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Pucciardi Carlo : I vantaggj che si possono ritrarre dall'aumentata e migliorata coltivazione delle terre [electronic resource] : particolarmente ne suolo pisano ... / del dottore Carlo Pucciardi.     
      I Vantaggj Che Si Possono Ritrarre Dall'aumentata E Migliorata Coltivazione Delle Terre Particolarme Online materials  EBOOKS 1798
Puccinelli Alessandro : Dialoghi sopra le cause della peste vniursale()) di M. Alessandro Puccinelli ... ne' quali con verissime ragioni, non solamente si reproua l'opinione di Marsilio Ficino, seguita dalla maggior parte delli scrittori sopra la detta peste vniuersale; ma s'inse / Puccinelli, Alessandro.     
      Dialoghi Sopra Le Cause Della Peste Vniursale()) Di M. Alessandro Puccinelli ... Ne' Quali Con Veris Online materials  EBOOKS 1577
Puccinelli Lamberto : Graciliano Ramos : relacoes entre ficcao e realidade.     
      Graciliano Ramos : Relacoes Entre Ficcao E Realidade. BJL; PQ 9697 R254 Z67   BOOK 1975
Puccini Dario    
      Miguel Hernandez : Vida Y Poesia : Traduccion De A. Dabini. BJL; PQ 6615 E57 Z67   BOOK 1970
      Miguel Hernandez : Vita E Poesia. BJL; PQ 6615 E57 Z6   BOOK 1966
      La Palabra Poetica De VicenteAleixandre. BJL; PQ 6601 L26 Z67   BOOK 1979
      Poesie BJL; PQ 6601 L26 A2   BOOK 1961
      Le Romancero De La Resistance Espagnole. BJL; PQ 6187 P9   BOOK 1962
Puccini Giacomo 1858 1924    
      Aida (02/11) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1908/11/02-07)   PLAYBILL 1908
      Aida (02/11) Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1908/11/02-07)   PLAYBILL 1908
      La Boheme. BJL  PRINTED MUSIC  
      La Bohème BJL  CD AUDIO 1991
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Puccini Simonetta : The Puccini companion / edited by William Weaver and Simonetta Puccini.     
      The Puccini Companion BJL; ML 410 P94 P9   BOOK 2000
Puccini Vincenzio    
      The Life Of St. Mary Magdalene Of Pazzi, A Carmelite Nunn Online materials  EBOOKS 1687
      The Life Of The Holy And Venerable Mother Suor Maria Maddalena De Patsi : A Florentine Lady, & Relig Online materials  EBOOKS 1619
Puccinotti Francesco 1794 1872 : Delle risaje in Italia e della loro introduzione in Toscana [electronic resource] : libri tre / di Francesco Puccinotti.     
      Delle Risaje In Italia E Della Loro Introduzione In Toscana Libri Tre Online materials  EBOOKS 1843
Puccio Gerard J    
      Creative Leadership : Skills That Drive Change BJL; HD 57.7 P9   BOOK c2011
      Organizational Creativity : A Practical Guide For Innovators & Entrepreneurs BJL; HD53 .P83 2018   BOOK 2018
Pucelle Jean    
      Études Sur La Valeur. BJL; BD 232 P9   BOOK 1957
      L'idealisme En Angleterre De Coleridge A Bradley. BJL; B 1616 I5 P9   BOOK 1955
      La Nature Et L'esprit Dans La Philosophie De T.H. Green. BJL; B 1637 P9   BOOK 1960
Pucelle Jehan : Jean Pucelle.     
      Jean Pucelle. BJL; q ND 3011 Z8 P94   BOOK 1962
Puch A : Electronic Engineering: Reactive Components. A. Puch     
      Electronic Engineering: Reactive Components. BJL; ENG 326   SPOKEN RECORD 1987
Puchala Donald J : Western European perspectives on international affairs : public opinion studies and evaluations / edited by R.L. Merritt and D.J. Puchala.     
      Western European Perspectives On International Affairs : Public Opinion Studies And Evaluations BJL; JX 1395 M5   BOOK 1968
Puchalski Christina M : Oxford textbook of spirituality in healthcare [electronic resource].     
      Oxford Textbook Of Spirituality In Healthcare Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Puche Jaime Serra : Políticas fiscales en México : un enfoque de equilibrio general / Jaime Serra Puche.     
      Políticas Fiscales En México : Un Enfoque De Equilibrio General Online materials  EBOOKS 1981
Puchek : Pension Plan Policies and Practices : Recent Experience of Eleven Pension Plans / Puchek.     
      Pension Plan Policies And Practices : Recent Experience Of Eleven Pension Plans Online materials  EBOOKS 1952
Puchelt Gerhard : Papillons op. 2 / edited from the autograph and original edition by H.C. Miller fingeing by G. Puchelt.     
      Papillons Op. 2 BJL; q M 25 S37   PRINTED MUSIC 1973
Pucheu Pierre : Ma vie : notes écrites à Ksar-es-Souk, à la prison civile de Meknès et à la prison militaire d'Alger.     
