LEADER 00000num a2200169 a 4500 
001    HULL-LLC-706 
007    v         
008                                 000   dut   
050 04 DUTV 118 
100 1  Stelling, Jos 
245 10 De Vliegende Hollander / The Flying Dutchman|cJos Stelling
260    |bC Sales Arthouse video|c1995 
300    1hr 12min 
520    1995 film in Dutch, Italian and French with Dutch 
       subtitles. Set in the sixteenth century during the 80 
       years war, when the country was rebelling against the 
       Roman Catholic Church and the tyrannical Spanish 
       Inquisition. It tells the story of those times and in 
       particular that of an illegitimate boy who sets off to 
       search for his father - the legendary Flying Dutchman. 
       Voice: Groothof, R / Manfredi, N / Dobbelaere, V / et al. 
       Format: videos. 
650 04 Feature film or programme about cinema/films 
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