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Sharpe Peter : Payment systems and incentives.     
      Payment Systems And Incentives. BJL; HD 4926 S5   BOOK 197-?
Sharpe R A    
      Contemporary Aesthetics : A Philosophical Analysis. BJL; BH 39 S5   BOOK 1983
      Making The Human Mind. BJL; BD 331 S5   BOOK 1990
      Music And Humanism : An Essay In The Aesthetics Of Music. BJL  BOOK 2000
Sharpe R W : Differential geometry : Cartan's generalization of Klein's Erlangen program.     
      Differential Geometry : Cartan's Generalization Of Klein's Erlangen Program. BJL; QA 641 S5   BOOK 1997
Sharpe Rhona 1969    
      Rethinking Learning For A Digital Age : How Learners Are Shaping Their Own Experiences BJL; LB1028.5 .R438 2010   BOOK 2010
      Rethinking Pedagogy For A Digital Age : Designing And Delivering E-Learning BJL; LB 1028.5 R4   BOOK 2007
      Rethinking Pedagogy For A Digital Age : Designing For 21st Century Learning BJL; LB 1028.5 R4   BOOK 2013
Sharpe Richard 1954    
      English Benedictine Libraries : The Shorter Catalogues BJL; Z 723 E5   BOOK 1996
      A Handlist Of The Latin Writers Of Great Britain And Ireland Before 1540 : Additions And Corrections BJL; PA 8045 G7 S5   BOOK 2002
      A Handlist Of The Latin Writers Of Great Britain And Ireland Before 1540 : With Additions And Correc BJL; PA 8045 G7 S5   BOOK c2001
      Peter Of Cornwall's Book Of Revelations BJL; BV 5091 V6 P4   BOOK c2013
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Sharpe Robert Boies : Irony in the drama : an essay on impersonation, shock and catharsis.     
      Irony In The Drama : An Essay On Impersonation, Shock And Catharsis. BJL; PR 635 I7 S5   BOOK 1975
Sharpe Robert Clerke : The confession and declaration of Robert sharpe clerke, and other of that secte, tearmed the Familie of Loue, at Pawles Crosse in London the. xij. of Iune: an. 1575     
      The Confession And Declaration Of Robert Sharpe Clerke, And Other Of That Secte, Tearmed The Familie Online materials  EBOOKS 1575
Sharpe Robert J    
      The Law Of Habeas Corpus. BJL; KD 200 S5   BOOK 1976
      The Law Of Habeas Corpus. BJL; KD 200 S5   BOOK 1989
      The Law Of Habeas Corpus Online materials; KD7612 .S45 2011   EBOOKS 2011
Sharpe Roger : More fooles yet. Written by R.S.     
      More Fooles Yet. Written By R.S. Online materials  EBOOKS 1610
Sharpe Roy Samuel : Research techniques in nondestructive testing.     
      Research Techniques In Nondestructive Testing. BJL; TA 417.2 R4   BOOK 1984
Sharpe Ruth : Making a start / edited by A. Pinel, R. Sharpe, R. Ellis.     
      Making A Start BJL; JKM M4   BOOK 1986
Sharpe S : The history of Egypt from the earliest times till the conquest of the Arabs.     
      The History Of Egypt From The Earliest Times Till The Conquest Of The Arabs. BJL; DT 83 S5   BOOK  
Sharpe Samuel : Egyptian mythology and Eguptian Christianity : with their influence on the opinions of modern Christendom.     
      Egyptian Mythology And Eguptian Christianity : With Their Influence On The Opinions Of Modern Christ BJL; BL 2420 S5   BOOK 1992
Sharpe Sheila : Inclusive primary teaching : a critical approach to equality and special educational needs / Janet Goepel, Helen Childerhouse & Sheila Sharpe.     
