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Thompson David John : Transputer control interface.     
      Transputer Control Interface. BJL; T/H 1993 M.Sc. T4   THESIS 1993
Thompson David Journalist    
      Altman On Altman BJL; PN 1998.3 A48 A4   BOOK 2006
      Goodfellas BJL; PN 1997 G651 S4   BOOK 2000
      Levinson On Levinson BJL; PN 1998.3 L6 L6   BOOK 1992
      Scorsese On Scorsese BJL; PN 1998.3 S33 S4   BOOK 1989
Thompson David M : Non conformity in the 19th century / edited by D.M. Thompson.     
      Non Conformity In The 19th Century BJL; BX 5203.2 T4   BOOK 1972
Thompson David M 1950    
      The Alan Clarke Collection BJL; PN 1992.77 A1 C597   DVD c2004
      The Firm BJL; PN 1992.77 F524   DVD c2000
      The Firm BJL; PN 1992.77 F524   DVD 2007
      The Hour Of The Pig BJL; PN 1997 H8415   DVD 2008
Thompson David R 1955    
      Cardiac Nursing : A Comprehensive Guide BJL; RC 674 C2   BOOK 2002
      Cardiac Nursing : A Comprehensive Guide BJL; RC 674 C2   BOOK c2007
      Caring For The Coronary Patient. BJL; RC 685 C6 T4   BOOK 1992
      Caring For The Coronary Patient BJL; RC 685 C6 T4   BOOK 2004
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Thompson David Richard : Court of Appeal Criminal Division / edited by D.R. Thompson and H.W. Wollaston.     
      Court Of Appeal Criminal Division BJL; KD 832 T4   BOOK 1969
Thompson David Samuel Charles 1952 : Electronics and control systems / James Sage, David S.C. Thompson.     
      Electronics And Control Systems Education Resources; TK 7881.2 S1   BOOK 1996
Thompson David T : Pinter : the player's playwright.     
      Pinter : The Player's Playwright. BJL; PR 6066 I53 Z68   BOOK 1985
Thompson Della : The concise Oxford dictionary of current English, based on the Oxford English dictionary and its supplements / first edited by H.W. Fowler and F.G. Fowler.     
      The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Current English, Based On The Oxford English Dictionary And Its Sup BJL; PE 20 O9   BOOK 1995
Thompson Denise : Radical feminism today.     
      Radical Feminism Today. BJL; HQ 1190 T4   BOOK 2001
Thompson Dennis Cameron    
      Common Market Law : Texts And Commentaries BJL; KJE 947 C1   BOOK 1962
      The Proposal For A European Company. BJL; HC 241 ED891(13)   BOOK 1969
      The Rome Treaty And The Law. BJL; JK 1129 C7 C96(4)   BOOK 1962
Thompson Dennis F Dennis Frank 1940    
      Democracy And Disagreement BJL; JC 423 G9   BOOK 1996
      The Democratic Citizen : Social Science And Democratic Theory In The Twentieth Century. BJL; JC 423 T4   BOOK 1970
      Political Ethics And Public Office. BJL; JA 79 T4   BOOK 1987
      Restoring Responsibility : Ethics In Government, Business, And Healthcare. BJL; JA 79 T4   BOOK 2005
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Thompson Denys    
      Between The Lines, Or, How To Read A Newspaper. BJL; PN 4775 T4   BOOK  
      Change And Tradition In Rural England BJL; HN 385 C4   BOOK 1980
      Children As Poets BJL; PR 1178 C5 T4   BOOK 1972
      Culture And Environment : The Training Of Critical Awareness BJL; BF 321 L4   BOOK 1948
7 additional entries    
Thompson Derek    
      An Economic And Social Atlas Of Maryland. BJL; q F 186.2 E1   BOOK 1974
      Fundamentals Of Spatial Information Systems. BJL; QA 278.2 L3   BOOK 1992
      Spike Works From BEAST. BJL  CD AUDIO p2000
Thompson Dixie L 1960 : Fitness professional's handbook.     
      Fitness Professional's Handbook. BJL; GV481 .H734   BOOK 2017
Thompson Donald : Embedded programming with the Microsoft .NET micro Framework / Donald Thompson, Rob S. Miles.     
      Embedded Programming With The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework BJL; TK 7895 E42 T4   BOOK 2007
Thompson Donald A : The peri-urban interface : approaches to sustainable natural and human resource use / edited by Duncan McGregor, David Simon and Donald Thompson.     
