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Tan Wai Lan : Diminishing returns, unemployment and the theory of international trade.     
      Diminishing Returns, Unemployment And The Theory Of International Trade. BJL; T/H 1984 M.Sc. T1   THESIS 1984
Tan Wan Hin : The tobacco industry in peninsular Malaysia.     
      The Tobacco Industry In Peninsular Malaysia. South East Asian Collection; HD 9146 M2 T2   BOOK 1980
Tan Willie : Principles of project and infrastructure finance / Willie Tan.     
      Principles Of Project And Infrastructure Finance BJL; HG 4028 C4 T1   BOOK 2007
Tan Wong Nellie S L : Adat perpatih : a matrilineal system in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia and other matrilineal kinship systems throughout the world / edited by N.S.L. Tan-Wong and V. Patel.     
      Adat Perpatih : A Matrilineal System In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia And Other Matrilineal Kinship Syst South East Asian Collection; q GN 659 M6 T1   BOOK 1992
Tan Yao Sua    
      The Education Of Ethnic Minorities : The Case Of The Malaysian Chinese South East Asian Collection; (WL) LC 3501 T32 S2   BOOK 2010
      Educational Issues In Multiethnic Malaysia South East Asian Collection; (WL) LC 3737 M2 T1   BOOK 2014
Tan Yee Kew : The land and the agricultural organisation of peninsular Malaysia : a historical interpretation.     
      The Land And The Agricultural Organisation Of Peninsular Malaysia : A Historical Interpretation. South East Asian Collection; p HD 2098 T2   BOOK 1981
Tan Yew Lee Kevin : Constitutional law in Malaysia and Singapore / Kevin Tan, Yeo Tiong Min, Lee Kiat Seng.     
      Constitutional Law In Malaysia And Singapore South East Asian Collection; KP 238.1 T1   BOOK 1991
Tan Zhuo : Chun feng chen zui de ye wanh [videorecording] / directed by Ye Lou.     
      Chun Feng Chen Zui De Ye Wanh BJL; PN 1997 C5597   DVD c2010
Tana Gabrielle    
      The Duchess BJL; PN 1997 D8291   DVD c2009
      Philomena BJL; PN 1997 P5672   DVD 2014
  Tana Li -- See Li Tana
Tanabe George J : Religions of Japan in practice / George J. Tanabe, editor.     
      Religions Of Japan In Practice BJL; BL 2202 R3   BOOK 1999
Tanabe Gilfred : Focus on classroom behavior : readings and research / edited by W. Scott MacDonald and Gilfred Tanabe.     
      Focus On Classroom Behavior : Readings And Research BJL; LB 3011 F6   BOOK 1973
Tanabe Hisao : Japanese music.     
      Japanese Music. BJL; ML 340 T1   BOOK 1937
Tanabe Kozo : Solid acids and bases : their catalytic properties.     
      Solid Acids And Bases : Their Catalytic Properties. BJL; QD 501 C3 T1   BOOK 1970
Tanabe Mimoru : [South Sea : ocean training record].     
      [South Sea : Ocean Training Record]. Departmental Locations; q VK 532 T1   BOOK 1957?
Tanabe Shigeharu    
      Cultural Crisis And Social Memory : Modernity And Identity In Thailand And Laos South East Asian Collection; (WF) DS 568 C9   BOOK 2002
      History And Peasant Consciousness In South East Asia BJL; GN 1 S41(13)   BOOK 1984
Tanabe Yukito : Multiplets of transition metal ions in crystals / by S. Sugana, Y. Tanabe and H. Kaminmura.     
      Multiplets Of Transition Metal Ions In Crystals BJL; QD 461 S9   BOOK 1970
Tanaka Atsuko 1962 : Kôkaku kidôtai [videorecording] / director Mamoru Oshii.     
      Kôkaku Kidôtai BJL; PN 1997 K798   DVD 2003
Tanaka Chikao    
      After Apocalypse : Four Japanese Plays Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki BJL; PL 782 E5 A2   BOOK 1994
      Half A Century Of Japanese Theater. Volume 8, 1950s BJL; PL 782 E5 H1   BOOK c2006
Tanaka Fumiya 1972 : Tresor. 185, True spirit [sound recording].     
      Tresor. 185, True Spirit BJL; C/D 2813   CD AUDIO p2002
Tanaka Giichi    
      Japanese Imperialism Stripped. BJL; DS 888.5 T1   BOOK 1932
      Tanka Giichi And Japan's China Policy. BJL; DS 885.5 T2 M8   BOOK 1980
  Tanaka Hiroki 1964 -- See Sabu, 1964-
  Tanaka Hiroyuki 1964 -- See Sabu, 1964-
Tanaka Hozumi : Logic programming '89 : proceedings of the 8th conference, Tokyo, Japan, July 12-14, 1989 / edited by K. Furukawa, H. Tanaka, T. Fujisaki.     
      Logic Programming '89 : Proceedings Of The 8th Conference, Tokyo, Japan, July 12-14, 1989 BJL; QA 264 L1   BOOK 1991
Tanaka I : Ultrafast processes in chemistry and photobiology / edited by M.A. El-Sayed, I. Tanaka, Y. Molin.     
      Ultrafast Processes In Chemistry And Photobiology BJL; q QD 63 L3 U4   BOOK 1995
Tanaka Ichimatsu 1895 1983    
      Tawaraya Sotatsu (Active Early 17th Century) BJL; ND 790 S71   BOOK 1956
      Japanese Ink Painting : Shubun To Sesshu BJL; ND 1925 A1 T1   BOOK 1972
Tanaka John : Experimental methods in inorganic chemistry / John Tanaka, Steven L. Suib.     