      Ma Vie : Notes écrites à Ksar-Es-Souk, à La Prison Civile De Meknès Et à La Prison Militaire D' BJL; DC 373 P8   BOOK 1948
Puchinger G : Minister-President van heuijzend Nederland / met medewweking van W.Drees, G.Puchinger, A.J. van der Weele.     
      Minister-President Van Heuijzend Nederland BJL; DJ 287 S3   BOOK 1977
Puchinger George    
      Colijn En Het Einde Van De Coalitie : De Geschiedenis Van De Kabinets Formaties 1918-1924. BJL; DJ 219 C55 P9   BOOK 1969
      Hergroepering Der Partijen? : [Gesprekken]. BJL; JK 5981 P9   BOOK 1968
      Onderwijsvernieuwing : [Gesprekken]. BJL; J4Z P9   BOOK 1973
      Polarisatie? : Gesprekken Over Polarisatie. BJL; DJ 71 P7   BOOK 1972
Puchner Martin 1969    
      Against Theatre : Creative Destructions On The Modernist Stage BJL; PN2193.E86   BOOK 2006
      Against Theatre : Creative Destructions On The Modernist Stage BJL; PN 2193 E86 A2   BOOK 2007
      The Drama Of Ideas : Platonic Provocations In Theater And Philosophy BJL; PN1861 .P83 2010   BOOK 2010
      The Drama Of Ideas Platonic Provocations In Theater And Philosophy Online materials; PN1861 .P83 2010   EBOOKS 2010
      Rhapsody For The Theatre BJL; PN 2039 B1   BOOK 2013
Puchol Jeanne 1957 : Meurtres pour mémoire / Didier Daeninckx ; illustré par Jeanne Puchol.     
      Meurtres Pour Mémoire BJL; PQ 2664 A417 M48   BOOK 2011
Puchta Claudia    
      Focus Group Practice BJL; H 61.28 P9   BOOK 2004
      Focus Group Practice Online materials; H61.28 .P83 2004   EBOOKS 2004
Puchta Dieter : The Berlin Creative Industries [electronic resource] : An Empirical Analysis of Future Key Industries / by Dieter Puchta, Friedrich Schneider, Stefan Haigner, Florian Wakolbinger, Stefan Jenewein.     
      The Berlin Creative Industries An Empirical Analysis Of Future Key Industries Online materials; HD30.23   EBOOKS 2010
Puchta Herbert : Teaching Teenagers Herbert Puchta, Michael Schratz     
      Teaching Teenagers BJL; ENGB 220   THESIS 1993
Puchta Wolfgang Heinrich 1769 1845    
      Anleitung Zum Vorsichtigen Creditiren Auf Unbewegliche Güter Nach Den Grundsätzen Des Preussischen Online materials  EBOOKS 1815
      Ueber Güterzertrümmerungen Und Grundstückhandel Besonders In Beziehung Auf Die Frage Ist Es Zwec Online materials  EBOOKS 1816
Puchtinger F : Goethe in Karlsbad.     
      Goethe In Karlsbad. BJL; PT 2049 P9   BOOK 1922
Pucik Vladimir : The global challenge : international human resource management / by Paul Evans, Vladimir Pucik, Ingmar Björkman.     
      The Global Challenge : International Human Resource Management BJL; HF 5549.5 E45 E9   BOOK c2011
Puckell Steven : A true table of all such fees as are due to the Bishop of London : and all his depending officers, as commissaryes, registers, proctors, and apparitors, as hath been given in to his Majestyes commissioners in Starchamber under their own hands in the month of November M. DC. XXX. Whereto is added a true discovery of such fees ordinarily exacted by them upon his Majestyes good subjects contrary to this their own table and the statute laws of the land. Published by Steven Puckell and sent as a love token for his countryes good.     
      A True Table Of All Such Fees As Are Due To The Bishop Of London : And All His Depending Officers, A Online materials  EBOOKS 1631
Puckett John Rogers : Five photo-textual documentaries from the Great Depression.     
      Five Photo-Textual Documentaries From The Great Depression. BJL; TR 820.5 P9   BOOK 1984
Puckett Kent    
      Bad Form Social Mistakes And The Nineteenth-Century Novel Online materials; PS374.M33 P83 2008   EBOOKS 2008
      War Pictures Cinema, Violence, And Style In Britain, 1939-1945 Online materials; D743.23 .P83 2017   EBOOKS 2017
Puckett Newbell Niles : Folk beliefs of the Southern Negro.     
      Folk Beliefs Of The Southern Negro. BJL; GR 103 P9   BOOK 1968
Puckett Tom : Proceedings of the International Conference on APL [electronic resource] / editors Laurie A. Russell, David M. Weintraub ; chairman Tom Puckett ; sponsors ACM Special Interest Group on APL Programming Language.     
      Proceedings Of The International Conference On APL Online materials; QA76.73.A27   EBOOKS 1983
Puckette Miller 1959 : The theory and technique of electronic music / Miller Puckette.     
