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Potter Bernard : Linguistique generale : theorie et description.     
      Linguistique Generale : Theorie Et Description. BJL; P 40 P8   BOOK 1974
Potter Bob    
      Busmen, What Next? BJL; HD 8039 M82 G7   BOOK 1964
      Into Battle! BJL; HD 8391 B4   BOOK 1957
      London Busmen In Battle. BJL; HD 8039 M82 G7   BOOK 1958
      Vietnam : Whose Victory? South East Asian Collection; DS 557 A6 P8   BOOK 1973
Potter Brent : Borderline personality disorder : new perspectives on a stigmatizing and overused diagnosis / Jacqueline Simon Gunn and Brent Potter.     
      Borderline Personality Disorder : New Perspectives On A Stigmatizing And Overused Diagnosis Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Potter C S : Perspectives on biodiversity : case studies of genetic resource conservation and development.     
      Perspectives On Biodiversity : Case Studies Of Genetic Resource Conservation And Development. BJL  BOOK 1993
Potter Caroline    
      French Music Since Berlioz BJL; ML 270.4 F8   BOOK c2006
      Nadia And Lili Boulanger Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Potter Charles 1633 Or 4 1663 : Pythagoras metempsychos, : sive Theses quadragesimales in scholis Oxonii publicis Mart: V. & XXVI. pro forma discussiæ. A.D.M.DC.XL. IX./L. In quibus ad mentem inprimis Pythagoræorum asseeritur quòd cœli sint fluidi. Terra moveatur. Terra centrum universi non sit. Luna sit habitabilis. Radius luminosus sit corporeus. Sol sit flamma. / Respondente Carolo Potter, collectore seniore, anno Ætatis suæ decimo sexto tum primùm elapso.     
      Pythagoras Metempsychos, : Sive Theses Quadragesimales In Scholis Oxonii Publicis Mart: V. & XXVI. P Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
Potter Cherry    
      Image, Sound And Story : The Art Of Telling In Film. BJL; PN 1996 P8   BOOK 1990
      Screen Language : From Film Writing To Film-Making BJL; PN 1996 P8   BOOK 2001
Potter Christopher 1591 1646    
      Charity Mistaken, With The Want Whereof, Catholickes Are Vniustly Charged : For Affirming, As They D Online materials  EBOOKS 1630
      Appello Evangelium For The True Doctrine Of The Divine Predestination, Concorded With The Orthodox D Online materials  EBOOKS 1652
      Appello Evangelium For The True Doctrine Of The Divine Predestination : Concorded With The Orthodox Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
      The History Of The Quarrels Of Pope Paul. V. With The State Of Venice : In Seuen Books. Faithfully T Online materials  EBOOKS 1626
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Potter Christopher 1594 1646 : Want of charitie justly charged on all such Romanists as dare (without truth or modesty) affirme, that Protestancie destroyeth salvation, or, An answer to a late popish pamphlet intituled Charity mistaken, &c.     
      Want Of Charitie Justly Charged On All Such Romanists As Dare (Without Truth Or Modesty) Affirme, Th Online materials  EBOOKS 1634
Potter Cipriani : Symphony in G minor / edited by Julian Rushton.     
      Symphony In G Minor BJL; q M 1 M9(77)   PRINTED MUSIC 2001
Potter Claire : The National Health Service : a manager's tale / Brian Edwards with Jacqueline Linton and Claire Potter.     
      The National Health Service : A Manager's Tale BJL; RA 395 G7 E2   BOOK 1995
Potter D : The National Insurance (Industrial Injuries) Act, 1946.     
      The National Insurance (Industrial Injuries) Act, 1946. BJL; KD 283 S5   BOOK  
Potter D S David Stone 1957    
      A Companion To The Roman Empire Online materials; DG311 .P68 2006   EBOOKS 2006
      Rome In The Ancient World : From Romulus To Justinian BJL; DG270 .P74 2014   BOOK 2014
      The Victor's Crown : How The Birth Of The Olympics And The Rise Of The Roman Games Changed Sport For BJL; GV 573 P8   BOOK 2012
Potter Dave 1942 : Managing global accounts : nine critical factors for a world-class program / Noel Capon, Dave Potter, Fred Schindler.     
      Managing Global Accounts : Nine Critical Factors For A World-Class Program BJL; HF 5415.5 C2   BOOK c2006
Potter David : Managing a better school / David Potter and Graham Powell.     