      Experimental Methods In Inorganic Chemistry BJL; q QD 151.2 T1   BOOK 1998
Tanaka Keiko    
      Advertising Language : A Pragmatic Approach To Advertisements In Britain And Japan. BJL; HF 5827 T1   BOOK 1994
      Advertising Language : A Pragmatic Approach To Advertisements In Britain And Japan. BJL  BOOK 1999
Tanaka Kinuyo 1909 1977    
      Saikaku Ichidai Onna BJL  DVD
      Musashino Fujin BJL  DVD 2006
      Nagareru Flowing BJL; PN 1997 N1473   DVD c2006
      Ozu Vol.3, Tokyo Twilight ; Equinox Flower ; Good Morning BJL; PN 1997 A1 O9   DVD 2006
      Utamaro O Meguru Gonin No Onna BJL; PN 1997 U892   DVD 2012
Tanaka Koichi : Solvent-free organic synthesis.     
      Solvent-Free Organic Synthesis. BJL; QD 262 T1   BOOK 2003
Tanaka Kunie 1932    
      Jingi Naki Tatakai BJL; PN 1997 J615   BLU-RAY DISC 2015
      Kwaidan BJL; PN 1997 K98   DVD c2006
Tanaka Minoru 1924 Jan 3 : Bushido : the way of the samurai / edited by Justin F. Stone ; original translation by Minoru Tanaka.     
      Bushido : The Way Of The Samurai BJL; BJ 971 B8 Y1   BOOK c2002
Tanaka Minoru 1949 : The geometry of total curvature on complete open surfaces / Katsuhiro Shiohama, Takashi Shioya, Minoru Tanaka.     
      The Geometry Of Total Curvature On Complete Open Surfaces BJL; QA 4 C1 (159)   BOOK 2003
Tanaka Sendo : The tea ceremony.     
      The Tea Ceremony. BJL  BOOK 1998
Tanaka Seno : The tea ceremony.     
      The Tea Ceremony. BJL  BOOK 1998
Tanaka Shohei : Aruitemo aruitemo [videorecording] / written and directed by Hirokazu Koreeda.     
      Aruitemo Aruitemo BJL; PN 1997 A7937   DVD 2010?
Tanaka Sumie 1908    
      Meshi Repast BJL; PN 1997 M5787   DVD c2006
      Nagareru Flowing BJL; PN 1997 N1473   DVD c2006
Tanaka Tomoyuki 1910 1997    
      Gojira Godzilla BJL; PN 1997 G6163   DVD 2006?
      Warui Yatsu Hodo Yoku Nemuru BJL; PN 1997 W298   DVD c2005
Tanaka Yoshifumi    
      A Dual Approach To Ocean Governance : The Cases Of Zonal And Integrated Managment In International L BJL; K 3485 T1   BOOK c2008
      The International Law Of The Sea BJL  BOOK 2012
Tanakung : Siwaratrikalpa. English and Old Javanese : Sivaratrikalpa of Mpu Tanakun / by A. Teeuw [et al.].     
      Siwaratrikalpa. English And Old Javanese : Sivaratrikalpa Of Mpu Tanakun South East Asian Collection; PL 5158 T25 S5   BOOK 1969
Tanara Vincenzo : La caccia degli uccelli.     
      La Caccia Degli Uccelli. BJL; PQ 4201 S28(80)   BOOK  
Tanase Joji : Takai kannen no genshi keitai : oseania o chushin to shite.     
      Takai Kannen No Genshi Keitai : Oseania O Chushin To Shite. South East Asian Collection; DS 503 T66 (1)   BOOK 1966
Tanasescu Dragos : Lipatti / Dragos Tanasescu and Grigore Bargauanu ; edited by Carola Grindea; [translated from the Rumanian] by C. Grindea and A. Goosens.     
      Lipatti BJL; ML 417 L7 T1   BOOK 1988
Tanba Tetsuro : Kwaidan [videorecording] / directed by Masaki Kobayashi.     
      Kwaidan BJL; PN 1997 K98   DVD c2006
Tanbanjong Phairo J : The politics of military alliance among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.     
      The Politics Of Military Alliance Among The Association Of Southeast Asian Nations. South East Asian Collection; UA 12 T1   BOOK 1989
Tanca Antonio : Foreign armed intervention in internal conflict.     
      Foreign Armed Intervention In Internal Conflict. BJL; KZ 6397 T1   BOOK 1993
Tancer Shoshana B : Economic nationalism in Latin America : the quest for economic independence.     
      Economic Nationalism In Latin America : The Quest For Economic Independence. BJL; HF 1480.5 T1   BOOK 1976
Tanchoco J M A : Material flow systems in manufacturing / edited by J.M.A. Tanchoco.     
      Material Flow Systems In Manufacturing BJL; HA 33 M4   BOOK 1994
Tancke Ulrike : 'Bethinke thy selfe' in early modern England : writing women's identities / Ulrike Tancke.     
      'Bethinke Thy Selfe' In Early Modern England : Writing Women's Identities BJL; PR 428 W63 T1   BOOK 2010
Tancock John L    
      Multiples : The First Decade BJL; N 8581 P5   BOOK 1971
      Robin Museum Handbook. BJL; N 695 R6   BOOK 1969
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