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Mark   Media Year
Reisiger Hans    
      Der Grosse Traum. BJL; PT 2616 G8   BOOK 1956
      Johann Gottfried Herder : Sein Leben In Selbstzeugnissen, Briefen Und Berichten. BJL; PT 2353 R3   BOOK 1970
Reisigl Martin 1969 : Discourse and discrimination : rhetorics of racism and antisemitism / Martin Reisigl and Ruth Wodak.     
      Discourse And Discrimination : Rhetorics Of Racism And Antisemitism BJL; DB 47 R3   BOOK 2001
Reising Russell    
      Every Sound There Is : The Beatles' Revolver And The Transformation Of Rock And Roll BJL; ML 421 B4 E9   BOOK 2002
      'Speak To Me' : The Legacy Of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon BJL; ML 421 P6 S7   BOOK c2005
      The Unusable Past : Theory And The Study Of American Literature BJL; PS 25 R3   BOOK 1986
Reisinger Heidi : Russia's role in post-Soviet territory : decline of military power and political influence / Hannes Adomeit, Heidi Reisinger.     
      Russia's Role In Post-Soviet Territory : Decline Of Military Power And Political Influence BJL; UA 10 F7 F73(2002/4)   BOOK 2002
Reisinger William M 1957    
      The 1999-2000 Elections In Russia : Their Impact And Legacy BJL; JK 6699 A5 N7   BOOK c2003
      Understanding Democracy : A Comparison Of Mass And Elite In Post-Soviet Russia And Ukraine BJL; JA 1 S89 S9(247)   BOOK 1995
Reisinger Yvette : Cross-cultural behaviour in tourism : concepts and analysis / Yvette Reisinger and Lindsay W. Turner.     
      Cross-Cultural Behaviour In Tourism : Concepts And Analysis BJL; G 155 A1 R3   BOOK 2003
Reiske Johann Jacob    
      De Chaerea Et Callirrhoe BJL; PA 3948 C3 O7   BOOK  
      Indices Graecitatis BJL; HGS 84   BOOK 1828
Reisler Mark : By the sweat of their brow : Mexican immigrant labor in the United States, 1900-1940.     
      By The Sweat Of Their Brow : Mexican Immigrant Labor In The United States, 1900-1940. BJL; E 184 M5 R3   BOOK 1976
Reisman Arnold    
      Industrial Inventory Control BJL; HA 33 I4   BOOK 1972
      Phase Equilibria : Basic Principles, Applications Experimental Techniques. BJL; QD 501 T4 R3   BOOK 1970
Reisman David A    
      Adam Smith's Sociological Economics. BJL; HB 103 S6 R3   BOOK 1976
      Galbraith And Market Capitalism. BJL; HB 119 G1 R3   BOOK 1980
      Richard Titmuss : Welfare And Society. BJL; HV 248 R3   BOOK 1977
      State And Welfare : Tawney, Galbraith And Adam Smith. BJL; HB 99.3 R3   BOOK 1982
      Theories Of Collective Action : Downs, Olson And Hirsch. BJL; HB 846.5 R3   BOOK 1990
Reisman John M : A history of clinical psychology.     
      A History Of Clinical Psychology. BJL; RC 467 R3   BOOK 1976
Reisman Stanley S : Biomedical engineering principles / Arthur B. Ritter, Stanley Reisman, Bozena B. Michniak.     
      Biomedical Engineering Principles BJL; R 856 R6   BOOK 2005
Reisman W Michael William Michael 1939    
      Foreign Investment Disputes : Cases, Materials, And Commentary BJL; K 3830 B6   BOOK c2005
      International Incidents : The Law That Counts In World Politics BJL; JX 3091 I6   BOOK 1988
      Power And Policy In Quest Of Law : Essays In Honor Of Eugene Victor Rostow BJL; K 55 P8   BOOK 1985
      Stopping Wars And Making Peace : Studies In International Intervention BJL; KZ 6374 S8   BOOK 2009
      Straight Baselines In International Maritime Boundary Delimitation BJL; JX 4131 R3   BOOK 1992
Reisner Edward H : National and education since 1789 : a social and political history of modern education.     
      National And Education Since 1789 : A Social And Political History Of Modern Education. BJL; J6 R5   BOOK 1922
Reisner Howard M : Pathology (2014)     
      Pathology : A Modern Case Study Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Reisner Marc    
      Cadillac Desert : The American West And Its Disappearing Water. BJL; HD 1694 A5 R3   BOOK 1987
      Game Wars : The Undercover Pursuit Of Wildlife Poachers. BJL; SK 36.7 R3   BOOK 1991
Reisner Noam 1974    
      John Milton's Paradise Lost : A Reading Guide Online materials  EBOOKS c2011
      Milton And The Ineffable Online materials; PR3588 .R45 2009   EBOOKS 2009
Reisner Will : Documents of the Fourth International : the formative years (1933-40).     
