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Rosen Michael I 1938 : A classical introduction to modern number theory / Kenneth Ireland, Michael Rosen.     
      A Classical Introduction To Modern Number Theory BJL; QA 241 I6   BOOK 1990
Rosen Mike : Autumn festivals.     
      Autumn Festivals. Education Resources  BOOK 1990
Rosen Milton J    
      Industrial Utilization Of Surfactants : Principles And Practice BJL; TP 994 R8   BOOK 2000
      Surfactants And Interfacial Phenomena. BJL; TP 994 R8   BOOK 1989
      Surfactants And Interfacial Phenomena. BJL; TP 994 R8   BOOK c2004
      Surfactants And Interfacial Phenomena Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
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Rosen Murray : The Sunday Times thalidomide case.     
      The Sunday Times Thalidomide Case. BJL; q KC 560 C7 R8   BOOK 1979
Rosen Nick : How to live off-grid : journey outside the system / Nick Rosen.     
      How To Live Off-Grid : Journey Outside The System BJL; GE195   BOOK 2007
Rosen Norma    
      John And Anzia : An American Romance. BJL; PS 3568 O77 J6   BOOK 1989
      Touching Evil. BJL; PS 3568 O7 T7   BOOK 1990
Rosen Paul L : The Supreme Court and Social Science.     
      The Supreme Court And Social Science. BJL; KT 110 R8   BOOK 1972
Rosen Paul M : Self-mutilation : theory, research and treatment / B.W. Walsh, P.M. Rosen.     
      Self-Mutilation : Theory, Research And Treatment BJL; RC 552 S4 W2   BOOK 1988
Rosen Philip T : The modern stentors : radio broadcasting and the Federal Government, 1920-1934.     
      The Modern Stentors : Radio Broadcasting And The Federal Government, 1920-1934. BJL; HE 8698 R8   BOOK 1980
Rosen R J : Computer control guidelines : guidelines on the minimum standards of internal control ...     
      Computer Control Guidelines : Guidelines On The Minimum Standards Of Internal Control ... BJL; q HF 5548.2 C2   BOOK 1970
Rosen Rachel : Negotiating adult-child relationships in early childhood research / Deborah Albon and Rachel Rosen.     
      Negotiating Adult-Child Relationships In Early Childhood Research BJL; HQ 767.85 A3   BOOK 2014
Rosen Raymond C    
      Principles And Practice Of Sex Therapy : Update For The 1990s BJL; RC 557 P9   BOOK 1989
      Sexual Desire Disorders BJL; RC 556 S5   BOOK 1988
Rosen Rich : Web application architecture : principles, protocols and practices / Leon Shklar and Rich Rosen.     
      Web Application Architecture : Principles, Protocols And Practices BJL; TK 5105.888 S5   BOOK c2009
Rosen Richard : Ideokinesis and creative body alignment.     
      Ideokinesis And Creative Body Alignment. BJL  BOOK 1997
Rosen Robert : Anticipatory systems : philosophical mathematical and methodological foundations.     
      Anticipatory Systems : Philosophical Mathematical And Methodological Foundations. BJL; Q 295 R8   BOOK 1985
Rosen Robert C : Literature and society : fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction / Pamela Jeanne Annas, Robert C. Rosen.     
      Literature And Society : Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Nonfiction BJL; PN 51 L7   BOOK 1990
Rosen Robert L : The French connection [videorecording]. French connection II.     
      The French Connection French Connection II. BJL  DVD 2004
Rosen Robert S : E.T.A. Hoffmanns "Kater Murr".     
      E.T.A. Hoffmanns "Kater Murr". BJL; PT 2360 L4 Z67   BOOK 1970
Rosen Roger : Teenage soldiers, adult wars.     
      Teenage Soldiers, Adult Wars. BJL  BOOK 1991
Rosen Ronald : Strategic management : an introduction.     
      Strategic Management : An Introduction. BJL  BOOK 1995
Rosen Ruth    
      The Lost Sisterhood : Prostitution In America, 1900-1918. BJL; HQ 144 R8   BOOK 1982
      The Maimie Papers. BJL; HQ 146 P4 P6   BOOK 1977
Rosen Sam : National income : its measurement, determination, and relation to public policy.     
      National Income : Its Measurement, Determination, And Relation To Public Policy. BJL; HC 106.5 R8   BOOK 1963
Rosen Samuel : None so deaf : the autobiography of Dr. Samuel Rosen.     
      None So Deaf : The Autobiography Of Dr. Samuel Rosen. BJL; RF 38 R8   BOOK 1973
Rosen Saul    
      Proceedings Of The Sixth ACM Symposium On Operating Systems Principles Online materials  EBOOKS 1977
      Proceedings Of The Sixth ACM Symposium On Operating Systems Principles Online materials  EBOOKS 1977
      Programming Systems And Languages Departmental Locations, BJL ; QA 264 R8   BOOK 1967
      Programming Systems And Languages BJL; QA 264 R8   BOOK 1967
Rosen Seymour M    
      Education In The U.S.S.R. BJL; JDn U5   BOOK 1978
      Education In The U.S.S.R. Current Status Of Higher Education BJL; JSn U5   BOOK 1980
      Soviet Education. BJL; JDn2 U5   BOOK 1964
Rosen Sherwin    
      A Disequilibrium Model Of Demand For Factors Of Production. BJL; HB 801 N1   BOOK 1973
      Studies In Labor Markets BJL; HD 4901 S9   BOOK 1981
Rosen Sonia : Forced labor : the prostitution of children / [edited by Maureen Jaffe and Sonia Rosen].     