      Managing A Better School BJL; LB 2900.5 P8   BOOK 1992
Potter David 1931 : Society and the social sciences : an introduction / edited by David Potter with James Anderson ... [et al.] for the Social Sciences Foundation Course Team at the Open University.     
      Society And The Social Sciences : An Introduction Departmental Locations; HM 585 S6   BOOK 1981
Potter David 1948    
      Democratization BJL; JC 421 D3   BOOK 1997
      France In The Later Middle Ages 1200-1500 BJL; DC 61 F8   BOOK 2002
      A History Of France, 1460-1560 : The Emergence Of A Nation State. BJL; DC 95 P8   BOOK 1995
      War And Government In The French Provinces : Picardy, 1470-1560. BJL; DC 611 P588 P8   BOOK 1993
Potter David C    
      Agriculture. BJL  BOOK 1972
      Decisions, Organisations And Society : Selected Readings BJL; JF 201 C3   BOOK 1971
      Dimensions Of Society : A Reader BJL; H 91 D5   BOOK 1974
      Government In Rural India : An Introduction To Contemporary District Administration. BJL; JS 7008 P8   BOOK 1964
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Potter David Corporate Strategist : Leading cultural change : the theory and practice of successful organizational transformation / James McCalman, David Potter.     
      Leading Cultural Change : The Theory And Practice Of Successful Organizational Transformation Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Potter David David E : Computational physics.     
      Computational Physics. BJL; QC 20.2 P8   BOOK 1973
Potter David Leigh : Compadrazgo in the Bisayas, Philippines urbanization and institutional change.     
      Compadrazgo In The Bisayas, Philippines Urbanization And Institutional Change. South East Asian Collection; HN 759.7 P8   BOOK 1973
Potter David M 1961 : NGOs in international politics / Shamima Ahmed & David Potter.     
      NGOs In International Politics BJL; JZ 4841 A2   BOOK 2006
Potter David Morris    
      History And American Society : Essays Of David M. Potter BJL, Departmental Locations ; E 175 P8   BOOK 1973
      The Impending Crisis, 1848-1861, By D.M. Potter. BJL; E 459 P8   BOOK 1976
      People Of Plenty : Economic Abundance And The American Character. BJL; E 169.1 P8   BOOK 1965
      The South And The Sectional Conflict BJL; F 214 P8   BOOK 1968
      Trail To California : The Overland Journey Of Vincent Geiger And Wakeman Bryarly BJL; E 166 G3   BOOK 1945
Potter David Writer On Sure Start : Breaking the cycle : Sure Start in context / Malcolm Payne, David Potter.     
      Breaking The Cycle : Sure Start In Context BJL; q HV 751 A6 P3   BOOK c2000
Potter Dennis 1935 1994    
      Blue Remembered Hills BJL; PN 1992.77 B658   DVD 2005
      Brimstone And Treacle. BJL; PR 6066 O77 B8   BOOK 1978
      Brimstone And Treacle BJL; PN 1992.77 B857   DVD c2004
      Brimstone & Treacle BJL  DVD c2003
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Potter Dirc    
      Mellibeus : Een Geschrift Van Dirc Potter : Inleiding En Tekstuitgave ... : Academisch Proefschrift BJL; PT 5578 M5 O9   BOOK 1950
      Der Minnen Loep Van Dirc Potter : Studie Over Een Middelnederlandse "Ars Amandi". BJL; PT 5578 M6 Z61   BOOK 1979
Potter Donald Charles    
      A Guide To The Law Of Intestates Estates And Family Provision BJL; KD 306 P8   BOOK 1952
      Potter And Monroe's Tax Planning With Precedents. BJL; KD 308 P8   BOOK 1970
Potter Douglas A : Automated accounting systems and procedures handbook.     
      Automated Accounting Systems And Procedures Handbook. BJL; HF 5679 P8   BOOK 1993
Potter E : Douris and painters of book vases.     
      Douris And Painters Of Book Vases. BJL; NK 4645 P8   BOOK  
Potter E B 1908 : Sea power : a naval history / editor, E.B. Potter, assistant editors Roger Fredland, Henry H. Adams.     
      Sea Power : A Naval History BJL; D 27 S4   BOOK c1981
Potter E C E : Gill netting.     
      Gill Netting. BJL  BOOK 1991
Potter Elizabeth    
      Feminist Epistemologies BJL; B 105 W6 F3   BOOK 1993
      Feminist Philosophy Of Science : An Introduction BJL; Q 130 P8   BOOK 2006
Potter Elmer H : Children's textbooks and personality development : an exploration in the social psychology of education, by I.L. Child, E.H. Potter, and E.M. Levine.     