      Documents Of The Fourth International : The Formative Years (1933-40). BJL; HX 11 I8 I6   BOOK 1973
      Comment Les Austro-Hongrois Ont Fait La Guerre En Serbie Observations Directes D'un Neutre Online materials  EBOOKS 1915
      How Austria-Hungary Waged War In Serbia Personal Investigations Of A Neutral Online materials  EBOOKS 1915
Reiss Albert John    
      Cities And Society : The Revised Reader In Urban Sociology. BJL; HT 111 H3   BOOK 1957
      Complex Organizations : A Critical Essay BJL; HM 786 P4   BOOK 1979
      Occupations And Social Status : By A.J. Reiss And Others. BJL; HT 675 R3   BOOK 1961
      The Police And The Public. BJL; HV 8138 R3   BOOK 1971
2 additional entries    
Reiss Alvin H    
      Cash In! : Funding And Promoting The Arts. BJL  BOOK c2000
      Don't Just Applaud - Send Money! : The Most Successful Strategies For Funding And Marketing The Arts BJL; NX 765 R3   BOOK 1995
Reiss Benjamin    
      Keywords For Disability Studies Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
      Theaters Of Madness : Insane Asylums And Nineteenth-Century American Culture Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
Reiss Christopher : Education of travelling children.     
      Education Of Travelling Children. BJL; LC 3516 G7 R3   BOOK 1975
Reiss David : Adolescent siblings in stepfamilies : family functioning and adolescent adjustment / E. Mavis Hetherington, Sandra H. Henderson, David Reiss ...     
      Adolescent Siblings In Stepfamilies : Family Functioning And Adolescent Adjustment BJL; HQ 777.7 H5   BOOK 1999
Reiss Edmund    
      Arthurian Legend And Literature : An Annotated Bibliography BJL; PN 685 R3   BOOK 1984
      Sir Thomas Malory. BJL; PR 2045 R3   BOOK 1966
Reiss Edward    
      Marx : A Clear Guide. BJL; HX 39.5 R3   BOOK 1997
      The Strategic Defense Initiative. BJL; UG 743 R3   BOOK 1992
Reiss Erna : Rights and duties of Englishwomen : a study in law and public opinion.     
      Rights And Duties Of Englishwomen : A Study In Law And Public Opinion. BJL; HQ 1297 R3   BOOK 1934
Reiss Erwin : Semiotik des Films, mit Analysen kommerzieller pornos and revolutionarer agitationsfilme / herausgegeben von F. Knilli; Mitarbeit E. Reiss.     
      Semiotik Des Films, Mit Analysen Kommerzieller Pornos And Revolutionarer Agitationsfilme BJL; PN 1995 K7   BOOK 1971
Reiss Frederick : Medical mycology / cconsulting editor. F. Reiss.     
      Medical Mycology / F. Reiss. BJL; Q 1 N53 A6(50,X)   BOOK 1950
Reiss Geoff 1945    
      Project Management Demystified BJL; HD 69 P75 R3   BOOK 2007
      Project Management Demystified : Today's Tools And Techniques. BJL; HD 69 P75 R3   BOOK 1995
Reiss Gunter    
      "Allegorisierung" Und Moderne Erzählkunst : Eine Studie Zum Werk Thomas Manns. BJL; PT 2625 A61 Z67   BOOK 1970
      Materialien Zur Ideologiegeschichte Der Deutschen Literaturwissenschaft Von Wilhelm Scherer Bis 1945 BJL; PT 105 R3   BOOK 1973
Reiss Hans Siegbert    
      Franz Kafka : Eine Betreachtung Seines Werkes. BJL; PT 2621 A26 R3   BOOK 1952
      Goethes Romane. BJL; PT 1984 R3   BOOK 1963
      Kant's Political Writings BJL; B 2751 R3   BOOK 1970
      The Political Thought Of The German Romantics, 1793-1815 BJL; PT 363 P7 R3   BOOK 1955
3 additional entries    
Reiss Ilan : Statistical physics-"Statphys 13" / edited by D. Cabib, C.G. Kuper and I. Riess; executive editor C. Weil.     
      Statistical Physics-"Statphys 13" BJL; QC 174.7 I9   BOOK 1978
Reiss Ira Leonard    
      The Family System In America. BJL; HQ 536 R3   BOOK 1971
      Premarital Sexual Standards In America : The Relative Social And Cultural Integration Of American Se BJL; HQ 19 R3   BOOK 1960
      The Social Context Of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness. BJL; HQ 21 R3   BOOK 1967
Reiss Johanna Katharina : Die Lebensmittelversorgung des Landes Baden zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen.     
