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Reeves Douglas S : Proceedings of the 30th annual Southeast Regional Conference [electronic resource] / Mladen A. Vouk, Douglas S. Reeves, Cherri M. Pancake ; sponsor Association for Computing Machinery.     
      Proceedings Of The 30th Annual Southeast Regional Conference Online materials; QA75.5   EBOOKS 1992
Reeves Dryad Press : Animal glove puppets.     
      Animal Glove Puppets. BJL  BOOK 1974
Reeves Edward    
      The Diver's Luck! Departmental Locations; PN 2595 H9 A3(1912/04/29)   PLAYBILL 1912
      A Girl's Cross Roads Departmental Locations; PN 2595 H9 A3(1911/11/06)   PLAYBILL 1911
Reeves Emily Elizabeth : The experiences of fathers in the perinatal period.     
      The Experiences Of Fathers In The Perinatal Period. BJL; T/H 2016 Clin.Psy.D. R3   THESIS 2016
Reeves Fanny    
      All That Glitters Is Not Gold Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 A8(1870/01/26-27)   PLAYBILL 1870
      All That Glitters Is Not Gold Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 A8(1870/01/26)   PLAYBILL 1870
      Beggar's Opera Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 A8(1870/01/21)   PLAYBILL 1870
      Beggar's Opera Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 A8(1870/01/21)   PLAYBILL 1870
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Reeves Frank    
      Integrated Social Science : A District Possiblity. BJL; JKQ R3   BOOK 1977
      The Modernity Of Further Education : The Direction Of Change In Further Education Colleges. BJL; LC 1047 G7 R3   BOOK 1995
Reeves Frank 1945    
      British Racial Discourse : A Study Of British Political Discourse About Race And Related Matters. BJL; HT 1600 G7 R3   BOOK 1983
      Race Equality In Local Communities : A Guide To Its Promotion BJL; HT 1521 R3   BOOK 2007
Reeves Gareth    
      Auden, MacNeice, Spender : The Thirties Poetry BJL; PR 6001 U19 Z61   BOOK 1992
      Pilgrims. BJL; PR 6068 E27 P6   BOOK 1969
      T.S. Eliot : A Virgilian Poet. BJL; PR 6009 L76 Z76   BOOK 1989
Reeves Geoffrey : Peter Brook.     
      Peter Brook. BJL  BOOK 1995
Reeves Geoffrey W : Communications and the "Third World".     
      Communications And The "Third World". BJL; P 92.2 R3   BOOK 1993
Reeves George M : Poemes de jeunesse inedits / ed by G.M. Reeves.     
      Poemes De Jeunesse Inedits BJL; PR 2 S72 B5(3)   BOOK 1968
  Reeves Gordon -- See Reeves, W. G.
Reeves Herman Clyde    
      Funding Clean Water. BJL; TD 223 F9   BOOK 1984
      The Role Of The State In Property Taxation BJL; KT 116 R7   BOOK 1983
Reeves J : The natural need.     
      The Natural Need. BJL; PR 6035 E26 N2   BOOK  
Reeves James    
      Arcadian Ballads, With Illustrations By E. Ardizzone. BJL; q PR 6035 E26 A6   BOOK 1978
      Collected Poems, 1929-1959. BJL; PR 6035 E26 A2   BOOK 1960
      Collected Poems, 1929-1974. BJL; PR 6035 E26 A2   BOOK 1974
      Complete Poems For Children. Education Resources  BOOK 1973
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Reeves Jane : The Quality of education : methods and purposes in the secondary curriculum.     
      The Quality Of Education : Methods And Purposes In The Secondary Curriculum. BJL; JNO T4   BOOK 1947
Reeves Jenny : Putting together professional portfolios / Christine Forde, Margery McMahon and Jenny Reeves.     
      Putting Together Professional Portfolios BJL; LB1731   BOOK 2009
Reeves Joan Wynn    
      Body And Mind In Western Thought : An Introduction To Some Origins Of Modern Psychology. BJL; BF 95 R3   BOOK 1958
      Thinking About Thinking : Studies In The Background Of Some Psychological Approaches. BJL; BF 455 R3   BOOK 1965
Reeves Joanna : Competition law : the implications of the Competition Act 1998.     