      The Theory And Technique Of Electronic Music BJL; ML 1380 P9   BOOK c2007
Puckey Walter Sir    
      The Board-Room : A Guide To The Role And Function Of Directors. BJL; HD 2745 P9   BOOK 1969
      Management Principles : A Primer For Directors And Potential Directors. BJL; HD 2745 P9   BOOK 1962
      Organization In Business Management : A Guide For Managers And Potential Managers. BJL; HF 5549 P9   BOOK 1963
      What Is This Management? BJL; HD 31 P9   BOOK 1945
Puckle James 1667 1724    
      England's Path To Wealth And Honour In A Dialogue Between An English-Man And A Dutch-Man. Online materials  EBOOKS 1707
      England's Path To Wealth And Honour In A Dialogue Between An English-Man And A Dutch-Man : To Which Online materials  EBOOKS 1750
      England's Interest, Or, A Brief Discourse Of The Royal Fishery In A Letter To A Friend. Online materials  EBOOKS 1696
      England's Interest, Or, A Brief Discourse Of The Royal Fishery : In A Letter To A Friend. Online materials  EBOOKS 1696
11 additional entries    
Puckle Thomas : Gentil-congregations no tithe-payers. Or, certain reasons wherein is clearly shewed, what just ground there is for gentiles conscientiously to make question of the lawfulness of their paying tithes / as they were presented unto the right worshipful John Brandlin, and Thomas Edgar esquires, justices of the peace for the worshipful committee, then sitting at the Grey-hound in Ipswich, By William Westup and Thomas Puckle.     
      Gentil-Congregations No Tithe-Payers. Or, Certain Reasons Wherein Is Clearly Shewed, What Just Groun Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
Puckler Muskau Hermann Ludwig Heinrich Furst Von : Briefwechsel und Tagebücher des Fursten Hermann von Puckler-Muskau / herausgegeben von L.Assing.     
      Briefwechsel Und Tagebücher Des Fursten Hermann Von Puckler-Muskau BJL; PT 2449 P7 Z5   BOOK 1971
Pucknell Douglas A    
      Basic VLSI Design BJL; TK 7872 I61 P9   BOOK 1994
      Basic VLSI Design : Systems And Circuits BJL, Departmental Locations ; TK 7872 I61 P9   BOOK 1988
Puczko Laszlo : Health tourism and hospitality [electronic resource] : spas, wellness and medical travel.     
      Health Tourism And Hospitality Spas, Wellness And Medical Travel. Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Pudal Bernard : Prendre parti : pour une sociologie historique du PCF.     
      Prendre Parti : Pour Une Sociologie Historique Du PCF. BJL; JK 3007 C7 P9   BOOK 1989
Pudas Bengt 1959    
      Pudas Case (12/1986/110/158) : Judgment Of 27 October 1987. BJL; q KN 4.5 J92(12/1986)   BOOK 1987
      Pudas Case : Judgment Of 27 October 1987 ; Boden Case : Judgment Of 27 October 1987. BJL; KJC 5132 A52 E88(125)   BOOK 1988
Pudden T M : About lobsters.     
      About Lobsters. Departmental Locations; SH 380 P9   BOOK 1962
Puddephatt Richard John : The periodic table of the elements.     
      The Periodic Table Of The Elements. BJL; QD 467 P9   BOOK 1986
Puddicombe Bill : Face to face : communicating with people who do not use language.     
      Face To Face : Communicating With People Who Do Not Use Language. BJL; q HV 3004 P9   BOOK 1995
Puddy Keith    
      Oboe Quartet In F K.370 BJL; C/D 44   CD AUDIO p1986
      Clarinet Quintet In A K.581 BJL; C/D 44   CD AUDIO p1986
      Brahms In Meiningen BJL; C/D 117   CD AUDIO p1992
Pude Angela : Menschen hier. A2, Deutsch als Fremdsprache Arbeitsbuch / Anna Breitsameter, Sabine Glas-Peters, Elke Koch, Angela Pude.     
      Menschen Hier. A2, Deutsch Als Fremdsprache Arbeitsbuch BJL; PF 3112.7 B8   BOOK 2014
Puder Douglas : ADHD : living without brakes / Martin L. Kutscher ; illustrations by Douglas Puder.     
      ADHD : Living Without Brakes BJL; RJ 506 H9 K9   BOOK 2010
Pudja Gede : sosiologi Hindu dharma sebagai pengantar ilmu kemasjarakatan Hindu, organisasi sosial menurut adjaran-adjaran agama Hindu.     
      sosiologi Hindu Dharma Sebagai Pengantar Ilmu Kemasjarakatan Hindu, Organisasi Sosial Menurut Adjara South East Asian Collection; BL 1205 P9   BOOK 1963
Pudjawijatna I R    
      Filsafat Sana-Sini. South East Asian Collection; B 5214 P9   BOOK 1975
      Tuhu Dan Pungetahuan : Pungantar Keilmu Dan Filsfat. South East Asian Collection; Q 175 P9   BOOK 1967
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