      Die Lebensmittelversorgung Des Landes Baden Zwischen Den Beiden Weltkriegen. BJL; HD 9013.7 B1 R3   BOOK 1951
Reiss Julie H : From margin to centre : the spaces of installation art.     
      From Margin To Centre : The Spaces Of Installation Art. BJL  BOOK 2001
Reiss Levi : Open computing guide to Mosaic / L. Reiss & J. Radin.     
      Open Computing Guide To Mosaic BJL; TK 5105.875 I57 R3   BOOK 1995
Reiss Louise Horner : Arthurian legend and literature : an annotated bibliography / E. Reiss, L.H. Reiss, B. Taylor.     
      Arthurian Legend And Literature : An Annotated Bibliography BJL; PN 685 R3   BOOK 1984
Reiss Michael J Michael Jonathan 1958    
      The Allometry Of Growth And Reproduction. BJL  BOOK 1989
      Behaviour BJL; QL 751 D6   BOOK 1999
      Ecology : Principles And Applications BJL; QH 541 C4   BOOK 1999
      Improving Nature? : The Science And Ethics Of Genetic Engineering BJL, Departmental Locations ; TP 248.6 R3   BOOK 1996
7 additional entries    
Reiss Mitchell    
      Bridled Ambition : Why Countries Constrain Their Nuclear Capabilities. BJL; U 264 R3   BOOK 1995
      Nuclear Proliferation After The Cold War BJL; KZ 5665 N9   BOOK 1994
      The Nuclear Tipping Point : Why States Reconsider Their Nuclear Choices BJL; JZ 5675 N9   BOOK c2004
Reiss R D : Statistical analysis of extreme values : from insurance, finance, hydrology, and other fields / R.-D. Reiss, M. Thomas.     
      Statistical Analysis Of Extreme Values : From Insurance, Finance, Hydrology, And Other Fields BJL; QA 273.6 R3   BOOK 2001
Reiss Richard Leopold : The town-planning handbook : including full text of the Town planning (consolidating) Act, 1925.     
      The Town-Planning Handbook : Including Full Text Of The Town Planning (Consolidating) Act, 1925. BJL; HT 80 R3   BOOK 1925
Reiss Stephen : Aelbert Cuyp / text by S. Reiss.     
      Aelbert Cuyp BJL; ND 529 C99   BOOK 1975
Reiss Steven : Abnormality : experimental and clinical approaches / editor by S. Reiss and others.     
      Abnormality : Experimental And Clinical Approaches BJL; RC 454 A1   BOOK 1977
Reiss Steven 1958 : Thirty frames per second : the visionary art of the music video / by Steven Reiss & Neil Feineman ; preface by Michael Stipe; foreword by Jeff Ayeroff.     
      Thirty Frames Per Second : The Visionary Art Of The Music Video BJL; PN 1992.8 M87 R3   BOOK c2000
Reiss Steven P 1951 : Proceedings, SoftVis '05 [electronic resource] : ACM Symposium on Software Visualization : St. Louis, Missouri, May 14-15, 2005 / program co-chairs, Tom Naps, Wim De Pauw ; symposium chair, Steven P. Reiss ; proceedings production editor, Stephen N. Spencer ; sponsored by ACM SIGCHI ... [et al.].     
      Proceedings, SoftVis '05 ACM Symposium On Software Visualization : St. Louis, Missouri, May 14-15, 2 Online materials; QA76.65 .A36 2005   EBOOKS c2005
Reiss Timothy J    
      The Discourse Of Modernism. BJL; BD 161 R3   BOOK 1982
      Knowledge, Discovery And Imagination In Early Modern Europe : The Rise Of Aesthetic Rationalism. BJL; P 35.5 E8 R3   BOOK 1997
      Toward Dramatic Illusion : Theatrical Technique And Meaning From Hardy To Horace. BJL; PQ 528 R3   BOOK 1971
      Tragedy And Truth : Studies In The Development Of A Renaissance And Neoclassical Discourse. BJL; PN 1892 R3   BOOK 1980
Reiss Tom : The Black Count : glory, revolution, betrayal, and the real Count of Monte Cristo / Tom Reiss.     
      The Black Count : Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, And The Real Count Of Monte Cristo Departmental Locations; DC 146 D83 R3   BOOK 2012
Reissell Anni : Eurasian Arctic land cover and land use in a changing climate [electronic resource] / Garik Gutman, Anni Reissell, editors.     
      Eurasian Arctic Land Cover And Land Use In A Changing Climate Online materials; GE160.A68 E97 2011   EBOOKS c2011
Reissenweber Marion : The use of modified block designs in the evaluation and training of the brain-injurerd.     
      The Use Of Modified Block Designs In The Evaluation And Training Of The Brain-Injurerd. BJL; BF 1 P974(371)   BOOK 1953
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