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Sainero Sanchez Ramon : Lorca y Synge : un mundo maldito?     
      Lorca Y Synge : Un Mundo Maldito? BJL; PQ 6613 A763 Z68   BOOK 1983
Sainfort Francois : Operations research and health care : a handbook of methods and applications / edited by Margaret L. Brandeau, François Sainfort, William P. Pierskalla.     
      Operations Research And Health Care : A Handbook Of Methods And Applications BJL; RA 393 O6   BOOK c2004
Saini Angela 1980    
      Geek Nation : How Indian Science Is Taking Over The World BJL; Q127.I4 S3   BOOK 2012
      Inferior : The True Power Of Women And The Science That Shows It BJL; HQ1180 .S25   BOOK 2018
      The Patriarchs : How Men Came To Rule BJL; GN479.6 .S2   BOOK 2023
      Superior : The Return Of Race Science BJL; HT1506 .S25   BOOK 2020
Sainsbury Anya : Ballet Rambert : fifty years and on / edited by Clement Crisp, Anya Sainsbury, Peter Williams.     
      Ballet Rambert : Fifty Years And On BJL  BOOK 1976
Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health    
      Active Outreach : An Independent Service User Evaluation Of A Model Of Assertive Outreach Practice BJL; HV 3008 G7 G7   BOOK 2001
      Acute Problems : A Survey Of The Quality Of Care In Acute Psychiatric Wards BJL; q HV 3008 G7 A3   BOOK 1998
      Breaking The Circles Of Fear : A Review Of The Relationship Between Mental Health Services And Afric BJL; q HV 3008 G7 B8   BOOK 2002
      An Executive Briefing On Mental Health Promotion : Implementing Standard One Of The National Service BJL; Pamphlet file 178   BOOK 2001
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Sainsbury David : Government and industry : a new partnership.     
      Government And Industry : A New Partnership. BJL; HX 11 F15 R4(347)   BOOK 1981
Sainsbury Diana    
      Dictionary Of Microbiology BJL; QR 9 S6   BOOK 1978
      Dictionary Of Microbiology And Molecular Biology BJL; QR 9 S6   BOOK 2001
Sainsbury Diane    
      Gender And Welfare State Regimes BJL; HQ 1236 G3   BOOK 1999
      Gender, Equality, And Welfare States. BJL; HV 1444 S1   BOOK 1996
      Gendering Welfare States BJL; HV 30 G3   BOOK 1994
      Swedish Social Democratic Ideology And Electoral Politics, 1944 - 1948. BJL; JK 7995 S6 S1   BOOK 1980
Sainsbury E E : Field work in social administration courses.     
      Field Work In Social Administration Courses. BJL; HV 11 S1   BOOK 1966
Sainsbury Eric    
      Mental Health Social Work Observed BJL; HV 3008 G7 F5   BOOK 1984
      The Personal Social Services. BJL; HV 245 S1   BOOK 1977
      Social Diagnosis In Casework. BJL; HV 43 S1   BOOK 1970
      Social Work In Focus : Clients' And Social Workers' Perceptions In Long-Term Social Work. BJL; HV 43 S1   BOOK 1982
      Social Work With Families. BJL; HV 700 G7 S1   BOOK 1975
Sainsbury G O K : A handbook of the New Zealand mosses.     
      A Handbook Of The New Zealand Mosses. BJL; q Q 10 R87 B9(5)   BOOK 1955
Sainsbury Geoffrey : Journal of a man of letters, 1898-1907.     
      Journal Of A Man Of Letters, 1898-1907. BJL; PQ 2623 E14 J8   BOOK 1960
Sainsbury H : The lights o' London / George R. Sims.     
      The Lights O' London Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1891/03/30)   PLAYBILL 1891
Sainsbury Helen : Miroslav Balka : how it is / edited by Helen Sainsbury ; contributions by Zygmunt Bauman ... [et al.].     
      Miroslav Balka : How It Is BJL; N 6852.99 B18 M6   BOOK 2009
Sainsbury J R C : Handbook of diseases of the breast / J.M. Dixon, J.R.C. Sainsbury ; with contributions by George Masterton, Rhiannon Pugh.     
      Handbook Of Diseases Of The Breast BJL; RG 491 D6   BOOK 1998
Sainsbury John : Disaffected patriots : London supporters of revolutionary America 1769-1782.     