      Forced Labor : The Prostitution Of Children BJL; HQ 117 U5   BOOK 1996
Rosen Stanley 1929    
      G.W.F. Hegel : An Introduction To Science Of Wisdom. BJL; B 2949 R8   BOOK 1974
      The Limits Of Analysis. BJL; B 808.5 R8   BOOK 1980
      Nihilism : A Philosophical Essay. BJL; B 828.3 R8   BOOK 1969
      Plato's "Symposium". BJL; B 385 Z6 R8   BOOK 1968
Rosen Stanley 1942 : Art, politics, and commerce in Chinese cinema / edited by Ying Zhu and Stanley Rosen.     
      Art, Politics, And Commerce In Chinese Cinema BJL; PN 1993.5 C5 A7   BOOK 2010
Rosen Stanley L : Electricity and electronics for the microcomputer age.     
      Electricity And Electronics For The Microcomputer Age. BJL; q TK 145 R8   BOOK 1987
Rosen Stephen : Future facts : a forecast of the world as we will know it.     
      Future Facts : A Forecast Of The World As We Will Know It. BJL; T 20 R8   BOOK 1976
Rosen Stephen L : Fundamental principles of polymeric materials.     
      Fundamental Principles Of Polymeric Materials. BJL; TA 455 P58 R8   BOOK 1993
Rosen Stephen Peter 1952    
      Societies And Military Power : India And Its Armies. BJL; UA 840 R8   BOOK 1996
      War And Human Nature. BJL; U 21.2 R8   BOOK c2005
      Winning The Next War : Innovation And The Modern Military. BJL; UA 23 R8   BOOK 1991
Rosen Steven : Oz [videorecording] : the Emerald City collection / directed by Adam Bernstein and others.     
      Oz The Emerald City Collection BJL; PN 1992.77 O99   DVD c2014
Rosen Steven A    
      Revolutions In The Desert : The Rise Of Mobile Pastoralism In The Southern Levant Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
      Revolutions In The Desert : The Rise Of Mobile Pastoralism In The Southern Levant BJL; DS111 .R585 2017   BOOK 2017
Rosen Steven J 1942 : The logic of international relations / Steven J. Rosen, Walter S. Jones.     
      The Logic Of International Relations BJL; JX 1395 R8   BOOK 1977
Rosen William : Shakespeare and the craft of tragedy.     
      Shakespeare And The Craft Of Tragedy. BJL; PR 2983 R8   BOOK 1960
Rosen William Solicitor : Ophthalmology / Emanuel Rosen, William Rosen.     
      Ophthalmology BJL; RA 1062.5 R8   BOOK 1997
Rosen Zvi : Bruno Bauer and Karl Marx : the influence of Bruno Bauer on Marx's thought.     
      Bruno Bauer And Karl Marx : The Influence Of Bruno Bauer On Marx's Thought. BJL; B 3305 M7 Z67   BOOK 1977
Rosenau H : Design and medieval architecture.     
      Design And Medieval Architecture. BJL; NA 440 R8   BOOK  
Rosenau James N    
      Along The Domestic-Foreign Frontier : Exploring Governance In A Turbulent World BJL; JZ 1251 R8   BOOK 1997
      American Leadership In World Affairs : Vietnam And The Breakdown Of Consensus South East Asian Collection; (WK) DS 558 H7   BOOK 1984
      The Analysis Of International Politics : Essays In Honor Of Harold And Margaret Sprout BJL; JX 1395 R8   BOOK 1972
      Comparing Foreign Policies : Theories, Findings And Methods BJL; JX 1395 R8   BOOK 1974
15 additional entries    
Rosenau Pauline Marie 1943    
      Once Again Into The Fray : International Relations Confronts The Humanities; From : Millenium, V.19, BJL; Photocopy Collection   PHOTOCOPY  
      Post Modernism And The Social Sciences : Insights, Inroads, And Intrusions. BJL; HM 449 R8   BOOK 1991
Rosenau Pauline Vaillancourt : Post-Modernism and the Social Sciences : Insights, Inroads, and Intrusions.     
      Post-Modernism And The Social Sciences : Insights, Inroads, And Intrusions. Online materials; HM73.R59 1991   EBOOKS 2001
Rosenau William : Confronting "the enemy within" : security intelligence, the police, and counterterrorism in four democracies / Peter Chalk, William Roseanau.     
      Confronting "The Enemy Within" : Security Intelligence, The Police, And Counterterrorism In Four Dem BJL; HV 6431 C4   BOOK 2004
Rosenauer Artur : Donatello.     
      Donatello. BJL; q NB 526 D67 R8   BOOK 1993
Rosenbach Fellowship In Bibliography : On editing Shakespeare and the Elizabethan dramatists.     
      On Editing Shakespeare And The Elizabethan Dramatists. BJL; PR 3071 B7   BOOK 1955
Rosenbach William E    
      Contemporary Issues In Leadership BJL; HM1261 .C69 2006   BOOK c2006
      Military Leadership : In Pursuit Of Excellence BJL; UB 210 M6   BOOK 1992
Rosenbalt Angel : Actuales normas ortograficas y prosodicas de la Academia Espanola.     
      Actuales Normas Ortograficas Y Prosodicas De La Academia Espanola. BJL; PC 4143 R8   BOOK 1974
Rosenband Leonard N : Reconceptualizing the Industrial Revolution / edited by Jeff Horn, Leonard N. Rosenband, and Merritt Roe Smith.     
      Reconceptualizing The Industrial Revolution BJL; HD 2329 R3   BOOK c2010
Rosenbaum : Studies in English Civil Procedure : Vol. II: The County Courts / Rosenbaum.     
      Studies In English Civil Procedure : Vol. II: The County Courts Online materials  EBOOKS 1916
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