      Inclusive Primary Teaching : A Critical Approach To Equality And Special Educational Needs BJL; LC 1203 G7 G5   BOOK 2014
Sharpe Sue 1945    
      Double Identity : The Lives Of Working Mothers. BJL; HD 6055 S5   BOOK 1984
      Fathers And Daughters. BJL  BOOK 1994
      'Just Like A Girl' : How Girls Learn To Be Women. BJL; HQ 1593 S5   BOOK 1976
      Just Like A Girl : How Girls Learn To Be Women - From The Seventies To The Nineties. BJL  BOOK 1994
      Uncertain Masculinities : Youth, Ethnicity And Class In Contemporary Britain BJL; HQ 799 E52 L8   BOOK 2000
Sharpe Sybil    
      Electronically Recorded Evidence : A Guide To The Use Of Tape And Video Recordings In Criminal And C BJL; KD 855 S5   BOOK 1989
      Judicial Discretion And Criminal Investigation. BJL; KD 855 S5   BOOK 1998
Sharpe Tom : Blott on the landscape.     
      Blott On The Landscape. BJL; PR 6069 H265 B6   BOOK 1975
Sharpe W : The Kings Majesties most gracious message to the Parliament by Sir Peter Killegrew. : Sent from the commissioners with His Majestie at Newmarket, about His Majesties being at Richmond, and coming to his Parliament at Westminster, for setling of the kingdome in a safe and well grounded peace. His Majesty to come on Thursday next. And His Majesties resolution for passing such acts as shall tend to the peace of the kingdome.     
      The Kings Majesties Most Gracious Message To The Parliament By Sir Peter Killegrew. : Sent From The Online materials  EBOOKS 1647
Sharpe Will    
      The Oxford Companion To Shakespeare Online materials; PR2892 .O94 2015   EBOOKS 2015
      The New Oxford Shakespeare : The Complete Works BJL; PR 2755 T2   BOOK 2017
Sharpe William    
      New York Nocturne : The City After Dark In Literature, Painting, And Photography, 1850-1950 BJL; NX 653 N49 S5   BOOK 2008
      The Passing Of Arthur : New Essays In Arthurian Tradition BJL; PN 685 P2   BOOK 1988
Sharpe William F    
      Business Finance : Theory And Management. BJL; HF 5550 A6   BOOK 1966
      The Economics Of Computers. BJL; HF 5548.2 S5   BOOK 1969
      Fundamentals Of Investments BJL; HG 4521 A3   BOOK 1989
      Investments. BJL; HG 4521 S5   BOOK 1981
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Sharpe William M A    
      Dedicated To The Rifle Corps Of England, But More Especially To The Memory Of J.J. Dempsey, Esq., : Online materials  EBOOKS 1860
      England And Demark. : Excelsior! Sed Numquam Inferior. Online materials  EBOOKS 1863
      A Poem Upon The Cupreons Similitude Of The Golden Eagle, : (Wrought By The Hand Of T. Phillips, Esq. Online materials  EBOOKS 1862
      A Poem Written Upon Hearing How The Departed Spirit Of Lord Palmerston Pervaded The House Of Commons Online materials  EBOOKS 1866
Sharpeigh Robert Sir : Reasons most humbly offered to the honourable House of Commons in Parliament, by Sr Robert Sharpeigh, Knight, and Alexander Haitley, Esquire : patentees for survey of sea-coales at Newcastle, &c. by nomination of the late Duke of Richmond and Lennox, proving the grant and patent thereof to be necessary and profitable to the common-wealth, the fee to be but competent and proportionable to the charge, and no imposition but a meere wages, or quid pro quo, voluntarily, offered to be payd for the service.     
      Reasons Most Humbly Offered To The Honourable House Of Commons In Parliament, By Sr Robert Sharpeigh Online materials  EBOOKS 1624
Sharpham Edward : The Fleire / nach der Quarto 1607 herausgegeben von Hunold Nibbe.     
