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Mark   Year Entries
R G Richard Gower   4
R G Robert Gardiner Active 1705 1728   2
R G Robert Gordon   2
R H   31
R H 1609 1678   40
R H A Lover Of Truth : A touch-stone, or, Triall and examination of a sermon, preached by Master Haslewood of Sutton at Hone in the county of Kent: : and upon true touch, found to be reprobate silver, (false, and dangerous doctrine) wherein are handled these 3. particulars, 1. The unlawfulness to call any meeting house, the house of God. 2. The church. 3. The temple of God. / By R.H. a lover of truth.  1647 1
R H Active 1538 : A commentary vpon the seconde epistle of S Paul to the Thessalonia[n]s : In the which besydes the summe of oure faythe, ther is syncerelye handled [and] set forth at large, not onely fyrst co[m]myng vp [and] rysyng with the full properyte [and] dominion, but also the fall and vtter confusion of the kyngdome of Antichriste: that is to say of Machomet [and] the byshop of Rome.  1538 1
R H Active 1605 : Devote manier om geestelijk pelgrimage te trekken tot het Heilige Land. English  1605 1
R H Active 1620 : Sarahs sepulture, or A funerall sermon : preached for the Right Honourable and vertuous lady, Dorothie Countesse of Northumberland, at Petworth in Sussex. By Richard Chambers Doctor of Diuinitie.  1620 1
R H Active 1638 : Nevves from America; or, A new and experimentall discoverie of New England : containing, a true relation of their war-like proceedings these two yeares last past, with a figure of the Indian fort, or palizado. Also a discovery of these places, that as yet have very few or no inhabitants which would yeeld speciall accommodation to such as will plant there, viz. Queenapoik. Agu-wom. Hudsons River. Long Island. Nahanticut. Martins Vinyard. Pequet. Naransett Bay. Elizabeth Islands. Puscat away. Casko with about a hundred islands neere to Casko. By Captaine Iohn Underhill, a commander in the warres there.  1638 1
R H Active 1639   2
R H Richard Hawkins   3
R H Richard Hooke   7
R H Robert Hall   2
R H Robert Hames : Parallels, or, A short discourse between Roman and Reformed Churches : with a plain and easie resolution of doubts, all which are sufficiently proved and instructed to all impartial readers by Scripture and reason ... : whereunto is added by way of post-script a comparison betwixt the popish and heathen gentile-Gods / lately acquired by the solitary labours of R. H.  1675 1
R H Robert Howlett : The school of recreation, or, The gentlemans tutor : to those most ingenious exercises of hunting, racing, hawking, riding, cock-fighting, fowling, fishing, shooting, bowling, tennis, ringing, billiards / by R.H.  1684 1
R H S : Hygini Gromatici, et Polybii Megalopolitani, De castris Romanis, quæ exstant cum notis & animadversionibus, quibus accedunt dissertationes aliquot de re eadum militari populi Romani R.H.S / S., R.H.  1660 1
R Istituto Superiore Di Scienze Sociali E Politiche Cesare Alfieri : Rivista di studi politici internazionali [electronic resource].  1934- 1
R J   7
R J Active 1648 : Mercurius anti-mercurius. : Impartially communicating truth, correcting falshood, reproving the wilfull, pittying the ignorant, and opposing all false and scandalous aspersions unjustly cast upon the two honourable Houses of Parliament.  1648 1
R J Berg : Parlons Affairs, Second Edition, R.-J.Berg  2006 1
R James James Rowbotham   3
R K   2
R Karel : In de mist van het schimmenrijk : fragmenten uit het oorlogsdaggboek / van de student Karel R.  1993 1
R Kirk D A Robertson : The critical significance of biographical evidence; the methods of literary studies.  1965 1
R L   12
R L Active 1594 : Apologia innocentiæ [et] integritatis R.L. sacræ theologiæ baccalaurei adversus inquissimas E. Osb. transfugæ sacrificuli calumnias ad Academicos Oxonienses  1594 1
R L S : A Full and true relation of dreadful and terrible storm, that hapned [sic] at Forte St. George, in the East-Indies, on the 3d of November, 1684. / Communicated in a letter to a friend in London, from one belonging to the English factory.  1685 1
R M   15
R M Active 1560   2
R M Active 1616 : Declaration de Henri-Marc de Gouffier. English  1616 1
R M Active 1617   2
R M Active 1629 : Micrologia : Characters, or essayes, of persons, trades, and places, offered to the city and country. By R.M.  1629 1
R M Active 1633   3
R M C : Quakerisme the path-way to paganisme, or, A vieu of the Quakers religion : being an examination of the theses and apologie of Robert Barclay, one of their number, published lately in Latine, to discover to the world, what that is, which they hold and owne for the only true Christian religion / by John Brown ...  1678 1
R M Mcconnel Phd : Criminal responsibility [electronic resource] / "Mercier, Charles" ... [et. al.].  1905 1
R M Of The Middle Temple Esquire : The just measure of a personall treatie between the Kings Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament. : Grounded on divinity, reason, history, divine and humane, common and civill lawes; with many other authentick authors. By R.M. of the middle Temple, Esquire.  1648 1
R M R Monsey : Scarronides, or, Virgile travestie a mock-poem : being the second book of Virgils Æneis translated into English burlesq : being a continuation of the former story / by R. M. ...  1665 1
R M Student In Divinity : A profitable dialogue for a peruerted papist. Or a little labour of a lay men : tending to the profit of a peruerted Papist: namely, by laying open vnto him his ovvne errour, in beleeuing that the Church of Rome cannot erre. Composed in dialogue maner, as it were betweene a simple lay man, and certayne graue diuines, and published onely for the benefit of the lay Papist. VVritten by R.M. gent. and student in Diuinity.  1609 1
R Mees And Zoonen   2
R Mees And Zoonen Assurantien : 1720-1970 : the story of R Mees and Zoonen.  1971 1
R Mr : The description and use of the nocturnal / by M. Samuel Foster ... ; with the addition of a ruler, shewing the measures of inches and other parts of most countries, compared with our English ones ; being useful for all merchants & tradesmen.  1685? 1
R N Active 1613 : The Christians manna. Or A treatise of the most blessed and reuerend sacrament of the Eucharist : Deuided into tvvo tracts. Written by a Catholike deuine, through occasion of Monsieur Casaubon his epistle to Cardinal Peron, expressing therin the graue and approued iudgment of the Kings Maiesty, touching the doctrine of the reall presence in the Eucharist.  1613 1
R P   31
R P Active 1557 : An admonition to the towne of Callays  1557 1
R P Active 1583 1586   7
R P Gent   2
R P Richard Perrot 1584 1641   2
R P Robert Perrot   4
R Philopolymathes   2
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