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245 00 Routledge handbook of health communication|h[electronic 
       resource] /|cedited by Teresa L. Thompson, Roxanne Parrott,
       Jon F. Nussbaum. 
250    2nd ed. 
260    London :|bRoutledge,|c2011. 
300    720 p. 
490 1  Routledge communication series 
505    Foreword - Barbara Korsch Section I: Introduction Ch. 1 --
       Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary, and 
       Transdisciplinary Approaches to Health Communication: 
       Where Do We Draw the Lines? - Roxanne Parrott and Matthew 
       W. Kreuter Ch. 2 - Building Health Communication Theories 
       in the 21 st Century - Austin S. Babrow and Marifran 
       Mattson Ch. 3 - Narrative Turns Epic: Continuing 
       Developments in Health Narrative Scholarship - Barbara F. 
       Sharf, Lynn M. Harter, Jill Yamasaki, and Paul Haidet 
       Section II. Delivery systems of formal care Ch. 4 - How 
       Medical Interaction Shapes and Reflects the Physician-
       Patient Relationship - Debra Roter and Judith Hall Ch. 5 -
       - Beyond Primary Care Providers: A Discussion of Health 
       Communication Roles and Challenges for Healthcare 
       Professionals and Others- Margaret F. Clayton and Lee 
       Ellington Ch. 6 - Telemedicine: Reviewing the Past, 
       Looking Toward the Future - Pamela Whitten, David Cook, 
       and Jennifer Cornacchione Ch. 7 -- Health Care Teams: 
       Communication and Effectiveness- Kevin Real and Marshall 
       Scott Poole Ch 8 -- Working Well: Re-Considering Health 
       Communication at Work - Patricia Geist-Martin and Jennifer
       A. Scarduzio Ch. 9 -- Relationship Building and 
       Situational Publics: Theoretical Approaches Guiding 
       Today's Health Public Relations - Linda Aldoory and 
       Lucinda Austin Ch.10 - Theory and Practice in Risk 
       Communication: A Review of the Literature and Visions for 
       the Future -- Monique Mitchell Turner, Christine Skubisz, 
       and Rajiv N. Rimal Section III.Health [Mis]information 
       Sources Ch. 11 -- Health Information Seeking - Ezequiel M.
       Galarce, Shoba Ramanadhan, and K. Viswanath Ch. 12 -- 
       Online Health Information: Conceptual Challenges and 
       Theoretical Opportunities - S. Shyam Sundar, Ronald E. 
       Rice, Hyang-Sook Kim and Chris N. Sciamanna Ch. 13 -- 
       Developing Effective Media Campaigns for Health Promotion 
       - Kami J. Silk, Charles K. Atkin, and Charles T. Salmon 
       Ch. 14 -- International Health Communication Campaigns in 
       Developing Countries - Anthony J. Roberto, Lisa Murray-
       Johnson and Kim Witte Ch. 15-- Social Marketing: Its 
       Meaning, Use, and Application for Health Communication -- 
       Timothy Edgar, Julie E. Volkman, and Alison M. B. Logan 
       Ch. 16 -- Popular Media and Health: Images and Effects - 
       Kimberly N. Kline Ch. 17-- Advertising in Health 
       Communication: Promoting Pharmaceuticals and Dietary 
       Supplements to US Consumers - Denise E. DeLorme, Jisu Huh,
       Leonard N. Reid, and Soontae An Section IV. Mediators and 
       Moderators of Care and Understanding Ch. 18 -- Explaining 
       Illness: Issues Concerning the Co-Construction of 
       Explications - Teresa L. Thompson, Bryan B. Whaley, and 
       Anne M. Stone Ch. 19 - Integrating Health Literacy in 
       Health Communication - Kenzie A. Cameron, Michael S. Wolf ,
       and David W. Baker Ch. 20 -- Culture, Communication and 
       Health: A Guiding Framework - Mohan J. Dutta and Ambar 
       Basu Ch. 21 -- Social Support, Social Networks, and Health
       - Daena J. Goldsmith and Terrance L. Albrecht Ch. 22 - 
       Computer-Mediated Social Support: Promises and Pitfalls 
       for Individuals Coping with Health Concerns - Kevin B. 
       Wright, Amy Janan Johnson, Daniel R.Bernard, and Joshua 
       Averbeck Ch. 23 - Insights About Health from Family 
       Communication Theories - Loretta L. Pecchioni and Maureen 
       P. Keeley Ch. 24 -- Everyday Interpersonal Communication 
       and Health - Rebecca J. Welch Cline Section V. 
       [Un]intended Outcomes of Health Communication Ch. 25-
       Patient-Centered Communication During Collaborative 
       Decision Making- Mary Politi and Richard L. Street, Jr. 
       Ch. 26 - Provider-Patient Interaction and Related Outcomes
       - Ashley P. Duggan and Teresa L. Thompson Ch. 27 - Stress,
       Burnout, and Supportive Communication: A Review of 
       Research in Health Organizations- Eileen Berlin Ray and 
       Julie Apker Ch. 28 - Life Span and End-of-Life Health 
       Communication - Joy Goldsmith, Elaine Wittenberg-Lyles, 
       Sandra Ragan, and Jon F. Nussbaum Ch. 29 - Stigma, 
       Communication, and Health - Rachel A. Smith Ch. 30 - 
       Communication and Health Disparities - Khadidiatou Ndiaye ,
       Janice L. Krieger, Jennifer R. Warren, and Michael L. 
       Hecht Ch. 31 - Health Communication and Health Information
       : Priority Issues, Policy Implications and Research 
       Opportunities for Healthy People 2020 - Linda M. Harris, 
       Cynthia Bauer, Molla S. Donaldson, R. Craig Lefebvre, 
       Emily Dugan, and Sean Arayasirikul Section VI. Methods in 
       Health Communication Ch. 32 - Conversation Analysis and 
       Health Communication - Jeffrey D. Robinson Ch. 33 -- 
       Social Networks and Health Communication - Thomas W. 
       Valente Ch. 34-- Qualitative Methods: Bridging the Gap 
       Between Research and Daily Practice - Athena du Pre and 
       Sonia J. Crandall Ch. 35 -- Community Organizing Research 
       Approaches - James W. Dearing, Bridget Gaglio, and Borsika
       A. Rabin Ch. 36 -- Advancing Health Communication Research
       : Issues and Controversies in Research Design and Data 
       Analysis - Michael T. Stephenson, Brian G. Southwell, and 
       Marco Yzer Ch. 37 - Using New Technologies to Enhance 
       Health Communication Research Methodology- Susan E. Morgan,
       Andy J. King, and Rebecca K. Ivic Section VII. Overarching
       Issues in Health Communication Ch. 38 -- Translating 
       Health Communication Research into Practice: The Influence
       of Health Communication Scholarship on Health Policy, 
       Practice, and Outcomes - Gary L. Kreps Ch. 39 - 
       (Re)Viewing Health Communication and Related 
       Interdisciplinary Curricula: Towards a Transdisciplinary 
       Perspective- Nichole Egbert, Jim L. Query Jr., Margaret M.
       Quinlan, Carol A. Savery, and Amanda R. Martinez Ch. 40 --
       Ethics in Communication for Health Promotion in Clinical 
       Settings and Campaigns: New Challenges and Enduring 
       Dilemmas - Nurit Guttman 
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700 1  Thompson, Teresa L. 
700 1  Parrott, Roxanne. 
700 1  Nussbaum, Jon F. 
830  0 Routledge communication series. 
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