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T L Gent   2
T L Of Lincolns Inn Esq : A Discourse of fines : shewing by what easie, althought corrupt and unlawful, method of practice it may happen, that any person or his heirs in England, at one time or other, to be legally defrauded and disinherited by abuses in fines ... / by T. L.  1670? 1
T L Sir   2
T L W   2
T M   23
T M Active 1603 : The true narration of the entertainment of his Royall Maiestie, from the time of his departure from Edenbrough; till his receiuing at London : with all or the most speciall occurrences. Together with the names of those gentlemen whom his Maiestie honoured with knighthood.  1603 1
T M C Asser Instituut   11
T M Esquire Lover Of His King And Country   2
T M Lover Of His King And Country : History of independency.  1661 1
T M Master : The copie of a letter vvritten from Master T.M. neere Salisbury, to Master H.A. at London : concerning the proceeding at VVinchester; vvhere the late L. Cobham, L. Gray, and Sir Griffin Marckham, all attainted of hie treason, were ready to be executed on Friday the 9. of December 1603: at which time his Maiesties warrant, all written with his owne hand, whereof the true copy is here annexed, was deliuered to sir Beniamin Tichbourne high Sheriffe of Hampshire, commanding him to suspend their execution till further order.  1603 1
T M Of Lincolns Inn : The countrey justice : containing the practice of the justices of the peace as well in as out of their sessions / gathered for the better help of such justices of peace as have not been much conversant in the study of the laws of this realm by Michael Dalton of Lincolns-Inne ... ; now again enlarged with many precedents and resolutions of the quæres contained in the former impressions ; and the statutes of King Charles I and His Majesty King Charles II added under their several titles / by T.M., one of the same society.  1666 1
T M Thomas Merriott 1589 1662   2
T N   7
T N Active 1569   2
T N Active 1577 : XXVII. lectures, or readings, vpon part of the Epistle written to the Hebrues. Made by Maister Edward Deering, Bachelour of Diuinitie  1577 1
T N Active 1579 : A pleasant dialogue. betweene a lady called Listra, and a pilgrim : Concerning the gouernment and common weale of the great prouince of Crangalor. 1579.  1579 1
T N Thomas Nuce 1617   2
T N True Member Of The Church Of England : A modest censure of the immodest letter to a dissenter, upon occasion of His Majesty's late gracious declaration for liberty of conscience / by T.N. a true member of the Church of England.  1687 1
T O   3
T P   28
T P Active 17th Century : God's call to unconverted sinners to turn to the Lord : plainly shewing every poor sinner the miserableness of his estate ... also the happy condition of the people of God ... and lastly to the terror of wicked and ungodly men is set forth that if they will not turn to God that they may live with him in heaven, they shall dye and be tormented with the devil and his angels in hell fire / by T.P.  1663 1
T P Active 1624 : A short catechisme for householders. By T.P.  1624 1
T P Friend To Truth And Peace : The true Protestants watch-word, : instructing all true Protestants what they ought to do in a peaceable way of opposition againt Popery, at this juncture of time. / By T.P. a friend to truth and peace.  1679 1
T P Of Barnards Inne : The practick part of the law shewing the office of a compleat attorney, : in the full prosecution of any action, whether real, personal, or mixt, (from the very original, to the execution) in all courts, with the exact fees of all officers and ministers of the courts. / Most part of which was composed and collected by G.T. of Staples-Inne, and T.P. of Barnards-Inne, with some new additions to the same, formerly licensed and printed for Matthew VValbancke, under the title of The attorney of the common-pleas, and The book of fees, &c. ; Together with special instructions for the solicitation of any cause in chancery, or elsewhere, relating to the present government, being useful for all men. With a perfect table, containing all the principall matters in the whole book.  1652 1
