. Tim.Iv.16.] Online materials  EBOOKS 1596?
      A Sermon, Vpon The Wordes Of Paul The Apostle Vnto Timothie, Epist. 1. Chap. 4. Vers. 8 : Preached A Online materials  EBOOKS 1597
      Two Sermons On These Wordes Of Peter The Apostle, Honour All Men, Loue Brotherly Felowship ... : Pre Online materials  EBOOKS 1597
Pinner David    
      New English Dramatists 13. BJL  BOOK 1968
      The Wicker Man BJL; PN 1997 W6365   DVD 2006
Pinner Frank A : Old age and political behavior : a case study / Frank A. Pinner, Paul Jacobs, and Philip Selznick.     
      Old Age And Political Behavior : A Case Study BJL; JF 800 P6   BOOK 1959
Pinner Mary Timothy : In-service education in primary mathematics / M.T. Pinner and H. Shuard.     
      In-Service Education In Primary Mathematics BJL  BOOK 1985
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