      Children's Textbooks And Personality Development : An Exploration In The Social Psychology Of Educat BJL; BF 1 P974(279)   BOOK 1946
Potter Evan H 1964    
      Cyber-Diplomacy : Managing Foreign Policy In The Twenty-First Century BJL; F 1034.2 C9   BOOK 2002
      Transatlantic Partners : Canadian Approaches To The European Union. BJL; F 1029.5 E8 P8   BOOK 1999
Potter F F : The Teaching of arithmetic.     
      The Teaching Of Arithmetic. BJL; JKM P8   BOOK 1944
Potter Family Of Tadcaster : From ploughshare to Parliament : a short memoir of the Potters of Tadcaster.     
      From Ploughshare To Parliament : A Short Memoir Of The Potters Of Tadcaster. BJL; DA 536 P8 M5   BOOK 1908
Potter Francis 1594 1678    
      An Interpretation Of The Number 666 : Wherein, Not Onely The Manner How This Number Ought To Be Inte Online materials  EBOOKS 1647
      An Interpretation Of The Number 666 : Wherein, Not Onely The Manner, How This Number Ought To Be Int Online materials  EBOOKS 1642
Potter Frank : Reading, learning and media education / edited by Frank Potter.     
      Reading, Learning And Media Education BJL; P 91.5 G7 U5   BOOK 1990
Potter Franz J 1969 : The history of gothic publishing, 1800-1835 : exhuming the trade / Franz J. Potter.     
      The History Of Gothic Publishing, 1800-1835 : Exhuming The Trade BJL; PR868.T3   BOOK 2005
Potter Frederick Felix : Educational journey : memories of fity years in public education.     
      Educational Journey : Memories Of Fity Years In Public Education. BJL; J3 P8   BOOK 1949
Potter G W J : A history of the Whitby and Pickering Railway.     
      A History Of The Whitby And Pickering Railway. BJL; HE 3020 W5 P8   BOOK 1969
Potter Gary W    
      Constructing Crime : Perspectives On Making News And Social Problems BJL; PN 4888 C8 C7   BOOK c2006
      Greening Criminology In The 21st Century : Contemporary Debates And Future Directions In The Study O Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
      Greening Criminology In The 21st Century : Contemporary Debates And Future Directions In The Study O BJL; HV6401 .G746 2017   BOOK 2017
      Organized Crime BJL; HV 6441 L9   BOOK 2015
Potter Gavin : Business in a virtual world : exploiting information for competitive advantage.     
      Business In A Virtual World : Exploiting Information For Competitive Advantage. BJL  BOOK 1998
Potter Geoffrey W H : Analysis of biological molecules : an introduction to principles, instrumentation and techniques.     
      Analysis Of Biological Molecules : An Introduction To Principles, Instrumentation And Techniques. BJL; QH 506 P8   BOOK 1994
Potter George : Tiger's cub : a romance of Alaska / by George Potter ; the play produced by Mr. H. Halladay Hope.     
      Tiger's Cub : A Romance Of Alaska Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1916/09/04-1916/09/09)   PLAYBILL 1916
Potter George Ann : Deeper than debt : economic globalisation and the poor.     
      Deeper Than Debt : Economic Globalisation And The Poor. BJL; HJ 8899 P8   BOOK 2000
Potter George Reuben : Editing Donne and Pope : papers / delivered by G.R. Potter and J. Butt at the First Clark Library Seminar 22, November, 1952.     
      Editing Donne And Pope : Papers BJL; PN 162 P8   BOOK 1953
Potter George Richard    
      Huldrych Zwingli BJL; BR 345 H9   BOOK 1978
      John Calvin. BJL; BX 9418 J6   BOOK 1983
      Macaulay. BJL; PR 4963 Z6 P8   BOOK  
      The Renaissance, 1493-1520 BJL; D 208 C1(1)   BOOK 1957
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Potter George W : To the golden door : the story of the Irish in Ireland and America.     
      To The Golden Door : The Story Of The Irish In Ireland And America. BJL; E 184 I6 P8   BOOK 1960
Potter H C Henry C 1904 1977 : Mr. Blandings builds his dream house [videorecording] / directed by H. C. Potter.     
      Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House BJL; PN 1997 M93915   DVD c2007
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