      Disaffected Patriots : London Supporters Of Revolutionary America 1769-1782. BJL; DA 682 S1   BOOK 1987
Sainsbury John Charles    
      Commercial Fishing Methods : An Introduction To Vessels And Gears. BJL; SH 344 S1   BOOK 1986
      Commercial Fishing Methods : An Introduction To Vessels And Gears. BJL  BOOK 1996
      Commercial Fishing Methods : An Introduction To Vessels And Gears. Departmental Locations; SH 344 S1   BOOK c1971
Sainsbury Keith    
      Churchill And Roosevelt At War : The War They Fought And The Peace They Hoped To Make BJL; D 748 S1   BOOK 1994
      International History, 1939-1970 : A Select Bibliography. BJL; D 413.5 S1   BOOK 1973
      The Turning Point : Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill And Chiang-Kai-Shek, 1943 : The Moscow, Cairo And T BJL; D 734 A1 S1   BOOK 1985
Sainsbury Malcolm    
      Aromatic Chemistry. BJL; QD 331 S7   BOOK 1992
      Heterocyclic Chemistry. BJL; QD 400 S1   BOOK c2001
Sainsbury Marian 1950    
      Making Sense Of Baseline Assessment BJL; LB 1140.25 G7 S1   BOOK 1998
      SATs, The Inside Story : The Development Of The First National Assessments For Seven Year Olds, 1989 BJL  BOOK 1996
      Tracking Significant Achevement In Primary English. BJL  BOOK 1996
  Sainsbury Mark -- See Sainsbury, Richard Mark
Sainsbury Peter    
      Suicide In London : An Ecological Study. BJL; HV 6548 G72 L8   BOOK 1955
      A Zed And Two Noughts BJL  DVD 1985
  Sainsbury R M -- See Sainsbury, Richard Mark
  Sainsbury Richard -- See Sainsbury, J. R. C.
Sainsbury Richard Mark    
      Departing From Frege : Essays In The Philosophy Of Language. BJL; BC 135 F8 S1   BOOK 2002
      Logical Forms : An Introduction To Philosophical Logic. BJL; BC 61 S1   BOOK 1991
      Paradoxes. BJL; BC 199 P2 S1   BOOK 1988
      Russell. BJL; B 1649 R9 Z68   BOOK 1979
Sainsbury Roy    
      Changing Lives And The Role Of Income Support : A Study Carried Out On Behalf Of The Department Of S BJL; q HD 7167 S1   BOOK 1996
      Direct Payments From Income Support BJL; q HD 4925.5 G7 M2   BOOK 1994
      Helping Disabled People To Work : A Cross-National Study Of Social Security And Employment Provision BJL; q HD 7256 G7 T5   BOOK c1997
      Putting The Whole Person Concept Into Practice : Final Report BJL; q HD 7165 A2   BOOK 1990
Sainsbury Sally    
      Measuring Disability. BJL; HV 1568 S1   BOOK 1973
      Registered As Disabled. BJL; HV 3011 S1   BOOK 1970
      Regulating Residential Care : A Case Study Of A Voluntary Home. BJL; HV 245 S1   BOOK 1989
Sainsbury Timothy : The need for new cities : a study of population, movement and growth.     
      The Need For New Cities : A Study Of Population, Movement And Growth. BJL; HT 151 S1   BOOK 1966
  Saint Albans -- See St. Albans
Saint Albin Emanuel : Chanson de Roland : poeme de Theroulde : suivi de La chronique de Turpin / traduction en francais moderne de E. de Saint-Albin.     
      Chanson De Roland : Poeme De Theroulde : Suivi De La Chronique De Turpin BJL; PQ 1520 S1   BOOK 1865
Saint Amand Pierre    
      Diderot : Le Labyrinthe De La Relation. BJL; PQ 1979 Z6 S1   BOOK 1984
      The Laws Of Hostility : Politics, Violence, And The Enlightenment BJL; JA 84 F8 S1   BOOK 1996
Saint Amant Marc Antoine Gerard Sieur De 1594 1661    
      Malherbe, Théophile De Viau, And Saint-Amant : A Selection BJL; PQ 1175 M2   BOOK 2009
      Poems And Translations Amorous, Lusory, Morall, Divine Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
      Oeuvres BJL; PQ 1917 S3 A1   BOOK 1967
      Oeuvres Completes. BJL; PQ 1101 B5 S1   BOOK  
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Saint Amard John : Vita del padre Paolo. English     
      The Life Of The Most Learned Father Paul, Of The Order Of The Servie ... Online materials  EBOOKS 1651
Saint Amour Louis Gorin De 1619 1687    
      The Journal Of Monsr. De Saint Amour, Doctor Of Sorbonne : Containing A Full Account Of All The Tran Online materials  EBOOKS 1664
      The Journal Of Monsr. De Saint Amour Doctor Of Sorbonne, : Containing A Full Account Of All The Tran Online materials  EBOOKS 1664
Saint Andre Francois De Active 1677 1725 : Entretiéns sur l'acide et sur l'alkali. English     
      Chymical Disceptations, Or, Discourses Upon Acid And Alkali : Wherein Are Examined The Object Of Mr. Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
Saint Andrew    
      The Image Of The Architect. BJL; NA 1995 S1   BOOK 1983
      Richard Norman Shaw. BJL; NA 725 S56 S1   BOOK 1976
      St. Paul's : The Cathedral Church Of London, 604-2004 BJL; q BX 5195 L8 S15   BOOK c2004
      The Victorian Church BJL; NA 5237 V6   BOOK 1995
Saint Aubin C : Samlede Noveller og Fortoellinger.     