      Competition Law : The Implications Of The Competition Act 1998. BJL  BOOK 1999
Reeves John 1752 1829    
      History Of The English Law. BJL; KB 40 R3   BOOK  
      History Of The English Law. BJL; KB 40 R3   BOOK  
      History Of The English Law. BJL; KB 40 R3   BOOK  
      A History Of The Law Of Shipping And Navigation Departmental Locations; KD 263 R3   BOOK 1792
      History Of The Law Of Shipping And Navigation Online materials  EBOOKS 1792
Reeves John A : A history of the theatre / by G. Freedley and J.A. Reeves.     
      A History Of The Theatre BJL; PN 2100 F8   BOOK 1941
Reeves John K : Their wedding journey / edited by J.K. Reeves.     
      Their Wedding Journey BJL; PS 2025 T3 R3   BOOK 1968
Reeves John Of The Royal Commission On The Historical Monuments Of England : Wilton House and English palladianism; some Wiltshire housees / J. Bold with J. Reeves.     
      Wilton House And English Palladianism; Some Wiltshire Housees BJL; DA 600 R8 B6   BOOK 1988
Reeves John P : Microbial permeability / edited by J.P. Reeves.     
      Microbial Permeability BJL; QH 601 R3   BOOK 1973
  Reeves John Sims -- See Reeves, Sims
Reeves Jon    
      Adolescent Behavior In Urban Areas : A Bibliographic Review And Discussion Of The Literature. BJL; HQ 796 G6   BOOK 1963
      The Emergence Of Youth Societies : A Cross-Cultural Approach. BJL; HQ 796 G6   BOOK 1966
Reeves Joseph    
      A Century Of Rochdale Co-Operation, 1844-1944. BJL; HD 3271 R3   BOOK 1944
      Co-Operation In The Soviet Union; A Full Account Of The Present Position And Future Prospects Of The BJL; HD 3530 R3   BOOK 1937
      Co-Operative Education : Where Is It Leading? BJL; HD 2955 R3   BOOK 1929
Reeves Julie : Developing transferable skills : enhancing your research and employment potential / Pam Denicolo, Julie Reeves.     
      Developing Transferable Skills : Enhancing Your Research And Employment Potential BJL; HF 5382.7 D3   BOOK 2014
Reeves Julie 1963 : Developing transferable skills [electronic resource] : enhancing your research and employment potential / Pam Denicolo, Julie Reeves.     
      Developing Transferable Skills Enhancing Your Research And Employment Potential Online materials; HF5381.6 .D46 2014   EBOOKS 2014
Reeves Keanu 1964    
      Dangerous Liaisons BJL; PN 1997 D1824   DVD 2011
      The Day The Earth Stood Still BJL  DVD 2009
      Matrix Trilogy BJL; PN 1997 M433   DVD c2007
      My Own Private Idaho BJL; PN 1997 M9956   DVD 2008
      Point Break BJL; PN 1997 P752   DVD 2011
Reeves Keir : Places of pain and shame : dealing with "difficult heritage" / edited by William Logan and Keir Reeves.     
      Places Of Pain And Shame : Dealing With "Difficult Heritage" BJL; CC 135 P6   BOOK 2009
Reeves Magdalen Stuart    
      Family Life On A Pound A Week. BJL; HX 11 F15 T7(162)   BOOK 1912
      Round About A Pound A Week,By Mrs.P.Reeves. BJL; HV 4087 R3   BOOK 1914
Reeves Maggie    
      Assessment Of Clinical Practice : The Why, Who, When And How Of Assessing Nursing Practice BJL; RT 73.7 W2   BOOK 1999
      Fundamental Aspects Of Legal, Ethical And Professional Issues In Nursing BJL; RT 85 R3   BOOK 2002
      Fundamental Aspects Of Legal, Ethical And Professional Issues In Nursing BJL; RT 85 C3   BOOK c2011
Reeves Marcus 1969 : Somebody scream! : rap music's rise to prominence in the aftershock of black power / by Marcus Reeves.     
      Somebody Scream! : Rap Music's Rise To Prominence In The Aftershock Of Black Power BJL; ML 3531 R3   BOOK 2008
Reeves Marjorie    
      The Crisis In Higher Education : Competence, Delight And The Common Good. BJL; LA 637 R3   BOOK 1988
      The Diaries Of Jeffery Whitaker, Schoolmaster Of Bratton, 1739-1741 BJL; DA 670 W7 R3(44)   BOOK 1989
      The Figural Of Joachim Of Fiore. BJL; BT 1394 R3   BOOK 1972
      The Influence Of Prophecy In The Later Middle Ages : A Study In Joachimism. BJL; BT 1394 R3   BOOK 1969
7 additional entries    
Reeves Michael 1943 1969 : Witchfinder General [videorecording] / directed by Michael Reeves.     