      The Peri-Urban Interface : Approaches To Sustainable Natural And Human Resource Use BJL; HC 79 E5 P4   BOOK 2006
Thompson Donald C : From Czar to Kaiser : the betrayal of Russia.     
      From Czar To Kaiser : The Betrayal Of Russia. BJL; q DK 265 T4   BOOK 1918
Thompson Donald L    
      The Finance Function. BJL; HG 4026 A5   BOOK 1971
      Retailing : An Economic View. BJL; HF 5429 D1   BOOK 1969
Thompson Donald N : Mergers and acquisitions : motives and effect.     
      Mergers And Acquisitions : Motives And Effect. BJL; HD 2741 T4   BOOK 1979
Thompson Donald O : Review of progress in quantitative nondestructive evaluation / edited by D.O. Thompson and D.E. Chimenti.     
      Review Of Progress In Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation BJL; q TA 417.2 R4   BOOK 1982
Thompson Dorothy 1923    
      Bibliography Of The Chartist Movement 1837-1976. BJL; HD 8396 H3   BOOK 1978
      British Women In The Nineteenth Century. BJL; D 1 H64 N5(16)   BOOK 1989
      The Chartists. BJL; HD 8396 T4   BOOK 1984
      The Early Chartists BJL; HD 8396 T4   BOOK  
      The Essential E.P. Thompson BJL; DA 480 T4   BOOK 2001
Thompson Doug 1940    
      Cesare Pavese : A Study Of The Major Novels And Poems BJL; PQ 4835 A846 Z68   BOOK 1982
      Cesare Pavese : A Study Of The Major Novels And Poems BJL; T/H 1985 Ph.D. T4   THESIS 1982
      An Introduction To Pirandello's "Sei Personaggi In Cerca D'autore". BJL; PQ 4835 I65 Z68   BOOK 1985
      La Luna E I Falo BJL; PQ 4835 A846 L9   BOOK 1979
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Thompson Douglas Douglas Henry : Clint Eastwood : billion dollar man / Douglas Thompson.     
      Clint Eastwood : Billion Dollar Man BJL; PN 2287 E37 T4   BOOK 2005
Thompson Douglas Ferguson Scott : Catullus : a critical edition / edited by D.F.S. Thomson.     
      Catullus : A Critical Edition BJL; PA 6274 A2 T4   BOOK 1978
Thompson E    
      The Meretriciad. BJL; PR 3729 T8 M5   BOOK  
      Popular Sovereignty And The French Constituent Assembly 1789-91. BJL; JK 2468 T4   BOOK  
      Rabindranath Tagore. BJL; PK 1712 T15 Z6   BOOK  
Thompson E A    
      The Early Germans. BJL; DD 121 T4   BOOK 1965
      Human Evolutionary Trees. BJL; GN 281 T4   BOOK 1975
Thompson E J    
      A Review Of Population Projections For Greater London Issued By Government Departments 1963-70. BJL; q HT 169 G72 L84(281)   BOOK 1971
      Robert Bridges. BJL; PR 4161 B6 Z6   BOOK  
Thompson E K : History of agriculture in the Southern United States to 1860 / by L.C. Gray and E.K. Thompson.     
      History Of Agriculture In The Southern United States To 1860 BJL; S 471 U5 G7   BOOK 1933
Thompson E Margaret : The Carthusian order in England.     
      The Carthusian Order In England. BJL; BX 3301 T4   BOOK 1930
Thompson E N S : Literary bypaths of the renaissance.     
      Literary Bypaths Of The Renaissance. BJL; PN 510 T4   BOOK  
Thompson E P Edward Palmer 1924 1993    
      Albion's Fatal Tree : Crime And Society In Eighteenth-Century England BJL; HV 6943 A3   BOOK 1977
      Albion's Fatal Tree : Crime And Society In Eighteenth-Century England BJL; HV 6943 A3   BOOK 2011
      "Alien Homage" : Edward Thompson And Rabindranath Tagore. BJL; PK 1725 T4   BOOK 1993
      Arguments Within English Marxism. BJL; HX 246 A5   BOOK 1980
40 additional entries    
Thompson E S Whitney : Sociocultural systems : an introduction to the structure of contemporary models.     
      Sociocultural Systems : An Introduction To The Structure Of Contemporary Models. BJL; H 61 T4   BOOK 1977
Thompson Ed    
      The Business Environment : A Global Perspective. Online materials; HD70.G7 W64 2018   EBOOKS 2018
      The Business Environment : A Global Perspective. BJL; HD70.G7 W64   BOOK 2018
Thompson Eddie : Spike Robinson [and] Eddie Thompson Trio at Chesters.     