      Samlede Noveller Og Fortoellinger. BJL; PT 8165 S16 A1   BOOK  
Saint Augustines Abbey Bristol : Some manorial accounts of St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol; being the computa of the manors for 1491-2 and 1496-7 and other documents of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries / ed. by Arthur Sabin.     
      Some Manorial Accounts Of St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol; Being The Computa Of The Manors For 1491-2 BJL; DA 690 B8 B82(22)   BOOK 1960
Saint Augustines Abbey Canterbury    
      The Register Of St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, Commonly Called The Black Book BJL; HC 253 B8(2-3)   BOOK 1915
      The Register Of St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, Commonly Called The Black Book. BJL; HC 253 B8(2-3)   BOOK 1915
Saint Augustines Church Hedon    
      The Church Of Saint Augustine, Hedon, "The King Of Holderness". BJL; p NA 5245 H4 A2   BOOK  
      The Church Of Saint Augustine, Hedon, "The King Of Holderness". BJL; p NA 5245 H4 A2   BOOK 1926
      The Church Of Saint Augustine, Hedon, "The King Of Holderness". BJL; p NA 5245 H4 S1   BOOK 1940
      The Reliquary : Quarterly Archaeological Journal And Review ... BJL; p NA 5245 H4 R3   BOOK 1892
      A Sketch Of St. Augustine's Church, Hedon. BJL; p NA 5245 H4 W1   BOOK 1843
Saint Aulaire Auguste Felix Charles De Beaupoil Comte De : Talleyrand.     
      Talleyrand. BJL; DC 255 T3 S1   BOOK 1937
Saint Balmon Alberte Barbe Dernecourt Mme De : Les jumeaux martyrs / edition critique avec introduction et notes par Carmeta Abbott et Hannah Fournier ; avec la collaboration de Jean-Philippe Beaulieu.     
      Les Jumeaux Martyrs BJL; PQ 1916 S4 J9   BOOK 1995
Saint Bertin Abbey    
      Annales De Saint Bertin. BJL; DC 2 S67 S23   BOOK 1914
      Les Annales De Saint-Bertin Et De Saint-Vaast, Suivies De Fragments D'un Chronique Inedite BJL; DC 2 S67 S23   BOOK 1871
      The Annals Of St-Bertin BJL; DC 70 A2 S1   BOOK 1991
Saint Beuve Charles Augustin : Sainte-Beuve et le dix-neuvième siècle : cours professe a la societe des conferences.     
      Sainte-Beuve Et Le Dix-Neuvième Siècle : Cours Professe A La Societe Des Conferences. BJL; PQ 2391 Z6 B4   BOOK 1927
Saint Bonaventura Universit Y New York Franciscan Institute : Summa logica / edited by P.Bochner.     
      Summa Logica BJL; B 765 W6 S9   BOOK 1951
Saint Bonaventura University New York : The category of the aesthetic in the philosophy of Saint Bonaventure.     
      The Category Of The Aesthetic In The Philosophy Of Saint Bonaventure. BJL; B 765 B7 Z6   BOOK 1953
Saint Bonaventura University New York Francisca N University : Opera philosophica et theologica.     
      Opera Philosophica Et Theologica. BJL; B 765 W6 A2   BOOK 1967
Saint Bonaventura University New York Franciscan Institute    
      The De Primoprincipio. BJL; B 765 D7 D4   BOOK 1949
      Dialectica, Version Of Robert Grosseteste. BJL; BR 65 J67   BOOK 1953
      Identity And Distinction In Petrus Thomae, O.F.M. BJL; B 765 P4 Z6   BOOK 1959
      John Duns Scotus And The Principle Omne Quod Movetur Ab Alio Movetur. BJL; B 765 D7 Z6   BOOK 1962
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Saint Botolph Aldgate London England Parish : The orders of vestry, : made and agreed unto in the year of our Lord 1677. of the rates payable for burials by the inhabitants in the parish of St. Buttolph without Aldgate, London.     
      The Orders Of Vestry, : Made And Agreed Unto In The Year Of Our Lord 1677. Of The Rates Payable For Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
Saint Bris Gonzague : Ligne ouverte au coeur de la nuit.     
      Ligne Ouverte Au Coeur De La Nuit. BJL; PN 1991.77 S1   BOOK 1979
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