T P Orthodox And Loyal Protestant : Mvltvm in parvo lately come to town : with some reflections upon His Majesties late regulators, or, (as some do call them) the booted apostles : with some other observations, not unworthy (at this present juncture) any true English man's perusal / by T.P. an orthodox and loyal Protestant, though by some nick-named, a latitudinarian trimmer.  1688 1
T P P N C : The loyal non-conformist, or, The religious subject, yielding to God his due, and to Cæsar his right : being a discourse from the pulpit touching true gospel worship and due subjection to magistrates / now printed, as it was preached (for the most part) in the month of August, 1662, by T.P.P---N-C.  1664 1
T P Sir : A hue and cry after the reasons which were to have been given on Thursday September 18. 1679. to the Lieutenancy, / by Sir T.P. and others.  1679 1
T P Soldier In The Royal Camp Near Dublin : From a soldier in the royal camp near Dublin to his friend in London  1690 1
T P T Passenger : The door of salvation opened, or, A voice from heaven to unregenerate sinners : plainly shewing the necessity of opening your hearts to Christ ... with many sweet invitations to come to him that they might have life ... together with the dreadful condition of the stubborn and hard-hearted sinners ... / by T.P.  1665 1
T P Theophilus Philalethes   3
T R   20
  T R A -- See R.A.T.
T R Active 1608 : The prentises practise in Godlinesse, and his true freedome : Diuided into ten chapters. Written by B.P.  1608 1
T R Active 1660   2
T R De L : The all-conquering genius of the most potent, and most serene prince James II. : King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. Display'd in a heroick stanza occasion'd by his happy accession to the crown. Whereunto his [sic] annexed a congratulation to both their Majesties, by way of an ode, exciting the nymphs to perform their duty as usual at hymens. By T. R. de L.  1685 1
T R Dr : A short treatise of the excellency of bees, hony [sic], mead, and metheglin : with their singular and approved vertues. / By T.R. Med. Dr.  1681 1
T R Esquire : An essay upon the third Punique War : Lib. I and II : to which are added Theodosius's advice to his son and the phenix out of Claudian / by T.R., Esquire.  1671 1
T R Gent : A two-inch board for M. Prynne to peep thorow : being a full and satisfactory answer to a late libellous pamphlet ... called, A declaration of the officers and armies illegall &c. proceedings and practices against the XI impeached members ... : with ... a justification of the armies charge and proceedings against the XI impeached members, by law, president, and reason : with certaine considerable queries and observations upon the cities late tumultuous rebellious proceedings agaisnt the Parliament / vvritten by T.R., Gent.  1647 1
T R Minister : A receyt to stay the plague. Deliuered in a sermon by R.W. minister of Gods Word  1630 1
T R Thomas Rogers 1660 1694   7
T R Thomas Russel   2
T S   52
T S Active 1592   2
T S Active 1606 : Sermon preached before the Kings Majestie at White-Hall upon the ninth of February. 1605.  1606 1
T S Active 1610 : Dialogorum sacrorum libri quatuor. English  1610 1
T S Active 1614 : A ievvell for gentrie : Being an exact dictionary, or true method, to make any man vnderstand all the art, secrets, and worthy knowledges belonging to hawking, hunting, fouling and fishing. Together with all the true measures for winding of the horne. Now newly published, and beautified with all the rarest experiments that are knowne or practised at this day.  1614 1
T S Active 1624 : Christus redivivus: or The first fruits of them that sleepe : Deliuered in a sermon at the Temple Church in Easter tearme last, 1623.  1624 1
T S Active 1681 1688 : Lisander  1688 1
T S Apprentice : A Protestant prentice's loyal advice to all his fellow-apprentices in and about London : in relation to present occurrences, and the attempts lately made to debauch some of them into pernitious undertakings and tumults / by T.S. apprentice.  1680 1
T S Of Grayes Inne : Upon His Majesties late declarations for toleration and publication of war against the Hollander : a poem / by T.S. of Grayes-Inne, Esq.  1672 1
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