      The Fleire BJL; q PR 1263 M42(I,35-38)   BOOK  
Sharpham Edward 1576 1608    
      Cupids Vvhirligig : As It Hath Bene Sundrie Times Acted, By The Children Of His Maiesties Reuels. Online materials  EBOOKS 1611
      Cupids Vvhirligig : As It Hath Bene Sundrie Times Acted, By The Children Of His Maiesties Reuels. Online materials  EBOOKS 1630
      Cupids Vvhirligig : As It Hath Bene Sundry Times Acted By The Children Of The Kings Majesties Reuels Online materials  EBOOKS 1607
      Cupids Whirligig : As It Hath Bene Sundrie Times Acted, By The Children Of His Maiesties Reuels. Online materials  EBOOKS 1616
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Sharpin Steven : The politics of observation : cerebral anatomy and social interests in the Edinburgh phrenology disputes.     
      The Politics Of Observation : Cerebral Anatomy And Social Interests In The Edinburgh Phrenology Disp Departmental Locations; Xerox   PHOTOCOPY  
Sharples Adam : The new local economics : a reply to John Benington.     
      The New Local Economics : A Reply To John Benington. Departmental Locations; Xerox   PHOTOCOPY  
Sharples Alan : A contract of silence / Alan Sharples.     
      A Contract Of Silence Online materials; PR1225   EBOOKS 1997
Sharples Caroline 1979    
      Postwar Germany And The Holocaust. Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
      Postwar Germany And The Holocaust BJL; D804.3 .S536 2016   BOOK 2016
Sharples Joseph 1961    
      Built On Commerce : Liverpool's Central Business District Departmental Locations; NA 6214 G7 S5   BOOK c2008
      Yorkshire West Riding. Sheffield And The South BJL; NA 740 P5 Y6   BOOK 2017
Sharples K S : The legal framework of judicial sentencing policy.     
      The Legal Framework Of Judicial Sentencing Policy. BJL; KD 823 S5   BOOK 1972
Sharples Kath    
      Learning To Learn In Practice : A Guide For Nursing Students BJL; RT 86.75 G7 S5   BOOK 2009
      A Nurse's Survival Guide To Mentoring BJL; RT 86.45 E3   BOOK 2011
      Preceptorship For Newly Registered Nurses BJL; RT 74.7 S5   BOOK 2011
      Successful Practice Learning For Nursing Students. BJL; RT 73 S5   BOOK 2011
Sharples Marion : The Fawkes family and their estates in Wharfedale, 1819-1936.     
      The Fawkes Family And Their Estates In Wharfedale, 1819-1936. BJL; DA 670 Y6 T4(II,6)   BOOK 1997
Sharples Mike 1952    
      Cognition, Computers And Creative Writing. BJL; LB 1576 S5   BOOK 1985
      Computers And Thought : A Practical Introduction To Artificial Intelligence BJL; Q 335 C7   BOOK 1989
      How We Write : Writing As Creative Design. BJL; PE 1404 S5   BOOK 1999
      The New Writing Environment : Writers At Work In A World Of Technology BJL; PN 171 D37 N5   BOOK 1996
      Orchestrating Inquiry Learning BJL; LB 1027.23 O6   BOOK 2012
Sharples Niall M    
      English Heritage Book Of Maiden Castle BJL; GN 806 D7 S5   BOOK 1991
      Land And People : Papers In Memory Of John G. Evans BJL; q GN 805 L2   BOOK c2009
Sharples Robert W    
      Meno BJL; PA 4285 M4 S5   BOOK 1985
      Modern Thinkers And Ancient Thinkers : The Stanley Victor Keeling Memorial Lectures At University Co BJL; B 73 M6   BOOK 1993
      Whose Aristotle? Whose Aristotelianism? BJL; B 485 W6   BOOK 2001
Sharples Winston 1909 1978 : Pure Popeye [videorecording] / directed by Dave Fleischer, Seymour Kneitel and Izzy Sparber.     
      Pure Popeye BJL; PN 1997 A1 P8268   DVD 2005
Sharpless Andy : The perfect protein : the fish lover's guide to saving the oceans and feeding the world / Andy Sharpless, CEO of Oceana, and Suzannah Evans ; foreword by President Bill Clinton.     