      Witchfinder General BJL; PN 1997 W8198   DVD c2003
Reeves Nicholas : ILAM model customer survey questionnaires for managers of public parks.     
      ILAM Model Customer Survey Questionnaires For Managers Of Public Parks. BJL  BOOK  
Reeves Nigel    
      Business Studies, Languages And Overseas Trade : A Study Of Activities In Education And Training. BJL; HF 1141 L7   BOOK 1985
      The European Business Environment : Germany. BJL  BOOK 1997
      Heinrich Heine : Poetry And Politics. BJL; PT 2328 R3   BOOK 1974
      The Invisible Economy : A Profile Of Britain's Invisible Exports BJL; HF 1416.6 G7 L7   BOOK 1988
      University Language Studies And The Future Of Britain. BJL; LB 2365 L4 R3   BOOK 1976
Reeves Norman Charles : French for engineers : a course designed to teach engineers how to read french engineering literature.     
      French For Engineers : A Course Designed To Teach Engineers How To Read French Engineering Literatur BJL; PC 2120 E5 R3   BOOK 1967
Reeves Paschal : Thomas Wolfe's albatross : race and nationality in America.     
      Thomas Wolfe's Albatross : Race And Nationality In America. BJL; PS 3545 O45 Z6   BOOK 1968
Reeves Peter : The bacteriocins.     
      The Bacteriocins. BJL; QR 185 B2 R3   BOOK 1972
Reeves Peter 1935    
      The Encyclopedia Of The Indian Diaspora Departmental Locations; DS 432.5 E5   BOOK 2006
      Sleeman In Oudh : An Abridgement Of W.H. Sleeman's A Journey Through The Kingdom Of Oude In 1849-50 BJL; DS 485 O9 S6   BOOK 2010
Reeves Philip : The curricular and staff development implications for management of the advent of the microcomputer into schools : a case study.     
      The Curricular And Staff Development Implications For Management Of The Advent Of The Microcomputer BJL; T/H 1987 M.Ed. R3   THESIS 1987
Reeves R Marcel : Catalogue of the Oribatida (Acari) of continental United States and Canada / V.G. Marshall. R.M. Reeves, R.A. Norton.     
      Catalogue Of The Oribatida (Acari) Of Continental United States And Canada BJL; QL 461 E84 M5(139)   BOOK 1987
Reeves Randall R    
      The Bottlenose Dolphin BJL; QL 737 C432 B7   BOOK 1990
      Conservation And Management Of Marine Mammals BJL; q QL 713.2 C7   BOOK 1999
      Dolphins, Whales And Porpoises : 2002-2010 Conservation Action Plan For The World's Cetaceans BJL  BOOK 2003
      Sea Mammals Of The World BJL; QL 713.2 S4   BOOK 2002
Reeves Richard    
      A Ford, Not A Lincoln : The Decline Of American Political Leadership. BJL; E 865 R3   BOOK 1976
      President Kennedy : Profile Of Power. BJL; E 842 R3   BOOK 1993
Reeves Richard Ambrose Bp Of Johannesburg : Shooting at Sharpeville : the agony of South Africa.     
      Shooting At Sharpeville : The Agony Of South Africa. BJL; DT 779 R3   BOOK 1960
Reeves Richard V : Dream hoarders : how the American upper middle class is leaving everyone else in the dust, why that is a problem, and what to do about it / Richard V. Reeves.     
      Dream Hoarders : How The American Upper Middle Class Is Leaving Everyone Else In The Dust, Why That Online materials; HT690.U6   EBOOKS 2018
Reeves Richard W : Arroyos and environmental change in the American south-west. / by R.U. Cooke and R.W. Reeves.     
      Arroyos And Environmental Change In The American South-West. BJL; GB 562 C7   BOOK 1976
Reeves Roger D : Trace element analysis of geological materials / by R.D. Reeves and R.R.R.Brooks.     
      Trace Element Analysis Of Geological Materials BJL; QE 516 T85 R3   BOOK 1978
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