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100 1  Reeve, Richard,|d1948- 
245 14 The sexual imperative in the novels of Sir Henry Rider 
       Haggard /|cRichard Reeve. 
264  1 London ;|aNew York, NY :|bAnthem Press,|c2018. 
300    1 online resource. 
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505 0  Cover; Front Matter; Half title; Title page; Copyright 
       information; Dedication; Table of contents; 
       Acknowledgments; Chapter Int-7; Introduction; Chapter One 
       The Sexual Imperative; Chapter Two: The Origins Of 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Fictional Writing; Romance and 
       Realism; The Attractions for Haggard of Romance Writing; 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Perseverance with His Novels; Doctor 
       Therne; Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Attitude towards Writing; 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Early Life; Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s 
       Relationship with His Father; Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s 
       Relationship with His Mother; Lilly Jackson; Johanna Ford;
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Wife, Louisa Margitson; Agnes Barber 
505 8  ConclusionChapter Three: The Early Novels 
       (1884â#x80;#x93;95): Youthful Anger; Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s 
       Contemporary Biographical Experiences; Dawn and Its 
       Biographical Resonances; The Witchâ#x80;#x99;s Head and 
       Its Biographical Resonances; Colonel Quaritch V. C. and 
       Its Biographical Resonances; Joan Haste and Its 
       Biographical Resonances; The Stereotypical Nature of 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Male and Female Characters; Sexually 
       Potent and Sexually Vulnerable Women, and Their Roots in 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Biography; Feminine Sexual 
       Vulnerability; The Punishment of Disruptive Women; The 
       Destructive Impact upon Men of Desirable but Benign Women 
505 8  Menâ#x80;#x99;s Share of the Blame for Their Sexual 
       ExcessesThe Consequences of the Sexual Imperative: Sexual 
       Jealousy, Moral Disintegration and Violence; The Sins of 
       the Father; Consolatory and Redemptive Women; Negative 
       Depictions of Marriage; Spiritual Love and Love in an 
       Afterlife; Conclusions; Chapter Four: The New Woman, 
       Female Self-Sacrifice And Spirituality 
       (1887â#x80;#x93;1901); Jess and Its Biographical 
       Resonances; Beatrice and Its Biographical Overtones; The 
       New Woman; Jess and Beatrice as Sexually Passionate and 
       Sexually Potent Women; The Sexually Passionate Women of 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Romances 
505 8  Jess and Beatriceâ#x80;#x99;s Impact upon Their LoversThe 
       Moral Dilemmas in Jess, Beatrice and Joan Haste; What 
       Happens Between the Lovers in Jess and Beatrice; Moral 
       Judgements and the Drift of the Subtext; The Spirituality 
       of Jess and Beatrice; Conclusion; Chapter Five: Spiritual 
       Love And Sexual Renunciation (1899â#x80;#x93;1908); 
       Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Contemporary Biography; The 
       Contemporary Interest in Spiritualism; Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s
       Experience with Aspects of Spiritualism and His 
       Fascination with the Concept of an Afterlife; Stella 
       Fregelius and Its Biographical Resonances 
505 8  The Way of the Spirit and Its Biographical ResonancesThe 
       Question of Celibacy; The Capacities and Limitations of 
       Spirituality and Spiritual Intimacy; Female Power and 
       Female Divinity; Spiritual Communication between Lovers; 
       The Reunion of Lovers in an Afterlife; Communication with 
       the Dead; Conclusions; Chapter Six: The Final Fiction: 
       Spiritual Consolation And The Dictates Of The Sexual 
       Imperative (1909â#x80;#x93;30); Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s 
       Contemporary Biography; Love Eternal and Its Biographical 
       Resonances; Mary of Marion Isle and Its Biographical 
505 8  The Sexual Potency of Women: Representations of Female 
       Sexuality in Haggardâ#x80;#x99;s Late Fiction 
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600 10 Haggard, H. Rider|q(Henry Rider),|d1856-1925 
650  0 Sexual ethics in literature. 
650  0 Sex in literature. 
856 40 |uhttps://www.jstor.org/stable/10.2307/j.ctt2050vnk 
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