      The Perfect Protein : The Fish Lover's Guide To Saving The Oceans And Feeding The World BJL; SH 136 S88 S5   BOOK 2013
Sharpless Rebecca : Dethroning the deceitful pork chop : rethinking African American foodways from slavery to Obama / edited by Jennifer Jensen Wallach ; foreword by Psyche Williams-Forson ; afterword by Rebecca Sharpless.     
      Dethroning The Deceitful Pork Chop : Rethinking African American Foodways From Slavery To Obama Online materials; E185.89.F66 D48 2015eb   EBOOKS 2015
Sharpley Cecil H : The great delusion : the autobiography of an ex-Communist leader.     
      The Great Delusion : The Autobiography Of An Ex-Communist Leader. BJL; HX 471.2 S5   BOOK 1952
Sharpley Cecil Herbert : The great delusion : the autobiography of an ex-communist leader.     
      The Great Delusion : The Autobiography Of An Ex-Communist Leader. BJL; HX 626 S5   BOOK 1952
Sharpley Julia : Rural tourism : an introduction.     
      Rural Tourism : An Introduction. BJL; G 155 A1 S5   BOOK 1997
Sharpley Richard 1956    
      The Darker Side Of Travel : The Theory And Practice Of Dark Tourism Departmental Locations, BJL ; G 155 A1 D2   BOOK c2009
      The Darker Side Of Travel : The Theory And Practice Of Dark Tourism Online materials  EBOOKS c2009
      The Management Of Tourism BJL; G155.A1   BOOK 2005
      The Palgrave Handbook Of Dark Tourism Studies Online materials  EBOOKS 2018
11 additional entries    
Sharpley Whiting T Denean    
      Black Venus : Sexualized Savages, Primal Fears And Primitive Narratives In French. Departmental Locations; Xerox   PHOTOCOPY 1999
      Fanon : A Critical Reader BJL; B 1029 F35 F2   BOOK 1996
Sharps Heather : Sir James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth, a regional and historical novelist.     
      Sir James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth, A Regional And Historical Novelist. BJL; T/H 1973 B.Phil. S5   THESIS 1973
Sharps John Geoffrey    
      Elizabeth Gaskell : A Portrait In Letters BJL; PR 4711 C4   BOOK 1980
      Mrs. Gaskell's Observation And Invention : A Study Of Her Non-Biographic Works. BJL; PR 4711 S5   BOOK 1970
      Mrs Gaskell's Observation And Invention : A Study Of Her Non-Biographic Works. BJL  BOOK 1970
Sharpstein : Digest of the American, English, Scotch, and Irish Reports of Life and Accident Insurance Cases / Sharpstein.     
      Digest Of The American, English, Scotch, And Irish Reports Of Life And Accident Insurance Cases Online materials  EBOOKS 1872
Sharpton Virgil L : Global catastrophes in earth history : an interdisciplinary conference on impacts, volcanism, and mass mortality / edited by V.L. Sharpton, P.D. Ward.     
      Global Catastrophes In Earth History : An Interdisciplinary Conference On Impacts, Volcanism, And Ma BJL; QE 1 G35 S7(247)   BOOK 1990
Sharrad Paul : The novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the South Pacific since 1950 [electronic resource] / edited by Coral Ann Howells, Paul Sharrad, and Gerry Turcotte.     
      The Novel In Australia, Canada, New Zealand, And The South Pacific Since 1950 Online materials; PR9084 .N68 2017   EBOOKS 2017
Sharratt Bernard    
      The Literary Labyrinth : Contemporary Critical Discourses. BJL; PN 45 S5   BOOK 1984
      Performance And Politics In Popular Drama : Aspects Of Popular Entertainment In Theatre, Film And Te BJL; PN 1643 P4   BOOK 1980
      Reading Relations : Structures Of Literary Production : A Dialectical Text/Book. BJL; PN 81 S5   BOOK 1982
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