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245 00 Shattered anatomies :|btraces of the body in performance /
       |cedited by Adrian Heathfield ; with Fiona Templeton and 
       Andrew Quick. 
260    Bristol :|bArnolfini Live,|c1997. 
300    1 box. 
500    "A limited edition box containing artefacts, documents and
       critical theory from an international field of performance
       artists, theatre makers and writers. Shattered anatomies 
       is a maverick intervention into the debates on the status 
       and imaging of the body in Western culture and the 
       historical preservation of transient performances." "With 
       contributions from Bobby Baker, Lenora Champagne, Jim 
       Clayburgh (The Wooster Group), Ethyl Eichelberger, Tim 
       Etchells (Forced Entertainment), Richard Foreman, Goat 
       Island, Gerry Harris, Adrian Heathfield, Peter Hujar, Joe 
       E. Jeffreys, Simon Jones, Alastair MacLennan, Julian 
       Maynard Smith (Station House Opera), Susan Melrose, Andrew
       Quick, Rachel Rosenthal, Caroline Rye, Carolee Schneemann,
       Stuart Sherman, Gordana Stanisic, Stelarc, Fiona Templeton,
       Tony White and writings on Impact, Orlan, Annie Sprinkle, 
       Stephen Tayler Woodrow, The Wooster Group.--Container. 
520    Includes texts and objects (including spectacle frames 
       without lenses, miniature bricks, a tape cassette, a 
       plastic box containing a small quantity of jam, a postcard
       (showing a jar of jam being smashed with text on verso) 
       and a box contain a tiny doll wrapped in paper). 
650  0 Human figure in art. 
650  0 Performance art. 
700 1  Heathfield, Adrian. 
700 1  Templeton, Fiona. 
700 1  Quick, Andrew. 
710 2  Arnolfini (Organization) 
936    UCS bib. record 
948    Closed Collection published 1851 onwards—Rarity—Limited 
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