      Spike Robinson [And] Eddie Thompson Trio At Chesters. Departmental Locations; G/R 3423   SOUND RECORD 1985
Thompson Edgar Tristram : Race : individual and collective behavior.     
      Race : Individual And Collective Behavior. BJL; HT 1521 T4   BOOK 1958
Thompson Edward 1738 1786 : The works of Andrew Marvell ... / with a new life of the author by Edward Thompson.     
      The Works Of Andrew Marvell ... BJL; q PR 3546 A1 T4   BOOK 1776
Thompson Edward 1931    
      English Sacred Music ; Latin Sacred Music. BJL; q M 2079 A2 E1(7, 31)   PRINTED MUSIC 1967
      Robert Ramsey ... BJL; q M 2079 A2 E1(7, etc.)   PRINTED MUSIC 1967
Thompson Edward Arthur    
      The Goths In Spain. BJL; DP 96 T4   BOOK 1969
      The Historical Work Of Ammianus Marcellinus. BJL; PA 6205 T4   BOOK 1947
      A History Of Attila And The Huns. BJL; D 141 T4   BOOK 1848
      Latin Historians. BJL; PA 6029 D6   BOOK 1966
5 additional entries    
Thompson Edward C : Groups and geometry / Peter M. Neumann, Gabrielle A. Stoy, and Edward C. Thompson.     
      Groups And Geometry BJL; QA 183 N4   BOOK 1994
Thompson Edward John    
      Atonement : A Play Of Modern India. BJL; PR 6039 H65 A8   BOOK 1924
      Burmese Silver : A Novel. South East Asian Collection; PR 6039 H65 B9   BOOK 1944
      Collected Poems. BJL; PR 6039 H65 C6   BOOK 1930
      Enlist India For Freedom!. BJL; DS 480.45 T4   BOOK 1940
9 additional entries    
Thompson Edward Maunde Sir 1840 1929    
      Adae Murimuth Continuation Chronicarum And Robertus De Avesbury De Gestis Mirabilibus Regis Edwardi BJL; DA 25 R7 (93)   BOOK 1889
      Facsimiles Of Manuscripts And Inscriptions. BJL; lf Z 113 P15   BOOK 1882
      Facsimiles Of Manuscripts And Inscriptions. BJL; lf Z 113 P15   BOOK 1882
      Facsimiles Of Manuscripts And Inscriptions. BJL; lf Z 113 P15   BOOK  
5 additional entries    
  Thompson Edward Palmer -- See Thompson, E. P. (Edward Palmer), 1924-1993.
Thompson Elbert Nevius Sebring    
      John Milton : Topical Bibliography. BJL; PR 3578 T4   BOOK 1916
      The Seventeenth-Century English Essay. BJL; PR 924 T4   BOOK 1967
Thompson Elizabeth : The car [videorecording] / directed by Elliott Silverstein     
      The Car BJL; PN 1997 C257   DVD c2005
Thompson Emma 1959    
      Angels In America BJL  DVD c2003
      Carrington BJL  DVD c1995
      Dead Again BJL; PN 1997 D2782   DVD c2002
      Effie Gray BJL; PN 1997 E277   DVD 2015
7 additional entries    
Thompson Eric : Social process in Maya prehistory : studies in honour of Sir Eric Thompson.     
      Social Process In Maya Prehistory : Studies In Honour Of Sir Eric Thompson. BJL; F 1435 S6   BOOK 1977
Thompson Eric J    
      Demographic, Social And Economic Indices For Wards In Greater London. BJL; q HT 169 G72 L82(15)   BOOK 1972
      Recent Trends In Births And Deaths And National Population Projections. BJL; q HT 169 G72 L84(449)   BOOK 1974
Thompson Erik : Saturn: Lord Of The Rings [electronic resource] / Produced, Written and Directed by Amy Huggins and Andrew Nock     
      Saturn: Lord Of The Rings Online materials  VIDEO STREAM 2007
Thompson Ernest Freeman    
      The Fisheries Of British Honduras : Report. BJL; HC 151 W5 B9(21)   BOOK 1946
      The Fisheries Of Cayman Islands : Report. BJL; HC 151 W5 B9(22)   BOOK 1946
      The Fisheries Of Jamaica : Report. BJL; HC 151 W5 B9(18)   BOOK 1945
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